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5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

author-pic About author
Moses Dzarmah is a blogger and Founder of He Lives to write, when not writing, he's listening to Hip Hop.

Many people would agree with me when I say:

It takes more than just good writing to be a great blogger. Apparently, a good blogger should know how to write for people and at the same time optimize the article in a way Google will understand the topic.
That is why I have always being for the notion that Good writers are bred and not born.

Now, some readers may disagree with me but we should at the very least come to a compromise.

Can we?
Just imagine William Shakespeare came back from the dead.
And all of a sudden he starts writing plays with the old style of writing while using words that have perhaps gone extinct.
Imagine for a second how hard it will be for the modern age readers. His writing style of then that made a genius wouldn’t be acknowledged in our today.

What I’m I trying to say?

As an amazing blogger, the people you write for, how you write and the way you go about it will determine its acceptance among readers.

Hello it’s 2017:

We write to be understood. Not to display our prowess in literature and end up making our readers bored. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

So to give your writing more vigor to increase the chance of putting a message across. Continue reading the points I will make mention of as it will help spice up the way you write and people and Google love your work.

Cut down on redundant words.

You know that babe you try to avoid every time she calls. The one who sound like a broken record, starting up another out of nowhere. Repeating the same old story in the same manner without introducing something new.

She doesn’t just get it.
As Humans we tend to block out messaging we find redundant.  It goes beyond repetitive –As a matte of fact, repetition is regarded as an effective persuasion technique. Redundancy is said to be saying more than what is required without introducing anything new or compelling.
For example: An average Nigerian would say “but yet” you say But or Yet. But you don’t use both. It’s like saying babies are children– it’s already implied.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

The picture above shows you how to avoid redundancy.

Using apps like Grammarly will help you avoid using redundant words. It also gives you an alternative for sentences which appear unnecessary.

Keep Your sentences short & Precise

It’s one thing to write for books and another for devices.
This is because when we read on a screen it becomes harder to track a chunk of words. It is important to use short text & paragraph. It creates a navigable pattern for readers to digest.

For example:

Infinix is a Chinese led company known for their business approach of targeting the growing market in Africa and East- Asia in 2017.

That sentence can be changed to, Infinix is a Chinese led company. known for their business approach of targeting the growing market in Africa and East- Asia.
A good rule for concise writing demands you try to keep words around 20-30 words per paragraph.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

Use Transitional words and Phrases
Yoast – A WordPress plugin which helps users optimize articles for readers and search engines in their latest update included Transitional words as a metric for a good readability.

After all, transitional words & phrases help your writing sound fluent and less robotic.
Below are some examples:

Words which show an example: as shown by, to illustrate, for example etc.

Words which show event: First/second/third/ lastly, finally.
The picture below shows examples of transitional phrases and words.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

Furthermore, try to use transitional words in your article as I’ve done in this article.

Reduce the Use of That

When the word “that” appears a little too much in writing, it kills the brilliance of your work.
For example.  It’s the same woman that we saw yesterday in the market Square” you can say it’s the same Woman we saw yesterday in the market square.

I use an old trick of reading through the copy and purge superfluous use of “that”

Cut out Long words.
Apparently, readers get bored of the longer version of words.
If a short word can describe a word then forget how professional you may sound. Go for it.
For example. Instead of redundant, use surplus sympathetic for tolerant etc.
5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

The Moz about page is a perfect example how short should be used.
Tip: Short words are often effective for infographics.

When it comes to SEO, optimizing your post does little to take your post up the SERPS. However, good writing keeps it there.

When try out all the power writing tips I have listed above, you stand a high chance of getting loyal readers which means few people would bounce off your page.
I’d love to hear from you.
What are your favorite tips to make a perfect copy?

Use the comment box.

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog within 15 Days

author-pic About Author
Awogor Matthew is an internet marketer, a freelancer and a problogger who sees the need of helping people discover their online career on making money online. He owns and manage the award winning blog @ that teaches everything about affiliate marketing and how to make money online.

Blog bounce rate reduces your blog trust to search engines like Google and Bing. The number of times a visitor spend on a blog after Surfing through search engines is used to determine how relevant a particular content is on a keywords.

Bounce rate chat

This is very common to understand if you learn how to keep your visitors for long on your blog especially those entering through the windows (search engines).

This metrics is simple to understand.
Let's take for instance; an entrepreneur searched for a keywords "seoclerks affiliate program" and on the first page the searcher found 10 top most relevant and informative content with the keyword, if the visitor click on any page search engine takes into account the page the searcher actually stayed long and which did he actually read to the end by mouse trigger.
The annoying part!

If the searcher visit a page and could not find relevant information about what he/she is searching for, they quickly go back to click on another page if it could answer their questions better.

