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Monday Most Secured Online Help Scheme 2017


This is for legit people who have lost so much money in Ponzi sites, and would like to recover all and make some extra profit. Are you looking for how to get cool returns on your spare cash up to 200%? GiverzHome is your one stop point as it launchesMonday  27th . Get ready to sign up.
Image  would be launched Tuesday 28th march 2017 and its a LEGIT donation exchange platform where the Admins do NOT scam Nigerians but instead actually help and connect people to recover their cash in the shortest possible time.

A platform where you get upto 200% of any amount of money you donate within 5 minutes to 48 hours. Prepare your soul spirit, body, mobile banking apps and pockets yea!.

Our technical team have looked into reasons why such Donation Exchange Schemes similar to ours FAIL and WHY participants lose money and we are doing EVERYTHING within our power to overcome them and we have had a very HIGH success rate so far, so fear of your losing your money shouldn't cross your mind..

Just before I go, here are the Top 5 Reasons WHY people lose money to those fake, scam donation exchange platforms:

1. Greedy Admins who ONLY Get Help without Providing Help

2. Poor bandwidth which makes their websites go offline

3. Lack of support to members issues such as Fake POP

4. Poor participation of members who don’t re-cycle

5. Very low members because Admins do NOT advertise online.

We have solved all the above issues on our platform.

Thank you and see you in the members area.


Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post for []. I have been compensated tthrough. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

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Reviewing Movavi Photo Editor – Features And Montage Creation Capabilities

Do you take a lot of pictures throughout the day? Are you the type of individual, who shares those pictures with others online? If you wish to garner more attention and praise from others, you will want to enhance and tweak your photographs, before posting them to your social media account. To help ensure that you’re able to make these adjustments quickly and fluidly, you should consider utilizing Movavi Photo Editor. The software will simplify each tweak and speed up the process, so you can get your pictures posted much quicker. Below, you will learn all about this software and its most notable features.


Montage Creation Made Easy
Over the past few years, montages have become far more popular. By learning how to create your own montages, you will be able to turn your wild imagination into hyper realistic images that will stun the viewer. Unfortunately, making a realistic looking montage is far more difficult than you could ever imagine. If you do not have access to the right tools, you will find it nearly impossible. This is why you’ll want to rely on Movavi Photo Editor as your go-to photo montage software. Even if you have no experience what so ever, you will be able to use this software to create montages effortlessly.

It is far easier to create a montage with this software, thanks to the Background Removal and Object Removal functions. With a few clicks, you will be able to instantly remove the background and any objects that are standing in your way. The software’s Stamp tool will give you the ability to quickly remove blemishes that have been left behind by the automatic removal feature. Once you’ve got everything perfect, it is time to begin piecing together your montage. Select an image and begin adding pieces of other pictures to the equation.

Before you know it, your montage will be complete and you’ll be ready to export it to your computer. Movavi Photo Editor offers a wealth of formats, so you can easily distribute your montage through email, social media and your own personal website.


Easy To Use Layout
Another awesome feature associated with Movavi Photo Editor is the layout. With this software, you will always be able to find the option you’re looking for quickly and easily. The majority of options can be found at the top of the screen. Click on Adjust, Effects, Retouching, or one of the other features. Once you have, you will be provided with more precise settings in the right-hand size of the window. In the top left hand corner, you will find buttons for Reverting Changes and undoing your last alteration.
Truly, Movavi Photo Editor’s layout helps to make the software very easy to use. This ensures you’ll be able to create montages faster than ever before!

Transform Your Looks With The Click Of A Button
Many people like to get all dressed up and put on tons of makeup, when taking a self-portrait. There is nothing wrong with this, but with Movavi Photo Editor all of that will become a thing of the past. You can take an ordinary photo and completely transform it anyway you want, without perfect your appearance with cosmetics. If you want to change the color of your eyes or even whiten your teeth, you can do so with this amazing program.
Do you have a mole that you do not like or freckles that you want to eliminate? Well, all of this can easily be accomplished with this program. There will no longer be a need to spend hours on top of hours, getting prepped up before taking a self-portrait, because you can completely edit undesirable blemishes and imperfections, with Movavi Photo Editor.

Customize Images With Text
Professional photography studies will customize their works, with the company name text. Well, you can do the same thing to your images, with Movavi Photo Editor. You can arrange and insert captions into the images, adjust the font, place the created text anywhere on the image and create semitransparent text watermarks. This customizable feature will definitely allow you to claim your newly created images, without needing to verbalize it.
Text watermarks are a great way to personalize and customize your images, without any expertise or skills.

Fluidly Editing Your Image

With Movavi Photo Editor users really do have the option to edit just about any aspect of their photo imaginable. Snapping that perfect photo on a sunny day outside can be very troublesome, because there are so many factors you have to worry about. For instance, a pigeon might fly by right as you are snapping the photo, a random guy might enter the photo, or even a street sign can obstruct the look of the photo. Whatever situation you are faced with, it really won’t matter with Movavi Photo Editor. With this software, you truly have the ability to remove the items from your photo. Once you’ve finished, it will look like they were really never there.

Appear Anywhere In The World
Have you always wondered what you would look like standing by the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building, but not got a chance to visit these iconic landmarks? Well, with Movavi Photo Editor, you can make that dream a reality. The photo backdrop option gives users the ability to completely change the background of any photo. If you want to make it look like you are walking on water, then you can do so with this amazing app.

When it boils down to it, Movavi Photo Editor is very impressive. It is enormously versatile and can easily accommodate almost anyone. If you want to create beautiful montages, this is the software you’ll want to use!

Download and enjoy photo montage software
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Breaking Myths about Dating Sites

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The 21st Century changed our life in many ways, and one with the biggest impact was the arrival of social networks. Somehow social networks managed to intrude in our relationships.

