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How to Convert Blog Posts to PDF file in Blogger Blog

Converting blog posts to pdf file is very essential for those who will like to keep a copy of there article save from any unaware issue.
So today am going to show you how to convert blog posts to pdf file without much stress.


Step 1
First you need to visit this website using this link >>

Step 2
Now insert your preferred blog post url you will love to convert to PDF.

Step 3
Then click on save to PDF or click P and that's all.


And always remember if you find such share button on any blog you can also use it to get the PDF of that post instantly without any much processes.
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  1. Cool one, i'll surely try it out, thanks man!

  2. Now this is something that I need, very easy to convert blog post to pdf file, something that I will share to the readers of, so others will have an idea how the easy is the conversion.


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