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Top Hacks for Safe & Quality Online Shopping

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James Hunter is one of the most prominent thesis help provider to the students, not only from the United States but from all over the World. He is also pursuing his PhD in English Literature from the University of Michigan.

This world is gone past the era when the word “global village” is the best description to define our world. Now this is the era of the internet, and our earth has converted into a digital world where you can get anything on the screen of your computer, laptop or smartphone. Just like the internet has impacted every other aspect of our lives, it affected the methods of shopping too.


Those days are gone when before every festival, the markets and shopping malls get saturated by the humans. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to stay away from the stores and their hustles and toils and doing online shopping. People find online shopping the easiest method of buying and selling things, but most of the people don't know the risks involved in it. Since hefty money is involved in it, you have to take some precautions in it. If you don’t know any, then keep reading this article because in the next line I am going to tell you the top hacks for safe and quality online shopping.

Private WiFi: Be careful while using any private wifi. It is important to wait until you are connected with any secure or trusted network or else your information can get leaked from it. That is why it is important to avoid doing any online shopping on the public network or entering your private information and credit card details. However, you can do window shopping on any network.

Compare Prices: Do you know that Amazon is not the website that claims to be the lowest prices offering online shopping website? You can get anything you want from the Amazon but not on the best prices. Before buying anything, it is important to do some online comparison shopping. Just write the thing you want to buy in the Google search bar, and it will show you numerous websites from where you can buy your thing. Check every website and keep bookmarking the websites and noting down the prices to get the best product at best prices.

HTTPS: Do you know what the “S” stands for in any website URL HTTPS? This S means secured, and this also means that you should not do any online shopping from the website which doesn’t have this S in its URL. Moreover, also check the lock icon in the address bar. This denotes that you have a Secure Socket Layers (SSL) connection which is standard in the browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Online Scams: There are many scammers out there who are hungry for your information. Many of these scammers pretend themselves as the original companies and will inquire about your personal data or credit card details. They will try to reach you through emails and will act as the company you have dealt with and will ask you to change your password by clicking a duplicate URL that will take you to a duplicate page just to know your password.

Use Credit Cards Only: Do you know that the credit cards are more secure than the debit cards? Most of the banks offer purchase protection that means that you are not liable for the purchases made from your card if it is stolen. There is no such option in the debit card, and if you lost it or its information gets leaked, anyone can clean your bank account in just the matter of seconds.

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Use Online Tools to Improve Personal Branding

If you have been running a business or have recently become interested in entrepreneurship, you already know how important it is to build a strong brand. However, did you also know that developing your company’s brand isn’t the only step you need to take when you want to firmly plant your feet in the industry? Yes, along with building up your company’s brand, you also need to focus on personal branding. Personal branding is the key to success in today’s business world and if you want to stand out from your competition, it is an essential step which you shouldn’t ignore. So, remember that no matter what industry you cater to in the corporate world, taking your own branding seriously will mean the difference between success and failure.


Now that you understand just how important your personal brand is, you must be thinking about the ways you can start building it up. Even though there are hundreds of tools that will help you build and manage personal branding, there are a few which can’t be missed. These online tools have helped both fresh entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen develop a strong personal brand which tells the world about their goals, interests and objectives. So, without further delay, let’s look at some of the best online tools which you must incorporate into your personal branding immediately.  Here are some expert proven online tools to improve your personal branding.

Google Alerts
If you aren’t already using Google Alerts for your brand, believe me when I tell you that you are missing out on a lot. When people are talking about you or your brand, you simply can’t afford to miss out. This is where these alerts come in. Google alerts will tell you when your brand gets a shout out and this means that you can react proactively in case of a crises or problem. Even though you don’t always need to react immediately, these alerts will give you the benefit of letting you know whenever you are mentioned online. In fact, with time, you’ll realize that these alerts even help you in staying ahead of your competitors and stay updated with the latest in the industry.

