Easy Ways on How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging in Nigeria and even in all the country in the globe is becoming one of the major sources of income for undergraduates who are really serious about blogging as a career. If you really intend to start blogging you need to be a good article writer in other to retain your visitors and make sure your blog is marketable.

In the tips below I think if you have been searching for solution on how to make money blogging your problem will be a thing of the past.

You need to relate with bloggers that have similar blog niche with you.
This is a very good relationship and it would increase your knowledge and you both can discuss on issues that might be so difficult for you both and I think through that you can get a solution to it and you can also share guest post with each other that will also increase your backlinks and your blog traffic.

Think of topics that will benefit others.
If you really want to make money you would have to start up a niche that is not so difficult and it is not popular in the blogging sphere  and that will bring more visitors to your blog and you can also create a group on facebook that will bring awareness for your blog.

Write what you know on your blog.
I always say this and I will always continue to say it that copying and pasting  will never help you in blogging. If you really want to be a successful blogger you need to write quality and trustworthy content that your visit won't get confused. When I first started blogging what I knew was copy and paste but when I realized my wrong and bad attitude towards blogging I have to delete over 200 post from my blog and start fresh again so I won't like anyone to the same way I started so take note of that.

You need keywords for your blog post.
Keywords are the main point of writing any post on your blog and this will help when ever that  topic is been search for on any search engine it will also include your blog too.
You make use of Google keywords research tool.

Submit your blog to Directoire's.
This will in search engine rank and also bring more traffic to you blog.

Advertise for people and get paid.
If you have any company that want to advertise their company in your blog thus is a good way to also make money.

Build an online store.
Base on what you are good in doing either fashion making of t-shirts and many more .
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  1. The advice is indeed helpful and will@always ring a bell on blogger ear that want to do otherwise.

  2. that's what am intending to do. but as a student am finding it difficult to design and update my blog due to exams on the corner. Well i will try my best.

  3. that's what am intending to do. but as a student am finding it difficult to design and update my blog due to exams on the corner. Well i will try my best.

    1. yes am also a student too but remember money is not the main reason for blogging just do the good work and you will see the goodness

  4. Nice 1 Boss

  5. You know people dnt explore the opportunity the internet have oferred. I saw some blog just how to check balance with diffenet mobile fone operator ect and the have googl adsence....wahala .


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