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What is a Blog and choosing a Niche

A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). ... Blogging: The act of writing a post for a blog. Blogger: A person who writes content for a blog.

blogging has being fetching money for so many Nigeria and it has being one of my major source of earning as a student in the university but in this game of blogging you cant succeed without passion .

passion is the strong and barely controllable emotion we have different things and problem to handle everyday of our life but when we see they feature we wont look back and we struggled through the pains of posting and updating on our blog.

first my question is what niche would you like to start with? here is a link to decide wich niche then comment immediately


Nigeria News (Over 6 million readers every month)
Entertainment News (Over 6 Million Readers every month)
Live score (over 5 million readers every month)
Jobs in Nigeria (Over 5 Million readers every month)
Celebrity Gossips (Over 4 Million readers every month)
Nollywood Films (Over 4 Million readers every month)
Business Ideas in Nigeria (Over 3 Million readers every month)
Naija Musics (Over 4 Million readers every month)
Football News (Over 2 Million readers every month)
School News Updates (Over 500k readers every month)
How to Guide (Over 5 Million readers every month)
Make Money Online (Over 800k readers every month)
Free Browsing Cheats (Over 500k readers every month)
Technology (Over 500k readers every month)
Health (Over 500k readers every month)
Scholarships (Over 500k readers every month)
Prayer Points (Over 1 Million readers every month)
Sugar Mummy (Over 1 Million readers every month)
Sugar Daddy (Over 1 Million readers every month)
Blogging (Over 500k readers every month)
Fashion (Over 400k readers every month)
Cooking Tips (Over 100k readers every month)
Affiliate Marketing Tips (Over 200k readers every month)
Weight Loss (Over 200k readers every month)
Web hosting (Over 200k readers every month)
Phone Reviews (Over 200k readers every month)
Wedding (Over 200k readers every month)
Relationship (Over 200k readers every month)
Real Estate (Over 200k readers every month)
Politics (Over 200k readers every month)
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How Would you Beat Competitors?

Since Internet offers many possibilities for development and advertising of your business I think you should use its potential. You mentioned the weakness of your competitors - online marketing. Using communication channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, also Google Adwords, etc. will help you gain better positions than your competitors.


If you are not enough experienced with advertising in these channels or with SEO techniques at all you can hire an external company to do it for you.

1) Low price
2) Good quality
3) Good service

Choose the TWO that are most important to you and FOCUS on them. If you try to focus on all three, YOU WILL FAIL since it is IMPOSSIBLE to do all three at the same time.

In general, it is ALWAYS better to focus on QUALITY and SERVICE. Buyers will remember your quality and service long after they have forgotten your higher price. Playing the low price game with giants is usually the losing position to be in, but giants have a very hard time playing the quality and service games, so a small competitor can usually run rings around the giants there.

Use social media, enhance your website, use Google Adwords or whatever lets you reach your target market in the most effective manner. It can be quite costly, but that's just a matter of allotting the right budget on the right campaigns. But I suggest you really get the best use out of social media; pal, that's free!

About inviting more customers or enticing the competitor's customers to your business, well, give them the best value out of their purchase! What can you offer? Can you give out discount vouchers or a certain amount off when they do it online? That sounds a great idea. 
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How I Made Money Blogging As a Student

Blogging has been my major source of earning as a student over the years and it has really developed my sense of reasoning everywhere I go relating with people from different places around the world. But before I move further i will like to do some little introduction about myself before I unleash my secrete of earning in the blogging sphere.

 “My name is Mathias Amodu a student at Kogi State University Ayingba (200 Level Faculty of Agriculture in The Department of Crop Production) also an Igala by tribe and raised up as Christian here in Nigeria”.

 First my interest having a great achievement towards my online activities was not that easy when I failed jamb my first year in 2014 after my SSCE exam but before then I had this spirit [just try it and see] so I pushed on to peperonity.com which I created www.atinga10.peperonity.com but still I was not satisfied with it so i decided to go on a research so during the research I landed at www.andriodvillaz.net were i needed some free or cheap browsing cheat and a thought came to my mind which was “ why don’t i create something similar to this so that people will also come and get solution” so i decided to scroll down until i saw a link powered by blogger so I decided to save the page because blogger does not support java so I needed to use a computer, so that was how my story as a blogger began in the year 2014/2015. During this period when I was about creating a platform for myself I was a little bit confused on which niche to go into and my monthly subscription as a student and also time for school activities although it was not easy this period because I needed to choose the right niche and also having different thought on how to get money for subscription and also time.

Click on the download button below to get the full article  and try to share with you friends and family


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Reasons Why Traffic So Hard To Get

There is a small secret to it, or well, not a secret but a method I discovered when I first got into blogging for income.

Stop thinking about traffic, income and all of that. Blog about something YOU like and that you KNOW something about. How does this work?

Simple, I used to run an old blog in the gaming niche, I wrote maybe ten posts and after a month, no results. I kinda gave up. Then suddenly one day, I got a traffic report that I had over a thousand daily visitors. I was quite shocked as the only SEO I actually did was using my keywords in the posts.
What made the blog fairly popular in that specific niche was simply that I was human. I didn't act like someone who wanted to make a quick dime. People liked my content and how I interacted with the readers.

While remembering SEO and all related to it, it's still important to write naturally, when it comes to blogs that is. Look at the biggest blogs out there, they write about something they love and get famous for it because of it.

And yes, writing more posts increases your traffic obviously, however make sure to write good. But remember, blogs are blogs, not ecommerce sites, not company sites but blogs.

Note: My blog also offered free products in the niche so that also helped a great deal to get traffic. Also, the niche wasn't saturated, I only had about thirty competing sites, so beating them wasn't hard when I was the only passionate and active person in the niche.

Second note: I just realized that I made a huge post when I could have summarized it all..

3 tips that I have found critical to success:

  1. Headings with questions rather than answers stimulate interest if your audience truly relates. For example, "Are you having a problem losing weight?" rather than, "Weight loss solutions". Then, once they are stimulated to read, connect in to the question in your header. For example, "If you're having a problem losing weight, you're probably feeling discouraged. I know I was, but what I found was......"
  2. Write for your audience not for yourself. Have you got a specific target audience with a real need? Because you need to be writing for them rather than yourself.
  3. Make your content viral by making it entertaining or enlightening and then syndicating it on social media sites.

There's no guarantees in the blogging world, but I hope you find these tips helpful and have great success in the future.

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A General Overview about Professionalism in Writing

What is professionalism in writing?
Professionalism in writing is the virtue of writing style with a sincere and specialized focus on the designated subject and the purpose of written communication. Professional approach signifies professional writing skill of the writer along with best productivity out of the writing effort.  But before we lay our focus on professionalism, let’s check first what a professional genre of writing is.