LinkedIn & Twitter Accounts
One of the most important things that you need to do for your personal branding is to make professional and credible accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Though other social media websites such as Facebook and Google+ are ideal for private interactions, both LinkedIn and Twitter will help build your persona in the corporate industry – if done right. Both of these networks are very powerful and will give you big opportunities to spread the word around about your product or company. Getting active on these networks translate to getting more eyeballs on you, which is always an advantage. If you already have an account, take some time out each day so you can keep tabs on whatever is happening around you.

Remember that the only way you are going to get the attention that you need is by making a complete profile. Always fill out the complete information that is required and try to be as genuine as possible. Bear in mind that other professionals can easily detect the difference between a fraud and someone who is original, so don’t oversell yourself. Finally, always engage with the people who took out the time to comment, read or share your content because that is one of the ways that you can end up doing more business.

Pay Attention to Profile Pictures
Good profile pictures are like the holy grail of social media. Once you have decided to make your presence felt on LinkedIn and Twitter, you need to start focusing on getting a profile picture that dictates your professionalism. Though there are a lot of online tools which claim to get you the best edited images, the three which we are going to be talking about here are really worth your while.
All social media pages have particular size of images that they accept as the profile picture. Unfortunately, most people find it very difficult to resize the picture so it doesn’t lose its pixels. This is where picresizer comes in. With this online image editor, you can easily resize and edit your photos without compromising on the quality.
If you don’t have the time or patience to take really good pictures and the only ones you have are really bad, you are in dire need of this particular online tool. With this free fix, you can simply upload your image and let professionals do the rest. That’s right, you won’t need to go through the hassle of editing the images yourself because the editing experts at the other end will take care of everything and deliver a flawless, professional-worthy image within a short time.
 If you are looking for a truly unique profile picture, the tattofontmaker website will help you achieve your goal. Because we are talking about personal branding, it is important to remember that if tattoos are your thing then the world should know about it. Through this online tool, you can effortlessly make your tattoo online and display it on your account.

Stay Updated with Comments
Finally, when you need to stay ahead, you must pay close attention to what people say on your blog or website, comment alerts are the help you need. Keeping tabs on comments was never this easy because with this particular online tool, you’ll know if people are giving you good feedback or offer crucial advice on what you can do to make your brand even better. If people trust you to actually reply to their comments, they’ll be much more like to interact with you and your brand in the future. So, don’t ignore those comments or it may cost you big time.
Start using these tried and tested online tools to improve personal branding today and you’ll never miss out on another opportunity. However, you must remember that good personal branding will take some time to build so be patient and you’ll be reaping the benefits soon.

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How to Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings

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I am Samuel Igwe the founder of Loudtips. I share useful information with passionate people to finding confiding resources in their online marketing/blog

One of the ways to earn online income is through affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketers earn a commission when customers who are redirected to an online merchant purchase something. You can offer a program to promote your own brand or sign-up to an affiliate marketing scheme of a company. Either way, it involves a lot of work, smart marketing and promoting the right brands.

Signing-Up to Amazon Associates

Amazon which is one of the most well-known names in the e-commerce industry offers an interesting affiliate program. The company has a distinct advantage because it sells a wide range of products. Hence, you will likely find a niche product that has high value boosting conversion rates.  Once you start making money, the veritable challenge is to increase current earnings.

Go for High End Products

Deloitte studies show that 58% of millennials purchase their luxury products online. With Amazon selling everything from A to Z, this is a market that can be tapped by affiliate marketers. When you target high end and value products, it is easy to increase conversion rates two or three-fold.

Enhance Your Web Copy

The primary purpose of your copy is to sustain or better still, increase traffic to your website that will translate to potential sales using your links. Pay attention to the headline as this is the first thing that a reader will see. Test different words and phrases to see which ones get the best results.

Call to Action

It is also important use the right call to action. How you word your call to action text can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Position your call to action in different areas to see where it will fit the best. The thing with these tests is that there is no guarantee what will work so only by testing will you get data that will confirm what works for your copy. Experiment with different lengths, style, colors and text sizes.

