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Tips to Boost Your App Store Ranking

App stores have a search algorithm Just like any search engine that determines which apps show up first and which ones show up last.If you want to get more downloads, there’s a couple of things that you can do to improve your app’s rankings in the app store. Here I will share Top 4 Strategies of Boost your app store ranking.

Tips to Boost Your App Store Ranking

App Store optimization

App store optimization helps to boost your app ranking, be searched and known by more potential users. , it's the most efficient way to boost your app ranking. These include optimizing App title, App keywords, app description,screenshots and videos.
App title:For the title we recommend including your app’s name as well as two or three carefully chosen keywords. These keywords are typically higher in search volume and very accurately describe your app.

App keywords:
A report shows around 70% traffic of an iOS app is from keyword searches.When you’re selecting a keyword, you need to take keyword relevance, traffic, and competition into account.

App Description:
The description gives you a lot more room for keywords than in the title, but it’s still good to be fairly judicious with your keyword selection in your description as well. Make sure that your app is accurately described.

Screenshots and videos:
Your app screenshots and videos should be descriptive, exciting and in high-quality.

Improve and Increase Your Ratings & Reviews Apps with higher star ratings and more reviews typically rank better in the app store. One of the best ways to increase the number of reviews and ratings for your app is to ask for reviews inside the app. You can also buy app reviews from third parties(like reviewapp4u/ bestreviewapp), it will not cost you too much.

Choose the Right Categories
Most apps can fit into a number of different categories and so you will need to decide which one yours will rank in. If you choose a category that has a very broad scope then there are going to be potentially thousands of apps here that you need to rank higher than. By making the right choice you can significantly improve your rankings.

Increase download rate
If an app store sees that almost every person that comes to your app’s page is downloading your app, chances are you’re going to go up in the rankings. You can increase the download rate by designing an attractive app icon, uploading attractive app screenshots and write an attractive description.
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How to Fix Google Play Store Error 495

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Yogesh Sharma is working as an SEO personnel and technical content writer for Systweak. He likes to talk about various threats to cybersecurity and cybercrime awareness in his blogs.

Google play store error 495 may prevent you from updating, downloading or installing apps from Google Play Store. This is one common error which affects users very often. It occurs when one of the connectivity options doesn’t work efficiently to download an app. It happens more often when you try to download or update the app via google play store using Wi-Fi. Whether it works fine with your mobile data connectivity. There are many ways available to deal with this issue. Let’s discuss some of these solutions here.

Solution 1: Restart device: This is the most common solution to deal with many of your device and system problems. Try to restart your device as a quick fix and see if it works. Simple restart process sometimes helps you fix many issues which you can’t even understand. Restart your device and try to update or install the app to check whether it works.

Solution 2: Reset Wii-Fi Router: Next is to check your Wi-Fi router as the problem relates to Wi-Fi. Try to reset your Wi-Fi router to check if the problem persists. You can also try to shift to a different network.

Solution 3:  Clear Play Store Cache: Since the problem relates with the connectivity, it could be a cache that is playing spoilsport, thus clearing the cache may solve the problem. To clear cache in Google play store go to Settings of your device > and head to Apps > All >Google Play Store. Click on it to open settings for the Play Store. Now click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” buttons to clear cache files and other unnecessary data. Exit the Settings and restart the device. Now go to Google Play Store to download or update the app, see if it works fine.

Solution 4: Clear Cache & Data for Google Play Services: If clearing cache & Data of Google Play Store doesn’t work try this step. To do this go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > All > Google Play Services. Now click on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” buttons. Do the same with Google Services Framework and Download Manager.

Solution 5: Remove and Add back Google account: This is the most working solution to Error 495 as resetting your account settings help Google Play Store take a fresh start. To reset your account settings, you need to remove associated Google account using which you are trying to install or update apps on Play Store.

