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10 Bloggers Shared Why They Choose Blogging

author-pic About Author
Pospi O Otuson is a young Nigerian entrepreneur and he love to share his passion for entrepreneurship at Pospitips Online.

Every Blogger has their reasons why they ventured into the blog sphere. It could be positive or negative, though some bloggers can’t really tell why they blog. Maybe it’s a hobby they later took seriously and most of them are always in search for ways to make money blogging. Personally, I started blogging just to prove it a careerbase on the circumstances I found myself and also to share my knowledge and of course, money will fly to me when am due.

Generally, people blog to express themselves and share their passion, share their knowledge or maybe to build a professional network. It took me over two weeks to interview some successful bloggers on why they choose to blog.

Let’s know why this 10 Bloggers started Blogging!

1. Mathias Amodu of zealmatblog (
First i started blogging because that is the only way to reach people far and near and add value to their life's both  young and old minds around the world in my bedroom. Starting a blog is a self choice either in a negative or a positive way but you get frustrated when you don't know how it works. First when starting a blog it is advisable you know what type of niche you are going for and how good you are in such niche.

Your blog should be your dairy but a profitable one that can stand for a long period of time which most people just believe blogging is just all about the money but end up getting frustrated we blog, we learn more than our boons around us and that make us outstanding.

2. Veethee Dixit of Dainty Angel (
There is a lot of information I wanted to share with my people out there and that information could have been really useful for most of them.

Blogging was the best way to do this. Blogging is really important to me because it’s my passion and profession. It started as a hobby, but now I can monetize my blog with different advertising networks. So it’s a profession now.

3. Emmanuel Ekanem of Noble Loaded (
I’ve always wanted to solve problems that people are facing day in – day out, and this triggered the desire to start a blog because it will be an avenue that I can reach out to the world with my writings and solve a problem. I see it as something that if I don’t do it, a lot of people will actually not find the solution to their problems.

4. Henry Ijogu of Bulletin (
I actually didn’t choose blogging, Blogging chooses me instead. Lol, it chooses me out of boredom. I was always bored, being in a family of six of which I happen to be the second amongst my nagging siblings who always bore me with unnecessary discussions.
It was at that point, I and blogging found each other out of boredom. I blog to create awareness and to bring notice to people about something I and them find pleasure in.

5. Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging (
I get to help people who need my tips, I connect with people who share my passion for writing, and I’m in a community of like-minded people where we discuss our interest in mutual blog topics. I have a chance to make money doing something I love.

6. Lexhan Menkiti of LexHansPlace (
Went into blogging to share my personal life experience to the world and also to earn a decent income from my site and work effort.

7. Jenny Chisom of Jenny Chisom Blog (
I choose Blogging because I needed a cheap option to market my small business back in 2009. Later I discovered it is a global content marketing tool if deployed properly can make me an authority, so I expanded on its use.
I making money while making impact

8. Prosperity Kenneth of Cyber Geak (
Every successful blogger has his/her reason for choosing to blog. “ I choose blogging because I had the keen passion to share my knowledge with everyone”.

9. Kayode O Emmanuel of Daily Guide (
I wanted to exercise my passion for writing. Writing led me into Blogging and as a writer, one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach out to people even when my books are yet to be published is via Blogging.

10. Maryanne Theodore of Maryanne Theodore’s Blog (
I choose to blog because it’s one of the platforms where I can easily express my opinion about things happening around me with the world and as well share the things I have learned with others.
I was advised to blog so I could be able to promote my graphic designs and it has now become a medium to voice my ideas, thoughts, and feelings, share my knowledge through writing.

At times success comes from motivation and I hope you’ve found motivation in their reasons for choosing blogging and you can connect and try to find out more from them.

Now your turn; why did you choose Blogging?

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5 Ways to Promote Your New Blog Fast and Get Instant Traffic

author-pic About Author
Daniel Dan is a Young Passionate Nigerian Blogger who loves writing and sharing useful content with others. He publishes Nigerian School Updates at

Blog Promotion is necessary if you want your blog to get targeted traffic. Traffic equals money in the blogosphere. But here is a truth; some blog promotion strategies are too slow in producing results. Sometimes it takes months if not years to get results from your promotion efforts.

We need results that are relatively quick. Yes, success takes time but are you willing to spend money and time that long without seeing any fruitfulness with the hope that after some months or perhaps a few years, you will see the results coming? I don’t think so. You need good cash flow to run the business and cover expenses.

There are alternative blog promotion strategies that can get you results in a short time. These strategies have been proven and tested of producing good results for top bloggers that dominate their niche. Here are the strategies.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very quick way to promote your blog fast and gain brand recognition for your blog. When you begin your blog, your blog remains like a small plant in the middle of a forest. You need to get out there and let others know about your presence.
A good guest posting strategy is to meet other bloggers in your niche and ask for an opportunity to guest post on their site. If they respond and welcome you, go ahead and craft a nice article that will make their audience want to visit your blog after reading it. You get to earn backlinks and a mention in the bio section of the article.

2. Social Media Posting / Bookmarking

Sharing your blog post on social media is a very quick way of getting your blog known. What you need to do is to interact with others and join groups and conversations related to your niche. Interact with it and share your links. You get a chance of getting new readers to your blog especially if you provide valuable content consistently.
Popular social media networks are facebook, twitter and google plus. Social Bookmarking sites are reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. You can share your links to this site and watch your blog traffic skyrocket almost immediately.

3. Sponsored Advertisements

Running advertisement on popular sites or social media like facebook sponsored post or twitter ads is the fastest way to gain traffic and following to your new blog. These ads are relatively cheap and you get exposed to targeted readers. You can get people to like your blog’s fan page or read a specific post or buy a product from you like an e-book, podcast or video tutorials. Ensure you learn the ropes about running a sponsored advertisement before venturing into it to promote your blog so as to minimize chances of running at a loss.

