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Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social bookmarking is now considered a very traditional way of promoting a website. But if used properly it still can be very effective. So what is social bookmarking? It is ideally just a way to organize, search, store and manage the bookmarks of different web pages.

It is normal for users to save links to various web pages that they like and want to share. And for this, they use the bookmarking site to store such links. Usually, these bookmarks are public and anyone can view them. Some examples of such bookmarking sites include and

Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social bookmarking can help improve traffic to your website. Sites such as mentioned above give you an opportunity to attract lots of traffic to the site. Research suggests that these websites offer best types of visitors in the form of viral traffic.

Visitors reaching your site through bookmarking sites generally visit because your website appeared during their search for a particular topic they were looking for. It is very important that you choose the right strategy for bookmarking the sites and also pick up the exact sites that allow such practices.

Because there are certain bookmarking sites that also mark your links to other websites as ‘nofollow.’ If such a thing happens the search engines stop following these links and you will not be able to get any benefit.

Search Engines List Bookmarking Sites

Search engines are known to list results that come from bookmarking sites. Hence if the links to your site are bookmarked, they have the maximum probability of showing up in the search results.

It is quite possible that people who are used to bookmarking may mark more than one bookmarking site increasing your chances of promoting your website.

Add Social Bookmarking Buttons

Many websites have social bookmarking buttons to their website. With a social bookmark links to the website or blog, it becomes easier for the readers to share and save your content. So, others can easily find it.
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The Importance of Building an Enviable Social Media Presence

author-pic Author bio
Loudtips. Samuel igwe is a passion driven web designer with first class Intel on how to set up a successful business online. I have helped some start-up business and individual’s succeed and maximize their income online. By providing them tactics and actionable techniques that will help them make more money online.

Social media, which was once considered to be a soon to fade out fad has today emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools. This era of marketing calls for two-way communication, interaction and rich personalization, and what better way than social media to reach out to consumers with relevant offerings, influence them and convert them, at minimal costs.

 With over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion having  active social media accounts, lacking social profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, you would lose out on reaching out and exposing your brand to a large market base. Social media for business is no longer optional. It’s a necessity if you want to make a mark for your brand.

The objective of marketing is creating brand awareness and instilling brand loyalty. Social media presence is a powerful medium to help your customers let know what your brand is about and how it intends to all value to their lifestyle. By humanizing your brand, you connect with your customers, address their pain-points and in the process increase brand awareness, retention and loyalty. Social media is a place where brands can act like people do, and this is important because consumers like doing business with other people; not with companies.

With social media, you can get access to huge amounts of customer data, in real time. By closely listening to social conversations, and implementing sentiment analysis, you can gather relevant customer data about which you customers are, where they are located, what they like and more importantly, what they feel about your brand. Braced with such valuable, wealth of information, you can take smart business decisions.

One of the significant advantages that social media offers are its capability to target and retarget niche and specific customers. Social media platforms have highly advanced segmenting capabilities that allow you to serve your ads to extremely specific audience. This implies better return on your investment and no wastage of valuable resources on the wrong customers.

The effectiveness of any Campaign Management Solution is adjudged by the cost it entails. The average cost per click on Google Adwords is between $1 and $2 and depending on the keyword targeted, you can end up paying $50 or more for a single click. But if you look at using social media to boost your posts, you will pay considerably less and at the same time, increase your brand recognition, interaction with consumers and be relevant and offer personalized experience.
Social media has offers opportunities for customers to convert. By effectively using social media presence, you can build communities of brand loyalists who in-turn can become strong brand influencers. Every post that you make can lead to site visits, and ultimately, give you on strong brand awareness and eventually lead to higher conversions.

By implementing well thought- out social media strategies, you can build trust and credibility around your blog, elements that are essential for sustainable growth. Brands that are able to display their consumer-centricity will be the ultimate winners and it is social media that can enable them to do so. It is time to jump on the social media bandwagon now.

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The Best Strategies to Write Great content for Every Social Media Network

author-pic About author
William Morris is the author of this blog post. William is an expert academic writer and works as a full-time employee for this company best Assignment Writing Service that handles students in their academic writing projects in different topics.

Social media networks required strong writing skills for content writing. However, not every social media mangers consider themselves writers. It should not be difficult writing great content for social media networks. Let’s learn how to write for social media networks by applying these strategies.


Why is it important to write well on social media networks?
Each post publishes on social media reflects brand name of that company. If the person is sloppy, the company will look sloppy too. Even worse, it could weaken the company’s success on social media. Due to this it is important to write in a best way on social media network. The copywriting criteria of social media require some unique skills for distinguishing the efficiency of writers as well as of company. Every company needs to be able to cram value into as few words as possible. It is also essential to be consistent and engaging at all times. This is exactly the cause of writing this post.

Provide clear value to the readers:
Make sure that your posts are able to answer the questions of readers and it would be possible for you by spending time on researching for speaking meaningful to the audience. By this you can tailor the content to help them solve their problems or even just improve their day. Make sure the content you post on the social media would be able to answer the following question. “What’s in it for me” in accordance with the readers perspective. What are the benefits that readers will get by reading the content? Give a tangible benefit tailored to your most valuable potential readers.

