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What is 301 and 302 Redirect

The 301 and 302 redirect is mostly used for domain names so as to temporarily or permanently redirect your purchased or forgotten domain name.


301 redirect use for transferring your traffic to another domain or another link.

like your domain is "abc" . You want to buy new domain with different name like "abcd" and you don't want to loss your first domain traffic then you can set 301 redirect in your "abc domain" hosting account.

which should be "abcd" in cPanel "301 Redirect"

A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect. There are very few instances where this type of redirect should be used, but unfortunately it is the easiest to implement. This means that many webmasters unfamiliar with search engine mechanics use the wrong type of redirect.

Always Remember "301" used for Permanent Redirect. and "302" used for temporary Redirect.

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Domainking.ng Affiliate Success Testimony By Mathias Amodu

During the years I spent my whole time referring webmasters just to register domain name of which I didn't know that there was no commission for that.
Now I decided to meet on of my good friend at printhag.com and we decided to move our WordPress site to domainking using my own referal link and to my greatest surprise my affiliate dashboard was updated with 1500 + 500 which was my welcome bonus.

Most people complained that domainking.ng was not paying them for the sign up which is yes and let me tell you why domainking is doing such.....

1. The need people who are ready to buy any hosting plan from them.

2. The can't give 1500 from a domain name of 1700 or 900 naira so you see what am saying.......

Domainking.ng has the best support team ever with instant integration for their customers.

The reason why i joined this wonderful affiliate program was because of their uniqueness when getting a domain name or buying a hosting plan for your website.
I will also say that your customer service is one of the best customer care service of the year in times of helping customers like when I newly bought a domain name for my site www.zealmat.com and also my friend site at printhag.com.....

Proof of payment

When i referred my friend who wanted to use a good and reliable Nigeria web hosting company and i   was rewarded with 1200 for my first referral bonus plus my welcome bonus 500= 1700 wow OK if we should x20 =

For any company website i will advice you host your website on domainking and my reasons is because domainking is reliable and caring.from day one domainking has being helping and their customer care service response is very fast ....

Try to buy a domain name from this wonderful company today and win some wonderful prize.

Lastly #DomainkingNGRocks
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Which Domain Name is the Best For My Website_.com or .com.ng?

author-pic About author
Kennedy Prosper is a professional blogger,hoping to help you and your business you can visit his blog for some wonderful articles @ www.kingsweb.com.ng

I can see that before you clicked on this page you have already purchased a domain name or you are about to get one and now for those who already got one either .com or .com.ng they still have the doubt if they purchased the right domain for their blog. And those who haven't gotten one yet are still contemplating on wither to get .com or .com.ng.

The truth of the matter is that A paid domain name is a paid domain. When you hear on net people do write get your site a better domain name that doesn't mean it must be a .com or .com.ng domain name what makes your domain a better domain irrespective of the suffix you choose is the name before the suffix.

There have been so much criticism on the domain name (.com.ng) which makes me almost changed my domain name when i newly started blogging i was thinking i have taken a wrong brand for my blog but not until i know what it means.

Now without much stories let me throw a very short light on the two domain names which are both called paid domain.

Why You need a .com.ng domain name?

Promotion If you choose a Nigerian extension for your blog you are proudly promoting Nigerian ICT and that's why you see other top counties like UK uses co.UK , co.us.co.in ,ga and many more

Targeting If you want to create a business to target mainly or only Nigerians then the best brand is the Nigerian extension e.g Nigerian government, and organisations, schools who are targeting Nigeria audience will prefer to use the .ng or .com.ng instead or .com ,.net or .org thats why you see popular naijaloaded is now redirected to naijaloaded.com.ng because the owner knows that his target is the Nigerians so he see no reason to be using .com or other domain name.

Google NG Google is not stupid to register the domain name Google.com.ng they knows the importants of country specific domains A domain name with a Nigeria extension is likely to get more search result from Google.com.ng than other domain name because it is country specific and targeting Nigerians mainly.

This is the major reason when you go to your search console , you can't select the country you want to target if you are using .com.ng or .ng because they asune your domain is already specific and Google will also know that you are a Nigerian when searches are made from Nigeria.

From the above reason you should be able to extract why you need a .com or other top level domain for your business.The .com domain is a global targeting domain name. This domain can be used when you want to target the global audience mainly from search engines.

One other reason why.com is preferable is the fact that browsers easily detect it to other domain names e.g when you type kingsweb in your address bar you will be taken to kingsweb.com.

Which one can do better on Google?.com or .com.ng

Have you search for some important stuffs online and only for you to be seeing .tk .ga and other fucking domain name rank higher than your own ? lol it somehow looks foolish and thats why i always say Google is mysterious.

There is no domain name that cannot do better on Google. Even the free domain but it has been recommended you get a paid domain name and you know what that means? it could be .co .com .com.ng .net.org.co.in etc provided it is paid you have obeyed the rule or the talk of "get a paid domain name"

Any domain name can rank on Google if the domain follows Google rule so don't consider Google when you want to buy a domain name forget the FAQs about wither .com rank higher than .com.ng it is just a saying out of ignorance. The only thing that make you know the domain name to choose is the audience you want to target.

