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How to Add Tags To Your Wordpress Blog Post

wordpress is a free platform for publishers and enable user to get access to must of it resources like customize template and the don't charge you for any usage.
Wordpress premium themes are mobile friendly and has lots of good features and benefits.

Below are some helpful tips on how to add tags to your Wordpress blog.

Step 1
First you will have to login to your Wordpress account.

Step 2
Now you will have to click on your My Account it is located at the left side.

Step 3
Now on your Wordpress dashboard  choose posts.

Step 4
Then you will have to click on your recent post >>>> Edit post and move your cursor to the right side bar and the you will find the tag box.

Step 5
Just type in a little description of your Post and if you already have post related to this on you blog you can just click on the link below the box.

Step 6
If you want to see all your tags, just click on posts >>>> view tags.
And that all you need.

Tag selection

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