What is professional writing?
Professional writing is a paid job a person does. Moreover, it may refer to a specific type of communication used in workplace, and people mostly use it to initiate communication relating to business or a specific purpose. Professional writing is done with a typical official tone and it is explicitly different from creative, artistic, or academic approaches. The main quality of professionalism in writing is about maintaining a formal tone in writing for achieving a specific output or purpose. General purposes of professional writing are the following, either any one of the reasons or a mixture of two or three reasons together:

  • To initiate actions from the readers
  • To instruct the audience
  • To influence readers
  • To inform your target audience
  • To assert an assigned goal.

What is professionalism in writing?
In this context if the question is raised “what is professional writing”, the answer will be an extensive list perhaps.  In short, the texts which are done for professional purposes, like business letter, business email, sales letter, white letter, press release, marketing communication, etc. are some common examples of professional writing. If the writing is done in an organized way, keeping complete focus on result/output, it adheres to the rules of professionalism in writing.

The rules of maintaining professionalism in writing
There is no formula for maintaining professionalism in writing because professionals consciously modulate their writing style according to target audience. Still, a few general rules help in maintaining professionalism in written communication. These are:

  • Straight approach of writing with comprehensiveness and clarity (for readers to understand the communication readily)
  • What is written has to be errorless in terms of language, approach, and spelling
  • Writing style should be to-the-point and mostly unbiased
  • Communication should be flawless in terms of authenticity and linguistic accuracy
  • Ability to identify the target audience and talent to create content for motivating the target audience.

These are the general rules of inducing professionalism into your writing style. Besides accuracy and authenticity, readability of a write-up also displays the professional talent of the writer.
Professionalism and technical writing
Technical writings are business writing and these are done with a specific target of communication. Business organizations employ writers to develop content in order to convey precise information to the target audience. Professionalism in technical writings means,

  • Authenticity, clarity, and accuracy
  • Comprehensive writing style that readers will understand and appreciate
  • Subject-centric, concise, and informative expression.

If a writer adopts a professional approach in presenting the topic via his write-up, he will be able to introduce smart professionalism in his writing style. However, it is still vital to know how to write with professional efficiency. Let’s check here.

How to write with professional skill
All professionals are not experts. Similarly, all writers are not professionally proficient. But following a few tips, a writer can add a smart professional pitch in his writing. A few professional writing tips are shared here for ready reference of newbies.

  1. Always maintain authenticity. As a writer, your duty is to convey best information to your reader. Maintaining authenticity of information is one of the obligations of a writer to his readers, which is a part of his professionalism.
  2. Be concise. A professional writer should know how to keep his readers captivated as readers expect peppy, concise, and relevant information from a professional write-up. Also, a consistent flow of language makes writing style crisp, which is a mark of writer’s professional proficiency.
  3. Introduce a format. An expert writer should maintain a format in his writing. There should be an introduction, the main context of writing piece, and a conclusion with a clear call to action on each communication.  The talent of inducing the format along with relevant readability is one of signs of professionalism.
  4. The writing has to be visually appealing. When a write-up becomes visually appealing, it becomes more memory-friendly and attention-grabbing. Adding subheadings, bullets, infographic, etc. will help readers to get the main point. This consequential communication is considered as the display of writer’s professionalism.

These are some aspects of professionalism in writing. In one word, when a written communication serves its optimal purpose of convincing its readers about the intrinsic purpose, it is considered that the writer has induced professionalism in writing. You may find more tips on developing your writing professionalism at Yourwriters.net, the hub hosting only best talent with the most advanced writing skills.

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Online Business Vs Offline Business Which Pays More?

author-pic About author
Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel He is a Blogger, a Freelancer, a Business Psychologist and a Motivator.

He owns www.dailyguide.com.ng where he shares tips and secrets on business success and motivates youths for financial buoyancy.

Firstly, I want to give kudos to everyone in the business world, it takes the hunger and thirst for greatness for one to leave his/her comfort zone to venture into this present competitive business world.

This is a very controversial issue I decided to write on, I have seen people argue on this topic and I have also seen investors pounder on which of the market to venture in.

May I start by saying both the online business market and offline business market has their own respective advantages and disadvantages.

It is normal for online business gurus to want to defend their market and the same with offline business people.

Holding to the above statement, I still maintain that they both pay and they pay well. Irrespective of the on you go for, what matters most is your ability to groom and build your business.

If offline business happens to be better of, if you don't still manage it well, it will still be as good as useless. Venturing into the business world requires you to think which one you really want to do and can handle.

Most mistake of people often come from covetousness and indecisiveness. Just because you heard there is this online deal that pays like ritual you jump into it whereas the main place where you can function and get cool cash and recognition is offline.

I can categorically say that the online market is getting new people on daily basis.

• Everybody wants to be a blogger

• Everybody wants to be a site owner

• Everybody wants to be a content marketer and so on.

Offline business are also getting lots of intakes on daily basis. Different types of products being introduced.

There is money online and there is money offline. None is better than the other, there is none that won't give you the returns you want. All is based on your;

1. Management skill and

2. Marketing skill.

Below I will be stating some business idea in the online market.

• Affiliate marketing

• Blogging

• Auction selling –eBay

• E-Book Publishing

• Website flipping business

• Research and sell information online

• Start Trading Forex Online

• Web hosting reselling business

• Web Design

• Social Media Consultancy

• Web Promotion

• Become a Freelance Writer

• E-book cover designer etc

From the offline business market, we have

• Bulk sms business

• Web design

• Photography and video coverage

• Event management and decoration

• Uni-sex saloon

• Cleaning agency

• Supplies

• Advertising Agency

• Laundry Service

• Cosmetics Supply

• Career Counseling

• Catering service etc.

Both platforms carries wonderful opportunities and business ideas, none can be said to be better than the other.

Getting into any of the market requires you to seat and think on how much capital you have and how good you will be able to give in what it takes.

Use the comment box for questions,contribution and advise seeking on any of the businesses.

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4 Factors That Can Kill Your Blogging Career

author-pic About author
Chivalry Benson, a passionate Blogger, The Brain Behind [www.howtosguide.com].

A slow website will result your loss of conversions from visitors who are currently on your site, this in turn results in loss of potential readers and fans, some factors which can make your website slow include:


[i]. Unoptimised pages
[ii]. Uncompressed https
[iii]. Javascript issues
[iv]. Website layout (this is very important because visitors mainly scan through the contents rather than read them)
[v]. Too much flash etc.

In 2010 Google added site speed to the list of parameters for determining site rankings, now the speed at which someone could view the content from a search result would be a factor.

This boost your site SEO and ranking which definitely increases conversion rates and more clicks. A slow website will not be able to achieve good google ranking and SEO conversion.

2. Web Hosting plan Actually: Your hosting account depends on the price you are ready to pay. The truth is a cheap hosting account could lead to low pagespeed performances. As seen today, a blog starts with little or no traffic and gradually begin to have very large traffic. It is important to know when to upgrade a shared hosting plan or migrate to a virtual server. Having the right hosting account and company to power your blog will ensure you maximum uptime and vice versa.

