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How to Add a Page to Your Blogger Blog


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Your blog page is very important it is added to the timeline of a blog  examples are "contact us" e.t.c. Now here are the some useful steps to take on How to Add a Page to Your Blogger Blog

Step 1
Goto your blogger dashboard and select your blog

Step 2
Now add a new page by clicking on New page

Step 3
Write your content inside the new page with a header like "About us" and click on publish

Step 4
Now add your page gadget in order for readers to see you pages

I hope this tutorial really help you.
Just drop Your comment below thanks.

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  1. I saw those on zealmat i was wondering how on earth....!

  2. Yeah that's how it work.

  3. Yeah it works.

  4. Easy tips for real.. unfortunately I'm on WordPress. No much knowledge about the blogger platform thought buh I can say this is really an easy guide. weldone bro

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