Use Images and Videos

The power of images is undeniable especially when you are selling a physical product. Test how many images you will use and the size that works best on the page. You can grab your own photos or use the ones provided by Amazon. Videos are also compelling as they not only show how the products look like but also how they are used. Incorporate ‘how to’, ‘unboxing’ or product reviews videos to demonstrate usability and highlight experiences. In addition, you can even earn extra money from ads that appear on your videos if you are uploading to YouTube, for example.


From discounts to free trials, there are several offers you can dangle in front of potential buyers. Just make sure that these are honest offers because often, customers are scared that they will be trapped into something that they do not actually want. Therefore, it is important to word you offers properly and not mislead visitors.

Build an Email List

Emailing is still one of the best ways to reach a wide and diverse range of potential buyers. Obviously, you don’t want to appear like a spammer so approach this persuasion tactic with caution. To do this, add an opt-in form or squeeze page on your website. You might offer a freebie such as newsletters or an e-book when people sign-up. The objective is to gain their trust so you can communicate with customers on a regular basis for product updates, offers and news. Note that compliance with existing laws should not be overlooked to avoid penalties that may be slapped on you for violation of privacy or spamming.

Track Performance

Numbers speak volumes even if your gut feelings tell you otherwise. It is highly recommended to evaluate the performance of your affiliate links as they relate to conversion rates. With an affiliate tracking software, you can easily see if you are doing something right and can use the same strategy again.

Include International Clients

Amazon’s clout is wide and far reaching. Hence, if your affiliate link is only limited to where you are located, you might be missing out on the international market. Install an auto geo location tracker/plugin on your site so that international visitors are redirected to the Amazon store in their respective countries. This way, you will still benefit from the commissions earned when a client purchases something in all Amazon sites.

Tap Social Media

We live in an increasingly social media driven environment. Use the influence of social media to drive traffic into your site. Whether you are publishing instant reviews or introducing a product that has been recently launched, social media can reach a wide range of audience from baby boomers to the Generation Z. For example, Instagram and Snapchat are favored by a younger audience (under 25) while Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have diverse demographics including seniors. Interestingly, 85% of luxury goods customers use social media which strengthens the proposition that you can boost conversion rates by tapping the high-end goods market.

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Nigerian Best Affiliate Companies that You Can use to Make Money

author-pic About author
Benson Chidiebere a young Nigerian Entrepreneur whose ambition is to educate People on Live issues and other related contents. He is the CEO at

Affiliate marketing/referral program is a program set up by some companies to recruit sales personnel known as affiliates, who are paid based on the volume o sales made from their referral link.

All affiliate companies have one thing in common>> they pay their affiliates a given percentage o their sales volume as affiliate commission for their sales.

Having known what an affiliate program really is...  Let’s see the best affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria that you can use to maximize your profit as a blogger or a website admin and also help you to be successful.


Konga is one best online shop affiliate company in Nigeria, because they sell wide varieties of products and it’s a perfect place to buy because they accept payment on delivery.

This means that you can order a product on Konga will make your payment only when the product has been delivered to you.

Konga affiliate pays up to 9% for apparels and 3% for electronics and other high end products. Luckily, the acceptance is not tedious.
Konga is very easy to join, all you need is to have an active blog/website and you are good to go.

Signup Here

Jumia affiliate is another good alternative to maximize your profit as a blogger.
The good thing is that you can combine both of them (Konga and Jumia) as many bloggers do.

They are both excellent. Jumia affiliate have high commission rate.

All you need to do is signup and start promoting the product on your blog by placing your referral link on your blog.

Signup Here

VConnect is a conglomerate of business directory and superstore.
Interestingly, they now offer up to 12% commission on successful purchase on her website.
They are rocking in business for a while now.

Their web cookies last for 30 days after clicking and have mouth watering offers for top affiliate earners.

Signup here


Whogohost is the leading hosting provider in Nigeria. I have hosted few niche blog with them and their service and customer support is excellent.