At this point search engines may think your page wasn't relevant enough for that keyword and the next time a searcher search for this keyword, you may notice that your search position to that keyword have changed to either second or third page.

Another most annoying part
Have you wondered why you actually know you rank well on a particular keywords and yet you don't get clicks from search engines? I will surprise you now! 😂 and I will try to be very specific with this and straight to the point without much of your time.

Search engines value click through ratio which tells them how important your content headline is.

If for instance I searched for seoclerks affiliate program and on the first page I saw an headline "Seoclerks affiliate program: How I made $2k" and another content said "How to make money with seoclerks affiliate program"

You see that this two are very tempting to click. But I may decide to go for the one that has a personal experience first and on this keyword, he would be happy having more clicks than anyone else because he actually talked about personal experience with seoclerks affiliate program.

Funniest but interesting part•
People want to hear what you actually experienced in a particular service so they don't make the same mistakes you made. So they will pay more attention reading your experience than a mere article from a writer. I hope Now you understand.

How to keep visitors on your page for more than 10 minutes to reduce blog bounce rate

  • Draft catching heading but don't spam: a lots of people don't know what spamming is all about. If you understand the reputation you are building online with your brand, you don't need to mislead your audience with wrong headlines because you want them to click your pages. But give headlines related to your contents and very informative.
  • Squeeze important keywords you intend to rank for in first paragraph of your copy to gain clicks: this is important to search engines. I advice people's not to always set pages meta description. Do you know why? If you should do that you will lost potentials of gaining clicks if the search keyword do not appear on the meta description of your page. By default, Google or other search engines takes any part that best described the searched keyword.
  • Write long articles: an article that a reader can used just 59 seconds to read may tend to have more visit bit will increase your bounce rate. I keep my articles on a minimum of 1.5k words if not I should used 2k and above. Don't just write but be as detailed as possible.
  • Use Call to Actions or authority words: don't be too serious with your articles, at a point make the reader feel there's still best thing to read hereafter. Words like Now, Today, Quickest, Simple and Free could convert more on SERPs.
  • Don't just reveal every information at ones: when writing an article it's advised you reveal most powerful clue to what you are going to be discussing from first, second and third page so you will keep the reader on suspense to expect something more; by doing this, the reader will want to read every part of the post till the end. This will make them spend more time on your blog.
  • Give life to old articles and interlinked your content to attract more stays: a lots of people just write content, I call it plain contents. Search engines value pages interlinking. Look for potential phrases words to fix your links. No how, you should use your regular keywords which you could have similar articles on then hit up the interlinking. By so doing, a visitor might likely want to see what is in that link and may end up going from one page to another if you have a proper interlinking.
  • Make use of your header tags properly (h1, h2, h3, h4 etc): if I as a reader visit a page, what I really look for is the real information about what I want. I quickly scan through all header tags to see the one that speaks sense about what am looking for and right there do I spend more time. So properly arrange your header tags to let the visitor know what a particular section is going to be discussed on.
  • Go for Contest: many bloggers and internet marketers don't know the value of contest. It might be funny to note that people want to know what you do and how professional you go about it before they could contest for you and will want to stay longer on your pages to reduce blog bounce rate.
  • Offer Freebies: if you offer freebies to your visitors, after reading your content they will likely want to download the freebies like e-books, infographics etc.
  • Enable commenting on your blog: fellow bloggers will like to comment on your blog and you know what? They will want to read every single part of the article so to have a clear knowledge of what you are talking about before commenting so their comments don't look spamming.

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How to Boost Traffic from Bing

In my experience there is a difference between Google and Bing metrics when it comes to search engine rankings and I would say that it's easier to rank in Bing rather than in Google.


Organic SEO is all you need to rank in Bing. My website in Bing ranks 4th or 5th and its 10 months now in the rankings.
When it comes to Google it's really hard due to the major updates and minimal change in the metrics of algorithm everyday in Google. Unique, interesting, and fresh content that will benefit your targeted audience will be your best tool to rank in Google.

Performing the following actions might help your blogs to get ranked in Bing.

  • Submit Sitemaps and Submit URLs.
  • Verify Ownership of your blogs.
  • Use Diagnostics & Tools, Keyword Research, Link Explorer
  • Test Fetch as Bingbot
  • Use SEO Analyzer after modification in your site/theme etc.
  • Verify Bingbot

Finally  I have realized that getting ranked in bing is easier than google. Atleast the jump from 100 to 30 is fast.

Here are some of the things that have helped

1. On - page optimization
2. interlink the keyword from within the domain
3. external link with anchor text
4. a little bit of social media and social bookmark for the page.