4. Blog Commenting

The blog commenting strategy if used properly can drive thousands of visitors to your site daily. It involves going to other sites in your niche that have high traffic and leaving an insightful comment with a link back to your blog. This gives you a two-way benefit: First, you get a good backlink to your blog. Second, you get new readers to your blog.

Always remember, try to be among the first five commenters. The reason is so that you can always be visible to readers who loves to scan through the comment section briefly. And don’t leave short comments. Read the article and leave a contribution or suggestion of reasonable length. This will make the admin happy to approve your comment.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your blog's visibility in the search engines. If you are knowledgeable about the various seo techniques you need to rank your blog high in the search engines within a short time, then SEO becomes one of your best blog promotion strategy.

The advantage of SEO is that if you succeed in it, you tend to get traffic all day whether you are frequent in publishing or not. Your blog post remains in the SERPS for as long as possible provided you follow the best search engine practices.


These are favourite blog promotion strategies that can produce results relatively quick, do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Let us hear you in the comment section below.

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8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

author-pic Author Bio
Kane Williamson is the SEO Manager at UK Dissertation Crown a private firm. She lives in London and has expertise in SEO, Web Analytics, and research writings and has helped many of clients to successfully promote their online business. You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

A myth is known as a widely held but false belief or an idea. In the world of blogging, there are many blogging myths. Here I am going to reveal some myths!
8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

  1. Myth #1 If You Build It Reader Will Come
There is a myth that they will come if you build it. No, it’s not true, they won’t because it’s only a Building minor blogging part. Thousands or millions of blogs are published every day and if you want to get your work seen then the right way is to develop a real strategy to make your content get seen.

  1. Myth #2 300-700 per Posts Are Best
There is a myth that has grown too much that a blog containing 300-700 is the best. No, it’s not true because the audience wants to see helpful and interesting content, they don’t consider a number of words or they don’t have any issues with that. Their main focus is on the quality of material written on the blog.

  1. Myth #3 Blogging - All about Writing
It can be a yes but a no too. Blogging is actually not about writing. It is a way you provide interesting material which catches eyes of the audience. So it’s just not about writing. It’s about content that is helpful, entertaining and according to recent issues.

  1. Myth #4 Bloggers try to avoid Sharing Blogs of There Competitor’s
It’s usual and natural to feel unsecured by someone who has a better blog than you or a  big audience than you but it can be helpful if you share the blog with your competitor's posts .it shows your followers that you want to help them, even if it’s going on someone else blog than yours.

  1. Myth #5 If Blogger Get One Influencer to Share My Post I’ll Be Golden
Many bloggers think that It is great when your posts go famous or someone with millions of followers uses them. It helps in boosting traffic but keep in mind that this kind of traffic is for short time period only because if your blog is not designed attractively so it is too hard for the reader to search the answers relating to his question.

  1. Myth #6 Blog Daily
Many people think that by increasing there a number of posts can make there blog successful but it’s a wring thinking. The blogs with most followers are the one who has material based on extraordinary skills and valuable content, great research and analysis. So do not work to increase to blog post count. Try to produce valuable content. 

  1. Myth #7 Having Stylish Fonts Is More Important Than Quality of Material
Yes, this true that colours and style catch the eye but do remember in blogging your readers are looking for content with quality so be sure your content provide easily readable and full of quality content. Do remember in blogging appearance is secondary. In the busy lives of people, they don’t want to spend extra time in understanding the font.

  1. Myth#8 Blogging Is an Easy Way to Earn Cash
Well, nowadays money is everything. Lots of bloggers start blogging with a thought that it is an easy way to earn cash but it is not true it is not an easy way. Even people start posting, they see that there is no income coming so they quit. An important thing to keep in mind is It isn’t going to be easy without hard work and requires a lot of dedication.

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10 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

author-pic About author
Anyaogu Ikechukwu is a blogger and editor at He loves helping young people start and grow their business. 

Have you created a blog? If yes, welcome to the blogging world. When people tell me they are bloggers, it gives me joy because they have decided to escape the “dangerous” unemployment in Nigeria.

Blogging is a passion and a business (to me). So you don’t have to joke about it. It may not be paying you now, but give it time. However, if you’ve decided to own a blog, that means you will be competing with more than 152 million blogs in the blogosphere.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistakes can ruin any business. Even in blogging, they are certain mistakes you must avoid if you really want to be a successful blogger.

In this post, I will share 10 blogging mistakes you must avoid.

#1: Having No Business plan
If you want to leverage blogging, you must be willing to make it a business, and writing a business plan is the starting point.

To be frank, I started blogging without a business plan.
Do you know what happened?

· At a point, I was fed up. I can’t move on again.

· I had no vision. I couldn’t determine the future of the blog

· I knew nothing about Niche. I was blogging about everything

In fact, my first post was a plagiarised content. I copied it from Google and posted it on the blog. I deleted it when I discovered that I might cause trouble to myself.

What are my trying to say?

You need a business plan for your blogging business. A business plan will include

· Your executive summary

· Your blog objectives

· Analysing your competitors and the keyword they are ranking for

· Sales and marketing plan

· Strategies to make money from your blog

· An exit plan

Yes, I included exit plan because I discovered a lot of bloggers don’t value it.

It won’t take you much time to write that. It took me four days to write mine.

#2: Not investing – Always looking for ‘freemium’
I am sick and tired of seeing so many, and blogs. If you want to go for a blogger blog, get yourself a domain name and connect it to your blog.

If you want to go for WordPress, get yourself a domain name and web hosting and then install WordPress as easy as that.

A domain name is not more than $12 (N4k). You can even get web hosting at NameCheap for as low as $10.

#3: Not posting often
Yes, you have to post often if you want to build a successful blog. Not just any kind of post, but a high-quality contents that give value to your audience or can push them to take action.

If you have no visited Linda Ikejis blog, do it now and Learn from her. She posts more than 10 articles per day.

Although it’s not easy for someone who is just starting out. But just try and post at least 3 times a week.