Yes, apart from hosting packages, they sell other services such as domain name purchase, Google Apps, Payment services.

So you can make money promoting their products and services and make good money from commission. They even pay you N500 for just signing up.
To commence,

Signup Here

Naijabet is the best and most popular Betting affiliate program in Nigeria, it pays a whooping 55% of net revenue of each person you refer to bet on their website. So, if you are a sport enthusiast or a betting geek, you can take advantage of this niche to make some cool cash. Registration is free.

Sign up here

Dealdey is another dedicated online store in Nigeria.
The offer bloggers the opportunity to make money by referring their friends on buy from the shop.
So, if you have a blog, I will advice you to try Deldey.
I personally have not promoted their products before but I have a friend who does. According to him, they pay their affiliate marketers well.

Signup Here

QServers is a web-hosting company in Nigeria.
Just like whogohost, they pay upto 20% of each referral. With QServers, you also get N500 for just signing up.
Affiliate Payment is done every week directly to your bank account. It’s simple.

Signup here

Wakanow is a travel agency in Nigeria.
They render services such as visa processing, airline booking, hotel reservation, airport pickup services and much more.
You can make serious money by partnering with them via affiliate programme.

Signup Here

Domainking a domain host company in Nigeria, and their affiliate program is recommended as one of the best so far in our country.
You will also get a commission for signing in and they give room for sharing referrals. This is to say that you can also make more money by sharing links through your referral ID.
We will recommend you try it, you won’t regret doing so.

Signup Here

Hope with this as a blogger, you will be able to monetize your blog or website, try them out and start your money making business today, thanks.

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Simple Strategy for Article Marketing Success

First, I do my research and choose a domain name (nearly always a .com) based around the main keyword for my niche. I like to go after keywords with at least 5,000 exact searches per month and a low amount of competition.

Second, I set up a blog with Wordpress. I use Hostgator so it is very easy for me to do this directly from my cpanel. I either use one of the basic themes I have and add in my own graphics or search for a new one, if necessary.

I add in all the plugins I like including All in one SEO, Facepress, Tweetthis, WP-Cache, Onlywire, Related Posts, SEO smart links, and a few others. I also change all the settings, which vary, to fit the blog I am trying to put up.

The rest of the plan is where it really happens, but it is necessary to set up the blog properly first.


The Step by Step Promotion Plan through Article Marketing

Step #1 - Write 50 posts - These need to be of high quality and give your readers something they can use. I do set up good SEO with every post by putting my keyword phrase in the first sentence, last sentence, and keeping a density around 2%

OPTIONAL Step #1 - If I am reviewing products instead of monetizing with Adsense I write 5-10 product reviews and make them Pages. I always target the product name in this case and I like to do comparison reviews when possible.

Step #2 - Schedule out the posts - I like to schedule 3-4 posts per day for a week, then 1-2 a day until all 50 posts are up.

Usually at this point I will start working on the next site/blog because I want to wait for my posts to get indexed by Google before I do anything else.

Step #3 - iSnare - Once my posts are indexed I submit each one to iSnare. I am a Platinum member and can submit 10 articles per day, so I submit all 50 posts over a 5 day period. I never link to the same post on isnare and I include a link to my homepage in each submission as well.

***If it is a review site I link to all my product reviews in related posts to build backlinks and traffic***

Step #4 - Press Release - Once all my posts have been submitted to iSnare I write a Press Release and submit it out to the following list of PR sites:


This step is huge because it gives me a good amount of traffic and these backlinks are of high quality.

Step #5 - Article Directories - Now I submit each post to a handful of the top article directories for a bit more traffic and more backlinks. I try to do about 5 per day.

Now, if my blog makes money and show the potential I am looking for I will maintain it by writing 3 posts per week (usually outsource these at this point) and scheduling them throughout the week. I also go through once a month and submit all new posts to isnare and the article directories.

