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How Technology Will Change Our Lives By 2025?

author-pic Author Bio
Joseph Carey is the writer of this blog. He is head ofthe writing team of an online enterprise. As a researcher and writer at , he also assists students with their papers. Nowadays he is focusing his writing on science, technology and new media. You can contact him on Google Plus.

The advancement in technology is transforming the way we live our lives. Today, scientists are rapidly developing innovative devices that are empowering people to accomplish their work easily and speedily.

How Technology Will Change Our Lives By 2025?

As a matter of fact, many scientists and researchers have predicted that in the coming years we will be taking help robots to do our day to day chores. In this post, we will share some predictions about how technology is going to change our lives by 2025. Some predict the prevalent of smart homes and connected cars, while some anticipate that augmented reality will introduce a new idea of shopping.
Without further ado, let’s find out how technology will change our lives by 2025:

  • Delivery Drones

This will be a great technology gift that we will experience in the coming years. This hi-tech machine makes the delivery process more easy and convenient for both business and customers. Delivery drones will enable the business to deliver ready orders at customer’s exact location in rocket rapid manner. It means in coming years you will get your pizza delivered in an incredible way that is beyond your expectation. Isn’t it an amazing idea to grab oven hot pizza rapidly?

  • Flying Taxi

Do you get stuck in high traffics queues on a daily basis? Don’t need to worry because in the coming years flying taxi will help you reach your destination safely in a hassle-free way. Yes, scientists have developed a flying taxi model that will be very soon available in developed countries. Flying taxi model is designed to overcome rising traffic issues.
 In addition, customers need to choose their destination on GPS as flying taxi will be operated without any driver. The driverless cab will follow the route and transport you to your prescribed destination.

  • Hyperloop One System

Like broadband has boosted internet speedy Hyperloop One will boost traveling speed. This is just an incredibly fast track method of transportation that is already installed in many cities. It will enable people to move from one place to another especially in cities at aircraft speed at affordable tickets.

Hyperloop One is a safe and fast track transport system for people who very often need to travel from one city to another. If your car takes 10 hours to travel from Sydney to Melbourne than Hyperloop One will enable you to travel the same distance in 55 minutes.

  • Self-Driven Robots

According to a recent scientific research, it is revealed that future robots would have an artificial mind like humans. That’s means that by 2025 robots would have a mind like super humans so they could easily perform multiple tasks without any instruction.

The hi-tech programming software would empower the robots to think and act like real humans so that they would easily perform domestic and professional workplace tasks. Self-driven robots would speedily analyzes the current requirements of their work and accomplish them till the end.

  • Control Home with Apps

In the nearby future, all of us need to install an app for controlling our home appliances. This technology is already introduced in some countries and people are benefitting from it. Home controlling apps enables users to switch on and off home appliances in a remote manner. Some innovators are engaged in developing devices that will allow you to communicate with home appliances like talking to humans.
In the end, it could be said now that surely these hi-tech devices not only make the human task easy but also save an ample amount of time. Share this information in your network as well to amaze everyone with the incredible perks of advancing technology.

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How to Get Clients as New Web Development Company In Nigeria

Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Since you've started your own business you should know which kind of market your services are best needed.

Web Development Company in Nigeri

Provide an impressive portfolio
Set up an awesome website to showcase your previous work, who you are, what your company is about. Make sure to backup your website through setting up social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or where you think potential clients can find you.

Do you have numerous communication channels in place?
When scouting for clients, you should be able to reach leads/prospects through using different platforms. There are clients that prefer getting calls while some favor emails and live chat, text even. To make the most out of contacting leads, you should be available through different communication platforms. This boosts your chances of getting in touch with the right company/individual that may find value in your services.

What about a CRM?
A CRM is a must for any business, especially in the sales department. Your CRM allows you to keep a record of the leads and prospects you've contacted so far along with other important information that can help you determine the best approach for each of them.

If you'd like to maximize the use of your CRM and communication channels, it's best you look for a CTI or sales software like Tenfold. It can integrate these systems and provide you with an all-in-one interface where you can access everything -- from logs to recordings to customer information to report analytics. It pays to have everything in a single dashboard as it saves time and improves the way data are organized within your system.
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First Why you should create a blog and join the blogging community So below, I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog.