#4: Posting articles without promotion
Many bloggers hit the publish button, log out and then sleep. This is a blogging mistake that cannot fetch you any traffic.

In fact, more work needs to be done after you hit the publish button. What I do when I hit the publish button is

· I go to Google webmasters tool and index the post

· Go to Buffer and schedule the post to all my social media platforms

· Use pilot poster and schedule to all Facebook groups

Doing this constantly will increase your blog visibility and get your more traffic.

#5: Plagiarism
This is a blogging mistake you must avoid in your blogging career. I have discovered that Most Nigerian bloggers are very lazy to write their own posts.

In fact, if you can write, then no need to blog (Unless you have the money to pay people to write it for you)

This is what plagiarism can do

· It will tarnish your image online

· I can lead to an arrest.

· Google AdSense will ban you from using their platform

You need to desist from this, Even if you need to copy, do it professionally. Cite the blog you copied from and add a link to the post.

#6: Neglecting Email marketing
If you don’t have an email marketing account, you are losing. It has been proven that email marketing is the best marketing strategy on the internet.

This is because people value their emails more than any other thing. You can’t even do most things on the internet without your mail.

When you want to create a facebook or twitter account, they will ask you for your email.

When you want to buy web host, you must enter your valid email. Now imagine when you have 100,000 email subscribers, that money.

Bear in mind that it is better to have 500k subscribers thank 500k followers on twitter or facebook.

#7: Not building a social media audience
You have to start creating value on social media if you want people to know you and your business.

Don’t post too many links in your in your updates. Learn to post updates that people like and can make them take action.

You can add me on facebook. (

#8: Neglecting SEO
Search engine optimisation is very important in online business. Don’t ever do without it (Although GT Igwe Chrisent said it's for broke bloggers - link:

How do you get started?

· Index your posts in Google, Bing and Yandex webmasters tools

· Use SEO plugins like Yoast

· Writing quality contents.

· Build Backlinks

I want to let you know that SEO takes time to work. You have to give it time.

#9: Not networking
If you don’t get connected to your fellow bloggers, then how do you think you will succeed? Join blogging groups on Facebook. Follow popular bloggers on twitter and you will see how you will improve.

Don’t also forget the power of team work. Form your own team of bloggers with a similar mindset.

#10: Depending only on AdSense
Let me talk about money making. I don’t understand the reason why many bloggers will depend on AdSense. They are many ways you can make money online, You don’t rely totally on AdSense. Wrapping up Above all don’t ever quit.

Blogging is a big business that can make you richer than many bankers, Doctors, Engineers and even politicians (lols).

You can check out Pat Flynn income report for last most at

Your Turn

Which of these has really affected your blogging business? Share with us.

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Two Ways to Start an Online Business

author-pic About Author
[Ahmed Mukaila is an information marketer with a strong desire for delivering unique, engaging and traffic-generating content. Although relatively new on the internet marketing niche, he’s already creating waves in the industry. You can visit his blog, Money Mindset Dot Biz

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to start an online business? Do you know that there are two ways most online marketers start their online business? You for sure fall into one of the categories.
Here are there:

Two Ways to Start an Online Business

Category 1:
This is the category most internet marketers fall into and here is how it goes:
A great business idea flows into your mind. An idea that can turn your financial life around for good. The idea of the year. You do some research on the business idea to see if it will be a welcome idea. You talked to your friends about it and they approve of it. And then you go for it.
You executed the idea by making the product or services and put it up for people to buy.

The only problem?
They did not.

You start wondering what went wrong. Maybe you did not market it well or your landing page was not converting and need to be changed. It is not your marketing neither was it your landing page. Your marketing was fine, your landing page was also perfect.

Nobody bought because you were just one of the noise already in the noisy market. You are just one more online marketer trying to sell something in the online marketplace and they don’t have time for you. It is nothing personal, it is just the reality. But, what about category 2?

Category 2:
This is where I and otherwise online marketer belong and you will be surprised about the difference and the results. Here it goes:

You have a great idea, you do your research to make sure you are entering late into the market. You talk to your friends and potential buyers about the idea and you get positive response to carry on.
You made your decision to go for the business idea. But, you did not just start making the product or service. Instead, you decided to first find your audience and build a list around the audience.
You build a list of few hundred people interested in the exact product or service. You build a good relationship and conversation with your subscribers by sharing valuable contents with them.
Now, you get their attention.

Then, you build a product or service and let your subscribers know about it. They start showing interest about it by asking more questions about the product or service. When the launch day comes, you put it up for sale and 50% buys. Do you see the difference between the two categories? Here is a way I can explain the second category for you to understand very well:

Case Study 1: 250 Subscribers Generated $4,000 for a Launch.
Mike buys a product online from Paul Walker. Mike went through the product and realised that it will be very difficult for people to understand and execute what was stated in the product as it took him time to do, and they will need help with it. So Mike decides to create a list around this product and then created a course on how to use the product.

He got up to 250 subscribers who were interested in getting help with the product and he made $4,000 from the course he sold to them.

From the day he taught about the idea to the time he launched the product only took him a month plus. He sold the product for only 2 weeks. Imagine you get this kind results and repeat every month!

Case Study 2: 1000 Subscribers Generated $85,000 in Sales
Anita wanted to create a product that helps bloggers solve their SEO problems. So, he created a list around the topic of SEO for effective blogging.

She was able to grow and nurture her list from 0 to 1000 subscribers quickly. In the process, she was collecting data on what her subscribers really want so she can add them to the product. As she was collecting data, building a strong relationship with her list, she was building her product.
She launched the product, run the campaign for only 2 weeks and she was able to generate $85,000 in sales. This only happened within 90 days.

When thinking of selling online, building your audience should be your first priority before creating the product or service to sell. It is easier to sell when you already have an audience that KNOWS, LIKE, and TRUST you.