The verification process is similar to Google Webmaster tools. You can also submit sitemaps and will get diagnostic information. While you won't get as much traffic from Bing as you will from Google - by a LONG SHOT. It's still worth it to do. These days you have to take advantage of every search engine opportunity - another SEO! - and Bing is key.
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How to get ranking in Bing Search Bing

Bing love updated content, the more you can give them, the more often they will visit your site.

Google is quit slow in this ratio, and i have noted bing updated my sites more often during my site updates. Its 100% automated, and google need manual fetch page to get informed.


Focus on content first, everything will come. Some guidelines and tools that you should know

Bing Webmaster Guidelines – These guidelines of using Bing are actually pretty easy and, unlike Google’s guidelines, are very short. So read it as soon as you can.

Bing Webmaster Tools – These tools that Bing provides are really helpful. Not only can you explore the backlinks, you can also check keywords that you rank for, and site index.

Bing SEO Analyser – Enter your website’s URL on the Bing SEO Analyser to find if your page is following the recommended practices of Bing SEO. Moreover, it will give you advice and suggestions about ranking higher.

Bing Search Quality Blog – This blog keeps you updated about the world of search engines, and provides insights on what new features Bing is testing these days.
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Submit Static Pages Sitemap To Google Search Console

First lets talk about what is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.


A static sitemap is not changed until the webmaster updates it. I think the reasons why in theory, someone might think a dynamic sitemap would be helpful in getting new pages crawled sooner, but in practice I would not expect it to matter very much at all..

Submit your static pages to Google so that search robots could index and display them in SERPs.

Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1
First go To Google Search Console known as Google webmaster tools

Step 2
Then Choose your blog from the list provided

Step 3
Now click Crawl > Sitemaps at the left sidebar menu

Step 4
Click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button towards yours top-right side

Step 5
Now Insert sitemap-pages.xml inside the text field.

Step 6
Finally press "Submit" button and you are all done then refresh and wait!

Same method applies for all other search engines like Bing/Yahoo and Yandex.
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How To Get Your Page Rank Higher In Google

Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. You’ve probably noticed that we feel pretty strongly about content. Search engines do, too. Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh.

Google is tricky. So, focus on what you can do at your end. If you are blogging justconcentrate on your content. Leave SEO to Google itself. I've never done any SEO for my blogs but I get thousands of visitors to my blog every day. I may be a bit extreme, but I don't want to concentrate on the forces like Google that I cannot/or have no control over their logarithms.

Here's what you need to do: 

  1. Keyword research: Find some low to low-medium competition keywords. In the top 10 results you don't want to be seeing all DA 80+ sites, or sites with huge amounts of backlinks. Mozbar is great for determining this quickly. 
  2. Create silos for your site:,, etc.

  • For each of these pages, watch the over optimization. Get your target keywords 
  • in the TITLE, DESCRIPTION, URL in only 2/3 places. Use a synonym for the 3rd. In the content for each page, use the target keyword sparingly. Synonyms are key.

3. Throw 1-2 high PR/PA/DA backlinks at the top of your silo:

This process is a low time-involvement, low-cost way to figure out a definitive answer to: should I keep going forward or not? If you're doing the right things, this method will always get you ranking.
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Best Apps for Webmasters.

author-pic Author bio
Jenny is an expert and a professional writer. She is working for get dissertation since last two years. She provides best Write My Dissertation to students and serving her skills in Dissertation Writing Service And because of her excellent work students are happy to Buy Dissertation from our website.

Even if you only manage one website, being a webmaster is a never ending job. Working on a website and maintaining it is a huge responsibility, and therefore, certain reliable apps are always needed. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, webmasters now rely more on android and iOS based apps. Here are the best apps (both Android and iOS based) for webmasters:


·        WordPress:

WordPress for android is a great way to manage your WordPress based blogs from your android device. It has all the basic functions, from moderating comments and adding images/videos.

·        DroidEdit Pro:

DroidEdit Pro is a great alternative to the notepad++. Based on android, the app allows webmasters to code on their smartphones or tablets on the go in a similar environment.

·        Webmaster’s HTML editor:

An android app, which is known for its user-friendliness and code completion feature. It is an amazing app especially for rookie developers and bloggers to maintain their websites.

·        Web Source Viewer:

The Web Source Viewer is a very user-friendly and handy iPhone app that allows you to view the source code of any website easily.

·        Domain Scout:

Working on a new website, but not sure what domain name to go with? Domain Scout is an iPhone app that allows you to search up domain names to make sure they are not already taken. It even provides contact information for the registered webpages through DNS.

·        PHP and HTML Cheat Sheets:

Stuck on a PHP or HTML code? Want to test your code on the go? There is a PHP and HTML cheat sheet that allows you to do just that.

