How to Disable Captcha in Blogger Comment

The word verification is very useful in time of avoiding spammers but it is too stressful for most visitors to your blog and that can reduce your blog value but you don't have to continue with the captcha because blogger has tools for checking spam. So why don't just disable it and make your blog visitors happy and do you know that it takes much time to comment using that word verification.

Most time when you use a small phone to check any blog and you want to comment most times you will find it difficult to see the letter especially when using Nokia 112 and a scratch screen lol  very funny most people try it many times and when thier head gets hot the just forget about your blog totally.

A you all know blogger is a very good platform it has great features and the are wonderful  and you van remove that captcha and make you comment box easy and simply just follow the steps below.

=> Log into your blogger dashboard and then click on the blog you have this issue with

=> Now move your mouse down to the settings and click on it.

=> Then click on post and comment  and then move down to the comment.

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=> Now look for show word verification and select NO and then click on the save button.

 Now you are now free from the verification problem  remember that after doing this you will have many spam comments.

If you would like stop anonymous comments then use this steps below.

=> Now you will have to go back to the settings in your blogger dashboard

=> Click on post a comment

=> Find the comments section

=> Who can comment? you will have to choose       Registered users and then click on the save button.

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  1. Pls av done this settings nd its still the same thing most especially readers with small phone are find it difficult to comment bt pls is there any gadget/widget for comment to be made easy

    1. What platform are you on blogger or WordPress

  2. Very helpful...
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  3. Ok was asking of this in your first post.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I dont like all that verification thing , wast lot of time especially when the network if fustrating.

    1. Yes even me too lol I hate it with muscle huh!

  5. Yeah, it could prevent user from Commenting.



  6. mine is still showing picture verification, help..

    1. Blessing did you follow the procedure I gave you above?

  7. mine too is still showing picture verification, help..

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