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Metricool: Social Media Tool Specialized In Analytics

social media tool specialized in analytics, planning & reporting for your website or blog this platform enables you to track activities and how your website function.

Metricool is a social media tool specialized in analytics, scheduling and reporting.

Facebook Ads Features Are

Consolidating Info: it help you with all your ads performance records and also put them in one place for easy view.

Saves time : Now when you are being given a business opportunity and which you site record is required in the process all you need to do is to just click on one button and get your record for to your clients.

Comparing campaigns:with a well configure and arranged table you can view your ads metrics.

Visit the site to enjoy this features

On this platform you can monitor your instagram growth stat. Metricool stands out over other similar analytics and tracking tools for its ability to offer data in one fell swoop, all at once.

Features on your instagram account are...

  • Number of followers and following on Instagram
  • Gained followers.
  • Gained followers per day.
  • Gained followers per post.
  • Average posts per day and week.

Visit the site to enjoy this features

On this platform we have lot features on this platform like

  • Facebook ads statistics the performance of your ads in one report
  • Twitter analytics
  • Facebook analytics tool
  • Web and blog statistics
  • Instagram statistics
  • Social media report
  • Scheduling instagram posts

Try them and enjoy your social media accounts and website 
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The Importance of Building an Enviable Social Media Presence

author-pic Author bio
Loudtips. Samuel igwe is a passion driven web designer with first class Intel on how to set up a successful business online. I have helped some start-up business and individual’s succeed and maximize their income online. By providing them tactics and actionable techniques that will help them make more money online.

Social media, which was once considered to be a soon to fade out fad has today emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools. This era of marketing calls for two-way communication, interaction and rich personalization, and what better way than social media to reach out to consumers with relevant offerings, influence them and convert them, at minimal costs.

 With over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion having  active social media accounts, lacking social profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, you would lose out on reaching out and exposing your brand to a large market base. Social media for business is no longer optional. It’s a necessity if you want to make a mark for your brand.

The objective of marketing is creating brand awareness and instilling brand loyalty. Social media presence is a powerful medium to help your customers let know what your brand is about and how it intends to all value to their lifestyle. By humanizing your brand, you connect with your customers, address their pain-points and in the process increase brand awareness, retention and loyalty. Social media is a place where brands can act like people do, and this is important because consumers like doing business with other people; not with companies.

With social media, you can get access to huge amounts of customer data, in real time. By closely listening to social conversations, and implementing sentiment analysis, you can gather relevant customer data about which you customers are, where they are located, what they like and more importantly, what they feel about your brand. Braced with such valuable, wealth of information, you can take smart business decisions.

One of the significant advantages that social media offers are its capability to target and retarget niche and specific customers. Social media platforms have highly advanced segmenting capabilities that allow you to serve your ads to extremely specific audience. This implies better return on your investment and no wastage of valuable resources on the wrong customers.

The effectiveness of any Campaign Management Solution is adjudged by the cost it entails. The average cost per click on Google Adwords is between $1 and $2 and depending on the keyword targeted, you can end up paying $50 or more for a single click. But if you look at using social media to boost your posts, you will pay considerably less and at the same time, increase your brand recognition, interaction with consumers and be relevant and offer personalized experience.
Social media has offers opportunities for customers to convert. By effectively using social media presence, you can build communities of brand loyalists who in-turn can become strong brand influencers. Every post that you make can lead to site visits, and ultimately, give you on strong brand awareness and eventually lead to higher conversions.

By implementing well thought- out social media strategies, you can build trust and credibility around your blog, elements that are essential for sustainable growth. Brands that are able to display their consumer-centricity will be the ultimate winners and it is social media that can enable them to do so. It is time to jump on the social media bandwagon now.

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Add a Twitter Button to your Blogspot Blog

Implementing the Twitter Button on your blogger blog is very important because it enables you share your post automatically to your twitter without much stress.

Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Twitter members can broadcast tweets and follow other users' tweets by using multiple platforms and devices.


Step 1
First you need to visit the blogger Official Twitter Share Button page by clicking here.

Step 2
Set the Twitter button to your test,

Things like the button type, location, associated Twitter account, language and display options.

Step 3
Then copy the Twitter button wizard HTML code generated below.

Step 4
Login to your  Blogger account and then select your preferred blog.

Step 5
Now click on "Template"  >>  "Edit HTML"


Step 6
Try to backup your template to avoid much story.

Step 7
Then click the "Expand Widgets Template" check box.

Step 8
Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and search for the code below



Step 9
Paste the HTML code directly above "<data:post.body/>" and then click "Save Template"

Happy blogging.... 😁
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6 Classic Mistakes That Brands Continue To Commit On Twitter

author-pic About author
Dissertation Planet as a writer for one of the best UK dissertation writing service on helps students who are looking for services to Dissertation help and dissertation writing. Dissertation planet has helped many students in writing, editing and proofreading their essays and dissertations and helping them achieve first class standard through professionally written papers.


In social networks, it is very easy to cross the border between what is done and what should not be done. The protocol is not very clear and, therefore, it is not easy to know what to do and what not, even though we have spent years using these tools and although the companies themselves also have for years been using them for their purposes. Still performing practices that should be avoided, still marks still see as sometimes they explode in the face some of their maneuvers on social networks (where they have failed calculations and the results are far from those they expected) and It is still necessary to point out certain errors that should be avoided. One of the social networks in which brands have gotten so quite recurrent leg is Twitter, where they have staged high-profile mistakes that have ended up turning into one of those scandals that jump to the media and the holders always talk about such a thing has torched Twitter. In part, this whole list of errors is motivated because things are moving very fast and so often those responsible for communication in social networks brands do not have much room to think. And in (another) party, is also to blame that often tend to think that such an informal medium can post anything. Finally, one might add, as noted in analysis of Hootsuite, that being as it is a way in which things work in an inherently viral way is much easier than something that did not work have a greater echo. The error will be quickly retweeted. And therefore, the brands still, despite everything, making mistakes after mistakes, and although some of them seem a matter of logic and something against what analysts seem to have warned million times, brands continue to face in the same stone, or rather, in the same stones. In the analysis of Hootsuite point six errors that could already be considered classics and brands do not stop committing.


The hashtag goes wrong
This is one of the recurring errors and one of the most common. A brand launches hashtag to generate conversation and make consumers speak well of them and the hashtag them explodes in your face. Consumers what they catch, turn it over and turn it into a tool of ridicule for signature. Why does this happen? There are several reasons. First, often hashtags are not chosen in the best way. Brands do not realize that the term is already associated with something else, add words that really should not go together or create one that has no pull. Second, the hashtags often end up becoming a kind of vehicle for something else. The brand does not realize that is not the best, obvious that their "enemies" they will use for their own purposes (and here the clearest example is what happens when political parties create campaigns with hashtags) nor has too high and unrealistic expectations of what the hashtag will give him

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The brand that has not learned to respond
This is a serious mistake and one more common than it may seem. Brands are not fast enough (consumers expect efficiency: 42% want them to respond in the first 60 minutes) or are simply attentive to what happens. Slowly respond to what consumers say Twitter is a problem. No answer at all is a much more serious and one that many companies have problem. Twitter works as a conversation and both brands have to talk: it not only to send messages, they also have to respond to others throw them.

Follow me please
It is quite surprising that even now, when social networks take so long between consumers and brands, will continue to have to point this out. Continue to ask or beg for retuits brand is never a good idea. As noted in the analysis of Hootsuite, it is something worthy of teenagers should avoid any mature brand. Harassing influencers, media or celebrities on Twitter to share your content or follow your brand is unprofessional and creates a poor brand image. In addition, the brand makes it look more depersonalize and the final tabulations obsessed followers than his actual followers. To achieve win followers and to get others to share what they are doing, simply do the job well. With good content and with an efficient strategy of social networking, followers arrive without being begged to give to follow.

