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Computer Science: Application Software

APPLICATION SOFT WARE This addresses the multitude of tasks for which people use computers application software are classified based on what tasks they can be used to perform. example are word processing, database management, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, computer aided design etc.

Computer Science: Application Software

Word processing package: this is the use of word processing for preparing  documents .these feature many edition function including insertion and deletion of selected areas of text search facilities and access to a variety of fonts the user could make multiple changes to a document without extensive retyping and could check it before printing. example Microsoft word note pad, word star, word pad.

Desktop publishing package: The ability to design and lay out a printer page is know as desktop publishing. example  are corel draw page makerprint artist, Harvard etc.

Spreadsheet programs: this program has become essential in many business operations since its introduction. It is named after an accountants spreadsheet, in which numerical or text data or formulas are displayed in row and columns .used spreadsheet program information's can be introduced that automatically and swiftly affects entries across the enter spreadsheet complex program exist for the transfer of spreadsheet information through word processing techniques.examples  lotus Microsoft Excel money accounting etc.

Tip: do you know that there are two additional categories of software that are neither system nor application software although they contain elements of both are network software , which enable group of computer to communicate and language software, which provide programmer with the tool they need to write programs. 

BOOSTING: booting simply means the process of starting or resting  a computer and allow it to load the operating system and needed driver into the computer memory before use.
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How to Get Clients as New Web Development Company In Nigeria

Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Since you've started your own business you should know which kind of market your services are best needed.

Web Development Company in Nigeri

Provide an impressive portfolio
Set up an awesome website to showcase your previous work, who you are, what your company is about. Make sure to backup your website through setting up social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or where you think potential clients can find you.

Do you have numerous communication channels in place?
When scouting for clients, you should be able to reach leads/prospects through using different platforms. There are clients that prefer getting calls while some favor emails and live chat, text even. To make the most out of contacting leads, you should be available through different communication platforms. This boosts your chances of getting in touch with the right company/individual that may find value in your services.

What about a CRM?
A CRM is a must for any business, especially in the sales department. Your CRM allows you to keep a record of the leads and prospects you've contacted so far along with other important information that can help you determine the best approach for each of them.

If you'd like to maximize the use of your CRM and communication channels, it's best you look for a CTI or sales software like Tenfold. It can integrate these systems and provide you with an all-in-one interface where you can access everything -- from logs to recordings to customer information to report analytics. It pays to have everything in a single dashboard as it saves time and improves the way data are organized within your system.
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WelcomeBack Etisalat SIM Fast: Lost, Damaged and Stolen

Etisalat Group is one of the world’s leading telecom groups in emerging markets. Etisalat’s current market cap is over 132 billion AED (36 billion USD). With reported net revenues of AED 51.7 billion and net profit of AED 8.3 billion for 2015, Etisalat ranks amongst the most profitabletelecom groups in the world.

Requirements For your sim welcome back but before we continue just remember that you need an Android phone or laptop with full internet connection.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • AlternateMobile Number
  • Phone Number of the Lost/Damaged/Stolen SIM Card
  • PUK Number of the Stolen/Lost/Damaged SIM card
  • Last Recharge Amount
  • Your Date of Birth (As registered with the SIM)
  • Three (3) frequently called phone numbers on the old SIM
  • Your FULL Address (As provided during registration)
  • Your EasyStarter U&Me phone number (If any)11-Thepackageof your damaged/lost/stolen SIM (EasyStarter or EasyClick)
  • The details on the newEtisalat SIM you wish to use for the swapping process (Phone number andSerial Number)

Step 1
First get your old/lost Sim puk number. You can get that on the plastic card that came with your sim pack.


But if you've lost your sim pack, Simply contact Etisalat customer care number on 200 and follow the voice prompt.

Step 2
Get a new Etisalat sim, you don't need to register it.

Step 3
Click here and fill the form that is on the page

Step 4
Click submit when you're done.That's all wait for the next 24 hours before you activate your new sim which now carries your old number.

If it doesn't activate immediately, don't bother just wait a little more it'll eventually work later.Note:- Make sure you used a working e-mail when asked because further communications will be made via your e-mail.
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The History Of Internet In Nigeria

author-pic About Author
Prosper Noah is a Nigerian Tech Blogger, a Web/blog designer who feels it's necessary to share his Tech knowledge with others, his blog Tipsonblogging has helped a lot of people especially in the area of Tutorials

Internet is a distinctive device for information communication. It came into existence in Nigeria vividly in the year 1995 but was not really into full existence until it was tested in the very year in the University. Thus; (Obafemi Awolowo Univesity) Today the internet is all over the Nigeria with a wireless LAN, with the aid of hardworking researchers it keep on improving.