This is pretty much all I do and it has helped me build a list, make money with adsense, make money with clickbank, and make money with a few other affiliate programs.
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Difference Between Advertiser And Publisher

Most times you pass through this point which is Inexplicable for you, that what is difference between advertiser and publisher?
The advertisers and publishers are doing same stuff which is business and you need to be that perfect and smart.

Below are some full difference between advertiser and publisher just read carefully.



An advertiser, also known as a merchant or retailer, is a Web site or company that sells a product or service online, accepts payments and fulfills orders. Advertisers work with publishers to promote products and services in exchange for a commission on leads or sales through a variety of methods.
They go to AdWords and start a campaign to promote/advertise some product! They win when they sell their product (or affiliate product)


A publisher, also known as an affiliate or reseller is an independent party that promotes products and services of an advertiser in exchange for a commission on leads or sales. A publisher displays ads, text links, or product links on its Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings and is paid a commission by the respective advertiser when a visitor takes a specific action such as filling out a form, making a purchase or subscribing to a service.

they go to AdSense, get some ads (java code in this case) and put it on their site. They win when someone click on their ads (or impressions etc.)

You join both of them and you will know it very can make money from both.
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Affiliate Marketing Tips to Help You be Successful

These 6 affiliate marketing tips will help you to be successful and earn an income stream that goes on far into the future.
First let's have some little definition of the word affiliate and affiliate marketing.


What is affiliate?
A person or organization officially attached to a larger body.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.


1. Join only affiliate programs that you feel you can trust. Get to know the provider before you decide to offer their products. Do your research, find the best relevant product, and you’ll enjoy a much higher conversion rate, which means more money for you. Write a personal review backing the product to help promote it. When you believe in the product, writing the review won’t be that difficult and your visitors who trust you will take that into consideration and are more likely to buy.

2. You need to spend time focusing on building your traffic to your website. That means you need to do your SEO work so that your site ranks well organically in the search engines. Make sure you are following the rules outlined by the affiliate and do not breach any trademark policies that merchant has put into place. For example, many companies won’t let you bid on their brand name.

3. Make sure your website has some great content. Customers are not coming to your site to see ads. They are there to find out information about the product and to look at recommendations. Use both text links and banners and see which work the best on your website. Make your review promotional.

4. Make sure you are honest and disclose the affiliate relationship. This is required by the FTC – you must disclose that you are being compensated when your traffic clicks on an ad link and makes a purchase.

5. Take the time to do plenty of testing to see what works on your site and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to try to promote your product using different venues and programs. For example, try Facebook ads and Google ads to see which work best. Try different banner placements to see which works best. Try different ads. You get the idea.

6. Take the time to get to know your affiliate manager. They are there to help you and should be happy to review your site and give your some feedback about what you can do differently to be more successful.

7. Be patient. It takes time to grow your affiliate marketing business. But once it is established and running smoothly you will be able to enjoy the residual income it generates.

And there you have it!
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Login To Your Konga Affiliate Program

UsernamePasswordRemember me
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Sign up To Your Konga Affiliate Program

Personal Information
Additional Information

Clothing & FashionComputers & AccessoriesPhones & TabletsHome & KitchenElectronicsBaby Kids & ToysSports & FitnessFood & DrinksMovies, Music & GamesBeauty, Health & Personal CareBooks & StationeryAutomotive & industrial

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Top 6 Services For Mobile Marketing Analytics

Marketing is about meeting the needs and wants of customers; Marketing is a business-wide function – it is not something that operates alone from other business activities; Marketing is about understanding customers and finding ways to provide products or services which customers demand.

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance.


1. Heatmaps
If you have an iOS app and are in need of a usability analytics solution this is the tool for you. You can view interactive graphs of user navigation flows and get a graph of daily user engagement rate based on touches, gestures, views, sessions and navigation. You can also discover device orientation preferences and track finger gestures.

2. Adobe Anayitics
Adobe provides both web and mobile analytics. Its mobile services SDK provides a single method of data collection for either native apps written in Objective C or hybrid apps based on HTML5. It provides data visualizations and detailed insights about user-engagement, retention and monetization.