While there is an ongoing debate, whether we should or shouldn't date online, it seems that dating sites finally have managed to escape the stigma that had been haunting them for more than ten years. The main accusations against online dating were formulated in two simple phrases:

1. It's only for losers
2. It won't lead to anything

Now let's look at those 'statements' to see whether they are true or not. Does using dating sites make you a loser? Well, in case if you lack self confidence and you are using dating sites to hide your true identity behind fake profiles, you are surely a loser. But are the dating sites to blame?
Dating sites proved to be a perfect choice for those who are too busy and have no time to visits clubs and bars for socializing and finding a potential partner. Besides, dating sides provide you with useful information. If in real life you pick up your potential partners only by their appearance, profiles on dating sites offer you information on whether you have common interests or not.

And if you want your chatting to turn out fruitful, your profile must be filled with truthful details about you. Of course we want to choose and not to be chosen, but how you're going to start a real relationship with someone with whom you haven't been completely sincere?

As for the thoughts that dating ladies online won't lead to anything – once again, everything depends on you. You see, dating sites tend to seduce us with their seemingly wide range of possibilities. Or maybe it is just a problem of a weak faith?
We create accounts on dating site because of one simple reason – to find a perfect couple. It is either because we want to find someone abroad or, as mentioned above, because of the lack of time.

But soon after signing up we are spoiled with multitude of women to choose from. And instead of sticking with one girl which perfectly fits in your understanding of relationships, we start chatting with lots of girls at once.

First we try to justify our actions with the possibility of improving our flirting skills. Then we think that we must spent a little more time, as we finally have the chance to find the perfect girl. Then each girl we chat with seems not as perfect as we want. Moreover, we are spoiled by the complete absence of the fear of rejection.

And quite soon we find ourselves addicted to those sites. We forget to go on dates, instead we constantly enlarging the number of girls we correspond with. Of course it's going nowhere, but are the sites to blame?
We shouldn't forget that our main goal was to find partner. Those who remember it are already in happy relationships. Chat with girl that you consider your perfect one. If everything goes great – arrange a real date. Your action is the only way that determines whether dating sites are serving their initial goal or not.

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Gistb.Com.Ng : Job Vacancy Board and H.R (human Resources) Site

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About Us is a Job vacancy Board and H.R (human Resources) site, which is out to ease your stress and frustration you get from your domestic staff, technicians, searching for jobs, finding the right Organization, Company to submit your CV to and we also give guide to writing nice C.V.

We are also trained to handle facility error and human management deficiency, we are recruitment and facility Management Company, we go further in providing tips on how to answer interview questions, writing a professional CV and many more information that could be helpful to employer and employee during the process of find a job.
Our relationship with you (our customers/readers) will never be taken carelessly. We do ensure your safety in terms of product you purchase from our site.

Do not click for nothing but rather click for something, which consist of your needs and wants.
Like our page

How we operate
We take full responsibility of maintaining and managing your information without cost on till after cross examine the maintenance that is carried out at the end of every month.
It could be Trier or contract which shall not be shorter than two (2) months or longer than four (4) months for a review of the Trier or contract agreement.

Areas of interest
We offer Domestic staff recruitment
House help, Nanny, steward, cook, house keeper, gardener, driver, security, cleaner, laundry.

We recruit, train and monitor their activities to your satisfaction

Office and factory staff

♣ Office assistance, personal assistance, office staff

♣ Sales representative, product and services marketers

♣ Promo team, factory workers, company works force

♣ Direct and indirect employment, hotel staffs/workers

♣ Event center workers, computer business center operator

♣ Hospital staff, we recruit train and re-train workers to the best your satisfaction

Our Mission
To build a nice relationship with you.

Our vision
Satisfying your wants and needs with just few click.

We offer Management services
As an organization that is out to ease stress and frustration you get from your domestic staff, technicians, find a suitable Job etc.
We are trained to handle facility error and human management deficiency; we are recruitment and facility Management Company.

facility management technicians on:

  • plumbing, electrical/ electronics 
  • refrigerator  /air condition, carpentry/ furniture
  • interior treatment/ decoration 
  • computer Engineering/ installation and system networking
  • cctv/remote surveillance system, generators.

Give us the opportunity to take full management control of your:

♣  Estate, complex, multi-purpose hall, private home

♣  Hospital, hotel, bank, school facility, for constant maintenance and installations of the equipment.

♣  We can employed, train and re-train your domestic staffs to be on their best at all time. and also to give them safety guard lines on domestic incidence.

♣  We can carry out website design/development, construction, furniture and interior decoration, maintenance and installation to your facility at both major and common areas.

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How Do I Not Screw My Relationship Up

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No matter how endurable your love is, with time you will see that the young romantic reckless fleur can faint unless you work on it. And this involves a constant attention to every detail of your best half. After all, as you make surprises during the rose and candy stage it is just natural that surprising each other shall come harder with time. Here, we came up with just a couple of tips that can help your love bloom. Thanks to our friends, Brides Gallery, for providing us with these charming ideas.

1. Keep the magic alive
Speaking of time, it is easy to forget about all the magic that happens in relationship. Football, work, or bills anything can throw you off your stride and you have so many things on your mind that are just… Too trivial. Such things sweep all the magic of relationship under the carpet along with all possible problems, which are likely to dwell thereunder for quite some time already. There is a proverb that every man should build a house, plant a tree and get a son born. Building a house is a metaphor for laying every brick, i.e. paving your relationship step after step via little pleasures of life that unified you in the first place. Never forget about them as they are key to the happiness of you two. For great justice it worth mentioning that working outside the framework of your relations is a good idea as well. It puts your love to a small artificial test and having it passed, the chemistry between you will be thriving like never before.

2. Take care of your looks
It is a nice thing to relax and avoid putting a makeup on, but it’s wise to not overcommit here. Same as in the previous section, your stunning appearance is what drew you to each other in the first place. Getting rid of such asset is counterproductive to your relations. Basically, we suggest you keeping the attitude of the first date. Buy some ultra-fancy clothes, attend the gym or do some sports together, have fun and don’t get too old.

3. Listening and hearing
Why hearing as important as listening? Well, humans are tricky beings. As you live together long enough, you start having signs of respect to each other. Thus or for any other reason, your spouse can avoid asking you directly and expecting you to know her/his wants. That is why listening is the key to avoiding dozens of problems. And it doesn’t take much to keep them smiling, either. All you have to do is paying attention to small “placeholders” concealed in the speech. For instance, if she keeps mentioning some comedian or a movie, or just anything, then it is no brainer that you should go and watch it together! Disregarding such signals trigger doubts and doubts turn into break ups. Not healthy.