Now we see internet in our door step working for us in our houses and offices whereby we get information and buy things online even without leaving our houses.

It was as a result of a project work by RINAF. It was proudly backed up and financially sponsored and supported by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization). So many workshops were organized to educate the Nigerian citizens. It was first tested in the University (Obafemi Awolowo Univesity).

Internet started fully in July, 1997 through the influence and energy of a PHD Student of Electrical Engineering at the Rivers State University of Technology who saw the need of students to interact with each other. He and his friends popularise internet in Nigeria. He later then formed the Internet Society of Nigeria (ISN).

The president of the Internet Society Chapter in Nigeria is Professor Thomas Chukwuemeka Nwodo. These formed the basis of internet in Nigeria and since then the internet has really been improving.

It started with people who were able to send and receive messages. People were able to chat, later on interesting sites were been introduce to Nigeria which make people more active, e.g hi5, Facebook, badoo, etc, later e-banking was introduce, also buying and selling became more interesting online.

And there became many more benefit of the internet as it continues to improve. Research gave eagerness to creating many site as more were coming and today we even have WhatsApp, WeChat, 2go, IMO etc.


The internet is a tremendous, undisputed force for economic growth and social change. Not only has it unleashed new forms off connectivity, but it has also provided an outlet for new forms of innovation, entrepreneurship and social good.

The internet has also proven a dynamic tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries, with the World Bank  reporting that a 10% increase in the broadband correlates to a 1.38% increase in GDP growth.

Beyond the GDP growth, the internet also provides opportunities to pursue social and developmental objectives.

As we can further see; through the invention of the computer and the internet, the possibilities welcome to us are endless. Societies are changing with no distance times with no stopping point in the future generation.

The internets affect us in every area of our lives, most importantly with our social lives, our jobs, Educations, and our Entertainment.

Our social lives do not base only on telephone or mail communication anymore. Surfing the net is the new and more preferable way we choose to be communicating with people as it help us to communicate easily and faster to people and above all less expensive.

Chat rooms are open on the internet to enable people talk directly with other people, who may either be in the other side of the world.


E-mail which is use to refer to Electronic mail is another easy and more convenient way of communicating to people even within and outside the country with an online mail-box by typing and just clicking a button.

Two second to send an e-mail to someone in another part of the world is quicker than a week or more through the ordinary mail.

Stock trading is now on the internet, along with banking and any other type of business you can imagine.

This is as interesting that no gas nor time is wasted on the process. The inevitable of this invention is going to change the world and the society is happy about the way things are changing.

Things are easier and cheaper with the choice of having a computer and going on-line, there’s almost nothing you cannot do.
This remarkable idea of internet is going to revolutionize the way we live in the future.


Hmmm!!! Anything that goes around comes around; the internet as benefiting as it is, have a negative part. Most of us know the pros of having a computer and internet access link us to other part of the world and provides us with information we us to search for at the library etc.
These are some of the negative part of the computer and the internet world:

  • Computer as an agent of distraction; computer has cause distraction to people so much that they lose contact with reality around them, such as family, husband, wives, boyfriend, girlfriend, and even friends and children as communication is based on chatting online etc.

  • It opens up kiddy porn and other immoral things; imagine a child having access to the internet and been introduce to a site that contains hard/soft-porn and the child became so interested about the site and in no distance time he introduce it to the friend as a place of satisfaction and pleasure, who knows before a tinkle of an eye he would want to practice it physically worst more he introduce it to a female child also imagine the influence.

  • Sitting on the computer all day is hard for the eye; as the eye is not free to too much of light. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, our eyes are fixated at one screen or another, be it for work, study or play. It usually affect your sleep patterns due to the blue light that is emitted these screens.

  • Hackers can ruin your computer system; as there are criminals who are always looking for a way of changing information on your computer system this has discourage people from having computers and internet.

  • More crimes are committed through the internet;just of recent it was reported of a young man in Nigeria who was stealing 1kb each from every bank in Nigeria on daily basis, when the secret got leaked report say he was sponsored oversea for a great research and hard work, imagine stealing in a bank! Not only that but other crime such as posting of pornographies, 419 etc.

  • Spammers are annoying; spamming is the act of sending mail, especially advertising material, through the internet to a large number of people, who have not asked for it and this can be so disgusting.

  • Posting of wrong information; people who are jobless can sometime decide to criticize others by posting nonsense.