Here is What to Do When Starting an Online Business

Choose a Niche
Choose a niche with buyers already waiting for you. A niche with a lot of interest just like SEO, health, making money, business, dating etc.

Create an Offer
This offer will be your bait to get them to sign up to your email list. It should be very enticing that they have to give you their email address so as to get it. Sometimes it can be as simple as just telling them that when they subscribe, they can free daily or weekly update about that subject you are marketing on.

Build a Relationship with your Audience
Keep your subscribers and readers interested in what you share with them. Do it to the point where they see only you as their solution.

Test your Product
Validate your idea or offer to your subscribers to make sure you're on the right track. Ask for feedback and make any adjustments. This is very necessary to avoid you wasting your time creating what people will not buy.

Launch the Product
Launch when you have enough subscribers to make it count. The actual number will depend on your topic and niche. You saw from one of the case studies above that it can be done with just 250 subscribers if the topic is narrow enough. I know that you have been a condition to think that you have to build the product first before you build your audience. It is not as effective as building an audience first before you build the product. The next time you have an idea, give this technique a shot!

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How To Make Money With Your YouTube video

YouTube has been rated as one of the best place to study online and it allows you earn money even while learning from it platform. The key is having videos that people actually watch.

How Make Money With Your YouTube video

That is a hard thing to do and you have to be ready for the long haul if you want to make REAL money from YouTube. Figure out the kind of videos you want to make and consider making a video every day. When it comes to YouTube, I always say that create Weird/Controversial/Hilarious/Informative content. And, it should transcend people's expectations. In this age, normal doesn't work. You've to challenge the views of people or present something which they weren't expecting. Once you do that, you're in - BIG TIME.

First It takes a certain personality to be on camera and it takes another personality to be a good speaker a good example is the guy that makes $5m+/yr and he puts out a lot of videos, visit source market and watch some of his crazy SEO videos Just go look at his videos, and you know why he gets alot of traffic...

All you need to know now is that All the money from YouTube comes from monetization if your in YouTube for the money then smash out quality videos don't worry about subscribers or comments just look at the views. With views they translate every thousand views depending on your location e.g. You have a video from 2015 that has 1 million views and growing and a video from now with 10 thousand views you still make money from the 2015 video as it still has monetization on it you could also get yourself a explainer animation video to tell people what your channel is about.

Just put his in mind that if you have enough knowledge about Adsense and Ad Network so it'll easy for you to making money from YouTube. I think you also have to acquire knowledge about YouTube SEO. It'll more helpful for you. If you already started then now you needed more and more traffic so now you have to search about how you can increase your traffic.

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How to Get More Photo Editing Job

Most people think work will land in their lap. You have to work to get work. A local detailer near me became very successful by being transparent with the quality of his work on social media by sharing photos and reviews on FaceBook, YouTube and Instagram. Social Media started his business. After creating a presence he started to pay for local paid advertising on FaceBook to get more exposure and business.

How to Get More Photo Editing Job

He even joined car club forums as a sponsor. After he moved in to his own shop he started to contact and build relationships with car storage facilities, car dealers, mechanic shops, audio installation shops... They all recommend him for business. Moral of this story is he had to work on getting the work. It's no different with you. Do you have a portfolio? How can someone view your work? What do you offer? How can someone benefit? Who benefits? What type of relationships can you build to get continuous work? Is there even a market for what you do?

I think the latter is very important.. A lot of times we have this talent and skill that we believe could make us a fortune but there's no market for it. Very rarely are companies saying "hmm... I need to find someone who can remove this background from this image"... Usually their Graphic Designer or even Web Designer can do it. Or the company they pay to build their web sites have someone in house. It's not really an outsourced thing. Perhaps you can get creative and take up Photography and Web Design too. Offer perhaps Exotic Car dealerships a professional photo package that includes pro shots, professional imagery, and brochures for their vehicles.

1.Get on: Upwork 1st, Guru, Freelancer, create a profile and start looking at successful freelancers doing what you do save their profiles.

2.Create a job post for the same work you do and see how the best freelancers are applying to your job and look at their portfolio.

3.Upload your work samples to G-drive or dropbox and link them right in your proposal don't attach them(People are lazy they like easy)

4.Again emulate the best guys that applied to your sample job use their profile and proposals as a template(The ones that earn the most money)

5.Start a blog use it as an online resume if you don't have one already so that you can become an authority

6.Offer to guest post on other blogs, magazine sites, and websites that deal with your field

7.Use linkedIn into network

8.Find Bloggers that do what you do and look at their resume, then apply to the same places(They obviously hire people that do that work)

9.Get on Social media

Overall I would focus on Upwork Or fiverr 1st then build out.
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How To Make Your Blog Url An House Hold Name

author-pic About author
Kayode oluwatobiloba is a blogger at dailyguide, hoping to help you and your business.

One of the best things a man would ever seek or hope for is to be successful at what he does. And to this, I bet you will agree with me that fame is one of those things that makes up a career success.

How To Make Your Blog Url An House Hold Name

In my own view of things and those who would believe with me, I stand to say that blogging is not just one of those online stuffs but a business that is worth venturing into.

It saddens my heart to announce that so many bloggers who carry vision and value are quitting the business because the fame is not coming as expected.

So many blogger are pained because of the sleepless nights they spend writing articles, the data bundles they invest in making research just to make quality posts and yet the popularity is not coming fast.

Here is a message for you, don't be bored reading, we have a gold to dig out of the ground here so that your blog url can also become an house hold name in Nigeria.

I have been able to collate 5 working strategies that will make your blog url an house hold name and we are going to be discussing the one by each below.

1. Offer Value :
The blogging world is growing everyday and people keep strolling in with different concepts and reasons. So many bloggers care less of the values they can add to their readers but are of more concern of what they can get from them.

Who pays for no reason ?

Your reader aint fools, they know when you are giving them value and when you are not.

They know when your article are helpful, they might not be commenting yet, they are just watching to see if you will be consistent.