4. Regular sex
Naturally, your sex curve shall decline downwards in one, five, twenty years (numbers are made up, but you get the idea). Still, a sexual intercourse is ought to happen regularly. Now that’s a tricky part because sex can’t get boring. Otherwise, it is as good as none. Although it is not the most important thing in the relationship, it is very vital. In fact, it correlates with the aforementioned sections. Get yourself a romantic dinner, add some forgotten magic to your life and you’ll feel much happier together. A regular occurrence of it is a must for you not to lose the appeal.

5. Financial secrets and talking business
Any relations don’t tolerate many secrets. The only secrets that are ok to have are personal data for social accounts. Hiding money (aka “lying about money”) may something normal in few couples but generally, it is an act of distrust. It goes without saying that once you became a couple, there should be no sitting on the fence. Either you fully commit and grow together or quit the relationship. Simple as that. Oh, and keep in mind that talking business all the time is not cool as well. To avoid plainly informational conversations about bills, taxes, etc. we again suggest you remembering what did you talk about during your first dates or honeymoon.
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ICANHELP : Most secured online help platform for Students

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It is the MOST secured online help platform for Students and Low income Earners!!!

What is Icanhelp?
This is a Charity Club like no other. It is built on the Foundation of Sowing and reaping which never ends.

Who are the Icanhelp?
The Icanhelp, are those who are motivated to sow not minding the size. Just to ensure that money goes around and no one is broke.

Sign up today

How Does it Work?
You will have to register either through a referral link from a registered HELPER or DIRECTLY without a referral. After registration, you will be merged with a HELPER whom you are to offer help to with the sum of #20,000 Naira for GRADE A,#10,000 for GRADE B or #5,000 for GRADE C depending on the grade decided during registration.This is to test your commitment to the club.

Step II:  Once you are Confirmed to have made payment to your merged HELPER you are now a Helper.A referal link will be made available to you instantly to enable you refer others and receive help from two (2) helpers with the same (#20,000 or #10,000 0r #5,000) you offered. That means, you get 100% of your initial help offered back to you as HARVEST.

Every help that you offer is called a SEED and that which you receive, is called HARVEST while a member is called a HELPER
Note: Immediately after merging with an approved HELPER, you have till 1:00am (GMT+1) the next 2 days ( ie. if merged on Tuesday, you have till Thursday 1:00 AM) to sow your SEED or you will be deactivated. So, do not join Icanhelp if you are not ready to offer your SEED.
Whether you bring in persons or not, you will recieve your HARVEST NO Games, No Tricks. It that Simple.

Once you are have collected all your HARVESTS, your account will be dormant for 24 hours (called the Fallow Period) after which you can deactivate and then register again. This is to allow other interested helpers participate.
To ensure that you are not banned, you should register only one account at a time, if discovered that multiple account exists, your account will be suspended instantly.

Sign up today

Note: We are sorry that we could not offer you 200%, 300%, 400% or 500% and that is because We will NEVER make promises we are not sure of keeping. We are known for our integrity.
Registration on this platform will attract no Admin fee until 31st of March 2017. This is to enable us maintain the site and keep to our promises. Thank you.
Do the Maths ( for #25,000 you get #50,000, #20,000 you get #40,000, #10,000 you get #20,000 and #5,000 you get #10,000).

Fact: Icanhelp Charity Club will fail in no time if all you do is register and wait to be paid. It is therefore paramount that you know the TRUTH. Whether you bring in someone or not, you will be paid within 4 days but bringing someone will hasten your payment and keep the system growing.

Sign up today
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Symmetry vs. Asymmetry - Recalling Basic Design Principles

author-pic Author Bio
Michael Kamm is the Marketing Executive at Invictus Studio - professional logo design company. He has been in the digital marketing for past three years and specialized in blogging, digital Marketing, and marketing campaigns.


It is a human behavior that shows how the mind arranges and structures the visual data; we actually create order out of things we see in our minds. Symmetry is beautiful; it gives a cooling effect to our eyes and we tend to have a balanced look. It leads to a sense of harmony and pleasant feelings to what we see, but at times can be a little boring too. It is natural that human eyes look for completeness and satisfying effect, this takes us to symmetric look which is a balanced, aligned, consistent and stable design. Just recall the world’s most famous brands and consider the symmetric property they possess in their logo designs. For example, remember McDonald’s logo, see how its logo is in line with light curves at fine lines in the ends. Don’t you get a pleasing effect if you start thinking about it?
Asymmetry, on the other hand, even while lacking in aligned attractiveness is yet more dynamic and engaging. Why is this so? Every brand is unique and perhaps due to the most different interactions in asymmetrical forms the viewer’s take these designs as more lively and vibrant. It creates a visual strain and prevents objects from appearing stationary and apparent. Many other forms of asymmetrical forms lead to more attractive and artistic designs that catch the visual attention of the audience.
So, the questions is, which design is right for a website or a logo; symmetry or symmetry? Well, it depends on how and what are we communicating, which then follows with the design we show to the audience. Describing a formal website would support a symmetric design, but the website of a media agency or somewhat that leads to creativity; asymmetric design are mostly preferred.

The above symmetrical logo designs typically reflect the work of a professional logo design company, it shows us the perceived beauty in the designs and gives a satisfying feeling when we look at these logo designs. It is most appropriate to use symmetrical forms where recall is necessary just like in icons or logos of brands.
Symmetry would have us believe we need it for its perceived exquisiteness and asymmetry would have us believe we need it for its perceived attentiveness. Asymmetry grabs our attention. Symmetry helps us remember and the designers work for both designs.

You know what most of the custom logo and website design companies are doing while designing. They are basically putting both forms in the designs considering the most relative way for a particular design to work. It requires extensive research about the company’s product and goals and then the best form either it is a symmetric or asymmetric are used, and each does what it does best. The best designer is the one who always tries getting a harmonious balance between the two in his designs. He knows that symmetry is elegant, but yet sometimes be dull and static and asymmetric designs are creative and exciting.