 3. Uninteresting Content: Many bloggers spend most of their time making their homepage interesting and the rest pages uninteresting. According to Forrester Research , in 2015, 54% of internet users found websites/blogs through search engine results, 32 percent through social networks, and 28 percent said that they found websites through links from other websites, so your homepage visits will reduce. Homepages are not a blog’s main entry point anymore. It is vital to note that articles, blog posts or any other content that you add on your blog is also attracting traffic, which means every post should be interesting. Always use words everyone can relate to when posting, this makes your content more interesting and relatable.

 4. Much traffic to your blog will reduce when readers find only old, outdated information and no new posts. If they have nothing new to read, do you think they will visit again? The answer is NO It is very important to have at least a juicy post on a daily basis. It’s also important to maintain a balance between posting too much and not posting at all. Posting less frequently will make your readers lose touch with your blog.

It is much easier to keep a loyal reader base when they have got information to read about each time they visit your blog. It’s also important to maintain a balance between posting too much and not posting at all. Posting less frequently will make your readers lose touch with your blog. It is much easier to keep a loyal reader base when they have got information to read about each time they visit your blog.

A reader’s intention of visiting your blog is not to look at the design or layout, but rather it is to find the solution and get informed. Whogohost BizGrowth is the perfect way to start an excellent blogging career, she presents the solution to the above mentioned factors. BizGrowth, gives you the best packages for less, it offers the following:-

1. Fully optimised and user friendly website designs
2. Fast and reliable Hosting
3. Result oriented digital marketing
4. Branding services, Etc

Am Sure With The Aids of this Article, You are expose to the (4) Factors That Can Kill Your Blogging Career.

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Tips to teach your children essay writing

The reasons of importance of teaching essay writing

Most parents nowadays do not even imagine that developing essay writing skills of their children are extremely important for their future. This ability is required from the early childhood to their maturity. Do you need to write an essay as a homework at school or admission graduate essay or even CV? In all of these instances, you have to understand some basic principles of essay writing to carry out abovementioned tasks without problems. Of course, they can always refer to special websites, which provide essay help, but their services usually aren't for free. Moreover, these skills can help your children to express their feelings and minds, that’s why it’s very important knowledge in any case. That is why we decided to prepare for you the article, which will help you to improve these abilities of your children. Just read out the article, follow some simple pieces of advice and simplify the education and even the entire life of your child.

The list of tips, which can develop writing skills

  • Reading 
Encourage your children to read as much as possible to increase their outlook, the vocabulary and to improve writing skills. This activity will improve the ability to express their minds both verbally and in writing. To motivate children to this process, find some exciting books, which match their interests.

  • Play games 
It’s probably obvious that children are not interested in the boring lessons where you try to learn the rules of grammar. It will be wiser to use the format of interesting time spending. For example, discover some exciting amusements such as crossword puzzles to motivate your child to develop these skills. In addition, make it less serious, you can buy different types of materials for your lessons (sidewalk chalk or finger painting instead of ordinary pens and pencils.

  • Be contemporary 
We live in the era of new technologies, which are very popular among teenagers and even little children. That’s why you shouldn’t lose an opportunity to use these gadgets for improving essay writing skills. Developers from all over the world create dozens of useful and colorful applications for smartphones, tablets and other devices, which can help your children learn grammar in the format of ordinary entertainment. We recommend you to download some of them on your mobile phone and play these apps from time to time. As the result, you will definitely will be able to track the differences even after first “lesson”. In addition, we can recommend some online websites , which contain various interesting articles that can inspire your children to express their own feelings and thoughts not in verbal, but in written form. Just try them and make sure yourself.

  • Be patient 
You have to understand that it’s very difficult sometimes to develop Spider Essay writing skills in the early childhood. This process can take a lot of time, but you shouldn’t despair in advance. Motivate your children, show them that you are really interested in their success. Make sure them that you can help them with spelling or proofreading at any moment. All these actions will help your children to gain success very quickly.

Therefore, we considered some useful tips to develop essay writing skills of your children. Just follow these hints, try to maintain your little essay writers and you will hit the jackpot eventually.
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Does a Blog Speak Volumes About The Blogger?

author-pic Author Bio:
Shawn is a blogging expert. he specializes in the domain of digital marketing and has devised certain strategies in the past for businesses to flourish in an online world. he can be contacted for Assignment Help. You may follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

If so, does it make the blog or blogger attractive?

An attractive blog speaks a lot about a blogger. So to make a blog attractive is essential. And that can be achieved via the use of right blogging tools and efforts. But the real trick is to make your blog stand out as everyone is involved in the employment of certain tools and considerable effort.
Therefore, in order to make your blog stand out from the crowd, create the necessary pull and attraction.


1. Email opt-in forms placement
The quickest way to achieve the objective of making your blog look attractive is by building anemail list and how exactly you do it? By having the visitors sign up for your blog and filling in relevant form(s). Why would the visitors sign up? (The next logical question). Offer them links to your subscription via guest blogging.
Another way to do it is by placing opt-in forms but their placement is of critical importance. List building can also be achieved by means of tools like Feedburner, Aweber, Getresponse and the likes thereof. As for the opt-in forms; place them above, at top of sidebar and below each of your posts. Experiment and see which suits you best.

2. Design of the blog
Don’t fall into the trap of attracting visitor by using cheap or free themes for your blog. So be very mindful when selecting themes. Because with cheap or free themes visitors feel their time is being wasted since you haven’t invested your time to make the overall feel attractive then why should they waste their valuable and stop to go through your posts/content?
Thus, purchase themes and yes I’m telling you to spend money. Once purchases make sure the theme is optimized for SEO and has all the necessary support features/updates to continue seamless working in thelonger run. Also, work on faster loading times. The world has gone mobile and nobody these days waits for a site to load that lags and takes too much loading time. They would rather prefer to browse another.

3. Content is king
Now we have heard this a countless number of times. But the importance of it cannot be argued with. See you have made use of the email building list, you have put in efforts for a great web design but what’s the use of bringing in traffic/visitors when you have nothing of value to share with them?
Hence, comes the need for impeccable content. The content starts with killer headlines/titles that hook the visitor. The examples could be “3 ways to get rid of your old boring life”. That the hook I’m talking about. But there is a fine line between killer title and a mere click-bait. So, make sure the relevance is present.
Second, comes the CTA (call to action). Ask the readers/visitors to share their feedback in the comments section. It could be suggestions or some criticism that you would want to look to avoid in your future posts. Simultaneously ensure that your post has images to complement that text.

To sum up, improve your writing skills to subsequently improve your post’s quality by applying the feedback and reading more. Don’t stuff your blogs with too many ads. That’s a turn-off! Add credence by providing links to facts/figures. Credit the images and infographic used (if any). Above all, the posts should serve a takeaway to the readers.

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5 Blog Pages That Will Rank Your Blog High On Google

author-pic About author
Akinbola Ilyas A, aka the easy-made, is the founder of Tech blog on Easy-made tutorials | Easymadeblog where he teaches newbies about tech with easy-made tutorials. He is a young and talented blogger that blogs with great passion.