Can i rival the person using other extension with my Nigerian extension?

Yes you can rival the person using other domain name even of you are using a country specific domain. Blogging success does not depend on domain it depends on your site and the domain name is not your site it's just the name of your site. take note of that.

I have personally experimented with my site. I started blogging and my Alexa ranking was over 8 million but my competitors was around 1million globally who where using .com domain name but after some months of blogging i was able to rival them with my country specific domain name why? because a domain is just a sites name but what matters is the site.

Where Can i buy .com.ng or .ng domain name in Nigeria?

Perhaps with the above you have known the reason why you need a .com.ng or ng domain name and you want any if then for your Nigerian business you can get one from Domainking.Ng

How much is Domain names currently at domainKing?

Cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria (NG)

Woe not only on domainking but other hosts as well. i was surprise to see the change in price of domain name. though this price are not permanent bit for now bellow is the price chart of domainking.

Who needs .com and who needs .com.ng or .ng?

I have answered this question from my above inscription but i will say it again here!!.

those who uses .com.ng or ng domain name are those who want traffic from Nigeria but those who uses .com or other top level domains like .net.org are those who are targeting the global audience.

Can i Buy both.com.ng and .com for my blog?

Yes o you can buy both just like naijaloaded is doing. you can buy both domain names and redirect them to each other but this will have Search effect of your site.

The only reason why you should get the both is when you are already well known with one and you want to use the other then not to loose your traffic you can do redirection apart from that it's not advisable you get another domain name for your blog unless if your site is not yet popular.

Can i add ng to the back of my .com?

Hahaha this is one of the most foolish but sensible questions i have ever had since i started blogging and before someone could ask me the above question probably there are tones of newbies who will still be in the same shoes that's why i want to officially announce the answer as "NO" You can not add .ng to your .com domain to make it .com.ng

Ones you get one that's yours no addition to already purchased domain no subtraction. In a simple sentence "you can't edit a domain name"

Conclusion Every paid domain name is equal. what makes the difference is your brand and the audience you want to target. So if you want to buy a domain name today ask yourself the audience you want to build , who did you want to see your site most in search engine after getting the answer on the audience you want then you can now decide.
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Zealmatblog 2017 Domain Name, or Cash Prize Award...

Hello zealmatblog fans we are happy to inform you that our award is going to be active from now till January 10 and our prizes will be issued to any of our winner on that same day (January, 10th, and 2017)

Early this year we presented a prize to our noble winner and we hope the next winner will be up soon.

Zealmat is a portal for every young mind in the society at large, and giving you good tutorials, encouragement and support  and we hope to serve you better.

For you to participate in this award known as the zealmatAward2017 you will have to.....

Hint on How to be Our Noble Winner 

1)  Balance this figure 45,058.28 to give you a total of 50,000.00

2)  Share this link to your twitter account and Facebook timeline using the hash tag  #zealmatAward2017 then send the link to us.

3)  Be An active visitor and subscribe to our newsletter using the box below.

Like our Facebook page

Prize 🏆
The winner will be issued a certificate and a cash of N3000 or a .com domain name.

we will support you to advertise your products and services on www.extremeder.com

He/she will be given a free logo or banner for his/her business or website

With free 100 SMS units for the winner and free one week advert space on proudlyblog. 

Optional: To earn additional point or more chance of winning this domain award you can write about this award on your blog then send us the link for verification here

How to submit your Answers

Use the blogger comment box below then write in this format below :-

My name is zealmat owner of Internet.com (or you can put your profession there) and my answer to this question is
45,058.28 + 45,058.28 = 50,000.00
Email : printhag23@gmail.com 

Do you want to speak with us privately on any difficulty? Then click here and try to perform this steps or processes before January 10th

Sponsored and supported by ***Printhag, ***EXTREMEDER.COM *****proudlyblog
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Web Hosting Advice For Webmasters

Sometimes we think we can host something cost effectively on a cheap shared server, but the reality is different. If you expect to use that much data, then you need to look into a vps, and or a cheap dedicated server.
You could host your main content at hostgator, and simply host the files elsewhere.


You have another issue. You need to be aware of any copyright rules that you could be breaching by allowing users to upload content. This is something that you need to consider. Will uploads by users be automatic, or will you or admin check them one by one?

If any of the content breaches copyright, you cannot shrug this off, it is a serious crime. Please read this: (website owner arrested simply for linking to other websites that contained copyrighted material)


For dedicated servers:

1. you need a control panel to manage it. I recommend cpanel, it is what hostgator uses, so for parts of it, you will be familiar with it. Cpanel costs more for dedicated then it does for a VPS

2. you need someone to manage it and take care of server security. It is great if you learn, but better to pay someone to do this for you. Often they can monitor it, so any problems they log in to fix it before it goes offline.

3. you need a backup solution. A simple raid setup is needed, but costs more then the standard default. A backup solution for 1TB of data, will cost you dearly.

These are basic things to ask BEFORE starting.