  • To do this go to System Settings > Accounts > Google > remove your Gmail account. 
  • Now clear cache and data from Google play store, Google Services Framework and Download Manager (as discussed above). 
  • Next is to reset your Gmail account and to do this go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Add your Gmail account. 
  • Once you have added back the Gmail account restart your device and rerun the google Play Store and try to update or install the app to see if it works. 

Solution 6: Wipe cache partition via Recovery: To do this reboot your device into Recovery mode by pressing mix of volume down, power and home buttons (works differently for different devices). Now select Wipe Cache Partition option by navigating between options with the volume rocker. Confirm it using Power button. Now restart your device and try to update or download the app from Google Play Store.

Solution 7: Activate Access Location in Google Settings: It happens sometimes when due to location restrictions the app couldn’t download. To change it go to Settings > Location > Location Access > Enable access to my location and then activate GPS.

Solution 8: Reset App Preference: This is another effective solution to Google Play Store error 495. To follow this step, go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > All > go to menu by tapping on the top right to see the dropdown. You will find an option called “Reset app preferences” there, click on it and confirm it. Now go to Google Play Store and try to update or install the app.

You can try these different solutions to deal with Google play store error 495. As a last resort, you can try to reset your Android device to fix this issue if everything else doesn’t work.

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Things to do for better App Store Optimization

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Just like the search engine optimization (SEO), there is app store optimization (ASO) too that have many aspects. ASO ensures that your app remains at the top of every app store just like SEO ensures website ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). However we know a lot about the SEO strategies, but what are the things that ASO person does for the better app optimization?


To help you getting your app on the top of stores ranking, I have compiled some of the most productive things which you can do for better app store optimization which has its root in SEO too. So let’s start!

App Name:
Just like the name of the website is critical for the better optimization, the name of the app is also important for ASO. If you want to make a highly optimization friendly app, then you should add your keyword in the app title. The recent study shows that the apps on the top 25 places on different app stores contain their keywords in their title. When you develop an app, you can use 255 characters to title it on the app store. Which is enough to use your keyword. However, do not exaggerate this liberty and do not stuff every keyword of your app.

Maximize the Keyword:
However the ASO strategies remain same through every portal, App Store and Google Play Store have different approaches when it comes to the keyword optimization. The App Store only take 100 characters in their keyword field. This makes the value of keyword placing imperative because you have to carefully research your keyword to maximize organic traffic in the allotted 100 characters. Even if you picked the best keyword, the App Store would determine that on which search string your app will show up. On the other hand, Google Play Store approach is very much like its approach to SEO. Google will not only crawl your app, but it will also crawl the back end of your app just like it crawl any website’s back end work. Google gives you a space of 4,000 characters to describe your app. This is the place where you can use your keyword smartly to optimize it best. Because Apple is not in the scene of the web, Google is much mature in app optimization.

Unique Icon:
Because there is an endless list of apps on every app stores, the importance of uniqueness increases. You should have an icon for your app that should be unique enough that will catch the visitor’s eye. In the icons, Google Play Store and App Store again are different from each other. Both have different sizes and presets. For example, for the icon of iOS app, the size is 1024x1024 pixels whereas android app icon standard size is 512x512.

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How To Download Android Apk From Google Playstore On Your Computer

Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is the official app store for Android smartphones and tablets. When you get apps from the Store you ocan use them on your device. When you get music, movies, books and other digital content from the Store, other Google Play apps let you play, listen, watch, or read..

The Google Play Store  has: Apps & games for Android devices and Chromebooks. Movies & TV shows which you can rent or buy. Music for purchase or streaming subscriptions. Digital books. News and publication subscriptions.


Below we will explaining how to download android apk from google playstore on your computer

Step 1
First you need to visit Google Play Store to search for applications and games you want to download.

Step 2
Now copy link address of the application just like the google drive above.

Step 3
Then carefully paste the link on the site

Step 4
Click on Generate Download Link.

Step 5 
Finally click the green download button to download your application..

You can now enjoy application... 
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