Let's base on Blogger  I mean  blogspot – Definitely the next best thing to WordPress

Step 1.
Navigate to using your web browser of choice.

Step 2.
Sign in using your Google Account to get started.

Step 3.
If you do not have a Google Account, click “Get Started” to create one.

Step 4.
Enter a “Display Name” to be used to sign your blog posts and click “Continue”.

Step 5.
Click “Create Your Blog Now

Step 6.
Select a “Blog title” and an available URL for your blog. You can check if the URL you are considering is available by clicking "Check Availability"(if it is unavailable try adding more letters and don't use things like hyphens,under scores, colons etc).

Step 7.
Enter the word verification and click continue.

Step 8.
Choose a starter template, which will act as the basic design/layout of your blog.

Step 9.
Click “Start Blogging”

Step 10.
You can create new blog posts, edit posts, and edit pages from under the “Posting” tab.

Step 11.
The title of your post goes in the text box next to “Title”.

Step 12.
The body of your post will get entered into the “Compose” text editor, where you will also be able to access basic text editor  functions such as font size, text color, the ability to insert links.

Step 13.
You can also use the “Edit HTML” tab to insert your post in HTML format, if you prefer.

Step 14.
The “Post Options” section located underneath the “Compose” text editor will allow you to enable reader comments, HTML settings, and post the time and date.

Step 15
You can now either select “Save Now” to save your post, “Preview” to preview your post before publishing to your blog, or “Publish Post” to publish your post directly to your newly created blog.

Step 16
If you wish to change the design of your blog from the starter template you selected when initially creating your blog, you can do so under the “Design” tab.

Step 17
From within the “Design Tab” you will be able to edit Page Elements, HTML, and change your template with Temple Designer.

Step 18
If you want to adjust other settings such as who is able to view, contribute to, or comment on your blog etc, click the “Settings” tab.

Step 19
You can adjust publishing, comments, archiving, permissions, and all other settings from within the sub-tabs located under the main “Settings” tab.

Step 20
You can add new authors that are able to contribute to and edit your blog by clicking the “Settings” tab> “Permissions” sub-tab, and selecting “Add Authors”.

I bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be reminded.

Tip 1
Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news.

Tip 2
You become a better person and a better writer.

Tip 3
The best reason? You can make money doing it!

The Steps Covered In This Blogging Guide

The 5 Easy Steps to Starting a Blog:

- Choose your preferred blogging platform
- Choose web hosting for your blog
- Setting up a blog on your own domain
- Designing your blog (the fun bit!)
- Useful resources for blogging

 comment if you need help thanks

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Effective Teaching with Technology – Tips & Tricks

author-pic Author Bio:
Natalya is one of the famous writers of this blog post who works in the education sector. His efforts are valuable for our viewers. His words and ideas helps in attracting readers effectively. Now working for Write my assignment | Assignmentdoer

The question, what makes a great instructor has been around since ages.
For success, different approaches work better for different students and professionals.

Success is obvious if proper ways and methods are used. More praise on students and letting them to discover integral things for themselves is important and it is not bound to any kind of research. Below mentioned tips and tricks can help students in achieving high grades without any further discrepancies. Follow them and gain success!


  1. Know about your subject: subject knowledge is one of the most important elements that lead towards great teaching. Having a deep knowledge is important and it has significant impact on the learning of students.  Therefore, first know about your subject and then more forward.
  2. Praise is harmful: wrong kind of praise can be harmful and it leads towards low expectations of teachers.Therefore, praise done accurately and on correct time is a healthy sign for students.
  3. What actually matters is good instruction: in order to gain quality education, students should have the power of effective questioning. Along with this proper assessment and teaching style should be design accordingly.With this, students can gain accurate knowledge at the right time. 
  4. Teacher beliefs on count: Mostly teachers involve their students in different activities in the classroom and they are looking towards positive results. Therefore, different activities can help students in knowing about the real world happenings.
  5. A teacher-student relationship is important: teacher-students relationship is important and has great impact on learning. Enhancing a classroom’s environment is important as it helps in building up strong relationships. If students understand their teachers, this can help in generating optimal outcomes.
  6. Try to manage behavior of the students: classroom management is important and proper resources can enhance the effectivenessof students. For this purpose, management sessions can help in achieving quality outcomes.
  7. Learning is difficult in the beginning: learning is difficult in the beginning and it will help students to retain more knowledge in the future. This also helps students in improving their retention strategy, and it will generate healthy outcomes.
  8. Build strong relationship with parents and colleagues: a professional behavior includes proper support with colleagues and parents. It has a moderate effect on learning strategy of the students.