The brand spends the day selling 
Or what is the same: the brand that spends the day doing spam. It is an error of level 1 social networking strategy. Everyone knows that brands want to sell their products and if they are present in social networks is simply to find a new arena in which to sell its benefits, but then to be all the time trying to sell something there is a long way. This makes brands seem plain and simple spammers and makes the view that consumers have of them is more negative. At the end of the day, consumers are tired of advertising forever. Why would they voluntarily fill your timeline with more ads?

Everything is very understaffed.
Social networks have imposed a change in how they speak brands and the way they relate to consumers. The conversation has to be much more personal. The brand has to become a kind of friend of the consumer and, in the end, no one talks to his friends in corporate language. It is true that for some specific brands is much easier to use a certain kind of language and be closer and relaxed, because the market already gives half the work done, but in general all have to find a point that allows them to be a little more 'nice people'.

They have not known photo
Social networking is an environment that allows you to play with many elements and allows many and varied things. Twitter also allows it and let it play with it. You can upload videos or photos; you can make winks pulling gifs and can play multimedia content. But despite this, many brands still remaining in the realm of the 'classic' and continue to bet just for the tweet ever. And that is a serious error.

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How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter

Meaning of verification
The process of ensuring that procedures laid down in weapons limitation agreements are followed.


What is Twitter
Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Twitter members can broadcast tweets and follow other users' tweets by using multiple platforms and devices.

As of July 2016, you don't have to wait for Twitter to handpick you to become a verified user - you can actively request to have your account verified.

It will be cool if you had that white check mark in a blue cloud on your Twitter profile? Well Although requesting verification doesn't guarantee you'll get the coveted check mark at this time, you can increase your chances of getting verified by being active on the service and filling out a request.
We have compile a complete tutorial on how to perform this some all you need is to follow it carefully.


Submitting a Request is one of the first step you need to take before you will be be verified fully.

Step 1
Visit verification request form web page and make sure you are logged into your Twitter account to proceed.

Step 2
Then Confirm the username you would like to be verified.

Step 3
Now you'll automatically be asked to submit a request for the account you are logged into. Log into a different account if the one that displays is not the one you wish to request verification for.

Step 4
Click continue when you're ready.
If you are a company or corporation, check the box at the bottom-left corner of the screen to indicate it.

Step 5
Add any missing information. If your Twitter account lacks any information that is required to submit a request, you will be notified on the next page. Add this information to your Twitter, and then return to the page to continue.

Step 6
Check the section on Increasing Your Changes of Verification for a list of the information you'll need to have handy in order to be eligible to make a request.

Step 7
Enter websites as references. Provide to 2-6 websites or blog url that can be used to identify your account.

You should provide instances of your appearances in the news, high-traffic content producers, or other evidence of your public influence.
Your official website is already provided on your Twitter profile, so don't worry about listing it again.

Step 8
Now tell them why you should be verified. In the box below, write a clear line for your account vverification

Step 9
Click the blue "Next" button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to page asking you to confirm your submission.

Step 10
Click "Submit." Your request will be sent for review. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via e-mail.

Step 11
Wait to be contacted by Twitter's @Verified account for instructions on verifying your account. If Twitter decides that you qualify for a verified account, they will reach out to you via direct message.

Step 12
Click the link in the direct message to be taken to finish the process.

If your request is denied, don't be afraid! You can re-submit your request after 30 days.

Step 13
Complete the verification process. The final part of the process has 3 parts:

(1) Learn how to Tweet effectively,

(2) Connect with other Interesting Twitter Users,

(3) Protect your Account.

Learn how to Tweet effectively gives you a choice between 2 tweets and asks you to choose which one is better. It has the form of a quiz, but there will be no negative effects if you do not answer correctly. It is designed to teach you to increase your Twitter followers.