If your blog url must become an house hold name, you must know that it will be mentioned for one reason and that is the value you add.

Forget about your niche, every niche has the potential of offering something great, it only take dedication to fish it out.

You are one this blog because it adds value.

2. Be Consistent :
Remember I said earlier that blogging is not just one of those online stuffs but a business.

A business in its real sense has got lots of ups and downs. No business booms in just two or three months. It takes time and consistency.

Will you take your time to go visit the footer of some great blog you see today and you will discover things like;

(C) 2010-2017 or (c) 2005-2017.

They have been in the business for long and despite the odds, they never chickened out and now you hear their names.

When the building of Rome started, they were like when will this be fully made but they continued and now it is not just a building but a city, not just known locally but internationally.

If you have quitted, about to or still in, you had better arrive at what value you want to offer and be consistent if you really want your blog url to become an household name.

3. Invest and Sacrifice :
If you really believe your blog is your company, your organisation, your establishment and you foresee a great future in it then you must invest in it.

Take it or you leave it, blogging is as engaging as an office work. You have got to sacrifice time and resources, and guess what, we work on weekends, no public holidays.

You have got to write quality posts and share them.

If your blog url must become an household name then, you must be ready to invest in it. You have got to pay to make needful changes, buy necessary things, do marketing and blog promotions so as to reach your target audience.

It is not a joking matter.

4. Bare Your Audience In Mind :
The gospel truth you must hold with your left hand is that I as a person won't speak about a blog that doesn't add value or bare me in mind.

Forget it, you created you blog to meet a need, to serve a purpose and to quench a thirst and that is why people visit you. Traffic don't care about anything else except how your blog can be of help to them and what will prompt them to tell their friends about your blog is the result of the value added to them or the services rendered to them on your blog that was of great quality.
You must know you visitors, understand them, relate with them, hear their views, see how you can fit in to their wants and they will spread you.

5. Be Humble :
I perceive you might be wondering what this has got to do with making your blog an household name.

May I let you into one secret today, humility is one of the key factors that pulls up a blog and the blogger. When you see a proud blogger, you see a proud content and when you see a proud content you see an irritated audience and when your audience start getting irritated on your blog, I will advice you put it on OLX and sell it. Lol.

Getting to make people know what you offer and how constantly visiting your blog can be of help to them requires you to be humble beyond measure.

Give them the impression that you want to serve them an not the other way round. Stay genuine and you will soon hear your neighbour tell you about your own blog.

See, the fact is that there are absolutely no secrets to some things in life, all they need are just principles. These are just a few principle to follow, tips that will help.

If you really had passion for blogging before entering into it, then let your passion drive you.

I am interested in getting your views and ideas, let's rub minds together via comments.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

author-pic About Author
Sopuru Egbodo is an exceptionally good freelance content writer and digital marketing expert. He has worked with two different Nigerian digital marketing companies where he wrote contents for their blogs and also managed their clients’ online accounts. 

At the creation of the first blog in 1994, it was just used as an online alternative to the normal diary and was mostly limited to same. But as time progressed, the use for blogging started to expand from just sharing one’s life experiences online to other facets of life.

Internet penetration rate as at 2016 in Nigeria was at 46.1%. That means that, 86,219,965 of Nigerians had access to the internet that year via smart phones or PCs. Blog reach also expanded rapidly such that one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria has a daily reach of over 2 million. Though there is no exact record of the number of Nigerians who read blogs, the huge patronage of blogs such as LindaIkejisblog and Bellanaija goes to show that blogging thrives in our clime and could be incorporated into the marketing strategy of your business.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

These are 5 reasons why your business needs a blog.

To Boost Website Traffic

Typical business websites may be made up of only 5-10 pages and are usually just enough to sell your proposition, but might not be enough to attract potential customers to your website. This is why you need a blog. Blogging is an immense source of traffic to business websites.

With a blog on your business website traffic from search engines are drawn to your website. But this happens only when the contents on your blog are well optimised and are indexed on the search engines. This means that getting search engines to drive traffic to your website, requires the use of core content marketing tactics and the ability to answer the questions and queries of your target audience using your blog. For example, if your business is in the fashion industry and your blog contents are well optimized with keywords, your blog can show up on the first page of search engine results when those keywords are searched for. Since most people do not go beyond the first page of search engine results, they will get to visit your company’s website more if it is found on the first page. Here, it is advised that you build a blog into your business website as against having a standalone blog.

For Thought Leadership
Imagine having a problem you intend to resolve quickly, but couldn’t find help and the few people who did come around didn’t provide any reprieve. But then a guy appears, and not only provides the help you needed but consistently comes back to check on you. That’s what having a business blog does for people who come online to research for answers to their pressing needs in your niche. They want solutions to their problems. For this reason, they expect to have that one source that they can always rely on to provide them needed solutions. This is where blogging comes in.

A blog helps you maintain a thought leadership position in the minds of your audience. With a blog you can position your business as a subject area expert and thought leader. But there’s also need for the provision of quality, consistent and frequent content that’ll make them trust you and keep them coming back for more of your offerings. In the long run this leads to sales.

To Tell Your Brand's Story
Though a business website provides necessary information about your business. What you do, mission statement, contact details and the rest, it does not comprehensively say all about you.

When a brand fails in telling its own story, there’s a tendency that it’ll be mis-understood, painted in bad light and dis-trusted.

A blog provides you an avenue to share your brand’s story with the world. You can share the story of your completed projects, clients you’ve worked with, or achievements. Publishing information such as these, positions your business in the minds of your readers as an experienced industry expert who’s capable of handling their jobs. It helps in making them trust your ability to deliver on projects.

To Generate Leads 
Usually, the main goal of business websites is to convert visitors into customers. Using the inbound strategy, this means that you should find a way to keep in touch with your website visitors until they are ready to buy. A blog helps you do this better. By creating specific types of content on your blog and merging them with lead magnets like e-books, you can get visitors on your blog to release their contact details like emails and phone numbers for a more targeted marketing and this is more likely to convert them to buy.