You are going to agree with me when I say excellent blogs are the relevant blogs you found on the Google’s first page when you search a keyword. Every blogger who blogs for passion (and of course for profit) would want to make his blog looks outstanding in the sense that the blog is clearly different from a newbie blogger blog. Almost all the blogs that you might have come across when you search for queries on Google can be classified as excellent blogs. Why? Because they have these top 5 blog pages:


What are blog pages?

Blog pages are pages on your blog that you write content, just exactly like "posts pages," but they are referred as static pages. They are static because contents added are not usually edited, unlike post pages that are dynamic and need to be regularly updated. An example of blog page on this blog is my "write for us" page while an example for post page is this post you're reading.

Before you read on, do you know how effective it is to have the top 5 pages on your blog? What should be the content of the pages we are talking about? How can you get the pages created?

You're going to find the answers to the questions above in this post. Keep reading.

Top 5 Blog Pages:

1. The "About Us" page

I want to believe that many blogs have this page. The "about," "about us," "about this blog" - any name you call it - is an essential page every blog should have. It gives your blog readers overview of what you or your blog is all about; what service(s) your blog offers (like niche), when the blog was found, the blog mission and vision, what products can be purchased on your blog in case you use the blog to sell products) and anything related to your blog that you think you can let your readers know about.

You may also want to talk about to yourself or the blog authors on this page. Add professional pictures of the blog authors and describe how your readers can benefit from the works of the authors.

This can also give you the privilege to get subscribers when you add a subscription box to this page. It isn't a bad idea.

Tip: Search for this keyword on Google >> How to Write Killer "About Us" page

2. The "Contact Us" page

How does it sound if I visit your blog, I like your content, and what you offer and I'd like to get in touch with you - but there's no contact page on your blog? A contact page gives your readers access to contact you the blog author(s) whenever the need arises.

You can add up as many or little contact information that you're comfortable sharing out. It could be your office address, your home address, your office or home phone numbers, your business email address, your blog social media links, and anything that can get people directed to you.

It is also ideal you place a contact form on this page, for readers to contact you immediately without leaving this page. They can simply send you messages on this page by filling the contact form and submit.

3. The "Sitemap" page

A site map, as the name implies, is a map that takes your blog readers to their destination (what they come to your blog to do) without much stress.

Let's say you sell skin care products, and you use your blog to write about each product. A potential buyer of yours will want to know more about a certain product before he places the order. He then comes to your blog to read information about the product. He can easily view the site map to see all the information you've written about that particular product.

Another instance is when you're looking for blogging topics on my blog.

Tip: Read the recommended articles at the end of the post

4. The "Privacy Policy " page.

This is one of the pages that you must have if you want your blog to be approved by Google Adsense.

You need a very detailed privacy policy about your blog. What do you do with readers information you collect? How is their email used? Let your readers know whether you use cookies or not and some other kinds of stuff about privacy.

The best way to write a privacy policy page is to browse through a couple of blogs of your niche's privacy policy so that you can get a detailed content on the privacy policy. You can also generate a standard privacy policy and paste it into your page.

Tip: Search this keyword on google >> "Privacy Policy Generator."

5. The "Write for us" page

If you're a blogger that accept "guest post," sponsored post," "eyewitness news" or you even allow freelancers to write for you, you need this page.

The "write for us" page lets your readers know what they can write for you. In this page, you let people know which kind of content you accept as a guest post or eyewitness news - your terms and conditions. How to get started writing for you. You can also give details of what kind of post you accept as sponsored posts and how to get started.

You can provide links to hidden pages for each category of posts on this page as well.

Tip: The "write for us" page on blogs like eazymadeblog, and zealmat can serve as examples.

Conclusion :

If you really want your blog to stand out and be counted as a professional blog, you need to create these top 5 blog pages and provide a button where your readers can link to them.

Do you have these pages, and wonder the best place to put them? You can simply Add Horizontal Navigation Link List To Footer Of Blogger Blog.

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3 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

author-pic About author
Oluwasegun Daniel is a web developer, writer and graphics designer. He is the Author of Resource Toolbox. He loves to teach and inspire others. He is the owner of techsegun.com.

Being a writer/blogger is not an easy task. Many Writers at one point or the other have encountered writer’s block which is a feeling of numbness in writing or churning out new articles. This is likened to a situation in which a Five Star general in the military is shooting blanks. You don’t know what to write, where to start from and how to present your writing.


Writer’s block is an anti-productivity phenomenon that prevents you from writing articles that “makes sense”. In order to avoid the practice of “copy and paste” but instead write unique articles, I have highlighted below three effective ways to overcome writer’s block:

1. Change your Environment: Most Writers are more disoriented when in a noisy environment which is characterized by chatters, music in the background, unpleasant sounds, or maybe disturbances in your neighbourhood. Try as much as possible to change your environment. Take a big walk and experience the natural serenity in a cool environment which can induce you in a good mode to start writing again. You can spot out a new location where you can write flawlessly.

2. Change Your Mood: Depression, happiness, sadness and other kinds of mood can affect the writer’s creativity in churning out new articles. Personally, I prefer being in a happy mood so I can write witty articles and excellently too! You cannot be in an angry mood and expect to write appealing posts which could be awkward. Engage in something lively maybe listen to cool music, play games, watch movies or any activity that can put you in a lively mood to write.

3. Outline and Write: Last but not the least, the most important thing to do when faced with a writer’s block is take a time out, rest/sleep whichever applies to you and when you wake up. Write an outline on your chosen topic and write on each segment even if you have to hit the “backspace” several times. You can augment the whole draft and improve upon it. Keep on writing and you would have overcome writer’s block.

Writer’s block is a temporary feeling and the best way to overcome it is to never give up on writing. When you write, you are expressing the flow of thinking going on your mind. Writing is a hobby as well as a habit; you can lose or improve upon it. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can get over the nightmare of every writer which is the writer’s block. I wish you good luck in your writing/blogging career.

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Seven Hooks Helping in Successful Dissertation Writing

If you have completed your research, it is now high time to write a dissertation essay depending on your research data and hypothesis. Writing a dissertation is an extensive job and you need to follow a few guidelines /rules along with some helpful hooks to complete job in hassle-free manner.  In this article, seven secret hooks are mentioned that will work as a helpful tool for completing your dissertation with reasonable turnaround time. https://spideressay.com is ready to help you with your academic writing 24/7.

You need to select a topic
One of the most essential tasks for writing a thesis paper is to select a research topic. You need to search a topic that you have interest about or you have enough knowledge about it. Before selecting the topic just ensure with your research guide if the topic you have chosen matches the academic niche with whom you are aligned.
Check the language quality so that readability and authenticity is maintained
A thesis paper is an extensive writing assignment and an important document of your academic career. Therefore, check the language quality of the paper so that the expected quality parameter never gets compromised. You should check grammatical accuracy, sentence structure, subject verb agreement, and consistency off spellings.

Check originality so that the author credit remains intact
There are lots of authentic tools are available online which will help you to check and detect the originality quotients of your essay. Proof of originality is a credit for you, which will glorify your author’s credit.