I will give a shout out to dedi-spec. Used them before, can custom build you a cheap server with raid setup with massive HDD.
But you have a potential high cost per month, potential headaches in policing the content that users upload. So please do your business plan, before you go ahead.

Regarding unlimited shared hosts:
I used to be with hostgator years ago, and I am here to tell you that there is an extremely high chance that they will suspend you for being an "abuser". I was told clearly by staff, that an image hosting site, (such as a wallpaper site), was not allowed. Even if it was quite small (was well and truly under 1gb of storage at the time), yet I had to move it to a VPS. Still, shared environment was suitable for initial setup and testing the script, but long term, you cannot rely on shared hosting for this.

TOS are often written to be strict, so they can legally deal with people who are "abusers". For example, While you have "unlimited", lets say you use only 10mb of storage (which is nothing), but have 2 cpanel backups in your account, at any one time, even though you are not really using any of the resources, they have the right to suspend, and or terminate you for breaking the rules. There are lots of catches in the TOS, that they may not enforce so long as you fly under the radar. But once you start heavily using their resources, you can expect to be flagged for any, and every breach of the TOS.

While the TOS has likely changed since I went through it last, there are a few key points that are common across nearly all "unlimited" hosts. Such as, they often do not allow for photo, file, or video hosting. The HDD is really only for storing files directly related to the website itself, (such as background images, HTML files, css files). Alot of people do things and will get away with it, but in most cases they are flying under the radar.

Essentially, any website using over 1gb of HDD is "suspicious" and likely to be investigated.


If you are using unlimited package (Unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth) then no need ask about upgrade otherwise not one company will suggest for continue with same package. They will always show you one more option to buy.

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Top 6 Websites To Buy Expired Domains

The domain name is that part of the Uniform Resource Locator(URL) that tells a domain name server using the domain name system (DNS) whether and where to forward a request for a Web page. The domain name is mapped to an IP address (which represents a physical point on the Internet).

What is domain name?

The part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

Acquiring a good domain name is the best way to success but the good reason why most people would like to get an expired domain name is because of the domain authority, backlinks and many others.

List of top websites were you can buy expired domains at affordable  price.

Flippa Domain Auctions


Filppa is known generally for buy and selling.you can buy and sell domain easily in good price and trusted.

Where entrepreneurs come to buy & sell domains. Your destination to buy a domain, list your domain names for sale or ask the crowd to value your domains.

You can also purchase - Websites, Mobile Apps.


Another one that deserves a mention is Name.com This USA located company carries in the world of domain registration.


Dropping.com is one such website that brings expired domain names with beautiful classification of buyers. Yes, this website prompts you to specify whether you want a domain as a Domain Investor, SEO/SEM expert or a Website Owner.Top Websites To Buy Expired Domains.


 For domaining or for your business needs, get the best aftermarket domain names for sale today!

NameJet made it easy for users to submit their domain names for auction on their platform. ... being the lack of a user interface for sellers to observe their auctions and payment status.


SnapNames.com is the largest Domain Name Auction marketplace. Buy Domains even if they are already registered or expired

NameCheap Domains

Buy domains from the Namecheap Marketplace. Find interesting domains at good prices or negotiate a price with them

Things to put into consideration before buying any expired domain name

  • The domain age
  • Links from Edu and Gov sites
  • Choosing high quality expired domains
  • Google Page Rank
  • Higher MOZ domain authority
  • The Google index
  • Domain trust flow
  • Check Google Adsense Ban 
  • Get a good domain name related to your niche

Don't forget to drop your cocomment below thanks.
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How to Create Free Emails on Your Domain - DomainKing Nigeria

The DomainKing Nigeria web hosting company is one of the best domain hosting company and it is very good and affordable.

The  Creation of free emails on your domain is very easy and can be perform within 1 minute without any stress and remember you must purchase or register a domain form this company to enable you gain access.
This tutorial will enable create your own CUSTOM EMAIL for your product or company

Below I will be giving you some simple steps on how to create free emails on your domain.

Step 1

First make sure you have a domain name with Domainking, if you have already jsut login to your account or if you don't have you can check how to purchase domain name form domainking.

Step 2

After login into your own account check at the top of the homepage and click on MY DOMAIN TAB you will see list of your domain name which you have  purchased already just click on the button at the right side of any domain name of your choice.

Check screenshot below


Step 4

After clicking on the button you will be taking to the management tool area just click on the DKNG DNS & Free Email Panel (Beta)

Check screenshot below


Step 5

Now you will be given a notification just like. Welcome to DNS & Email Panel for zealmat.com

Just click on Manage Free Emails


Step 6

Now you will be Redirecting to DomainKing.NG Email Panel

Just click on continue to email panel 


Step 7
Now on the DomainKing.NG Email Panel click on Add user

Check screenshot below


Step 8
Now fill in the necessary requirements and then click on Add user and that's all


Step 9
You will be given a congratulation message like this.



  • When visiting the webmail.my domain.com panel make sure you are on a desktop 
  • You can create only two custom email for your self for free

Don't forget to drop your comments below thanks.
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