For Easy Communication With Visitors
Every post on your blog provides your audience another opportunity to interact with you. Some visitors to your website might not think that their question warrants an email or message through your contact form, but finds it convenient to drop their queries via the comment section of your blog.

Having a blog perfectly solves this problem and helps gain more leads and customers for your business. With a blog you can start a discussion and assist them, and equally use the opportunity to further demonstrate your knowledge, and expertise in your niche.

Have you learnt anything? 

Do you have other points to add to the list? I would like to read them. Sopuru Egbodo is an exceptionally good freelance content writer and digital marketing expert. He has worked with two different Nigerian digital marketing companies where he wrote contents for their blogs and also managed their clients’ online accounts. 

His main strength is in writing search engine optimized contents for web, editing and proof-reading, search engine marketing, social media marketing and Pay Per click ads.

He can be reached via or through mobile number +2348111524247. You can also follow him on facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
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How do i Start Blogging and How Much to Start With

Building a blog has to do with thinking and putting every idea you have in place like choosing a niche, also selection of platform is one thing you must be ready to do so that you won't be stressed out.

Writing a blog has easily become one of the most famous methods for interacting and growing facts and details. There are basically large numbers of weblogs online (don’t fear, you could create yours get noticed and get noticed!).

How do i Start Blogging  and How Much to Start With

The biggest question you will have to answer is what kind of content will you provide. Are you going to write about internet marketing? Are you going after a particular niche? I think once these questions are answered you will be well on your way to knowing your target market, audience, etc.

If you are going in the general field of make money online "mmo", then I suggest getting content ideas from places like this forum, and other similar forums that you can find with a quick google search. If you are going into a specific niche, make sure your offers are congruent with your blog type.

The last piece of advice is to leverage your time. As much as you can automate your business do it. As much as you can post, do it consistently. Start out with 1-3 posts a week and make sure to post your articles on syndication platforms and follow what leaders in your niche do.

It’s a great way to show yourself and also a amazing way to discuss details with others.
You become a better individual and a better author.

The best reason? You can generate income doing it!

5 Actions on How to Start a Blog

There’s five primary steps you need to go through in to set up your weblog. If you adhere to this information and the five steps, you’ll have your own weblog set up in Half an hour or less.

Get a domain for less than 12$ then your hosting plan  and get started but you don't need any hosting on blog all you need is just a domain name.

  • Choose your chosen weblog platform
  • Choose web hosting service for your blog
  • Setting up your weblog on your own domain
  • Design your blog
  • Useful useful blogging

Irrespective of anything few things you have to do else you will be in the loser category of blogging starting and ending in few days.

1. Good domain name.
2 dedicated quality server - most important
3. Don't get any paid theme or plugins downloaded for free and installed.
4. Change your Admin panel name from admin to some other.
5. Read ways to bring traffic.
6. Consistent but dedicated postings is the key to success.
7. Social share plays a major role.
8. Last backlinks , backlinks and backlinks else your blog will end within a month for sure....Personal experience which no one will till you...I too came to knw much later.
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Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

author-pic About author
Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s best freelance writer and founder of BLOG-O-LOGY. A free WhatsApp community where he teaches bloggers how they can generate traffic, make passive income, build an email list, and much more. Why not click to join while it is still free.

Today, I want to talk to all these bloggers that have been making me angry these days with the way they handle blogging business. I have been blogging for years now and every day I see bloggers make one mistake or the other regarding blogging.

Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

Every day I get approach by newbie bloggers or bloggers that have been blogging for years but are not seeing the fruit of their labour in the blogosphere.
But, before I go further with this post. I want to let bloggers know that they will never get rich with blogging if they continue to do the wrong thing. And this is one problem, they don’t even know the wrong thing they are doing.
Here is why you will never make money from your blog if you continue like this:

Your Only Goal is to Make Money
This one is very common. I do get so many inbox messages from bloggers asking me how they can make money as a blogger. They do complain about their Adsense earning being too low and how they can increase their traffic so their Adsense earning will increase.

They don’t spend time to see why they are not getting traffic to their blog. They spend time doing keyword research and when they find a particular keyword ranking high, they quickly go and create a post around the keyword so they can get organic traffic to their blog hoping to increase their blog earning.

They have forgotten that they are writing for human beings. They don’t even care if the keyword is related to their blog niche. The passion is not the driving force but the money is.
They just splash advert everywhere. I remember someone asked me to check out his blog. When I did, I close up to 3 pop-ups. I was mistaking advert content from his blog post that I clicked two advert contents thinking it was blog post.

I visited his blog because he asked me to check out one of his post so he can hear my input. I ended up not even reading the post because I was so angry with closing pop-up upon pop-up and the close button were very tiny.

Probloggers don’t make money that way. If I am to give you my two cent advice, I will tell you to go and study your readers and check out the kind of post that get the highest views.

Do not publish contents for content sake. Do it because you are writing for an audience.

You don’t Promote your Content
I know of many bloggers that spend up to 90% creating and publishing blog post and only spend 10% promoting their blog post.
If you don’t share your blog post, who will read it?

It still amazes me when bloggers spend hours crafting beautiful post and can’t even spend 20 minutes to promote that same post. Some still go as far as publishing up to 3 contents a day and don’t even promote them.

For crying out loud, good content needs good promotion.
What makes you think because your content is SEO friendly, you don’t need to promote the content? Google will crawl your post right? Continue!

You Are Not Asking the Right Questions
Do you want to know the most popular questions I get asked weekly? Here they are:

  • How do I make money with my blog?
  • How can I get more traffic to my blog?
  • How do I monetize my blog?

These are the questions I always get from newbie bloggers. They don’t ask the right questions.

