How to Add PayPal to your blog

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There a many websites or blog that do sell their products through this method so today I am going to give you two methods on how to do that on your blog there are two methods of  doing that

•  voluntary donations
•  shopping cart

This will enable anybody that want to buy your products or donate for your blog.

•  voluntary donations
Visit the PayPal portal and click on sign up  if you don't have a account yet

Step 1
Logging to PayPal  and browse to the merchant services

Step 2
Now choose Donation from the PayPal  payment standard option and then you will be taken to create a payment

Step 3
Now pick donation from the drop menu

Step 4
You can now choose the currency you would like to receive donation with.

Step 5
Now you can choose the amount you would like to get through the donation by  filling the box if want to.

Step 6
Now  click on the create button  and then copy the code.

Step 7
Now finally paste it into your blog HTML/JavaScript

•  shopping cart

Step 1
Now goto the merchant services in your PayPal account.

Step 2
Now click on the shipping cart on the right hand side of the menu.

Step 3
Make sure your item have Good features and press the create button located at the end of the page.

Step 4
Now copy the HTML script
Remember there are two script.
- Viewing
- Add item.

Step 5
Paste the script into your blog HTML/JavaScript and save it.

That all you need to  Add PayPal to your blog .

Don't forget to leave aa comment below thanks.
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