It is essential to understand how students learn and react. Prior learning and experience are important and teachers should recognize how learners can learn in different styles. Learning is an art and appropriate tactics if used, optimal outcomes are easy to generate. This is the best method used to enhance the effectiveness of the students. Learning is only difficult when students are not aware of tactics and learning strategies. Proper working is required to make the learning sessions optimal.

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6 Cutting-Edge Technology Trends You Will Witness In 2017!

author-pic Author Bio
Yasmin Riley is a Senior Editor at a technology magazine at Being in the technology industry, she is into blogging about the contemporary technology trends, latest gadgets, and high-end computing devices. On the weekend, she takes out Xbox and plays games.

2017 is all ready to welcome of the latest and exclusive technologies that the world has yet to seen. We have seen some of the remarkable intelligence behind the cinema and have spotted these in the big companies around the world, but are these techs really this aspiring and real in this life?
Technology is an ever-changing and modifying term that is elaborating its sources and providing better values to the people and the general public. The use of increasing and innovation the tech level is the supplement of easy and comfort. People are genuinely introducing different methods to eradicate the simple functionalities and working towards reliable services this way.

Although there are a lot of trends that we are predicting this year, but some of the massive, game-changing and dependable technologies are listed down below:

1- AI and Smart Homes 
Artificial intelligence is present in our everyday lives now. From mobiles phones to the internet and the office registration system, everything has some detect and sensory motion feature installed in it. This year we are looking forward to smart homes that will make the lives easier and more functional. From voice commands and hand gesture features, these will be a remarkable option for you to control.

2- Virtual Reality 
VR is the modern art of displaying and communicating with various techs and gadgets that are allowing people to actually interact with others in just a blink of a second. This is no doubt one of the latest and advanced techs this year that are already being implemented in various industries such as education, traveling and more.

3- 3D Printing
3D Printing isn’t a new and latest addition in the market, yet they are still not common because of the sky high prices. The cost of 3D printing is gradually declining as compared to what it was a year ago and there is more cost cutting expected this year. 3D printing is a standard service that will allow to you put your ideas and concepts into visual reality.

4- Machine Learning 
This is a combination of many technologies and services that will require complex algorithms to observe and predict the processing. The technology will be implemented in various industries, consumer products, and smart advisors. There is a ton of scope for this technology as it can cut the burden of the actual cost and work by half.

5- Intelligent Innovations 
Smart Appliances and devices, drones and other such technologies are the innovative techs that we are predicting this year will bring. These trends are inspired by the constant use of the technology and services and are already spotted in many industries and around the world. From beauty solutions to self-automated vehicles and products, these too are expected to go along way.

6- AI and Apps 
Mobile and desktop apps are separating themselves from the old-fashioned use and algorithms of judging the behavior and patterns. They are moving to a far more complex and standard method of prioritizing your tasks and making a more effective and diverse range of solutions. We are expecting more of the AI solutions to slowly incorporate many apps by the end of this year.

A few years back, smartphones were considered a breakthrough, the slim design and touch technology was considered elaborative and striking and people were mesmerized by how the various elements of tech functionalities can be combined into a single system.

Nonetheless, with the passage of time smartphone were present in every other household and new technology started pouring in. Similarly, 2017 is promising us new techs and services that will enlighten our strategies and focus on cutting edge technology.