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Scholarshipbillboard : Best Scholarship Site For Every Young Mind


Best scholarship site 

We bring you an informative, inspirational and motivational blog is a Nigeria based scholarship blog owned by a young vibrant, intelligent, teacher, motivational writer and Entrepreneur by the Name Okwudili Ferdinand Ikenna with the sole aim of impacting, waking the conscience of the coming generation and make sure youth get motivated to believe in theinner-ability in them in order to achieve success in life.

Scholarshipbillboard Blog is created to provide all our readers and visitors with unique and engaging contents on  scholarship, education, home improvement, business tips and also social media tips.

Scholarshipbillboard believes Information is light, therefore we shall surely provide you with lighton your daily basis. Information is power and Knowledge, we need power and knowledge to conquer this world of ignorance


Scholarshipbillboard aims at providing you with all necessary scholarship contents that will facilitate your course of achieving any objective or goals.

In addition, Scholarshipbillboard aims at providing, feeding all our readers all over the world with realities and motivate youin all endeavours to achieve success in life. Your success is our priority.I believe in the inner-resuoces and Super-Human Power within YOU.

I am wonderfully thanking you for discovering this Scholarshipbillboard Blog. Following our unique scholarship contents on the blog, I believe your life will never be the same again.

You can follow on social media via

Don't forget to visit Scholarshipbillboard o get feed with realities and get motivated to achieve success.
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Blog Of The Year: Joelwilliams Blog

Blog Of The Year: Joelwilliams Blog


Hello zealmatblog fans we are here to present to you the blog of the year Joelwilliams Blog the Nigeria best entertainment blog of the year.


This blog has been in existence since 2015 and the give the latest entertainment updates  and easy and fast in navigation.

During the zealmat week of intensive helping outreach we came across this wonderful young and vibrant man

Joelwilliams Blog has a cool, simple looking design for her visitors and also with free and wide advert space for advertisements.
This site is easy to access both on PC and Mobile which focus on a particular Niche (entertainment).

Our first discussion with Williams on uniqueness:

I finally Made my own blog template!! All those Entertainment bloggers like to suffer for nothing. . .I had to get that ogbonge blog template off my site,and now,I can customise to Any design,I want to make my background an advert space,so that if you click on it,it will take you to the website u are advertising.....

It took me months to get that template done by just reading ur tutorials,sir u are the best,I am saying it againa and again,people are booking to advertise on my blog,3 young girls came to meet me,they want to model on my blog.

I have a list of determinations o! Some might look ridiculous but I mean it

1. To make my Blog popular and powerful

2.Get an estimated number of 1million views

3.To serve as medium to publicise my Novels when I publish them

4.To creat a space for myself in the Blogosphere

5.To Inspire people

6. Make new friends,you never know my dream of schooling abroad could be through my Blog bro

7.Make money

That's my 7 point Agenda.

Still discussing with Williams

Thats all,I was inspired when I was ten,and since then I have been trying and making effort to accomplish my goals it was of recent my elder bro start putting fire in my buttocks to sign up for Adsense and start earning,that i cant be serving people my stories for free,thats why I asked for Adsense yesterday. . .

What is you financial source in terms of supporting your blog

Am on my own,but I think my financial source is the little savings from the money people dash me,my transport fare going and coming back from school,i dont even eat in school,lol! My older bro is helping out a little,and my mom,although she thinks online business is Illegal but i have made a promise to change her point of view about online business,the good aspect of it though.

Congratulations Williams Joel

You can drop your site link for zealmat week of intensive helping outreach 

Finally, as ever, I would ask you to help us by telling us about the things that we can improve upon. We cannot tackle every issue as quickly or as well as either you or I would like, but we will make every effort to follow through. Thank you.

Zealmat Team
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04 Reasons Why Google Scholar is the Only Tool You Need to Finish Your Literature Review

author-pic About author
"Liam is a dissertation coach at Dissertation Sage and aspires to be a fiction writer. If you have a question for him, tweet him at @dissosage."


Being a research consultant, I get a lot of questions from students of all degree levels about how they can find relevant literature on the Internet and what kind of databases they should pursue. They will come to me and throw every name of a database they ever heard to sound smart perhaps. It gets stranger when I ask them to calm down and tell them all they need to learn is how to use Google Scholar.
Google Scholar is another of Google’s well-known and globally popular services that searches academic literature for its users, who are by and large students working on one research project or another.
When I tell the students approaching me they only need to master Google Scholar to finish their literature review, I tell them how they can and that’s what this blog is about. If you’re a student who wants to get the most out of their Google Scholar searches, read on.

1. Library of Libraries


That’s what Google Scholar is, essentially. It’s a literature search tool that looks into all online databases and all their published works (books, journal articles, citations, patents, etc.) all together. When you go to Scholar, you’re going to all these databases at once, which makes life much easier than having to sift through hundreds of thousands of articles available on hundreds of peer-reviewed sources online. Scholar is like that directions console you walk over to in big shopping malls these days to see which store is where on the many storeys. That one place directs you to every other place around without a problem.

2. Keyword Galore
Since Google is admittedly the Internet’s leading search engine around the world, Scholar uses it to the user’s advantage. Because search engines work based on keywords (word combinations you use to look for results), and Google has the biggest collection of keywords, you can look up what keywords other people in your region are using to get more relevant results in your Scholar searches. For this purpose, you can look up keywords in many online tools, such as the Keyword Planner on Google Adwords, for free.


3. Cite on Sight
In the early years, Scholar would let users look up scholarly works and store their correct citations in tools like EndNote. A few years back, however, Google decided to make it even easier. Now, every result you see on Scholar has a link below it that’s labelled “Cite.” When you click on it, a smaller window pops up with proper citation for the work in many of the established citation styles, including Harvard, APA, MLA, etc.


Note: Many times the citation isn’t complete. In that case, use what you have to find the rest of the information for your reference list using Google Web search.