·        Android Java Editor:

Android Java Editor is a good platform to practice and practically use Java programming on android smartphones and tablets. The app comes with code completion, so it is very useful for beginners.

·        Adobe Photoshop Express:

The Adobe Photoshop Express brings the amazing features of the Adobe Photoshop to your android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to easily edit and correct images. It includes all the basic image editing functions, from crop to auto rotation, and other amazing editing features which are not found in any other android image editing apps. Without a doubt, it is very useful for webmasters.

·        Magic Color Picker:

If you are using Adobe Photoshop Express, Magic Color Picker would also be of immense use to you, as both complement each other. Magic Color Picker allows you to pick complex color combinations, and is a very reliable color selection tool.

·        AndFTP:

AndFTP is a brilliant platform for webmasters to transfer data to and from your web server and your android device, allowing you to do functions like rename, permissions, delete, and some other custom commands.

·        Chartbeat:

Chartbeat is a great web analytics iPhone app that gives you real-time analytics of your webpages, showing you how many visitors are accessing your site at any given time.

·        Pingdom:

Perhaps, the biggest nightmare for a webmaster is their site going down without them even being aware of it. Thankfully, Pingdom, an iPhone app, is there to make sure that never happens to you. It constantly monitors your site, and notifies you whenever something goes wrong.

·        Analytix for Google Analytics:

Analytix for Google Analytics is highly useful if you are working with Google Analytics for your website. It’s a good android app that allows you to access your Google Analytics profile on the go.


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Submitting your Google Site's sitemap to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

Do you know we have different format of submitting our site's sitemap to Google search Console?
We have being given different format like this:

  • atom.xml 
  • /system/feeds/sitemap
  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=500

But I prefer this sitemap.xml  ✔  why?

> Because It has an equal statistics e.g  5000 submitted 5000 indexed wow isn't that great?

Here screenshot is a wrong submission of sitemap


Here screenshot is a correct submission of sitemap

Below is a very quick and easy tip on how to submit your site to Google search console for equal statistics.

Step 1
First you need to visit the webmaster Search Console home page and make sure you are log into your Google account.

Step 2
Then select your blo or website from the group.

Step 3
Check the sidebar and click Site
configuration and then Sitemaps.

Step 4
Then click the tab in red labeled Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right corner.

Step 5
Finally Enter sitemap.xml into the text box and click on the blue tab labeled submit below.

Hello having a good or organic traffic is very important because even if you have huge amount of bot traffic you will never rank well so just follow zealmat tips and tricks to success and always try to drop your comments below thanks.
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Best Tools To Discover More Topics On Search Engines

Searching for the most popular and trending news is all over the web because every reputable website usually provide with their best, new, unique, trending, and beneficial information for the targeted audience.

Most custom search engine has a random option. All previous search strings are stored in a text file and I can recall search text from many years back. Very interesting to see results that one has forgotten. Also with this you don't have to search for keyword from Google keyword planner, Google search engine was best search engine there you will get all information which your require and also provide lots of option which help you to select has per your requirement.


Below are  best sources to find information that you don't know exist

1. Trending searches

2. Real time topic trending

3. Twitter trends

Finally for me  there is no particular software or tool. Manual research marketing works for  me.
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All You Need to Know About SEO

Contrary to popular belief and accepted conventional wisdom, search engine optimization should be done before you write one line of code. After all, a big part of SEO is actually marketing - in this case, you're marketing the Web site to search engines. And the best way to market to the search engines is to market the Web site to your potential visitors and customers. So how do you do that?


  • Pick a topic you want your site to discuss (or a product/service you want your site to sell).

  • Plan out the major sections of the Web site (home, about, news, contact, and so on are good places to start).

  • Write the content for the pages and sections of the site bearing in mind what keywords you want to target. If you don't know how to do this, go to your local public library and borrow a copy of "Web Copy That Sells" by Maria Veloso.

  • When you're done writing the content of each page, look at the content and see how much of the "fat" you can remove. Users generally prefer text that is short, sweet and gets right to the point. If you're going to be talking about items in a list, use a list (as I am here).

  • When reducing your page content, make sure you keep the content as naturally flowing and organic as possible, without shooting yourself in the foot or removing any keywords you want to target (remember to keep the keywords relevant to the topic you're writing the page about or the product/service you're promoting, reviewing or trying to sell - again, "Web Copy That Sells" by Maria Veloso will show you how to do this).

  • Review your page content again. By now it should be short, sweet and to the point. Your visitors will thank you (since they don't sit down and read, they skim), and if your keywords are still blending in with the content, then you're 1/3 of the way there.