You want to know what the right question should be?
What about if they ask me, ‘Is my blog capable of getting traffic?’ ‘Can I make money from this kind of blog?’
If your headlines are not engaging, why will people want to click and check out your post? Because you know that almost all blogs (excluding mine) do have content like “How to make money”, you still went ahead to write yours hoping that people will still check yours out.
Do people still read such kind of content online these days?
The headline rule still applies to your content. If your contents suck, nobody will come back to check on your new post no matter the topic.
You want to get rich with blogging? Learn how to ask the right questions.

You Are Simply Too Lazy
It is normal when I see bloggers fantasize about becoming the next 6 figure blogger. Yet, they don’t do what those 6 figure bloggers did to attain that position. Some bloggers are just too lazy. They won’t guest post at top blogs so their blog can gain good visibility.

They are ready to spend the whole day on online forums looking for the next SEO techniques to copy and try on their blog. Instead of them focusing on creating good contents for their blog, they are out there at another person’s blog downloading free eBooks they think will solve their problems.
To become a problogger, you just need to spend time creating good contents for your readers, create good network with top bloggers who can help you with counsel, drop guest post on niche blogs with your potential audience, and study what contents your readers read more so you know how to create more of such contents.

You Don’t Have a Product/Service
Bloggers, please stop this idea of just depending on Adsense as your only means of earning income from your blog. It will kill you as a starter. You will need to have a mass of traffic to be able to pull consistence earning from Adsense.

If your posts are solving problems for your readers and they are liking it and have come to trust you, why don’t you create a product or offer a service that can help them solve a particular problem you know they are experiencing regarding your niche of blogging?

I don’t need Adsense, maybe not yet. I provide freelance writing services and help success driven people start and run a successful blogging business. I render services, I sell products too and I also make money through affiliate.
With these, I rake in good amount of cash monthly.

Stop doing these things I mentioned above and make a change on how to make your blog life easier by working with a mentor or coach that can help you.

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How Technology Will Change Our Lives By 2025?

author-pic Author Bio
Joseph Carey is the writer of this blog. He is head ofthe writing team of an online enterprise. As a researcher and writer at , he also assists students with their papers. Nowadays he is focusing his writing on science, technology and new media. You can contact him on Google Plus.

The advancement in technology is transforming the way we live our lives. Today, scientists are rapidly developing innovative devices that are empowering people to accomplish their work easily and speedily.

How Technology Will Change Our Lives By 2025?

As a matter of fact, many scientists and researchers have predicted that in the coming years we will be taking help robots to do our day to day chores. In this post, we will share some predictions about how technology is going to change our lives by 2025. Some predict the prevalent of smart homes and connected cars, while some anticipate that augmented reality will introduce a new idea of shopping.
Without further ado, let’s find out how technology will change our lives by 2025:

  • Delivery Drones

This will be a great technology gift that we will experience in the coming years. This hi-tech machine makes the delivery process more easy and convenient for both business and customers. Delivery drones will enable the business to deliver ready orders at customer’s exact location in rocket rapid manner. It means in coming years you will get your pizza delivered in an incredible way that is beyond your expectation. Isn’t it an amazing idea to grab oven hot pizza rapidly?

  • Flying Taxi

Do you get stuck in high traffics queues on a daily basis? Don’t need to worry because in the coming years flying taxi will help you reach your destination safely in a hassle-free way. Yes, scientists have developed a flying taxi model that will be very soon available in developed countries. Flying taxi model is designed to overcome rising traffic issues.
 In addition, customers need to choose their destination on GPS as flying taxi will be operated without any driver. The driverless cab will follow the route and transport you to your prescribed destination.

  • Hyperloop One System

Like broadband has boosted internet speedy Hyperloop One will boost traveling speed. This is just an incredibly fast track method of transportation that is already installed in many cities. It will enable people to move from one place to another especially in cities at aircraft speed at affordable tickets.

Hyperloop One is a safe and fast track transport system for people who very often need to travel from one city to another. If your car takes 10 hours to travel from Sydney to Melbourne than Hyperloop One will enable you to travel the same distance in 55 minutes.

  • Self-Driven Robots

According to a recent scientific research, it is revealed that future robots would have an artificial mind like humans. That’s means that by 2025 robots would have a mind like super humans so they could easily perform multiple tasks without any instruction.

The hi-tech programming software would empower the robots to think and act like real humans so that they would easily perform domestic and professional workplace tasks. Self-driven robots would speedily analyzes the current requirements of their work and accomplish them till the end.

  • Control Home with Apps

In the nearby future, all of us need to install an app for controlling our home appliances. This technology is already introduced in some countries and people are benefitting from it. Home controlling apps enables users to switch on and off home appliances in a remote manner. Some innovators are engaged in developing devices that will allow you to communicate with home appliances like talking to humans.
In the end, it could be said now that surely these hi-tech devices not only make the human task easy but also save an ample amount of time. Share this information in your network as well to amaze everyone with the incredible perks of advancing technology.

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How Correctly Revise your Paper

So, if you need to gain a better understanding of where to start with it, then keep reading and take notes of our useful tips.
How Correctly Revise your Paper

If you think that the actual process of crafting the dissertation is your primary task, then you would be right, but only partially. The thing is that even though you will spend hours researching the topic and then putting your findings into words, but you might spend as much time on revision. The quality review can make all the difference for the thesis in general.

So, if you were not going to revise the paper once you finish it, then you should change your mind now and make it much better with our simple steps. But first things first: why revising the thesis after all? Experts at are ready to help you revise your paper 24/7.

Why you should revise the paper

  • There are many possible answers to this question. But we have decided to pick the most relevant ones. 

  • It will prepare you for the defence of your thesis. Nothing helps you memorise the things more than going over them several times in a row. So, revision can be of much help to you here. 

  • It will strengthen your image of an excellent student. When your dissertation looks flawless, you automatically create a positive image for yourself which is always a good idea. 

  • It will help you improve your writing skills. The next time you get down to composing a big piece of writing, you will know what the most common mistakes you make and be more attentive to avoid them. 