4. Access the Inaccessible
This is one tip most students never learn on their own. While Scholar shows you a list of results on the left side of the page, many of which would be inaccessible (thanks to all those big shot databases who won’t give away knowledge without getting paid), you’ll note some results have another short link over to the right side. This link most of the times leads to another source where that work will be available for free.


This is the most underrated perk of using Google Scholar. If you’re using the right keywords, you’ll find plenty of relevant scholarly works for your literature review even if you don’t have access to any of the major databases.
Most of the other tips you’ll find on numerous other blog posts are mostly related to syntax and functions. To me, Scholar is about knowing what you want. It’s a great tool to find you exactly what you’re looking for. You just need to know how to talk to it.

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7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

author-pic Author Bio
Hi, I am Masha Winget, a technology writer & blogger by profession. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies. Visit my site to find all information about famous IP address.

If you are spending your time in writing high quality of content to your blog but still it is not reach out the people then you can promote your blog from the social media. Social media is the best way to promote your content because, now a day most of the people are available in social media.


If you are trying to survey among the marketers, bloggers and webmasters then you have to promote your blog at social media. You can also post your blog from the “marketing your blog on social media” site and you can also know about the effective ways to post the blog on social media.

What are the effective ways to promote the blog on social media

Basically there are seven effective ways are there to promote your blog on social media like

  • Useful/ shocking/ interesting content.
  • Ingrate the social media with your blog.
  • Try to share your blog transversely your social media profiles.
  • Creating the relationships with the other bloggers.
  • Social bookmark on your blog posts.
  • Join social communities.
  • Share to parts of your content.

So above are the effective ways and if you are really looking for promote your blog then you have to do the above things.
When it comes to the writing useful and interesting content and it is not only for social media marketing but also you can follow the all kind of the process. But in a social media most of the social media people are expecting the cool and sophisticated content. So you have to write the content which might be related to the topic and it is writing the awesome way. For example if you want to says about ten things you can do for success in life then you have to list all ten things. At the same time you have to add some image which is related to the topic. So your content must be impressive as well as informative and try to write in the simple and people can understand what you are trying to say in this topic.
How to share the blog to the social media profiles
If the reader is not visit your blog then share your blog then they can see your blog content and there is a possibility to share the information to their profiles. At the same time you have to take some efforts to share the blog like

  • Automate on wordpress
  • Optimal time for posting
  • Consistency
  • Visual appeal of the Post updates
  • Cross posting
  • Direct message
  • Click to tweet
  • Hash tags
  • Guest blogging
  • Viral content Buzz
  • Read and share

So if you want to share your blog across the social media profiles then you have to do the above things which mean you are sharing blog might contain below thing. If they like your blog then they can share it among their group or else you can get the tips from the experienced person.

How to get the forum promotions

In online there are plenty of forums are there and they are not allow you to share the link of your log until you have the active member. Joining the social media is really helpful to the blogger and getting the good relationship in experienced blogger then you can make your blog amazing. If you want to share the information on blog then there is no need to update the fresh one and you can also update the old one which is having the informative content and try to avoid the content repetition...

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Top 5 Problems New Bloggers Face And How To Tackle Them

author-pic author-pic About author
My name is Golden Okey and I'm a "How to" blogger and writer. I write tutorials on how to do anything at and you can connect with me on: Facebook twitter instagram

Hello dear blogger, below I'll be sharing the problems that new bloggers face and how to tackle those problems.


5. Lack of Resources:
New bloggers tend to create a blog and dump if after a month. When asked why? 80% said they do not have either money for data or that they do not have a laptop.

How to tackle it:
Tackling this case is very simple; when you want to build a mansion, you will have to sit and calculate the expense to know if you'll be able to complete it, if not you wait till you get whatever it takes to build a mansion. So it is  in blogging. Since you know you do not have what it takes, its better you do not venture into blogging.

4. Pressure From Friends And Family: This is a very demoralizing agent.
I remember when I was starting as a blogger, my parents would always see me with my phone or laptop and they get vexed up. Friends would tell me I'm wasting my time and data. Some tons of friends once asked me how much I've
made and how much I've wasted in buying data, I was demoralized but was also focused and didn't look aside. So if you're facing such problems today as a
blogger, here's what to do below.

How to tackle it:
first, you have to believe that blogging is not a "get rich quick" business. You have to work hard to attain to success
in blogging. So you have to neglect all the pressures from friends and family knowing what you're looking for.

3. Already Made:
what do I mean by that? New bloggers do not want to learn. I remember when I first saw template, I contacted Mathias Amodu (The
Founder) and asked him to help me out with the template. Thank God he
asked me to bring money which I didn't have. If he gave it to me free then, I wouldn't have designed mine myself. Thanks To #MrZealMat

How to tackle it:
Make out time to surf the net, search on google how to do a thing and learn it. If it calls for money, pay someone to teach you because one day you'll also be paid by someone for you to teach him.

2. Copy and pasting:
this is common in most new bloggers today. Once someone has a blog, has content on his blog, he calls himself a blogger. No! That's not how it works. Many people just create blogs and go
to other blogs to copy. this isn't right and you have to look for solution if you
indulge in such.

How to tackle it:
Like I said, creating a blog and having contents in your blog doesnt make you a blogger. Bloggers are original, they're themselves. So make sure you create a unique content to increase your site ranking and visibility in search engines. Doing so, you'll see you progress as a blogger (even if you must copy, copy like a blogger. Make sure you edit the content into your own style as if it were original)

1. Lack Of Promotion:
Post! Post!! Post!! That's what they do. New bloggers think that by just posting, they increase their page views. You see
someone making upto 10 posts a day and yet he still gets 500 pageviews a month. isn't that a spirit killer? Yes it kills your morale.

Instead of spending time creating or copying post to have about ten posts a day, try to make out time to promote your site. Make 3-5 posts a week and promote them for that week on social media like the ones I'm using (Facebook, twitter, instagram)l and forums like nairaland and naijaloded forum you'll find out your page views
will increase compared to when you had ten posts a day and no promotion.