Set a goal for timeline
Although it is difficult to complete a dissertation essay within a short-stipulated timeline, it is important to set a timeline to keep the pace constantly going. Never set a goal for the entire work; rather you need to set small goals to assess your working pace.

Consult online resources to understand the nuances of writing
Writing dissertation is indeed a critical task but fortunately there are several online resources where you can seek expertise. However, you can contact your research mentor for getting best and authentic  reference site for getting best idea for writing the essay.

Take feedback from your teachers
Feedback is one of the most essential inputs from seniors and research guide, which will help you to detect and assess the gaps you have left in the essay. Once you incorporate all these inputs with the course of writing, you will get to complete the dissertation perfectly.

Revise the entire essay to edit and rewrite
This is the last and one of the most imperative tasks you need to do with your essay paper. Read the entire write up minutely and check for typos and errors, which can create bad impression on readers about the dissertation.
These are seven major hooks for writing critical type essays. Writing a dissertation paper demands exclusive writing skill, thorough understanding of the topic, and amalgamation of your interest with available resources. Once you can start using these hooks at your advantage, it will be quite easier for you to complete the dissertation with flawless proficiency.
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How To Create An Attention Grabbing Heading For Your Blog?

author-pic Author Bio:
Charles Simone is a chemical engineer who obtained his postgraduate degree from Massachusetts. Charles has been a blogger since teenage and writes mostly on political issues out of passion at Speedyessay

Blogging has been an immensely popular activity among people of every age group be it a teenager exploring through new experiences and following his passion or a retired pensioner who gets deep thoughts in their free time. Every individual has a different motive behind writing a blog. Some write out of passion for a particular hobby or activity, some write to gain popularity while others write to earn some money. Whatever the reason behind your blogging is, it is imperative to attract readers and make efforts so that the blog reaches maximum number of people.


From among a number of strategies that bloggers adopt for maximum reach of their blogs, a very efficient one is to create a heading that grabs the attention of visitors. There are hundreds of blogs published each day and readers only pick a couple of them to read because of time constraints http://www.speedyessay.co.uk/essay-writing-service.php. The reason why headings are important is quite obvious: it is the first thing that readers observe as they scroll through the blogs! Therefore, you must spend considerable amount of time thinking about the best possible heading for the blogs you write. Following are a few tips that can help you create an attention grabbing heading:

  1. Avoid complex vocabulary: A common misconception among beginner writers is that readers are tempted to read their content only if the vocabulary is complex. In reality, the readers want to spend minimum time figuring out what a sentence means and this cannot happen if you use complex words and phrases. If the heading consists of complicated words, the readers ultimately believes that the entire content would be difficult to understand and hence they move forward. So try to keep the heading as simple as possible.
  2. Keep it short: Wordiness should not only be avoided within the body of the blog but also in the heading. Readers just skim through the headings and read the one that they find interesting. If your heading is very long that exceeds, say, eight words, they will probably skim through it without reading the whole heading. Since you want your heading to grab readers attention, keep it as short and concise as possible with simple vocabulary so that readers are willing to read it.
  3. Do not force keywords in the heading: In an attempt to improve SEO, bloggers often force the keywords in heading that ruins the attraction of the heading. Do not include keyword in the heading forcefully because that leads to a highly unattractive heading and the readers realize that you are focusing more on SEO than the quality of content. Only include keywords in the heading if it sounds smooth!
  4. Ask a question: The best way to begin a presentation is to ask a question because this strategy creates curiosity in the audiences’ mind. Similarly if you ask a question in the heading, the readers may get curious to know how you answered the question. However, the question must be structured carefully.

You can expect a higher reach of your blog if the topic is something related to current trending news. Readers are eager to read as much as possible on such hot topics and so it will surely grab the attention of readers.

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How Can Blogging Be Good For Your Professional Life?

author-pic Author Bio:
Peter E Philip is an assistant brand manager for one of the leading clothing brand in UK and is also a part time blogger since past seven years. Writing has always been his passion.

Blogging use to be a full time profession for many people but now with time and other things this concept is also changed. Now a blogger is just not a blogger and is not limited to just blogging with Dissertation Help, but they are also working in different fields.

Lots of people are now doing full time marketing, advertising, arts, media or even information technology jobs but along with that they are also part time bloggers. They write part time either daily or on weekly basis depending on an individual and the company they are working with. Therefore blogging is good for your professional life; how and why? Here are some justifications:

  • You get exposure: no matter in which field you work or what profession you are in you will always be on a better and a positive side if you will have exposure. The more exposure you will have the more good quality work you can produce and also you can work better in your work place. Exposure is really important and beneficial and all the bloggers gets a chance to get exposure as they have to write on different topics regularly.
  • You can improve your writing skills: the best part about blogging is that you can improve and enhance your writing skills. You can play with words and you can come up with great words and phrases. In every profession and even in personal life it is very important that how you communicate with people. It’s all about how you say not what you say. A research proved that bloggers are better at communicating and interacting with new people.
  • Your communication skills are also effected: here effected does not mean in a negative way but it is effected in a positive way. Being a blogger will not just help you improve your writing skills but it will also help you improving your communication skills. Being a blogger will make you confident enough to interact and talk to people on almost all the topics. Having good communication skills is extremely important and you can do wonders by communicating well.
  • You learn a lot of new things: being a blogger means you need to explore and read a lot about different and new things which helps you in knowing new things and also it helps you in learning a number of new things that can somehow be helpful for you professionally as well as personally. Blogging can be a fun part time profession and you can really enjoy it if you get to work and write on your favorite topics.
  • You are always updated with the trends: another interesting side of blogging is that you are always updated with the latest news and trends as you have to write on it on regular basis. This makes your life interesting and exciting as you will always have something interesting to do in order to take a break from work. Being updated with everything makes you a good communicator automatically as you can indulge in every discussion.

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How Can You Earn Money by Writing Blogs?

Author Bio: Carol Anthony is a great British blogger and has been in this field since last nine years at Assignment Help Online. Currently she is living in The United States Of America but was bread and born in United Kingdom

Writing is an art and a skill that everyone does not have. Just like everyone cannot be a designer, same is the case with the writers. People having keen interest in reading and writing only can become great writers.

Writing blogs has become a trend which cannot be followed by just everyone. Here you will find out some ways of earning money if you are a blogger, and you will get to know about some great ways of doing so. Here are some simplest ways to earn money by writing blogs:

  • Create your own blog: having your own blog is the best thing and the best way to promote your work. Having your own blog simply indicates independence, creativity, confidence and motivation. Everyone can have a blog but keeping it organized and updated is the real task. Also creating your own blog and grabbing readers attention is another challenge that is faced by every blogger.

  • Start an online writing service: if you have good writing skills and you think that you can write well and also you have leadership quality then you can definitely start your own writing service and earn money easily. You can hire a team of people who can write articles, blogs, guest posts, etc. they can be hired as freelance employees and you can assign them work online. They will then work at home and you will get your good profit from the client as you will get the work done in cheaper rates.