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The Unconventional Guide To Technology Niche

author-pic About author
My name is David Akindeji and I'm a Blogger and an entrepreneur. I blog at, I love music, doing research and i create interest in anything i do online. Feel free to contact me on Facebook Twitter 

The World in which we are today is technology oriented, and everybody wants to be part of it. The Technology niche is an avenue to disseminate information regarding tech news, Reviews, blogging tips and A lots more. Now, what do I need to know before I start a Technology niche? Let's move on!



A Technology niche means a website or blog where articles related to tech/news/reviews etc. are been discussed. Tech niche is an interesting niche, but some people find it hard to fit in, nevertheless, is a major factor in the own world.

Don't follow the crowd when it comes to blogging, and many people love to be an entertainment blogger or sports, etc. Tech niche is an interesting one only if you find the right balance and you give yourself to research work, and it is not a hard niche, but it is totally different from every other niche.

What are unconventional way to Tech Niche Blogging, Below i will be sharing just four tips:-

INTEREST: - Create an interest in tech niche, and Once you have an interest in tech blogging you will surely make a way out of it, in the sense that your interest we bring a drive within you to do more.

CREATIVITY: - Be creative in tech blogging because been creative drives you to give out quality content and it we pave the way for you to gain more ground

RESEARCH: - You must learn to do research on any topic or articles you want to write. If you want to be a good and a unique tech blogger you must do some research, it brings out the best in you.

PASSION: - Have passion for what you are doing and you won't give up, some bloggers who give up on tech blogging thinks it is a dick and harry niche, NO! You need to be focus and be determined to do your best.

Tech niche has dimensions, and the First thing which you need to decide is what kind of tech blog you are trying to build. Is it going to be tutorials, news, or review blogs? Below I’m sharing example of some of the common types of technology niche blog:

A tutorial blog is a more popular blog than others. If you have Knowledge about Phones, etc. you can go for a tutorial blog. I have realized that not everyone can do this because it takes more time in doing research. Tutorial blog gains more traffic because people want to learn more about their gadgets etc. NOTE: - It is good for part time Tech Blogger. E.g


As the names sounds, it nothing else than to post Tech news and you must be updated with the latest happenings in the world of technology. You must be active online, So stay updated subscribe to the popular news tech blog email newsletter, Facebook groups/pages, and A lot More. Otherwise also called Techtainment E.g

As a tech review blog, you musty be vast and have a sound knowledge about it. Tech reviews deal with any inro about Phones, Gadgets, Computer reviews, etc. It is an interesting niche and it is lucrative. Pick a topic especially on Android phones (we have many companies producing Android phones now) example infinix, techno etc and do a simple review about one of their smartphones and also note that a video(it must be recorded by you or you get it elsewhere on youtube) we also help in your review which can also drive traffic to your site.


Technology niche blog is an interesting and a hot niche. Be Focus, determined and flow with people of the same niche and also provided quality content.

If you have additional things to add you are free to add it. Happy blogging!
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How To Perform Directory Submission

A good clear, concise and short title. It should also be relevant to your content, website, etc.

Make sure and list your site in a relevant category/subcategory as well.
Keep your description to no more than 25 words. Typically you're not going to see much more than that in the directory listing or search results anyway. Keep your keywords relevant and limited to around 10-15.

Proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling are important as well. The more time an editor spends correcting your mistakes, the longer it takes you to get listed, or worse yet; you'll be rejected all together.

  1. You need to search for niche directories
  2. Then select a directory
  3. check it isn't a link farm or spammy
  4. Try to also check if it isn't in your log file
  5. Now find the appropriate category
  6. check you aren't already in there
  7. submit
  8. Finally it will be record in a log


  • Don't submit to every directory you can find, since most of them are junk.
  • Just because most of them are junk, don't disregard those that are not.
  • When you find some that are not junk, read through their site submission policies.
  • Spend some time looking around the directory, so you know what they are looking for.
  • Choose the most appropriate category, and submit to it.
  • Write a description that is appropriate for the directory you are submitting to.
  • When submitting to additional directories, try not to use the same site description. Change it up.
  • Don't get upset if the directory staff change your submitted description, as that shows that real people are looking at it.
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Renewing your domain name is as a happens when your domain name duration has reached he the expiry date and you have to renew the domain name so as to keep making use of that domain name.
Most people abandon their domain name because of this issue of renewing it, I know that most times it might be difficult to perform this on must web hosting companies but trust me Domainking is not that hard.
Below are some helpful steps on how to renew your domain name on

Step 1
First you need to go to their website and then login to account by clicking here

Step 2
Now on your domainking dashboard click on My domain it is located at the top navbar of the page.

