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Monetize Your Website or Blog As a Beginner

Monetize simply means to earn revenue from (an asset, business, etc.).

Working with a website will never end. Having a website can be such a long process involving time and energy devotion as well as some amount of money.

At the end, you will consider how to make your money back. Can you earn from the website? The answer is Yes, you can.

Here are some ways to monetize your websites

Accept a sponsored post

You can have a section on your website to feature posts from writers/ advertisers whose products are related to your niche. However, you still need to select the advertisers and edit the content to maintain the characters of your website.

Sell an E-book or course related to your niche

Share your knowledge through e-book/course. There are thousands of newbies that are eager to learn the field you are into. Make sure it is worth the price you offer. To make an e-book, you need to find an interesting topic, design a graphic, make sure the layout is neat and convert it to pdf. Buffer and Moz provide good examples.

Using CPC or CPM widget

There are many companies such as Google with its Google AdSense, Payclick, Taboola, Outbrain and Poptm that will help you to create a widget for a CPC or CPM ads.

My personal recommendation is Payclick as it is easy to use and local Support Manager is always ready to help via Skype.

Sell your space for ads

You might want to spare a bit of space on your website for a web banner. You can sell the space based on the size of the banner. Some big websites such as Destination of The World News, New York Times do it. Find the example on the New York Times, The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

Finally  try to Put banners from CPA offers and Use auto-monetization networks(not same with CPM model, much more profit)
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Why Market Your Business/Blog Not Advertise?

author-pic About author
James E. T. Sunday is writer, online marketer and blogger, at bloggersgist “Marketing as been the foundation of  his Brain.

It really a complicated topic people would say but it the right meaning to what they actually mean. Marketing and advertising how are they done? Do they mean the same thing?

When contacting business owners or pitching a companies for aim of business, I opt the use of advertising and use marketing or promoting, you may think am stupid but there is always a different to this two words.

Let examine this two factoring words “Hand bills advertisement and “market, marketing”

Hand bills advertisement: is basically placing stuff like image, postal and banners with some featuring on it to attract passerby, your readers/subscribers to click, order and buy. Though, this objects or items are being static in a position and they come in different format like rotation/animation advert, projected advert, banner advert and the rest. That just the meaning of the words, why an individual who place such advert is an advertiser. Advertiser are crafty in the sense that, they position this items in a luring position or attractive position which will make the readers or passerby to be distracted from the original interest, which some will eventually click to see more, click to enquire and some will buy.

Advertising has been a long time ideology, everywhere even in your house there are adverts, either in form of political posters/banner and so on, this object do distract, so many people when walking easily get enticed or distracted by displayed adverts, about 75% will spend 1 or 2 minute reading or viewing it. So, advert is a form of distracting people attention from their original mind to accept or view what you are inviting them to choose as an alternative.

Funny to say, even human beings has made themselves an advert. Take for example, prostitute (harlot) do advertise themselves, if they don’t they will not have much traffic (customers). How do they do this? They stand in a wide open place seductively enticing passerby, some are lured and they click on the advert (lol, let not get too far).
I won’t deny the fact that adverts is very good to businesses and it has made new blog gain traffic in less period, business to gain, grow and become known in a short time.

What in for marketing when advert can do all that? Why do I say “Why market your business/blog not advertise?”
To tell you true, I was never a business student back in school times but even business student as of now can’t challenge me because I have carried out physical practical pertaining to this subject matter and my hypothesis are written, which I used in forming this theory am about to disclose right here. I will only summarize this aspect because I have the full drop down coming soon “why I choose marketing and not advertising?” with that you will get more from that.

Market, marketing: market is a place for commerce (i.e. business) which base majorly on buying and selling. This buying and selling do not limit to just the market place, it goes beyond the extreme of that location. We do see such in our environment, people carrying branded products selling on the street, this aspect is the marketing because they come to you. Unlike adverts you have to pass the location or site where they are place before you can see them.

An individual that takes the initiative to bring this items to you are called marketers. They study the needs of people and they bring the information, products, services needed at that environment. They deliver this product or services individually either via email, messages or also via advert format. There is email marketing, SMS marketing, executive/physical marketing. Though, we won’t chat more on this aspect.
Marketing teams in companies are one of the rigid part or team that cannot be tempered with, why is that so? They have 60% works to be done which other department or team cannot carry out.

If placing advert online or on street there will be less sales and low clients but with the marketing teams available, it a competence of stability for increase in clients, customer and sales. They don’t wait for people, company or Organization to come to them but instead the marketing team goes to them and strategically convince about their products or services which they are advertising. They go beyond the market place or company, advert are place but marketing moves from place to place making more in tell on the product or services been promoted.

In conclusion, both advertising & marketing is a stepping stone for any business or blog with low remark, the best two ways to increase their traffic (visitor) is via marketing. Thanks for taking with us and your comment will show you truly appreciate the time and effort used in penning this information.

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Why Are Solar Systems So Cost-effective?