  • Possibility of knowing strangers; as it is possible to meet people online you may get to know people who I suppose where not to be known as there begin to send you fake stories and this has led to hard break to many and mistrust has become inevitable in the society as when the right source give an information, it is no longer accepted.

  • The younger generation would rather communicate through computer easier than working towards making friends or finding love, in the good old fashion way. Thus; part of the magic of falling in love is lost people breakup in e-mails rather than facing the persons and as well as all generations have been taught before we must take responsibility for own actions.
There is a young generation coming up where information is at one’s finger tips too easily and then it becomes a personal thing in some people’s lives.

Before one knows it all will be like a zombies wondering why no one is relating to them.
Why technology is a wonderful thing it is almost likely that it can be used in an immoral or wrong way.

There is a price to pay for everything even if it appears it making life easier on people.

LAST WORDS: Internet has served a whole lot of good, but let focus only on the positive assistance it has rendered to us and neglect the negative part of it.

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Beauty House: Home Version

Though various services and procedures related to beauty, appearance and health have become much more affordable for an average person nowadays, there are still a lot of people, who don’t have money, time or simply desire to visit or hire someone to take care of their look. Especially after they realize they can to everything on their own.

Beauty House: Home Version

It is actually possible to look like a celebrity from an advert of some beauty product. Self-care is the answer. Follow some simple steps to look amazing on your own.

Skin is what people pay most attention to. You see a person and see his/her face. Before you find out more, this same face creates the first impression. That’s why it has been always significant always to remember about several basic things. Wash your face regularly. Wash off makeup when you don’t need it. Use scrubs, masks etc., but don’t overdose your face with them.

Cosmetics must be of high quality. There is a common mistake that makeup affects skin and even health in general in a bad way. This is not completely true, for everything depends on what products you use. Remember that quality is not always defined by the price. Don’t pick up the most expensive items, study composition instead.

Hair requires a lot of attention, too. It is exposed to various factors and influences, so get ready to apply some conditioners masks and spend some time choosing right shampoos.

Beauty standards are not always universal. Don’t let a trend control you. Be reasonable. Looking beautiful means to understand, what fits you and what doesn’t. Define your type, your skin pattern etc. and always keep it in mind.

Experiments are a good decision – experiments with colors, shades, textures, brands and so on. In the end, you will not know whether something is appropriate for you until you try it out.


They say, the beauty will save the world. Who knows, maybe it is going to happen exactly this way. Meanwhile, you are welcome to find out more interesting facts and solutions, useful tips and advice on When the time to save the world with beauty comes, you’ll be ready.


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5 Ways You Can Drive Better Digital Results Using SMS Marketing

Guest post

author-pic Author Biography
Sophorn Chhay Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, a mobile content delivery service that allows users to customize their one-to-one marketing efforts by interconnecting and optimizing all digital platforms. As an innovator in two-way SMS messaging, Trumpia's mission is to empower brands and public figures with interactive access to their audiences, reaching targeted affinity groups in a personal way. Trumpia delivers world-class content such as video, ticketing, polling, products sales, contests and giveaways. Follow Sophorn on Twitter(@Trumpia), LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

Having a web presence is critical to the success of any business in 2016, so it’s important to do everything you can to drive e-commerce, whether you have a physical location or not. One of the easiest ways to drive e-commerce is by integrating an SMS campaign into your marketing efforts. Below, we’ll discuss five important reasons that SMS is helping more businesses than ever drive digital results:


1. Provides a High Return
Digital marketing, with strategies like search engine optimization and content marketing, can take up a lot of time and money. Luckily, SMS helps you strike a balance by delivering terrific results at a low cost. SMS reaches a large number of engaged, active users. The cost of sending an SMS message is extremely low, even in bulk, and it takes very little time to craft a 140-character message. Low cost and extraordinary results lead to a great ROI.
To estimate the return of your personal SMS campaign, take a look at this handy ROI Calculator.

2. Delivers Messages Instantly
When you’re trying to drive somebody to make a decision online, you don’t have a large window of opportunity. There are plenty of competitors out there and it only takes several seconds to find them. You need to make sure your messages are delivered and read as quickly as possible.
SMS is the perfect venue to deliver such time-sensitive messages. When you send a text message, 97% of users will read it within 15 minutes. No other communication channel rivals these results.

3. Converts At a High Rate
When it comes to e-commerce, conversions are king. If you aren’t converting enough opportunities, you’re not driving people to your website and you won’t make any money. Mobile devices are a huge opportunity, with smartphone conversions growing 6% in 2015 and show no sign of slowing down. Specifically, SMS has a conversion rate of 45% - seven-and-a-half times more than email messages.

