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Where To Promote My Online Gaming Site

Suggesting to market your gaming websites on popular social networks and tube related websites, which is a great idea. However, I have a feeling that you want to know "how to go about promoting your site" and what would be the best way to go about. You're probably wondering to your self "what is the chance that I see any results by doing this, or taking this step instead of that one." which is completely understandable, we all go through trial and error, its just another part of life.


To make your journey easier I would say go for youtube and really focus on you tube. I'll explain to you why. Visit youtube and type the keywords "Game walk through" or "gaming walk through". Now, before pressing the "enter" key on your keypad look at the results for those keywords that will drop down from the search field. The popular search results will show you all the most popular games, for example "The Witcher: Wild hunt walk through no commentary" which will be one of the latest games that people are watching. Now once you're on the search results start researching all the channels related to that niche and look at how many subscribers each channel has, you'll notice that they are very popular. Sit through these "walk-throughs" to get a better understanding of how they work. After your first walk through you'll begin to understand why they're so popular. But most importantly, you'll notice somethings that you can do to make your walk through's even better and more unique. If you decide to try creating walkthroughs and find you need ideas or help, read the comments under each walk through video.

Users will often voice their opinions and concerns on how a player should have or should be playing the game and then take notes.


Walkthough's are popular because they allow you to play the video game without really having to play it. Sometimes during my lunch break I'll sit in front of my laptop with a bowl of something to eat and I'll watch a walk through while eating. In reality, there are millions of other people doing the same thing. I will take a break in front of my laptop, eat dinner in front of my laptop. I like gaming but I don't have time for gaming because I'm working and making money online, but I like all the latest games. I'm also working so much that I can only watch one or two parts of a walk through per day. But here's the other important part, and is where you make money, they'll subscribe to your channel because they want to watch the rest of it but don't have any time. You get paid every time they come back through youtube video advertising.

Film your videos, add tips and tricks during your walkthroughs, and much more. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different, you can make millions of dollars on youtube, people are doing it every day.

1. Try a Facebook campaign that will get you some targeted likes. If you will have a solid fanbase on your Facebook page you will start to attract more and more people to your website. After you have gathered some likes, try to post daily on your page, try as much as possible to engage your audience, post a picture and ask for feedback, post polls where you ask for different opinions, and if you are still having problems attracting people use "the nuke" how I like to call it (post a viral video with cats in it, this will work most of the time.

2. Do you have accounts on all social media platforms (twitter, G+ etc), if not, build them ASAP.

3. Try building an appealing landing page with targeted keywords and smart SEO.

4. Build a gaming blog with good content, that`s what I do for the majority of my online shops when I need to attract more people.

5. Build a gaming forum around your website, this will get you a dedicated community around your website

Note that the last two points take time to get done, but you have to know this:

There are no easy ways to getting a large amount of visitors to your website, especially in this niche.

Be patient and dedicate and you will see that success will come.

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  1. I'm not a gamer, nor do I have anything really to do with them... too busy. But even I've heard of this technique. Youtube is such a powerful tool, and my kids watch walk through all the time. You're bang on with your advice.

  2. I have watched walk throughs because my boyfriend is born a gamer 😂 and I support him in all his endeavors. I sometimes even find it odd when he is not holding his controller. A gaming blog with good content is very important in promoting an online gaming site.

  3. Walk through are definitely awesome especially when you come across a really difficult level in a game! :P

    But it's true what you said, it takes time to build a following in this niche, but with patience and perseverance, it won't be too long. :)

  4. I'm not really into gaming, but all I can suggest more in promoting your site is just like what the previous readers told you, Adsense and the like. :)

  5. Facebook has been a tool for promotion and marketing. Now with their ads and sponsorship packages, you can build your site or store there.

  6. My boyfriend definitely enjoys watching walk throughs! And even though I'm not a gaming blog, some of marketing techniques the written here apply to me as well. :)

  7. I'm not into gaming but I think this post will help a lot!! There are a lot of social medias that can be use as a tool in promotion.


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