  • Look for freelance blogging work: as a writer you will always have lots of options and you can never be unemployed. Even if you do not have a job in the writing firm then also you can utilize your time and skills and start working as a freelance writer. As a freelance writer you can write blogs, guest post, articles, reviews or whatever you love writing and that too in flexible timings at your own place.

  • Apply in writing firms: today there are hundreds and thousands of writing firms all around the world, this trend started off with few countries but now it’s being followed worldwide that’s the reason why there are so many employment opportunities for the writers. You can earn on monthly basis by working in writing firm, if you are a morning person and would not mind working 9 to 5 am daily then this is a great option for you.

  • Join an advertising agency: if you love creativity and can implement that in your writing then you must join an advertising agency as a copywriter and a concept writer. Many freelance bloggers join this field as they also get a chance of writing blogs. Blogging experience counts a lot in an agency. Agency work is always fun and interesting so if you are a crazy fun loving person then joining an advertising agency will not let you regret in future.

Above mentioned ways are some most popular and simplest ways of earning money as a blogger, also all these ways are fun and requires no financial investment at all you just need to work hard and invest some time.

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How To Make Huge Dollars From Blogging In 2017

author-pic Author Bio
Scarlett Erin is a Career Counselor at Assignment Star. She is also a pro blogger and uses it as a way to earn money. In addition, she offers his services to students who keep searching “write my assignment” on Google.

Blogging is one of the ways people can earn fast money without much hard work. The constant popularity of blogging has transformed it into a proper industry. Today people can live a well-off life thanks to the recent boom in this industry.

Nowadays, bloggers do not depend on the AdSense only to earn money online. Today, blogging offers other smart ways of monetizing your blogging venture and this is what this article is all about.

Let’s start with some facts:

According to a survey, 81% of Americans trust any advice or new information from blogs and it is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this platform.
When it comes to blogging,43% of people use WordPress and 35% subscribe to Blogger, while 16% follow Tumblr and 6% trust the other platforms.
Here we’ve rounded up 7 tips to empower you to earn quick money with blogging:

1. ChooseThe Right Blogging Platform
Earning hefty amount from blogging depends on the blogging platform. When it comes to making money, it is none other than WordPress that lead the blogging market.
WordPress consists of arange of plugins, add-ons, and various themes. These features of WordPressare what empower you to earn money in an efficient manner.

2. Make Use Of The Native Ads
In this year, bloggers will be using native ads to monetize their blogging gigs. In this year, the popularity of native Ads is likelyto increase threefold.
As a matter of fact, native ads assist the advertisers in reducing banner blindness and that eventually enables publishers for making more money from websites.

3. Do Affiliate Advertisements
Affiliate advertisement is another effective way of generatingincome from blogging. It allows you to refer anyone to any particular online product.If someone buys the product, you get your commission.
You can get many helpful online tips to help get the maximum financial benefits out of affiliate marketing for your blogging in this year.

4. Monetize Your Skills InVideo TrainingAnd E-Book Writing
Nowadays, people prefer buying E-Books or opt for any online course than going to brick and mortar business. It means that you have another chance to make money.
Therefore if you have skills in self-publishing, it is the right time to cash in your skills by offering online courses and E-Books.

5. Choose“Direct Advertisements” Over Adsense
AdSense is not a bad advertisement program but it foists few limitations which come in your way to earning money.
One of the biggest limitations is the limited amount of money which anyone gets paid through per click.As an alternative, it is better to gofor direct ads than rely on AdSense if you want to have more dollars in your pocket. You must try BuySellAds for direct advertisements.

6. WritePaid Reviews
Being a blogger, you cannot overlook the monetary opportunities that come with paid reviews. Paid reviews enable you to make a huge amount of money; therefore you can make a lucrative career out of your writing skills.
If you’ve been writing for SEO or webmaster tools, people may contact you to review their different products on your own blog which can help you earn a decent amount of money.

7. Offer Your Own Services
Offering your own service is also a great idea to make money. You need to find out your forte.Youcan render your services in content writing, graphic design or web development. Depending on your particular set of skills, you can elevate your career in a good range ofincome.

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Effective Teaching with Technology – Tips & Tricks

author-pic Author Bio:
Natalya is one of the famous writers of this blog post who works in the education sector. His efforts are valuable for our viewers. His words and ideas helps in attracting readers effectively. Now working for Write my assignment | Assignmentdoer

The question, what makes a great instructor has been around since ages.
For success, different approaches work better for different students and professionals.

Success is obvious if proper ways and methods are used. More praise on students and letting them to discover integral things for themselves is important and it is not bound to any kind of research. Below mentioned tips and tricks can help students in achieving high grades without any further discrepancies. Follow them and gain success!


  1. Know about your subject: subject knowledge is one of the most important elements that lead towards great teaching. Having a deep knowledge is important and it has significant impact on the learning of students.  Therefore, first know about your subject and then more forward.
  2. Praise is harmful: wrong kind of praise can be harmful and it leads towards low expectations of teachers.Therefore, praise done accurately and on correct time is a healthy sign for students.
  3. What actually matters is good instruction: in order to gain quality education, students should have the power of effective questioning. Along with this proper assessment and teaching style should be design accordingly.With this, students can gain accurate knowledge at the right time. 
  4. Teacher beliefs on count: Mostly teachers involve their students in different activities in the classroom and they are looking towards positive results. Therefore, different activities can help students in knowing about the real world happenings.
  5. A teacher-student relationship is important: teacher-students relationship is important and has great impact on learning. Enhancing a classroom’s environment is important as it helps in building up strong relationships. If students understand their teachers, this can help in generating optimal outcomes.
  6. Try to manage behavior of the students: classroom management is important and proper resources can enhance the effectivenessof students. For this purpose, management sessions can help in achieving quality outcomes.
  7. Learning is difficult in the beginning: learning is difficult in the beginning and it will help students to retain more knowledge in the future. This also helps students in improving their retention strategy, and it will generate healthy outcomes.
  8. Build strong relationship with parents and colleagues: a professional behavior includes proper support with colleagues and parents. It has a moderate effect on learning strategy of the students.

It is essential to understand how students learn and react. Prior learning and experience are important and teachers should recognize how learners can learn in different styles. Learning is an art and appropriate tactics if used, optimal outcomes are easy to generate. This is the best method used to enhance the effectiveness of the students. Learning is only difficult when students are not aware of tactics and learning strategies. Proper working is required to make the learning sessions optimal.

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6 Common Causes of Failure in Blogging!

author-pic Author Bio
Eva Justin is a Blogging Expert at Writing Service UK with over 10 years of experience. When she isn’t writing articles, she takes out time for cooking, painting, and scuba

Blogging is not an easy task, especially when you want to build a successful blog. There is a lot of information out there on how to develop a popular blog, however, there isn’t much information on what may cause a blogger to fail.  Below are a few common causes of failure for a blogger.