Other tips: find blogs that have the same niche with yours and make meaningful comments on the blog leaving your blog URL behind. This will generate tons of pageviews.

Go for paid adverts either on Facebook or on nairaland or any other forum which can drive enough traffic for the amount you spent.

Resort to Guest blogging as I'm doing now. While doing so, go to popular blogs that has the same niche with yours and make sure you abide by their terms and conditions.

These are the Top 5 of all the problems new bloggers face. So I beckon you to kindly rebroadcast this info. And if you have other problems apart  from these, make use of the comment box below
I'll reply you ASAP
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Why The Smartphone Does not Imply Productivity Improvement That We all Wanted

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With a degree in Psychology from the King’s College, London, Penelope works for Dissertation Writing Service as an expert dissertation editor providing dissertation help to many students around the clock. She loves working with students and finds great pleasure to be associated with a platform which provides great support and enrichment to students that are in the toughest phase of education, especially in nursing dissertation

Smartphones have been imposed on businesses and yet for many users have not led to improved productivity promised. A device that can do almost the same as with your computer, but nevertheless is still used basically as if it were a normal mobile. Let's see why the smartphone has led to improved productivity that we all wanted


Because in the end the phone company is used primarily to talk with customers, something that was done before, and also to exchange messages with WhatsApp now and before SMS. To this in most terminals we can add the use of email, but in many cases inefficiently.

What we do with a smartphone before our phone could not

The use of delivery protocols old messages, such as POP, makes users who have received and read an email then not have as read on the phone and vice versa. There are other alternatives to set more efficient, but not all companies implement them.


With regard to management applications business, in the vast majority of companies are still desktop applications, installed on a local server, where there is easy access to information. Not a cloud application that has an app optimized for mobile devices. As much we can enable a remote connection to the server to work there from the mobile.

In this case many times smartphone serves to facilitate Internet connectivity to other devices , as it could be a laptop or a tablet, where the use of these desktop applications if it's a little more comfortable without having to rely on use a public WiFi network or connect to the customer.

In many companies they are in transition, between the ways we work inherited from the twentieth century and they would like to have in the XXI century. The move to the cloud is still slow and smartphones do not use all their skills if you work in an office like before the Internet was something widespread.

Where else would we have won is in ability to obtain information , access to Internet on more than one occasion we used to make it easier to solve a problem, facilitate data to a customer who is asking us or just not to miss when going to do a visit and move or use it along the way .

But the phone is also a source of distraction

But not all benefits, the smartphone has also given us some other inconvenience. An example is applications that employees are installed and can serve as a source of distraction. Games, social networks, newspapers, etc. It not always used for productive issues Phone Company.

In addition, the battery is a handicap for many users, especially those who make heavy use of the devices. This is something we have learned to cope, but where there is still much room for improvement.

At the end we have a smart phone that we used almost like a BlackBerry in many companies. But also it has been introduced in some cases a risk factor, since the information that accumulates on the devices can be a problem in case of loss or misplacement if you have not taken appropriate precautions to remove the iinformation.
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How to Write Competent Business Emails

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Lucy Adams is a diligent blogger from a writing service who write college essays. She is interested in marketing, traveling, design and many other niches. Lucy is a generalist, so you never know whether your topic will suit this lady. Feel free to send your best ideas and check for a fast response. By the way, Lucy writes blog posts at no cost!

Did you know that in 2015, we sent around 205 million emails per day? As it’s expected, the share of business emails will grow by 5% every next year. Since emailing remains the most effective marketing communication and promotion tool, you need to know the basic rules of etiquette so not to fail when communicating with customers and business partners.


I must admit that today, business correspondence is under the great negative influence of social networks. Many rules of etiquette are leveled, which may provide negative consequences for your business. So please don’t fall under this negative influence and stick to the principle below(.

Habits of Powers that Be

Managers of large and well-known companies receive hundreds of emails every day, so there’s always a high probability that some of them will remain unread. How can businessmen cope with the flow of correspondence and whether it is possible to expect an answer?

For example, Larry Page and Sergey Brin once jokingly confessed to journalists that when examining emails, they start with the most recent messages. And if they don’t reach some letters, they leave them without response. In other words, one addressee may expect to receive a response almost instantly while others will be left without attention.

Jeff Bezos, a founder of Amazon, says that if he sends the letter and receives no response within 10 minutes, he doesn't wait any longer. However, some top managers prefer to respond to all mail personally and quickly.
From the examples above, we can conclude that to guarantee a response to the letter, you should try to interest the person to whom to write, especially if it comes to a person occupying a high position.

A useful example is the history of business correspondence between Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel, a founder of Snapchat. Zuckerberg became interested in the project and send a letter with a proposal for a meeting. Spiegel, in turn, chose not to respond in a standard style, writing something like "Thank you :) I will be glad to meet you. I will let you know if I suddenly get to San Francisco."

Later, this letter was called arrogant, but it clearly shows that the established order of business correspondence may be non-standard. In some cases, it is better to use a so-called "strategic negligence" to stand out from the crowd. By the way, many believe that due to this non-standard response Mark Tsukerbreg got even more interested in buying Snapchat.

Aside from the "strategic negligence", there are a few rules to follow that can enhance the potential chances of getting a response from a busy person:


#1 Subject of the letter
All starts with the subject. Try to make it as much clear and relevant as possible. Note that the decision whether to open the letter or not depends on the subject.

#2 Sender’s Email
Please send letters to customers and business only from the working mail. At least, name the letter correctly (let it be your first and last name). In no case use the addresses that are not appropriate for business correspondence (sweetie@, baby@, love@, etc.)

#3 Personalization
Forget about mass emailing. Every person is an individual, let alone business sharks with high self-esteem. By sending impersonal messages, you greatly reduce the chances to get an answer.
As for the subsequent attempts, send the repeated message in 2–4 days, but if the correspondence remained unread, subsequent attempts will likely have no effect.

#4 Tone and Style
When you are working with a colleague for a few years, you develop your unique informal style of communication. But when you’re sending emails to new clients or partners, please write in a formal and respectful tone. Always be aware of who is your recipient not to spoil an established relationship by incorrect treatment. Be polite and stick an official business communication style.