4. Connects With Users Ready to Purchase
SMS connects you directly with your mobile audience, who are often ready and willing to make a purchase shortly. Take a look at these incredible statistics:
  • 73% of users take immediate further action after performing a mobile search.
  • 67% of people are willing to make a purchase based on mobile information alone.
  • Almost 20% of local mobile searches result in an immediate sale.
  • The average adult in the U.S. spends almost three hours a day on their mobile phone.

5. Drives Retail Sales, Too
If you have both an e-commerce platform and a physical store, you simply cannot afford to ignore SMS. Users love using their mobile devices when shopping in the real world, and you can use location-based marketing to send deals when they’re close to you. Considering that text-based coupons and promotions have an incredible use rate, SMS is the perfect way to take your digital customers and tie them into your brick and mortar operations, too.

Do you have any SMS tips or questions of your own? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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How To Register For Your National Identification Number (NIN) And Card

First it is important to know the location(s) of the NIMC setup centers for your present location.
The National Identity Management Commission has a made an easy procedure that enables you start your NIN enrollment even at home with less stress.

Below are some steps on how to register for your national identification number (nin) and card just follow the steps carefully


Step 1
From NIMC’s homesite click on the “register from home picture”.

Or visit you will be welcomed to the National Identification Number (NIN) pre-registration portal.


Step 2
Then Create your National Identification Number (NIN) enrollment profile on the pre-registration portal

Step 3
Sign into the National Identification Number (NIN) pre-registration portal and fill in biodata and make sure it is in capital letter.

Step 4
Now Print out the pre-registration slip gotten from,

Next is for you to take your completed pre-registration print out (barcode) together with any of the following original form of identification; just one will be OK, a driver’s license or your old national identity card or your voter’s card or a current school, NYSC, work ID card or your LGA identification or your birth certificate or a tax clearance document or insurance cover document.

Note: Use only one of this document above

Step 5
At the enrollment Centre, the enrollment officer scans barcode to pull up the applicant data.

Step 6
Now a Staff will verifie your  data and your photograph, finger print captured.

Step 7
Now finally supporting documents scanned e.g birth certificate or state of origin

Step 8
Enrollment is acknowledged and a slip is generated and given indicating completion of enrollment.

You will be asked to wait and collect your 2 temporal national identity slips. Normally when you are issued with the 2 slips, your original national identity card should be due for collection in the next 2 months.

      But as situations might have it, you might not receive it within that 2 months period but have to wait further for more months for your card to be due for collection.


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How To Check If National ID Card Is Ready For Collection In Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria has made it through it agent [ The National Identity Management Commission ] to make sure every citizen of Nigeria pass through this enrollment and to prevent unlawful immigrants from entering Nigeria without this ID card or from you own country.


What Is National Id Card
A national identity card is a portable document typically a plasticized card with digital embedded information that each citizen or resident in a country is issuesed and require to carry as a means of confirming their identity.

The national identity management commission  has created a simple way for everyone who participated in the enrollment to get his/her permanent or plastic ID card using a unique portal to check if it is ready for dispatch.

Checking your card availability status only requires less.....


  • Laptop/Smart phone (Android, windows mobile, iPhone, e.t.c)
  • Internet connection ( Not less than 10mb)
  • Your full name ( First & last name)
  • The last six digits of your ID number (10738******)
  • Internet knowledge  (😀)

Note: we the zealmat team are not staff nor agent of the  national identity management commission but we tend to help the upcoming generation for easy access and less stress.

So today i have created a simple step on how to check your card availability status and also if your card is ready you will be notify as soon as you finish this steps below.

Step 1
First you need to visit this link >>


Step 2
Scroll down to the button that says "Click to proceed" and click it once

This will take you to the place where you can get access to a form to fill your enrollment details

Step 3
Now fill in your details into the form like your "First name" › "Last name" and your "Last six ID card number"

Step 4
Finally click on the button below "CHECK NOW" and your ID card status will be displayed for you.


As you can see this card is not yet ready so that is the notification message

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How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

There are more than 20 million Nigerians that buy recharge cards on a daily basis, and some of them spend as much as N2000,N300,N500 and even N10,000....

In Nigeria, were ever you need anything like a airtime there is no need for you to walk or stress yourself but have you ever thought of this wonderful business ( recharge card printing business )?

Printing recharge cards in Nigeria doesn't require any training but if you still need some help with computer operation try to go for a diploma course or certificate. Every day, many billions of Naira is spent by Nigerians every where recharging their phones at various locations.