1. Apprehension
Apprehension or fear is one of the major causes that makes a blogger or an online business person fail. Your blog may fall into a niche category, and there may be at least four to five bloggers before you blogging in that niche, however, that shouldn’t intimidate you. You will need to work harder to stay a few steps ahead of them. How do they do it? How do they manage to generate all this traffic on their blog? Do a little research, check what’s trending, and before you know it you’ll be a few steps ahead of them.

2. False Impressions
The internet is filled with false impressions or misconceptions. Some of these fallacies pertain to how to make a quick buck – don’t fall for them. They may even tell you that you don’t need a blog to help you make money. These schemes normally focus on certain niches of blogging, so do you your research properly, so you don’t fall for one those hair brained schemes.
You will hear many people online say things like, the niche you are in is too expensive or there is no scope – don’t listen to them. Stick to what you are passionate about and do what you love, and before you know it you will be extremely successful.  You’ll be surprised if strategized properly how a niche can be in demand so quickly, so don’t let anyone misguide you.

3. Procrastination
It is a part of human nature to procrastinate, and become extremely lazy.  In fact, most bloggers are lazy.  This is one of the major reasons that leads to a blogger’s failure.  You need to find a way to beat procrastination before it beats you.
One of the best ways to tackle laziness is set a schedule or a deadline for yourself. Plan out how you want the blog to go about in the digital media space.  Set a target of what you want to write about and how.  Nowadays, sites like Wordpress also help set up plans for you, some are free and some are paid – either way both options help motivate you.

4. Loss Of Focus
Sometimes we lose focus of what we want to do.  You could say it is a form of priorities that are misplaced, a prime example of how we manage to place the cart before the horse.
When you are misplacing your priorities, everything will tend to work in reverse order because you are probably doing the last thing first or you are doing the first thing last.
When you lose focus on blogging or give importance to something else, you have a tendency to deviate from creating content and starting worrying about pushing traffic on the blog.  The best way to keep track of what is important and what isn't is to jot down what your process is and what is making you successful.  That way, if you deviate or misplace your priority, the plan will help you come back on track.
It also helps reading your blog archives to see how far you have some as a blogger.

6. Other Activities
Sometimes, before you sit down to write, you think: let me grab a cup of coffee, or let me watch a movie, or hey I haven’t played that game as yet!  You get demotivated and start doing things that may entertain you, but you don’t realize that this is one of the many things that causes a blogger to fail.  You could be improving one writing your blogs or planning the next blog related activity. Set your priorities straight so you don’t miss or get side tracked by entertainment.

7. Not Keeping Up
If you don’t invest in what make you a niche blogger, or you don’t know the tools you can use to help you improve your blog – then you can make sure you are setting yourself up for failure.  It’s great that you feel comfortable in what you are doing, but it is even better when you push yourself to grow by gaining knowledge of what is going on out there.
Stay connected and up-to-date with what is happening in the digital world.
Blogging takes a great deal of time, patience and effort. Follow these steps on not to fail and you will go far.

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The History Of Internet In Nigeria

author-pic About Author
Prosper Noah is a Nigerian Tech Blogger, a Web/blog designer who feels it's necessary to share his Tech knowledge with others, his blog Tipsonblogging has helped a lot of people especially in the area of Tutorials

Internet is a distinctive device for information communication. It came into existence in Nigeria vividly in the year 1995 but was not really into full existence until it was tested in the very year in the University. Thus; (Obafemi Awolowo Univesity) Today the internet is all over the Nigeria with a wireless LAN, with the aid of hardworking researchers it keep on improving.


Now we see internet in our door step working for us in our houses and offices whereby we get information and buy things online even without leaving our houses.

It was as a result of a project work by RINAF. It was proudly backed up and financially sponsored and supported by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization). So many workshops were organized to educate the Nigerian citizens. It was first tested in the University (Obafemi Awolowo Univesity).

Internet started fully in July, 1997 through the influence and energy of a PHD Student of Electrical Engineering at the Rivers State University of Technology who saw the need of students to interact with each other. He and his friends popularise internet in Nigeria. He later then formed the Internet Society of Nigeria (ISN).

The president of the Internet Society Chapter in Nigeria is Professor Thomas Chukwuemeka Nwodo. These formed the basis of internet in Nigeria and since then the internet has really been improving.

It started with people who were able to send and receive messages. People were able to chat, later on interesting sites were been introduce to Nigeria which make people more active, e.g hi5, Facebook, badoo, etc, later e-banking was introduce, also buying and selling became more interesting online.

And there became many more benefit of the internet as it continues to improve. Research gave eagerness to creating many site as more were coming and today we even have WhatsApp, WeChat, 2go, IMO etc.


The internet is a tremendous, undisputed force for economic growth and social change. Not only has it unleashed new forms off connectivity, but it has also provided an outlet for new forms of innovation, entrepreneurship and social good.

The internet has also proven a dynamic tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries, with the World Bank  reporting that a 10% increase in the broadband correlates to a 1.38% increase in GDP growth.

Beyond the GDP growth, the internet also provides opportunities to pursue social and developmental objectives.

As we can further see; through the invention of the computer and the internet, the possibilities welcome to us are endless. Societies are changing with no distance times with no stopping point in the future generation.

The internets affect us in every area of our lives, most importantly with our social lives, our jobs, Educations, and our Entertainment.

Our social lives do not base only on telephone or mail communication anymore. Surfing the net is the new and more preferable way we choose to be communicating with people as it help us to communicate easily and faster to people and above all less expensive.

Chat rooms are open on the internet to enable people talk directly with other people, who may either be in the other side of the world.


E-mail which is use to refer to Electronic mail is another easy and more convenient way of communicating to people even within and outside the country with an online mail-box by typing and just clicking a button.

Two second to send an e-mail to someone in another part of the world is quicker than a week or more through the ordinary mail.

Stock trading is now on the internet, along with banking and any other type of business you can imagine.

This is as interesting that no gas nor time is wasted on the process. The inevitable of this invention is going to change the world and the society is happy about the way things are changing.

Things are easier and cheaper with the choice of having a computer and going on-line, there’s almost nothing you cannot do.
This remarkable idea of internet is going to revolutionize the way we live in the future.


Hmmm!!! Anything that goes around comes around; the internet as benefiting as it is, have a negative part. Most of us know the pros of having a computer and internet access link us to other part of the world and provides us with information we us to search for at the library etc.
These are some of the negative part of the computer and the internet world:

  • Computer as an agent of distraction; computer has cause distraction to people so much that they lose contact with reality around them, such as family, husband, wives, boyfriend, girlfriend, and even friends and children as communication is based on chatting online etc.

  • It opens up kiddy porn and other immoral things; imagine a child having access to the internet and been introduce to a site that contains hard/soft-porn and the child became so interested about the site and in no distance time he introduce it to the friend as a place of satisfaction and pleasure, who knows before a tinkle of an eye he would want to practice it physically worst more he introduce it to a female child also imagine the influence.

  • Sitting on the computer all day is hard for the eye; as the eye is not free to too much of light. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, our eyes are fixated at one screen or another, be it for work, study or play. It usually affect your sleep patterns due to the blue light that is emitted these screens.