Speak Directly to the Audience:
One simple way for connecting to the readers is to write in the second person using words like you and your. It is considered as the simplest technique that immediately makes your writing more accessible and will also grab readers’ attention towards the post.

Headlines matters:
You are writing great content, but you are not writing a title worthy of grabbing attention of the readers. Create better titles that help your posts to be more promotable in the social media networks. Create a new title specifically for sharing your content in social media. Don’t just settle for a single title you must be posting your titles multiple times.

Build Curiosity:
Curiosity is essential for grabbing the interest of the readers. By citing a surprising fact, statistic, and quote or by asking a question are the ways to arouse readers’ curiosity and get them think about how much they have to learn about a topic.

Use Simple Language and Active Voice:
The research about how people read online shows that they actually do not read they scan. Public approaches the social networks feeds in the same way, scanning rather than reading waiting for the thing that catch their eye in the mobile world. Using clear and simple language is the best way to catch the followers’ attention long enough for encouraging them to read more.

Customize for the platform:
While sharing your content, develop the customizable posting feature on each social media platform this includes the headings, image and the description of the content that you are sharing. The social media marketers as well as the social media user is competing to catch the user’s eyes, so the more optimized your post is for a particular platform, the more effective social media promotion will be.

Share at the right time:
Many content marketers ignore this easy idea as it could be considered as a common sense. In favor of greatest commitments, the content that you are sharing need to reach as many people as possible, so you have to go where the crowd is at the time when they are available. Afterward you could accumulate a reorganization timetable for ensuring yourself to post during a certain time of the day. Keep in mind that different social media platforms may not have the same peak times.
Optimize for each Social network:
While the strategies discussed above are universal, there are a few specific to keep in mind for individual networks.

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How To Perform Directory Submission

A good clear, concise and short title. It should also be relevant to your content, website, etc.

Make sure and list your site in a relevant category/subcategory as well.
Keep your description to no more than 25 words. Typically you're not going to see much more than that in the directory listing or search results anyway. Keep your keywords relevant and limited to around 10-15.

Proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling are important as well. The more time an editor spends correcting your mistakes, the longer it takes you to get listed, or worse yet; you'll be rejected all together.

  1. You need to search for niche directories
  2. Then select a directory
  3. check it isn't a link farm or spammy
  4. Try to also check if it isn't in your log file
  5. Now find the appropriate category
  6. check you aren't already in there
  7. submit
  8. Finally it will be record in a log


  • Don't submit to every directory you can find, since most of them are junk.
  • Just because most of them are junk, don't disregard those that are not.
  • When you find some that are not junk, read through their site submission policies.
  • Spend some time looking around the directory, so you know what they are looking for.
  • Choose the most appropriate category, and submit to it.
  • Write a description that is appropriate for the directory you are submitting to.
  • When submitting to additional directories, try not to use the same site description. Change it up.
  • Don't get upset if the directory staff change your submitted description, as that shows that real people are looking at it.
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How to do Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking still have affective with major search engine its an old method, now days google increase fast ranking in article and guest posting only and social bookmarking is still have affective for major search engine for backlinks but slow ranking improv.

Now days google increase fast ranking in article and guest posting only and social bookmarking is still have affective for major search engine for backlinks but slow ranking improve.
Do you know why google decrease ranking from social bookmarking now days? because alot softwares are ready to do 1000 social bookmarking per day automatically, so google ignore that backlinks, if you do 50 bookmarking with high pr in 3 days so its look like manually work google give some affect and increase ranking, fast ranking only increase on article and guest posting.


Step 1
Go to social bookmarking network like or you can search more listings of social bookmarking networks from Google.

Step 2
Register on social bookmarking network. and activate your email like you do for your facebook account some networks direct login so they don't need activation some ask for activation.

Step 3
After registration you login on social bookmarking network.

Step 4
After logged in you click on submit button when you go in submit page they ask url write your website on url tab then click next.

Step 5
After click next they ask title , desc, tags you need to write keyword on title in Capital letters, and description you need to write paragraph with 50 words about your website in description, and tags in tags tab you need to write keyword on this with short letters as you written on title with capital letter.

Step 6
After you fill all tabs you need to write captcha code, in captcha code you need to write same words with up side of tab you see picture after you done captcha code click on submit button.

Step 7
After you click on submit button you will go direct in to home page of social bookmarking network you need to write in find box your website title which you submitted recently, or you can click on Upcoming tab or News tab after submitting your site.

Step 8
After you see your site submitted on social bookmarking network click on discuss or comment on your recently submitted site.

Step 9
After you go on discuss or comment page of your submitted site then copy browsers url and paste in to excel or word document.

Step 10
Your first social bookmark done with successfully now you close window of you first done social bookmarking open second network and do social bookmark same way as you see on my thread.

For targeted traffic, it's always good to have your links where it matters. Social bookmarking aint one of them. Choose your campaign well, and with the new rules, avoid spamming as much as possible.
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