Step 3
Then you will need to scroll your mouse down to the tab labeled Manage this Domain

Step 4
Then you will be take to a page which you will have to click on Renew domain it is located below management tools category.

Step 5
Now click on the domain name you want to renew  then click on the order button below.

Step 6
Now after you have read the terms  click on the check box then click on the complete order tab below.

Step 7
Then finally you will have to choose your preferred payment method then get your invoice and download it  or you can save the page and that's all you need.

I hope this tutorial will really help you become that special webmaster you ought to be, don't forget to drop your comment below.
Read More » How to Use It for Your Blog Post Distribution

Today the internet at large has been made easy for mostly webmasters and this topic is a great example of that if you have not done this yet then you are missing something.  I started sharing my first blog post with networkedblogs but you know the more things change the more your knowledge increase.

Remember that every blog has a feed link make sure you still know yours.

There are other sharing network apart from this on example are:

• Twitter feed
Networked blogs

Follow this:

Step 1
Put your feed URL and sign up  to you are not to pay any thing it's free of charge

Step 2
There will a massage box showing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn bottons.

Step 3
Now just click on any of the buttons or icons for social media account authorization.

Step 4
Lastly everything is good now just post on your blog effortlessly and wisely.


Do you know that this method enable us to get more traffic to our blog? This method of posting has no stress at all, you don't need any configuration or any other thing apart from the procedure above.

Now let's talk have you ever used this before or do you have any idea about this?

You can share unlimited post any how you want to

Beautiful sharing

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How To Add Alexa Rank Widget On Any Blogger Blog Post Manually

The Alexa rank widget can be placed on any location of your blogger blog, it had been a bit difficult for some people to add it to there post which is very easy, remember the blogger post editor is designed in such a way that you can write in html but the output will look custom according to your coding. Below  am going to teach you on how to add Alexa rank widget on any blogger blog Post manually.

Step 1
Login to your blogger blog and then select the blog you want to add this widget manually to.

Step 2
Now is either you create a new post or your just click on the edit button below the preferred post.

Step 3
Then on the post editor page click on the HTML tab  above at your left hand side just close to compose button.

Step 4
You will be given an HTML version of you content just find for your preferred location were you want it to be and paste the code there.

And that's all you need, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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How To Add Alexa Traffic Widget To Your Wordpress Blog

The Alexa rank widget is been made of two different types one with your global rank and the other  both your global rank with your linking domain, Alexa is an Amazon company design for the traffic ranking.
Below is an Alexa rank widget for our blog and it has two datas on it

Now am going to teach you how to add Alexa rank widget to your Wordpress blog.

Step 1
Now login to your Wordpress account using your username and password correctly.

Step 2
Now on your Wordpress dashboard click on appearance then click on widgets.

READ MORE: How to Add Alexa Rank Widget Into Your Blogger Blog

Step 3
Now after clicking on the widgets button create a new text widget and place your Alexa rank code in it.

Step 4
Finally save the widget and then go to your blog and then re-load it and that's all you need.

If you don't have the code you can use this

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Change my link to your own site link.

I hope this tutorial will really help, if you have any question feel free to drop it below thanks.
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How To Delete Your Blogger Blog

Blogger  allows you to create at list 100 blogs in one Google account which is a very nice and wonderful privilege for bloggers.
Deleting your blog must time might be for different reasons, before you do such process you can create a backup if you have important files in that your blog.
This process am am to teach you will help you delete your blog permanently without risk so just follow the steps below.

Step 1
Login to your blogger account and then select the blog which you want to delete.

Step 2
Then scroll your mouse down to the settings tab and then click on it once.