  • Hackers can ruin your computer system; as there are criminals who are always looking for a way of changing information on your computer system this has discourage people from having computers and internet.

  • More crimes are committed through the internet;just of recent it was reported of a young man in Nigeria who was stealing 1kb each from every bank in Nigeria on daily basis, when the secret got leaked report say he was sponsored oversea for a great research and hard work, imagine stealing in a bank! Not only that but other crime such as posting of pornographies, 419 etc.

  • Spammers are annoying; spamming is the act of sending mail, especially advertising material, through the internet to a large number of people, who have not asked for it and this can be so disgusting.

  • Posting of wrong information; people who are jobless can sometime decide to criticize others by posting nonsense.

  • Possibility of knowing strangers; as it is possible to meet people online you may get to know people who I suppose where not to be known as there begin to send you fake stories and this has led to hard break to many and mistrust has become inevitable in the society as when the right source give an information, it is no longer accepted.

  • The younger generation would rather communicate through computer easier than working towards making friends or finding love, in the good old fashion way. Thus; part of the magic of falling in love is lost people breakup in e-mails rather than facing the persons and as well as all generations have been taught before we must take responsibility for own actions.
There is a young generation coming up where information is at one’s finger tips too easily and then it becomes a personal thing in some people’s lives.

Before one knows it all will be like a zombies wondering why no one is relating to them.
Why technology is a wonderful thing it is almost likely that it can be used in an immoral or wrong way.

There is a price to pay for everything even if it appears it making life easier on people.

LAST WORDS: Internet has served a whole lot of good, but let focus only on the positive assistance it has rendered to us and neglect the negative part of it.

Don't leave without a comment!

Also do not forget to share the post for more awareness!
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Reasons You Don't Earn Money Blogging and Suggestions

author-pic About Author
Prosper Noah is a Nigerian Tech Blogger, a Web/blog designer who feels it's necessary to share his Tech knowledge with others, his blog Tipsonblogging has helped a lot of people especially in the area of Tutorials

One vital priority every blogger should have or should always take caution is observing his or her blogging career growth and how Paramount earning from blogging is.


If anyone start a blog today first of all he she will want to eat from his sweat which is Paramount.

The big question is have you wondered why bloggers always blog free in their first year of blogging?

 I have another question. How long is it going to take you to become a guru in blogging? Will you continue blogging, if you don't earn anything? Do you always spend money recharging your network for browsing allowance and yet have nothing to cash out? Have you been spending money buying and renewing your custom domain, yet no payment? Do you participate in one ads network or the order or you follow re-seller package? Do you work as an affiliate partner? Of course this are all earnings possibilities and many other means.

 Well today you have come to the right place. Your struggles shall stop today. I assure you good earnings by next month after reading through this post.

How Old are you in Blogging?

Many bloggers fail to realize their timing as bloggers.
As a blogger from the starting, you have one common limitation to increasing your chances of earning.

It is all about programming and packaging. Lack of traffic; this means you may be participating in good and reliable ad networks that pay but no viewers to click on your ads thereby reducing your potentials and possibility of earning from your blog.

Growth is a daily experience, which means as a blogger you can never satisfy yourself in a day, its a continuous process. Becoming a guru is a practice but I think you should also have a time frame for every level of your career. Don't remain a newbie.

Why was your Blog Setup?

Some people designed their blogs with the aim of monetization, while some did it for promoting music's industry. OK which ever way you did it for its important to take note of in order to grow your wallet.

What is your Marketing Strategy?

What some bloggers fail to reason is what marketing strategy should be taken to market contents.

Your blog URL is not exposed to the cloud that even a blind man can see what content you have on your site.

Create a Facebook group and think of how to grow it, this will help to get more audience on every second.

Now let me start by saying, a jack of all tray is  a master of none. Yes, this is a simple addict as it is very true.

Just as I started with PronoahTECH and could not know the best ads network to follow all though this is common to every newbie, I could not even struggle with one. A poem writer says that "you should follow one thing until you finally achieve it". I gave traffic to so many ad networks all for the purpose of making some bucks blogging.
I could not even stay to make good content on my blog instead I focused solely on how I could earn.

The more I look at my possibility of earning money online, the more it seems to be difficult or me, instead I dance within free promotional ads.

Now, let me tell you the reasons why you have not actually received a dime from blogging!

Inadequate Content

This I will tell you that many people have tried to manipulate google adsense in order to start making money online but it proved abortive. If you must earn from blogging, then the only primary option you have is the google adsense program but it is better said than done, this is because getting adsense approval earns since the time of John the Baptist, starting from there till now it remains operation work hard. (LOL)

Too Much participation in different ads networks

This is the most important part of what drove me into writing this article. actually, as a blogger, one of the first challenge you should understand that you have is that you always want to try every other ads network, especially that of google adsense alternative Like Nairapp, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, adfly, to mention but a few. Take for instance, you are a publisher with all these ads networks and yet at the end of the month you cannot be bold to say this is my bank details please transfer my publisher commission to me.

This is one of the stupid mentality bloggers do not grow with. It is very vital you understand this basis. If you could devote all your time, interest and effort promoting one ads, what do you think could come out of you? you cannot actually use barely 100 page-views to make a dime out of five or more ads on your site. stick to one if adsense has disappointed  you and you could still get something.

But I have a question. Before you start promoting all these sites on your blog, do you care to read their terms and conditions? Do you think about their privacy policies? Do you know some of this ads network can actually make your site to have a set back? Yes, I shared an experience on how my BLOG WAS COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM ALL GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT, HOW? This is true, long time ago, I was participating with an adnetwork (name not mentioned) due to my eagerness to earn and make money online, I was shocked when I saw that most of my pages have been blocked and could not be seen and crawled by search engines. When I started looking for a way to resolve this issue, I found out that actually, there was a problem and it was caused by that particular Adnetwok.

Now, if you have placed any ads in your template, I mean you did not use the JavaScript gadget, then I tell you, there's a possibility that you might be putting your Blog's Search Presence on Risk. After my experience on PronoahTECH I tell you, its not that safe. I will tell you why. A site like spoutable, Chitika etc should not be place on your scratch template, like placing it at the open head tag <head> or even <body>. This is wrong.

Many bloggers would hear there is an ads network that is paying real well (1$ per click) and everyone will want to participate.

In blogging you must not necessarily become reach overnight but it is a gradual process. A child do not grow overnight.

Those networks are only going to get free traffic from you and you can never cash out because one day you will eventually get tired of it and drop out.

Poor Marketing Strategy

Many of us do not understand the important of exploring a good and efficient marketing strategy.
Many TV channels print fliers just to make sure their business is in front of the masses. You can actually do this by using different marketing platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, since social networks are growing day after day with millions of new subscribers and more than billions of returning members.

In order to make it in blogging try to fix the above mention common reasons why you don't make it in blogging.


Don't jump into any ads network because you want to make money from it, rather try to read and observe their rules, how they render your site to search engines.

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