One of the advantages of living in a private house is the opportunity to modify it for your own needs. Adding alternative energy sources to your house properties is definitely a good idea. For now, solar panels for private houses is the best way to provide your home with plenty of environmentally friendly electricity.


Is it cost-effective to install solar panels at a private house?

Not only millionaires can afford to buy solar panels today. A lot of representatives of middle class can afford them too. Today, there are plenty of effective solar panels with high performance for private houses. These panels can satisfy the need for electricity and heat supply almost completely.
In western countries, the fashion for solar energy is largely dictated by the concern about the environment rather than the search of economic benefits. However, in many countries saving money is the number one reason for the purchase of solar systems.


With the current price of electricity, a system of solar panels, installed at a private home with a family of 4 persons, fully pays back in only 4-5 years. At the same time the service life of solar panels is 20-25 years, but their batteries should be changed every 5-7 years depending on the battery quality.
Since there is no reduction in prices for supplied electricity anywhere in the world, the system will be able to pay off at least 4-5 times within the period of solar panel service.

When is it reasonable to use solar panels?

The intensity of the sun rays in summer is different from their activity in winter. We can assess the effectiveness of solar systems by calculating to what extent solar system provides the household with the required amount of hot water.
On average, solar system will ensure 60-70% of the need in hot water for one house or an apartment depending on the region. Solar energy will almost completely cover all domestic needs in hot water in the period from May to October. In the transitional months solar heating may be used to support the heating system, significantly reducing the consumption of petroleum products and gas.

Advantages of solar panels:

  • absence of harmful exhaust fumes;
  • minimal risk of fire;
  • advanced technologies allow the panels to work effectively all year round, even at night;
  • complete independence from external energy supplies;
  • maximum automation of all work processes;
  • no need for significant investment of additional funds within the period of the panel life;
  • long battery life – up to 25-30 years;
  • the use of the huge potential of solar energy;
  • quietness;
  • an extensive range of application spheres;
  • solar energy sources are up to 60% refundable by the state;
  • variability. Modern designs allow you to change the configuration of the panel so that it is convenient to you.


Solar Power Systems on Jiji: only here you will find the best deals at competitive prices and a wide assortment of the most reliable quality products!
Moreover, 100% spam protection will allow you to save a lot of your time and nerves!
Best Deals are only found on the best online-market in Nigeria!

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List of Top Webmaster forums 2016

Forum is a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

I was finding some quality webmaster forums and I had built one list.
These forums are good for link building and to market your products and services.
All of these are high traffic forums. In near future I will be member of all these.
If you have more good quality forums just add here so we together can build a better resource.


Alexa :140
PR :6
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa :413
PR : 7
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa :447
PR : 8
Signature link : No signatures
Alexa :582
PR : 5
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa 960
PR : 6
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa :1557
PR : 6
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa :1767
PR : 5
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa : 2286
PR : 5
Signature link : Without Nofollow

Alexa :5131
PR : 6
Signature link : Without Nofollow
Alexa :8224
PR : 7
Signature link : Without Nofollow Alexa :9650
PR : 5
Signature link : Without Nofollow

You can pay a visit to this wonderful forums and learn a lot today thanks.
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Hello everyone we will like promote your business, start-up, seminar and many more to our targeted zealmatblog readers and you will get a good value for your capital.

Sponsored post, Banner ads or Text ads to advertise on my blog.

Sponsored Post

I can publish a sponsored post about your website, blog, start up, business OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post. For FREE, I will promote the post on my Social networks as well as on Facebook, Twitter. You can Read more about sponsored posts here.

Banner Ads

I am currently using an adserver to serve ads on my blog so that advertisers can have access to the LIVE performance report of adverts placed on my blog including number of views, clicks, CTR, conversions etc.

You can contact me for the demo login details to access the advertisers dashboard where you can submit new adverts, set number of views (if paying per views) and also track performance of your ads.

Banner/Text ads are seen by users of computers and mobile devices, including those that use Opera Mini browsers.

You can choose to pay per 1000 impressions or a flat rate.

Pricing for Pay Per 1000 Impressions/Views

Views means the number of times your ad is displayed on Zealmatblog.

300x100 ad banner = N150 ($0.90) per 1000views
300x250 ad banner = N250 ($1.5) per 1000 views
728x90 ad banner   = N650 ($4) per 1000 views

  • You can state the number of views you want per day eg 20,000views for 30 days.

  • Targeting options by country, devices available.

  • Live Impression/Views stats available in the advertiser dashboard.

  • Minimum purchase of 10,000 views.

Rate Pricing

  • 300x100 ad banner = N5,000 () per month

  • 300x250 ad banner = N15,000 () per month

  • 728x90 ad banner   = N50,000 () per month

Note: You can get two or three banners for your advert

  • You can pay for minimum of 2 weeks.

  • If you opt in for 728x90 ad banner, you will get 300x100 version of the banner displayed FREE on mobile view of the blog. 

The advert rates will be increasing as time passes get listed today! 


Mathias Amodu
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