#5 Grammar
Grammatical mistakes point to your poor education/inattentiveness/overworking. Spend more time checking messages for errors. Don’t risk losing your reputation in the eyes of colleagues and the leadership.

#6 Humor
Note that people perceive humor differently. Better avoid joking unless you know the interlocutor well enough.

#7 Different Approach to Different Cultures
Be sure to take into account the geographical factor and adapt emails depending on the cultural differences of the recipient. For example, Arabs, Chinese and Japanese want to learn more about you before you start talking about the business while Germans and the Americans pay more attention to business.

#8 Don’t Leave a Single Email without a Response
Always answer the letters received by email, especially if the sender operates in the same industry as you. Sick to good manners and etiquette in email marketing – answer even if the email was sent to you by mistake, but the sender expects a response.

#9 Send Business Letters in Business Hours
If you do want to get the best response, avoid sending emails on weekends and holidays. Also, avoid sarcasm and irony, informal language and gossips, inappropriate humor and profanity. If you are excited or angry, do not respond to emails immediately. Compose a letter, but don’t send it instantly. Take a time to recover and then go back to the workplace and review the letter.

A Few More Tips to Sharpen Your Emailing Skills


  • Do not write too long letters - the ideal length of the text of about 2–3 sentences will save the recipient’s time and allow him to clearly understand the message.

  • Divide the text into paragraphs by meaning to ease the perception.

  • Allocate the main goal of your letter. A long email without a clearly indicated issue has more chances to remain unanswered.

  • Make reasonable requests. First and foremost, your requests should be adequate and not too time-consuming.

  • Show why you need a response. According to studies, most recipients trying to learn more about the sender to see if the answer really necessary and important.

I hope these tips will be useful to you in writing business emails. Feel free to share your emailing secrets in comments.
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8 Guaranteed SEO Methods to Increase Ratings

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Komal Parveen is the CEO of Marketing Wind and is an experienced SEO Outreach expert and advertisement specialist. Her interests lie in Digital Marketing Management. She is an internet marketing enthusiast and her specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and content marketing.

Google’s algorithms are subject to continuous change, which makes them unpredictable and hard to get a read on. This necessitates continuous evolution in the SEO industry, where one cannot survive without adapting to changing circumstances. Due to these factors, the field is continuously changing and effective SEO strategies are hard to devise and implement.
With recent updates with the algorithm, Google has become even smarter and has phased out many old practices while incorporating new ones. Following 8 strategies will allow you to optimize your webpage from SEO point of view to give your ratings a helping hand.

1. Inserting Keywords
Understanding what the user is searching and optimizing by adding keywords within content allows your webpage to achieve higher ratings on the search engine. However, flooding the content with them will result in Google identifying it as a bogus attempt to boost rankings and will blacklist the content.

2. Enhancing Meta tags
There are various hidden ways in which Google calculates ratings and among them are meta tags and titles. When a user enters query, the search engine looks for relevant content to display by matching keywords with available information. If your meta tags and related descriptions fit the context, they will be show as result for the query. Invest a little effort in enhancing them to not only increase your ratings but also increase the traffic coming to your website.

3. Fresh Content is Never Outdated

Fresh, high quality content is among the most highly rated factors which search engines value when generating rankings. If the content of the webpage has been updated, it is indication that there is development and the webmaster is genuinely investing effort in improving it. Guest posting specialists are an excellent resource to dedicate towards generation of unique and high quality content for boosting ratings. Google identifies this as an indicator towards quality and increases rankings based on it.
Add Keywords in The Domain
Although overused, adding keywords in the domain still has its applications, especially for newly constructed websites. Not only does it have SEO benefits, it makes it easier for the users to remember your URL for repeat visits.

4. Remember to Blog

Blogging is fundamental for both increasing rankings and the traffic flowing to your webpage. It allows you to communicate with your target audience on a more personal level and gives them the opportunity to view additional content and give feedback. Guest posting specialists services can be hired for quality content. Google highly rates blogs and it requires just a few hours of work per week to generate content for the users to view.

5. Add Your Brand on Google Place Business Lists

By adding your brand name on Google Places, the searches include your brand whenever there are local business listings, allowing it to remain relevant. It requires just a few minutes to set up and when done, gives you the advantage of appearing on the main pages of search results.

6. Marketing on Social Media Platforms

SEO and social media marketing are two strategies which have common benefits. Since social media is the fastest way for news to travel and for users to interact with each other, Google pays close attention to how users react towards your webpage, the popularity of your content and feedback it generates on social media. Although it is an indirect method, it has deep rooted effects since it can drastically increase the number of users visiting your webpage and decide if your content is trending.

7. Generate Relevant, High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are necessary for content to remain relevant to searches and direct users towards your webpage. Although blackhat SEO tactics have tainted backlinks and forced Google to heavily crackdown on the practice, organic backlinks remain a vital aspect of boosting ratings and getting your webpage the SEO edge it needs.
Search engine optimization requires investment of resources continuous effort for results to reveal themselves. By following these 8 SEO methods, you can optimize your webpage to give it the competitive advantage it needs in this rapidly evolving industry.

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9 Email Etiquettes Every Professional Must Follow!

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Anna Marsh is the author of this post. She is a professional blogger and social media guru at Assignment Help firm. In her leisure time, she loves watching the movies and listening to music. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

It is just a breeze to be able to use emails to convey information. Or so it should be. It seems some businesses are still having a hard time trying to grasp the concept.


Not to say we blame them since there are so many messages to go through in the inbox. Replying to each and every one of those messages could take quite the toll on our sanity.
Unless you want to risk stuffing your emails with spelling errors and flaws, you must hit the brakes and think about your next step.

There are ways to make your business communication more efficient with proper emailing. But in order to do that, you must follow a couple of rules. They are your only savior and they’re right here in this article.