Once that's out of the way, and you've chosen how your Web site will look (which fortunately has NOTHING to do with the search engines), you will have to focus on the site's development. It doesn't matter a bit if you use static HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Perl, Python, etc. All a search engine sees is the (X)HTML and the text content. Search engines have gotten better at indexing .pdf files and are now starting to be able to index Flash files, but for the purpose of this post I'm going to concentrate on plain old (X)HTML. So let's get started.

  • First and foremost, use the least amount of clean, semantic and valid HTML markup possible. Web pages follow a natural flow order of header, menu, content, sidebar(s), and footer. Structure your Web pages like this whenever possible. While search engines may not care if your pages are constructed with semantic markup or layout tables, your users will benefit from the use of semantic markup (since it'll be easier to access the page from a Web browser, screen reader, mobile phone, PDA, or whatever comes along in the next few years) - and it'll mean less work for the search engines as well (piggy-backing on the "human effect").

  • While really not a tip, I have to say this anyway; following the advice in the previous point will also help ensure that your pages load quickly (especially for dial up users). Which is a bonus, since if the page loads quickly, you won't be wasting as much time getting the visitor's attention (meaning you'll be more likely to keep them at your site longer - which can easily lead to conversions of regular repeat visitors or even customers); this can lead to other sites linking to yours later on (it also makes it easier for the search engines to get to the chewy content goodness in your pages as well).

  • Validate your code. This really isn't an SEO trick, but a page that is error free will be easier for the user agent (whether it's a browser, cell phone, PDA or search engine spider) to deal with than an error-ridden page.

  • Use headings appropriately (again with the semantics!). H1 is for the page title, not the site title. Don't use more than one H1 heading per page. If you think need more, then that means the page in question by ranking well.

  • I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but don't forget about semantics. If you have only a sentence or two, don't use a <p></p> element block to mark it up (as always there are exceptions, for example if you have blocks of paragraphs and one of them happens to be only a sentence or two). Either leave it alone, or use something more appropriate (depending on the situation, it may either be a DIV or a SPAN). Mark up your menus (and other lists of links) as unordered lists.

  • When adding classes and IDs, keep the semantics in mind. Just because your sidebar may be on the left today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow (if you change the design). So don't use "left-column" for your sidebar, just use "sidebar" instead. If your sidebar contains nothing but advertisements, mark it up as "advertisements" or "ads" instead. As for the menu, I prefer to identify the list menu (the main site navigation) as "menu" rather than "nav" or "navigation".

There are some common "SEO Myths" that the crackpots and frauds will try to sell you on (like with the rest of their snake oil offerings - which are just that - snake oil). Some of the leading ones are "content first page design" "multiple H1s per page" and keyword stuffing. Let's look at these real quick and find out why they're about as reliable as spreading butter on a fresh burn wound.

Content First
Content First design centers around keeping the page content as close to the top of the Web page as possible. While I don't disagree that this can help the search engines (it does - as I've said before in other threads), what "content first" in this sense does is puts the page content (what you read) before the menu - sometimes even other page elements like the header (which, along with the menu, should be the only things between the content and the top of the page, unless you want to include helpful links like those to a site map, FAQ or help page, or a search box). Yes, the search engine spiders will have to go through the links to get to the content, but as long as your menu isn't as long as the Brooklyn Bridge, it won't matter since the search engines will still get to the content and index all of it anyway (which is doubly true if the page content is short, sweet, and to the point - which I talked about earlier).

If you want to help your visitors get to the content right away (while still having the search box/menu between the header and content), then include a skip link between the header and menu. It's really simple, and looks like the code below

<div class="skip">
    <a href="#content">Skip to Content</a>

The Truth About Page Rank
Warning: PageRank is a moving target - what was written here today may not be true tomorrow or next week. use it as a baseline and conduct your own research afterwords. Heck, I may have even gotten a thing or two wrong here (I'm only human afterall).

Speaking of links, don't forget that PageRank is all about links. Google has a preference for natural links (like the one I gave in the above paragraph) and will give them more weight if used properly. The more natural links pointing to your Web page, the higher your page rank will probably be. The more links pointing from your page to other pages, the lower your page rank will most likely be. Ideally, you want MORE links pointing to your page than you want pointing out. Bear in mind this works for EACH page, not your whole site or domain. Google doesn't care about your whole site's PR (which doesn't exist) - it weighs pages, not sites, after all.

