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How To Transfer Wordpress From Wordpress.Com Site To Self Hosted Site

WordPress is divided into two segment which are and this two platform are similar to Google blogger but has it own separate links so for you to be able to acess.
The creation of a WordPress website or blog is somehow confusing because most newbies have this thinking of creating the blog before buying a domain which is not possible in but you can use to create a free one.


First we need to start by Installing WordPress on your hosting account or if you don't have then you need to read this steps here

Steps on how Export the files of your site.

Step 1
First you need to navigate to

Step 2
Then log in to your  dashboard.

Step 3
Move to the left-hand navigation menu,

Step 4
Now click Tools >> Export.

Step 5
Then Download the XML (WXR) file to your local computer.

Steps on how to Import the files of your site into your hosting account

Step 1
First you need to Log in to the WordPress dashboard installed on your hosting account via

replace domainname with your new custom domain you have on Whogohost

Step 2
Then on your left-hand navigation menu, click Tools> Import>WordPress.

Step 3
Now in the browse box, navigate to the export file that was downloaded to your local computer.

Step 4
Then click the Upload & Import File button.

Step 5
When all the files have been imported, just refresh your wordpress site to view the newly imported contents.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you want to know more on how to set up a wordpress blog using whogohost
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  1. Interesting. Wordpress dosn't give full supports until som1 upgrade to their plan even though, their plan are extremely cost. Well, Thats perfect, moving to another host is the best.

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