1.    Use a Professional Email Address
Typically, users only need to use their personal email address. Though the risks associated with this can be plenty. Freelancers should be careful with this.
But if you work for a renowned company, you should have the courtesy of using the email address they give you. Always use an email address that contains your name.
It is so that the recipient on the other end knows it’s you. Never make use of email addresses that shows you in a bad light.
Vulgar and inappropriate email ids, such as drunkguy@... or Iamhot@..., or anything else as such is a big turn-off for the recipients.

2.    Use Humor Only When It Is Called For
It is acceptable to add some humor to your emails once in a while. But those are usually in a few cases where you actually know the recipient well.
To tell you the truth, it would be best not to tickle funny bones of your recipients. You are working for a company and as such you have to be professional.

3.    Be Sure To Use a Simple and Precise Subject Line
You don’t have to flood your subject line with clutter as it makes the body of your email pretty pointless.
Just use simple lines like “Team Meeting”, “Business Proposal” or “Product Development” to give your recipient an idea for the purpose of the mail.
Subject lines have to be concise and to the point. This is what makes a professional email different from a junk mail.

4.    Put in a Signature Block
When you email your reader, you have to use a signature block to show yourself as a professional employee of a company.
After you have finished with the body and the salutations, be sure to put in your full name, job title, company name and contact information in the last line.
You can also add a few accolades to give it a human touch, but don’t overdo it. Be sure to use the same font style, color and type size as the rest of the email.

5.    Know That There Are People From Different Cultures
If you think you can interact with each of your readers in the same manner, you are sadly mistaken. When it comes to email writing, there are certain cultural norms that you must take into account or you will rub somebody up the wrong way.
For example, there are some cultures like the Chinese and the Arab that wish to know you first before proceeding to any formal conversation.
Thus the businessmen from such countries may take a more personal approach to writing. But some cultures like American or German prefer to get to the point on the fly.
Therefore, it would be nice to do a little background check on their cultural manners before sending them a mail.

6.    Even If They Weren’t Intended For You, Reply To Your Emails
It seems a kind of contradiction to the first point. But in the end, you have to stay professional. An unintended email does not always warrant a reply, but it makes you come across professional if you do so.
Here’s how you should reply: “Please pardon my inconvenience, but I don’t think this mail was intended for me.”
Just remember, it never hurts to help.

7.    Always Check the Intended Recipient of the Mail Twice
Emailing is a really delicate task that requires your utmost attention. It would be embarrassing to know that your mail ended up somewhere else.
That is why you should always double-check the name of the recipient to whom it is intended for. Imagine yourself sending a thank you note for a barbecue dinner to your boss that was intended for your colleague.
I hope you would never want to get caught in such embarrassing situation.

8.    Always Check Spelling and Grammar Errors
When it comes to professional email writing, the proofreading is your best tool. Regardless of the length of your email, you must check it twice for grammar and spelling error.
While a spell-checker does come to your rescue for removing such errors, it sometimes tricks you. Therefore, it is far better to trust your eyes than any such tool as a slight mistake will show you unprofessional and unreliable.

9.    Don’t Overlook Your Tone
Just as you get carried away with your humor; you can also lose control of your tone in an email, especially when it is too long.
While you may write it in a humorous frame of mind, it might come across as offensive to your recipient. Therefore, you should always read your mail aloud to make sure that it sounds perfect and complements the nature of the content.
In a formal setting, a business email serves as an extension of your professionalism. This type of mail is particularly important when you are negotiating a business deal. Do it wrongly and you’ll run the risk of losing a valuable deal.

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SMEs are still not really aware of the importance of social networks

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Dissertation Planet as a writer for one of the best UK dissertation writing service on helps students who are looking for services to Dissertation help and dissertation writing. Dissertation planet has helped many students in writing, editing and proofreading their essays and dissertations and helping them achieve first class standard through professionally written papers.

Companies need to consider what your potential customers are doing and consumers, what are the best social networks to connect with them and jump to be present in those environments.


Although social networks have become a fundamental part of life of consumers and despite employing them for more and more things still exist who do not see it so clear. Although studies show that consumers are increasingly using social networks as a way to get the customer service they expect and although they are making itself increasingly in a more and more effective as a connection point between consumers and brands, even there are those who do not quite see it and who thus are neglecting what is happening in the social environment.

It is not a new thing and it is not one, unfortunately, that has not been heard before. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are not always fully aware of what is happening on social networks and especially the brutal importance as an element to establish a connection with consumers. They think that social networks are optional or something equally serious, that they can do almost anything. Hence often leave social networks in the hands of inexperienced workers, that update people who are not trained for it (the classic story of 'me leads and my nephew') or have an irregular activity and ineffective.

And this usually happens because these managers are not really aware of the importance of social networks and the actual weight they have to give them. This is demonstrated by a study by The Alternative Board (TAB), which points out that for many of the companies responsible for these small social networks are very secondary. Transferred to figures the numbers are much more impressive: 59% of respondents, what to change, as recalled in Inc, are roughly two out of three, responsible for small firms believe that social networks are not essential to its deal.

Little presence and underactive
This causes one side are not getting the most out of social networks as an element to establish guidelines and business relationships with potential new clients and, on the other hand, are not using them to strengthen their corporate image. 18% of respondents have no social media presence at all and 67% are in the initial phase. They are newcomers to the world of social networks and therefore are still at an early stage.

More impressive it is to see how little importance they give to what is happening on social networks. 22% say they check what is being said once or twice a year and 64% do so once or twice a week any more.

Similarly, they do not have very clear what is and what is not effective, or at least are not able to see beyond the surface. 38% vote LinkedIn as the most effective social network, Facebook or Twitter beating, because they see it as a business tool and are not able to see the business potential of other social networks.

An error strategy
These numbers are, they look as look, a clear indication of an error in strategy and a sign that entrepreneurs and SMEs have not yet understood very well the rules of business in the Internet age. Social networks are not a curiosity, are not simply something else, but are becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing strategy.

Companies need to consider what your potential customers are doing and consumers, what are the best social networks to connect with them and jump to be present in those environments. Not worth to drop it and not think that serves to cover that with other things. Nor should we take account that's something 'big brands'. Social networks are valid for all and are effective for all types of businesses. The key is to be able to see and understand.

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