  • It will make you less affected with the criticism. It is the case when you start revising the paper after someone has made some comments on what to change and how to make it better. 

H1 How to revise the thesis 

Now, as you understand all the reason about the dissertation revision, you should get down to the actual process of review. It goes down to four main things: 

1. Grammar checking. 
2. Spelling correction. 
3. Rephrasing. 
4. Cutting some parts out. 

There is no need in explaining how each of these parts is essential to the general quality of the thesis. But to make sure you are doing everything right, follow these steps when reviewing your dissertation. 

1. Print out the hard copy of the thesis. It is easier if you can edit the hard copy and then add these comments to the actual document.

2. Focus on one problem at a time. For instance, it is better if you can focus on grammar checking first, and go over the whole thesis checking it. And only once you are done with it, you should proceed to the checking the spelling.

3. Use professional help whenever possible. It will save your time significantly. Thus, instead of checking everything yourself, you can contact writing services like ours and get our assistance in no time. Besides, you can always apply technological solutions like Grammarly to the paper to improve its quality. 

These are the steps in thesis revision which can improve the quality of this work and strengthen your positive image. Follow them and enjoy the best results.
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Top 10 Blogging Tools to Use to Improve your Blogging Career 2017

author-pic About Author
Kingsley umeh is a student,researcher and online marketer that loves sharing new business ideas for new and existing entrepreneurs on how to start,grow and manage an enterprise. Visit his blog @

Blogging is an easy and hard journey, I have to put it that way. Any blogger wants to make sure they have the best website and also be getting a tangible result as they are on their blogger's journey.

They are some blogging tools that I will recommend for you so as to use them to blog faster and easier, I have been using some of this tools quite for a while now and the result has been getting is very impressive. Here are the top 10 blog tools to use as a blogger to improve the way you blog.


I discovered this tool some time ago while I was surfing the Internet and what this tool does is that it acts as a proofreader, I will call it a grammar saver. Grammarly comes in different plans, 1 is a free plan and the rest are paid, it only supports Chrome browser.



 This tool is use for the serious SEO minded guys, it has great features on how to know the performance of your blog's SEO. One interesting fact about it is that it is free you can use the tool even without signing up.

3.Yoast SEO Plug-in

 Even though Yoast SEO plug-in is a premium service but it's worth the price, it plays a vital role in blog SEO it is only meant for those on Wordpress. Am thinking of moving from Blogspot to WordPress, lol because of the usefulness of this powerful tool.
Image, it's an automated social account meant only for websites and blogs. I do use their tool a lot even though am limited to some features, I use the free plan actually which I automatically link my blog URL with different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin. It is a good to go tool any blogger can use.

5.Google webmaster tools

 Another free and powerful tool from Google Inc, it has most of the feature on getting to know the performance of any blog whether its performance is or low or high side. Anyone can use to but first and foremost you need to verify your blog before they can grant you access to the full features.


 Any great post deserves a high-quality image and the best place to get that is from Pixabay, 90% of my blog post images are mostly from this useful site. You don't need to sign up or pay them to use their service, just utilize their search box and look for any sort of image you are looking for.


 As a blogger you don't need to be going about carrying your personal laptop just to write a blog post, this app is essential for bloggers when writing on any topic, it's both compatible with any android and blackberry mobile phones.

Useful ideas can come up at any time and the best way to never let go is to jot it down immediately with your Evernote app


 Feedburner has a lot of amazing features you use absolutely for free, it is owned and powered by Google Inc. You can offer email services such as using email subscription form to gather the emails of your reader when they subscribe to your blog post.

Mostly I use this tool to optimize my blog post image size so as to make it more SEO friendly for various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It doesn't require any registration, just log onto their site via and start using it while it last.

10.Google Analytics

 Any blogger must use this all else you don't take blogging seriously, what it does it that it helps to monitor the amount and source of traffic coming into your blog. It is both those using Blogspot, Joomla,  Wordpress or any blog platform you hosted your blog on.

Are they some other blogging tools you use too as a blogger that is not listed here? Do so by sharing it with us via the comment box!


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What is a Blog and choosing a Niche

A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). ... Blogging: The act of writing a post for a blog. Blogger: A person who writes content for a blog.

blogging has being fetching money for so many Nigeria and it has being one of my major source of earning as a student in the university but in this game of blogging you cant succeed without passion .

passion is the strong and barely controllable emotion we have different things and problem to handle everyday of our life but when we see they feature we wont look back and we struggled through the pains of posting and updating on our blog.

first my question is what niche would you like to start with? here is a link to decide wich niche then comment immediately

Nigeria News (Over 6 million readers every month)
Entertainment News (Over 6 Million Readers every month)
Live score (over 5 million readers every month)
Jobs in Nigeria (Over 5 Million readers every month)
Celebrity Gossips (Over 4 Million readers every month)
Nollywood Films (Over 4 Million readers every month)
Business Ideas in Nigeria (Over 3 Million readers every month)
Naija Musics (Over 4 Million readers every month)
Football News (Over 2 Million readers every month)
School News Updates (Over 500k readers every month)
How to Guide (Over 5 Million readers every month)
Make Money Online (Over 800k readers every month)
Free Browsing Cheats (Over 500k readers every month)
Technology (Over 500k readers every month)
Health (Over 500k readers every month)
Scholarships (Over 500k readers every month)
Prayer Points (Over 1 Million readers every month)
Sugar Mummy (Over 1 Million readers every month)
Sugar Daddy (Over 1 Million readers every month)
Blogging (Over 500k readers every month)
Fashion (Over 400k readers every month)
Cooking Tips (Over 100k readers every month)
Affiliate Marketing Tips (Over 200k readers every month)
Weight Loss (Over 200k readers every month)
Web hosting (Over 200k readers every month)
Phone Reviews (Over 200k readers every month)
Wedding (Over 200k readers every month)
Relationship (Over 200k readers every month)
Real Estate (Over 200k readers every month)
Politics (Over 200k readers every month)
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