3. Amazon Mobile Analytics
Amazon mobile app analytics gives you metrics such as daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), new users, sticky factor (DAU divided by MAU), number of sessions, average sessions per DAU, average revenue per DAU, average revenue per paying DAU, Day 1, 3, and 7 retention and week 1, 2 and 3 retention and event tracking.

4. AdMobiSpy
This Is the first service of mobile advertising tracking. you have the opportunity of concise definition of the most profitable ad formats. You can choose appropriate networks with the most active and appreciative target audience for every product or service by yourself.

5. Amplitude
Amplitude offers an easy setup mobile app analytics solution with just a single line of code implemented to your app. You can track daily, weekly, monthly active users and get access to metrics such as sessions, retention, device types, platform, country, language, app version, location and more. Their SDK logs in everything even if the user is offline, events are stored locally on the phone and uploaded when the user comes back.

6. Countly
Countly is an open-source mobile app analytics tool that supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps. The tool not only supports native SDK but also support Appcelerator Titanium and Unity3D SDKs that are world leading cross-platform mobile application platforms.
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Guide To Getting Indexed Into Bing

I have seen a lot of threads about getting indexed into bing so I thought I would give a guide for people who need help trying to rank on bing.


So similar to google bing has its own webmaster tools that you can check out here.

Its pretty much the same as googles webmaster tools as you add your website and check rankings, indexed pages, backlinks etc.

Now if your looking for bing keywords that you want to rank for Microsoft has also added a similar feature like google's keyword tool.

Being able to use the webmaster toolbox, and keyword tools is going to help any website owner in order to rank for keywords and make money.
TO get your link index quickly is you can bookmark your site, use something like rapid indexer or ping your website

Creating a bit more social reputation will help you to get higher rank in BING as well as it will index you more faster. BING is quite slow system they only checks the very new thing only so be creative and unique always.

I hope this short guide has helped.
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How To Build A Highly Responsive Email List And Earn Consistent Income For Life

Having an email list can be an extremely powerful tool when used correctly. However, don't get sucked into just growing your number of subscribers. Take the time to interact a little. Set up a facebook group page as part of your sales funnel or in your first couple of emails. This helps you further develop a trusting relationship with your list and is another way that you can identify problems or needs that your list has when determining what offers to send them.

Email marketing remains the most effective way for any business to market it's products and services.

If you want a business that makes you good residual income, incorporate emails into your business.


And here's how you do it:

1. Offer a freebie to get them on your list. Every body wants a freebie. If you can provide one that solves people's problems, they get on your list.

2. Use double optin. Double optin because people forget easily. If you can get them to take some worthwhile steps before grabbing your free offer, they come to know and identify with you. Better still, add a pre-sell page in the mix.

3. Your freebie shouldn't be free. I opt in to so many people's list and download freebies that do anything but fulfill the promises they made. Don't do this. You would keep battling with unsubscribes.

4. Encourage your subscribers to interact and share their problems. Mail them often, ask how they are doing, and get them to tell you their problems.

Offering a freebie that is high quality is a great way to make your email subscribers trust you are not some scam and you should aim not to be
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Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider.

Below are some wonderful tips on how to increase your Amazon sales.


1. Find a good product in good price: Find a good product with a a good price tag. It will help you to generate more sales.
People always finds good product in cheaper rate. So search a good product in cheap price offer.

2. Get a Pro Merchant Subscription: This subscription will cost you $39.99 per months, But you can upload in bulk and you can get more facilities from this account than a free account.

3. Add unique Listings: You should add unique listing. Don't copy form other, It will just make you down.

4. Automate Listing: Automate listing can be another way to add your bulk products. If you want to use automate system, You have to follow a good guide plan too.