One thing I like to do, and this has far more to to do with usability than search engine optimization (the search engines will benefit from the human-first approach, which confuses many people and convinces them that the search engines prefer this method when they really don't care either way) is to include natural, relevant links to other pages of my Web site in my page content. I'm not talking about the menus, or a site map here. I mean organic links, like the one to the PHP/SSI tutorial I wrote last year. Obviously, the link would lead to a page on my site that was related to (and relevant to) the page I'm linking from (for example, if my page is about teaching people how to review movies, and I have a review of "Pirates of Caribbean 3" elsewhere on my site, I'd probably link to the page as an example of how to write an effective movie review), rather than something totally unrelated (like vacation trips to the Caribbean). What I will be doing is giving some weight (or credibility) to the Web page I was linking to. While this will bleed some PR (PageRank) from the current page, if you link your own pages into a "web" of pages (responsibly, don't over-do it), it'll balance out in the end, and you may (doesn't mean it always will) even enjoy a net profit on your individual pages' PR before the external links to your pages start coming in.

And please, for the love of all that is good, don't use nofollow on links - you're doing the owner of the page you're linking to more harm than good, so if you do, you might as well just use plain text anyway and avoid linking altogether.
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How to Submit Your Website or Blog on Alexa

The Alexa rank algorithm is very important it shows you how engaged your visitors are and it has short process of verification.
The algorithm according to which Alexa traffic ranking is calculated, is simple. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months.

Go to and create an account.


Step 2
When you will on Alexa account registration page then you need to place your email by which you wants to create your Alexa account. You can also use your Facebook account to Login.

Step 3
When you will place your email address then Alexa will send a verification email to your email account. You only need to Login to your email account, open the email sent by Alexa and click on verification link to verify your account.


Step 4
Now after creating and verifying your account, Go to Alexa site owner page to Claim your site.

Step 5
On Alexa site claim page, enter your blog or site URL and click on Continue to claim your site.

Step 6
On the next step, after clicking on Continue, you will be land on a page where you need a select a method to claim your site ownership.

Alexa Will Offer You 3 Methods Which Are Listed Below.


1. Upload an Alexa verification file to your site’s root directory.

2. Add an Alexa verification ID to your homepage.

3. Certify your site’s metrics.

If you are a blogspot user then you should choose 2nd method to claim your site’s ownership by adding an Alexa verification ID to your homepage of your site.

Step 7
When you will choose 2nd method then Alexa will provide you a meta tag Verification ID which you need to paste in <head> section of your homepage HTML.

Step 8
Now Login to your Blogger Dashboard in new window of your browser and Go to Template > Edit HTML.


Make use of CTRL+F to search for
 <head> and then paste the HTML code below the <head> tag.

Step 9
Now Go back to Alexa and Click on ” Verify My ID ” button

Step 10
” Your site is successfully Claimed


You Can Also Learn:

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Do Directories Still Mattter In Link Development? Ie. Dmoz

Huh I think this is a great question for every webmasters to answers most especially the successful once,
More than ninety percent of the links listed in a good web directory were added by directory staff, not through submissions. Submit your site as a way of getting to the front of the line. Keep in mind, however, that there are an awful lot of junk directories online, and stay away from them. A few things to keep in mind regarding web directory submissions:
The best directories to have your site listed in are the ones that are the hardest to get in. This might be due to a high submission fee, rigid quality standards or, in the case of DMOZ, having to wait years for someone to get around to reviewing your submission. Guaranteed inclusion is not a good thing, and automatic inclusion is even worse.


Your link should be placed on a page that is relevant to the topic of your site, whether this be in a niche directory relating to your topic or to a relevant category of a general directory.

Once you have determined which category to submit your site to (based on relevancy), look at the other sites that are listed there. If your site were listed on that page, would it be a good neighborhood or a bad one?

Check to be sure that the directory is well organized and well maintained.
When it comes to links, quality and relevancy are more important than quantity.

I would go about it like this if I had to use those kind of links?

1. Research directories relevant ONLY to your niche/industry.

2. Make a visual inspection. Is the review process manual? What quality do they allow? Keyword heavy links? Find anything that might raise a flag.

2. Run the ones you find through Majestic or Ahref and look at link profile. Discard ANY directories with weird links and patterns (no matter how good PR, DA or anything else).

3. Write solid presentations and keep away for keyword links - use brand.

4. Voila! Feel a bit safer and reap the juice!

It is clearly written in Google blog that if you are choosing some good directories (the directories with good page rank, with rich content and the directories that review your blog before listing) then it is really good for your blog. Also selecting the right category is very important. So, keep searching for good directories for link building.
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SEO Detailed List Of Action Checklist

Detailed step-by-step checklist or steps you should take when starting a new website project (Like what are the first move in order to move on etc)
So today I have compiled some useful steps or checklist actions for you all you need now is to perform this task one by one and guess what? You new site will be the best.