With our fast growing economic we spend millions of Naira on daily basis either on airtime and also as the population of Nigerians that have access to phones increases, so do their purchasing power of recharge cards increases.

We have different categories in Recharge cards business  which are listed below

The Dealers

This group of people deals with the mobile operators. They are registered with the mobile networks companies and you will need some allocated amount of money to start as a dealer. You will also be entitled with incentives from the mobile network operators as time goes by. Dealers sell to the wholesalers in large quantity and makes money according to their ability to locate turnover wholesalers. For you to be a dealer you must be willing to invest 14 million to 22 million Naira.


The Wholesaler

A wholesaler is an intermediary entity in the distribution channel that buys in bulk and sells to resellers rather than to consumers. In its simplest form, a distributor performs a similar role but often provides more complex services. Distributors and wholesalers often work together as channel partners.

This people have no business with the operator but deals directly with the dealers. It is relatively easy to start with the whole sale option as it requires about 70,000-120,000 Naira to start. You need to know how to market yourself to retailers so that you can be able to turn over and make money.

The Retailers

A retailer, or merchant, is an entity that sells goods or commodities in small quantities directly to consumers, through various distribution channels with the goal of earning a profit. For some context, retail is the sale of goods for use and consumption by the purchaser.

These categories of people sell to the final consumer and buy directly from the wholesalers. They make about 6 Naira or more for every 100 Naira denominations they sell. It is about selling high amounts of cards and in a day they make more profits when combined together. Their monthly revenues are getting higher and higher because most have reliable and constant customers. You can start this with about 15,000 Naira.

Retailers also negotiate their way in getting the pos machines to be able to print recharge vouchers.

How Print the Recharge/Voucher cards

Printing the recharge card is very simple you can print with your own computer with software for that which you can get from the wholesalers or other trusted agents.


You can also print the POS machine which is more common and easy to do. All you need to do is to buy the POS machine and you will be directed by the agent on how to register it and start printing your vouchers.

Read also: Convert Airtime To Cash Here In Nigeria

Vconnect result on reliable location were you can get the Recharge card printing machine here in Nigeria.

  • Follion Investment Limited3, Ilori Street, Ire Akari Estate, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • B And C Communication Solution Limited 229, Suite B5, Idimu Ikotun Road, Glory Shopping Complex, Ikotun, Alimosho, Lagos,

  • Promise Computer 10, Otigba Street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • CCCMIS Limited 41, Osuma Street, Maitama, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Eagle Wings Ventures 21, Khana Street, D Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.

  • Skytex Training Center 5, Toyin Street, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Vicky Investment Alleluya Estate, Ring Road, Osogbo, Osun, Nigeria

  • Rayz And Chiz Links 90, Ogumnu Abali Road, Phalga Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.

  • T And Y Investment 50, Okitipupa Road, Ore, Okitipupa, Ondo, Nigeria.

  • Game-Lite 2, Amina Castle Road, Malete, Moro, Kwara, Nigeria.

  • Franca Communication 3, Nnakwe Close, Abakpa Nike, Enugu East, Enugu, Nigeria.

  • O.B Communication International Limited 81, Zik Avenue Awka, Awka, Awka South, Anambra, Nigeria.

  • Henry Printing Services And Precious Publisher 16, Onumonu /Osuji Street, Owerri, Owerri Municipal, Imo, Nigeria.

  • Airtel Owned Shops 45, IBB Way, Calabar, Calabar Municipal, Cross River, Nigeria.

  • Airtel Owned Shops Plot 6, Ebeano Estate, Independence Layout, Enugu North, Enugu, Nigeria

  • MTN Nigeria Communications Limited 58, Old Market Road, Oduakpu, Onitsha South, Anambra, Nigeria.

  • Airtel Owned Shops 360, Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta, Nigeria.

  • Airtel Owned Shop 154B, Okigwe Road, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria.

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.

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Default Configuration For All Nigeria Network

With this confirm configurations below you don't need to stress yourself searching for any other information because this settings are correct and confirm.
Most times when you purchase a new mobile phone most especially the Java version you will discover that the APN settings are empty, all you need to do is to use any of the preferred network settings below and that's all.



Account Name: AIRTEL
Username: Internet
Password: Internet
Access Point or APN:
IP or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080



Account Name: MTN
Username: web
Password: web
Access Point or APN:
IP or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080



Account Name: ETISALAT
Homepage: OR http://
Username: wap
Password: wap
Access Point or APN: etisalat
IP or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080



Account Name: GLO
Username: wap
Password: wap
Access Point or APN: glosecure
IP or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080

I hope this post really help you don't forget to drop your comment below thanks
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