Step 3
Click on others then you will be given three options to select just click on delete.

Step 4
After clicking on the Delete blog tab you will be given another option if you would like to backup your blog before deleting it.

Step 5
But if you choose not to create a backup just click on the Delete button and the you will be given a congratulation message and that's all you need.

I hope this tutorial will help you, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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How To Subscribe For DSTV Using Nigeria Online Payment Service

Dstv has been the best and has different ways in which you can subscribe. The subscription method over they years iy has never been that easy and fast for some new users, why? because the are steps which you need to take so as to avoid errors.
Performing this can be done even in your bedroom without much stress or you can do it any time.
If you can follow the steps given below I promise you that the difficulty with never go off and you will not call or visit the bank or dstv offices for assist, following the steps below has to do with some clicks on your system and text message.

We have many applications which can be used to perform this, example of them are listed below.

• First monie
• MTN mobile
• My paga

So let's start with the first  method whiy is Quickteller as the name implies  then I think it will be more faster so follow the steps below.

Subscription using Quickteller

Step 1
Go to the quickteller website or if you have the application in your mobile phone just Login to your account.

Step 2
Now remember that every dstv has a smart card number so insert it on the the form given to you and the fill some other details then click on the next button below

Step 3
Now click on the ATM check box and fill in your ATM details and how much you want to subscribe for then send.

That's all you need for using quickteller so just wait for 5minutes for payment confirmation.

After payment activate the dstv subscription

Step 1
Now pick you mobile phone and then go to your text message arena.

Step 2
Send "RA" including your smart card number to dstv self care number which is 30330

You message should be in this format

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How to Add Alexa Rank Widget Into Your Blogger Blog

Alexa rank is a California based subsidiary company of it was lunch in the year 1999 and it helps in the  providing commercial website traffic with the use of different toolbars and extensions.

Alexa rank is acquired base on the browsing activities by people and the page views are the amount of alexa url request for a site.

So today am going to give you a little tutorial on how to add alexa rank widget to your blogger blog.

Step 1
You need to sign up or if you already have an account you can just log in

Step 2
After that, on your alexa homepage click on site tools  it is located at the top left corner of your homepage.

Step 3
Now click on alexa site widgets

Step 4
You need to get your site url and then insert it in the box given to you and it must be for the site you want place it on.

Step 5
Click on the Build widget button.

Step 6
Copy the html code and keep it save.

Step 7
Goto your blogger dashboard and then select the blog that you used in creating that code.

Step 8
Click on layout and then click on add a gadget and select html/java script.

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Step 9
Now that code which you copied from alexa website paste it on this box and click save.
 Now go to you blog and check it out.

Don't forget to subscribe and comment below thanks.
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How To Place Adsense Above Post On Blogger Blog Default Template

Most times placing your adsense on default template becomes more default than you thought but easy as long as you read this content.

You can place ads on your mobile page to make more money through Google adsense. This days most of your blog visitors do visit your blog using thier mobile phone, so placing your adsense on your mobile blogger blog view will help you get more revenue.

Below are some helpful tips on how to place adsense on your blogger
blog mobile view.

Step 1
First of all you need to go to your blogger dashboard and select the blog which you want to add this ads to.

blogger dashboard

Step 2
Now click on earnings and then click on sign in button and then do some little settings on how your ads would look like on you blog page.

Step 3
Then click on template and then click on the gear button  below the mobile.

Settings mobile view

Step 4
now enable  simple from does  tab listed above and then click on save.
Blogger mobile view

After that you have now enable ada on your default template mobile view.
If you want to check how it looks like just create a tab and type in your URL like this


Change to your own your own url.

That's all you need to do happy blogging don't forget to drop a comment below thanks.

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How To Place Advert Banner On your Blogger Blog

Blogger is one of the best platform that encourage beginners in most aspect like editing of HTML codes and many other features.
Today am going to given you some easy steps on how to place your own personal banner on your blogger blog.

Advert Banner

 Now let's go straight to the point

Step 1 
Visit your and select the blog you want to use.