Follow My Steps:

Analysis Process:

1. Site Analysis
2. Business Analysis
3. Keywords Analysis
4. Competitor Analysis

On-Page Optimization:

1. URL Optimization
2. Title & Meta Tags writing
3. Heading Optimization
4. Content Optimization
5. Keywords Density Optimization
6. Breadcrumb Setup
7. Image Optimization
8. Sitemap setup
9. .htaccess file setup
10. Robots.txt file setup
11. Setup Google Analytics & webmaster tool accounts
12.Internal Linking Structure Optimization

Off-Page Optimization:

1. Google and Local Business Listing
2. Blog Posting
3. Guest Blog Posting
4. Press Release
5. Web 2.0 & Articles
6. Documents, Presentation Submission
7. Blog Commenting
8. Forum Participation
9. Business Review Submission
10. Infographics Submission
11. Video Submission

Social Media:

Create and Share daily interesting news about your business as well as interesting other factors.

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Linkedin
5. Instagram
6. Google Plus

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Why Link Building Is Important In SEO

That's the point in SEO, maybe not being given that much emphasis as it should get, but search engine are doing so. The more backlinks your site gets , the higher your site ranks for your targeted keyword relative to keyword density.

How Important Is Link Building

How important is link building for your blog is what this article will be explaining so that your can up your game in building high quality backlinks to your blog.

Link Building Definition

Link building accounts for one the most important part of SEO that you should take very serious if you ever want to see your blog rank top for your target keyword on SERPs. Link building can simply be defined as the act of acquiring backlinks for your site. This inludes both paid and unpaid means of acquiring backlinks.

How Important Is Link Building For Your Blog

Link building is a major part of SEO which cannot be overemphasized .Link building is as important as creating quality contents for your blog. To rank high online you need high quality backlinks pointing to webpages on your site. Say for instance, though I can’t really say this is how Google algorithm works in other to display results to search queries, but if you are serious with keyword research, you will notice that most of the webpages that rank high on Google search result pages all have one thing in common , which is high number of backlinks. It clearly tells us that backlinks are very important for your blog to rank high online and the act of acquiring backlinks is simply termed link building.

WhyYour Blog Is Not Getting Organic Traffic

Having a good blog is one thing, getting it out there in front of people is another task you must take very serious. This brings us back to the base discussion, how important is link building for your blog? Even if you have really cool contents , you should also try to broadcast it, that’s simply how you can acquire backlinks to your site. This include submitting your blog post to “social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, forums , related blogs, and any other public directory you can think of. Though some of this sites might have the nofollow tag in the links you submit on their platforms, but certainly their is an increase in your blog authority preference. So if you want to start getting increased organic traffic from search engines , then you should add more effort to your link building strategies.

Is Link Building Still Important?

Link building is still very much important for the health of your site and getting more traffic from search engines. Link building determines how well your site ranks for your target keyword on SERPs. If you get high quality backlinks to point to your site , you increase your chance of ranking high on SERPs which will then drive more organic traffic to your blog. So link building is a major decider on how well your site ranks for your target keyword on SERPs.

Link Building Strategies

There are tons of link building strategies you can implement right away and see your blog backlinks increase. I will leave that topic for another day, but now I will specify some very common but effective ways to build backlinks to your blog site.One of such ways is broadcasting your site content to social bookmarking and networking sites, commenting on high PR dofollow blogs, posting your contents on high PR forums sites and other directories. Its a two-way profit, you gain backlink and more traffic. The more backlinks you acquire the better your chances of ranking high for your target keyword on SERPs. So why not start your link building campaign by following the above methods and see your backlinks sour higher.

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List Of Directories Final - 85 Free Directories

EXPLANATION “Web directory” and “search engine” are often used interchangeably. Web directories are organized Web site listings put together by human reviewers, whereas search engine listings are put together by automated systems and lack a navigable structure. Much of the confusion stems from the various hybrid models that have developed over time, as search engines have incorporated directory features to assist with issues such as categorization and site quality.


List of Free Directories .
Easy submit , no need reciprocal , no need register . 85 Directories with Pagerank 5 to 0.
You can submit now .

  57. http://myonlinewebdirectory.or

Don't forget to drop your ccomment.below thanks
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Four(4) Sure Ways To Make Money Online

Guest Post
author-pic About Author
Ahmad Dinho is a hard working tech blogger who spends 80% of his time blogging. He is the founder of . You can follow him via his twitter handle @dinho9ja

Hi everyone, today i have decided to write this post because there is one question people keep asking above any question more commonly to my mail. And it is how do i make money online. Now, i know that there are different ways you've read about on how to make money online, and not all usually works. So i decided to make this post as a guide showing you how to do it correctly. And you know, some of this ideas might help you.
So my guess is you want to make money just like everyone else but you don't want to do anything that involves moving your legs isn't it?. You want to do something easy, sit behind your computer and make some money. The truth is that this is Nigeria, you have to stand for yourself. Now what i really want to show you are the four(4) sure ways that anyone can make money online. Let's get started.