Connect with other Interesting Twitter Users gives you the option to follow other verified accounts. Twitter believes that this gives you more legitimacy as a verified user.

Protect your Account asks you to enter a phone number that Twitter can call if there are any problems with your account. Once you have completed this step, your account will be verified.

Step 14
Finally Do not change your account information. Once you have received a verification badge,

it is important to keep your account information the same. Changing information, such as your profile image, can cause Twitter to remove the badge, forcing you to contact them again.

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Benefits of Twitter in Marketing

Marketing on Twitter is very very powerful if done right. You can reach thousands & thousands of people and it's all for free.

There are many fortune 500 companies that use Twitter these days to reach out to their market. Why are you over-whelmed? Twitter marketing is not that hard, it may look hard at first but once you sit down and really just look at it for a few hours, it's not that hard.


The benefits are you can send out a tweet at any time and you know it will get out to your list. If you sent out an e-mail to your list you have to make sure it will get past many common spam filters that are employed these days. Also it costs $20 a month to use Aweber or a company like it, Twitter marketing is all free

There are 3 steps you need to do to make your twitter marketing successful. But they all must be done at the same time.

1. A viral tweet
2. The tweet must encourage others to retweet
3. The first tweet must go out to thousands of people

For step 3, you must go to
There you will find legitimate people who will tweet for a fee.

Twitter is very useful social network site. Using hash tags you can reach potential customer. 70% of small business are on twitter now, so if your business is not present on twitter properly you are losing some potential customers.
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How To Create a Facebook App ID

Facebook is the best social media platform which enables you share your thoughts, products, blog post, and many other things.
Facebook has many thread like facebook fan page, facebook group through this you can build up a great audience which will make your blog traffic to increase.

Today am going to teach you a tutorial on how to create a facebook app id which you can use in different aspects like inserting o Facebook comment box on your blogger blog as a webmaster.

Step 1
First you will need to go to the Facebook developers page

Step 2
Then on the page since it's your first attempt you will be given permission request just click on the  allow button below.

Step 3
Now click on create a new app button above.

Step 4
Fill the form given to you application name, and many others then click I agree to Facebook platform policies then click continue.

Step 5
After clicking on the continue button you will be given another box again just click on submit button below.Image

That's all you need you can still do some little settings like app domain which is your website URL, the app namespace which you will have to leave it, the contact email which is your email address  and your app name.

Don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.

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How To Make a Twitter Hashtag Widget

Hastag is a word use preceded by this sign (#)  and mostly used on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook. And It is used to identify messages Specific topics or sentences.


Below are some tips on how to make a twitter hashtag widget

Step 1
First login to your twitter account using your correct username and password.

Step 2
Click here to go to the widget settings page then on that page click on create new button, it is located at the top.

Step 3
Now you will be taken to a page that says create a user  all you need to do is to select a timeline source.

Step 4
Then click on the search bar and the insert your hastag just like this (#zealmat)

Step 5
After you have insert the hastag now do the Customization settings make it to be the way you want it, by changing high pixel, widget color.

Step 6
Finally click on the create widget button below and copy all the HTML code to your blog or website.

I hope this toturial will really help you alot, just drop a comment below thanks.
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6 Steps On How To Send Direct Message On Twitter

Sending a direct message on Twitter is a very easy way to communicate with your followers.
As you normally tweet you can still change it to direct message I think that is more respectful and it has a limit of 140 characters.

Note: This direct message can only be done between the  user and the follower.

Below are some easy steps on how yo send direct message on Twitter.

Step 1
First visit  and then login to your own account.

Step 2
The person must be following you before you can be able to send direct message to.

Step 3
At the top right side of that page click on the mail button.

Step 4
After clicking on the mail button now choose New message.

Step 5
Now insert the username of that person in the box being given to you and then click send  message.

Step 6
That is all you need to do don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.
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