Blogger  dashboard

Step 2 
Click on New post at top left corner.

Step 3
Now click on image inserter at the top then after inserting the images on that page.

Step 4
Then I hope you know were the compose and HTML are? Now click on HTML

Blogger HTML

Step 5
Copy the link of those images and insert them one after the other in the code below

<center> <table width="300"> <tr><td> <a href="http://www.banner link"><img src="http://www.banner image></a> </td> </tr</table></center>

 • you can still reduce the width by editing it.

Don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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How To Switch Your Traffic From Blogger To Another Blog

Blog traffic is the amount of data sent and received by your visitors to your blog. Most times not all traffic are real traffic and might not be welcome.

Web analytics is the measurement of  you visitors characters or act to your blog.
To switch your traffic from a  blogger blog might be due to change of platform and must times feel discouraged about loosing your visitors but it is nothing to worry bout just follow this step below.

Step 1
Now you will have to login to your Blogger dashboard and click the blog you want to switch traffic from.

Step 2
Then click on template and click again edit html.

Step 3
Click On the html code then on you keyboard hold ctrl +f  and search for the code below.

Html code Edit

<b:include data='blog'name='all-head-content'/>

Step 4
You have paste this code below or after the code in step 3.

<meta content='0;url='http-equiv='refresh'/>

Now change to your own domain name and then your traffic from that blog will be switch to your new blog. And you do this process if you don't want to migrate.

Thanks for stopping by to learn don't forget to drop a comment below thanks.
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How To Setup Custom Robot.txt On Your Blogger Blog

Setting up custom robot really helps In making your blog visible to search engines and also improve your organic traffic too.

Remember that google helps you to get more visitors to you blog or website and it is the best search engine presently and the are based on  keywords and other things like backlinks and many more.  Having a good template is very important in times of seo.

Must times you find it difficult to submit your site to google webmaster tools this is because you have not yet setup your custom robot.
Below are some helpful tips on how to setup custom robot on your Blogger Blog.

Step 1
Go to your blogger dashboard and then click on that blog you want to work on.

Step 2
On your blogger dashboard click on the settings button >> basic >>

Step 3
Now look at the top you will find description just type in what your blog is all about make sure it is short and meaningful because search engine like short topics.

Step 4
Now click on search preference button and then below you will find custom robot , custom header tag
Blogger custom robot

Step 5
Click on custom robot.txt and click edit and then paste this

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Step 6
Now change to your blog URL. and then click save.

Step 7
If you want to check files on your blog use this type of example below. When you check it you will see the whole robot.txt code.

Thanks everyone for reading this tutorial don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.

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How to Create a RSS Link to Your Wordpress Blog

RSS feed is a special  way of sending or delivering  regularly Blog updates or contents to your subscribers.

The RSS feed has helped many people solve their problems by making them to be informed about any updates.
Below are some helpful tips on how to create a RSS link to your WordPress blog.

Step 1
On your wordpress dashboard click on appearance and then you will be given a menu just click on widgets.

WordPress dashboard

Step 2
Now search for this widget RSS feed and then click on on it.

Step 3
Now you will have to take the RSS link box to the side bar of that page.

Step 4
You can now add your own RSS feed title and then select few the actual location you would like this RSS link to be displayed.

Step 5
Now select text link or image link or the both of them click on the save button.

Now your visitors who have subscribe to your blog can now receive their messages instantly.

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How to Change Your Twitter Background

Do you know that Twitter helps you in changing many other things like the header image and many more?

Twitter has many features which help in making your Twitter page look awesome. Below are some simple steps on how to change your Twitter background.

Step 1

Twitter log in

 You will have to log into your Twitter account and make sure you are using a computer for this tutorial.

Step 2

Then click on your own profile image located at the right side of your Twitter page.

Step 3

Twitter Background color

At the left hand side again you will find a design button click on it and select your preferred theme for your Twitter background.

Step 4


If you don't feel like using the default you can click in the upload button and select your downloaded background  in file manager by clicking on existing image and upload it.

That is all you need to do in changing your Twitter background.

why don't you just leave a comment and subscribe below before going thanks.
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