I hope this tips really helped you out, if you have any questions or suggestions please just drop it below thanks.
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Best tips on how to sell or purchase a website

Buying and selling is one of the major function of Online marketers and i you will be surprise why am saying this because some online marketers are basically on google adsense or blogging or featuring upcoming artists for a living.
But the topic am on today will guide you on how to stop some online fraudsters and thieves.

This first tips will be on how to purchase any website

  • Check this person's history. How much reputation do they have? What are their last 20 posts like?

  • Check the site statistics. Go on to Alexa, what's the ranking? Is the website indexed in Google? Does it have cached pages? Is it indexed in MSN? Are there backlinks? What's the PR?
    Remember our previous post on seo detailed list of action checklist

  • Check other websites such as Sitepoint or WebMasterWorld or some of the other trading forums. Chances are you'll find the exact same listing. Read it, if it didn't sell on another forum, there's more than likely a reason why.

  • Check if any of the content is copyrighted, or stolen. Choose some random phrases from the Article or content, then Google it with "quotations". Does it show up on other websites?

  • How much does your hosting cost?

  • How much resources does it use?
  • What's the income?
  • What's the income for the past 4 months?
  • What ad networks do you use?


The buyer should be able to ask as many questions, stupid or otherwise. If the seller can't answer these honestly, or without hesitation. Take note.

This second tips will be on how to sell any website

  • Give an auction end date, or a BIN. If you don't, it's just obvious you want the most money possible. Which isn't wrong, but doesn't come across well.

  • Give an auction end date, or a BIN. If you don't, it's just Don't: Get angry with people if they start questioning things such as, where your content is from, is it copyrighted? Do you have full copyrights? If you can't answer these questions, just hope that your buyer is really stupid.obvious you want the most money possible. Which isn't wrong, but doesn't come across well.

  • Give point form summarizations of what your website does. No need for a 1000 word essay. People don't read.

  • Do give a URL to the website that you are selling. If you're afraid of a person stealing your content or whatever. That's going to happen anyways, and the person is buying your website because they themselves don't want to do it. Not giving a URL makes you look seedy.

Don't: Spam the forums to get the required number of posts. People do check your history before purchasing.
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Top 10 Pay Per Install Affiliate Networks Webites

Pay per install affiliate programs help you make money by promoting apps or software.
So today am going to be listing out top 10 pay per install affiliate networks sites which you need to know.


Software Developers and Application owners: make money with EVERY software install. Guaranteed Payout, Quality Programs, no Spyware/Adware and Highest Commission. Easy to setup code. Start generating revenue in 15 minutes.

EARN PER INSTALL is a Pay Per Install Affiliate Network. Earn up to $2 by installing a file with advanced tracking analytics.

If you are a software developer then Solimba provides you with the opportunity to let users download your applications during the installation process of other apps.

PerInstallCash is designed to convert your traffic into real cash. Give a savvy instrument a try: the users don’t pay for installs, but you still get rewarded!

OpenCandy is the pioneer of high-quality, dynamic app installer ads and is trusted by hundreds of software developers and advertisers worldwide. With over six years as the leader in quality and transparency, OpenCandy offers the platform and tools you need to increase monetization and distribution of your software.

Sit back and let our cutting edge technology do the work for you! Recommend dozens of Tier-1 advertisers to grow your distribution and boost your revenues.

Earn up to $1.50 per install. Pay Per Install can earn Software Developers and Affiliate Marketers money bundling software with freeware or share software products.

Shorten your installer download time and increase user satisfaction. Instead of using a slow download connection, our services will enable your users to quickly download your new installer from multiple servers nearby!

RevenYou is a leading Pay Per Install Network that helps developers and publishers monetize their software using a cutting edge smart installer. Our monetized software installer generates high payouts in more than 200 countries which will help you maximize your profit and ROI from your software and traffic.

Established in 2010, installCore™ has quickly become the leading application installation platform for premium publishers. With a talented team of engineers as its greatest asset, installCore specializes in optimized software distribution via customized software installation platforms and installation analytics. The installCore software installer significantly improves success rates of software installations, outperforming other available solutions in the market.

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