Let us begin with number four(4), and this is probably the most common way you've heard of many times.


4. Build a website

The most common and easiest thing you can probably do is set up a blog through any platform be it google blogger blogspot, Joomla, WordPress anything like that, is really easy and probably the easiest way you can make money online. So here are some tips whenever you setup a blog.

Guys no one wants to hear about how you went skating with your friends and flew over bikes and potholes. People don't really care about your life, i know it sounds little harsh but it's true. And girls, no one wants to hear how you've been admired by boys half away with your shirt off. People want to see something that they can relate to. When people go to the internet, they go for mostly two reasons well three reasons mostly but two important ones. One is that they want to be human, they want to laugh at something.

So, whenever you are making your blog, try to make it more hilarious it will help you out a lot and if you have no funny stuffs or whatever, then you should at least know what you can entertain people and please people to keep visiting your blog everyday.

This is entertaining isn't it? so you have to let in this two key aspects, human & entertainment. People are going to read your blog a lot more than you can imagine.  

Now if you want to take a step up from your blog, you can as well start creating a forum. The problem about a forum is if you don't know anything about programming languages or anything like that. The software for forum is free, go ahead in Google and type in free forum softwares, you are going to have a gang of free templates to set up a forum, this is a lot more engaging with your users, is just a lot more prompt seen than a blog. Now you got to say alright, I got my blog and my forum setup what am i suppose to do, how do i make money out of this.

Well, Google adsense is the way you can take ads on put them on your website, here is how it works. Google handle all business aspect of it, and what they do is; they take a company who want to pay for advertisement, they put them on your website and they share a percentage of the profit with you, and Google actually gives up to 75% to 80%. So, that's how you can make money from a blog or a forum.

Let us see number three(3) way to make money online which is:

3. eBay

Spin your eyes around your room, your apartment, your house anything like that. You know those antiquated boots and ancient black and white television, you know how you think they are and you want to do away with them. But thrust me, they are people out there who want this stuffs but why? I have no idea but simply put anything on eBay people are going to bid on it.

Now, i saw a bunch of things on eBay, people have been doing it for years, and here are the two most important things i can give you.

eBay Tips



You pretty much want to bold every single thing you can. Without going with much of details it will be very helpful and aside from that you want to get free shipping, with free shipping, you are going to make it. When people bid, because you are going to take that to your account, and also you know that anything for free, people are going to, you understand.

Now number two(2) way to make money online is to open up a

2. YouTube account/channel 

Open up a YouTube account/channel and start making tutorials, and you know it doesn't has to be only tutorials, it just have to be a video about anything. Now girls have the advantage over here because they can take out a camera and start talking and pretty much many guys are going to watch and subscribe and say oh! my God, you are the greatest thing ever, I love your videos no matter what the video talks about. But when it comes to guys, it is a little bit harder for them. They talk in the camera and people like say; dude get lost!. So guys you have to be a little bit more creative.

Some of the common things you can make videos about if you are a dude instead of just talking in the camera, animation can be a popular subject, anything that sounds fire or explode.

The number one(1) way you can make money online, am giving this number one(1) not because it is the easiest thing to do, but by far this can be the most profitable if you do it, by far! by far!! by far!!! and that is:

1. Selling iPhone apps online

I know you are going to say am quitting reading this article, i have no idea on how to create and sell iPhone apps, where to even begin. Don't worry, let check it out. Here is a quick guide.

If you have any idea for an iPhone app, what you are going to do is go to sites like oDesk & elance and here is where you can find people all over the world to build your iPhone app for you, what you do is to give them your idea, give them some couple box and they create your iPhone app for you, and then you can take the app and sell it your own self and get money from it over and over again. And here is the best thing like any of these thing. You pay for once and you make money till eternity. Pay some guys once to develop iPhone apps for you and that is income for the rest of your life. This is by far more profitable, actually the most profitable way i know on how to make money online. This is the biggest potential, so please do not overlook this.

The only advice i have to give is this, one good app is better than a thousand of crappy apps. So if you have one good idea, you have to concentrate on this, instead of just trying to make a bunch of crappy apps to put on iTunes Store. That is the only advice i have to give you. I hope you guys get something from this article.

If you have any other sure way of making money online and it is not listed here, simply drop your comment and also you can drop your comment if you have any question or difficulties and I'll reply you ASAP.
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Reset Windows 8 Password With Password Reset Disk

Having issues with your windows 8 forgotten Password? I think here is the perfect solution for you just use any of the method below carefully.


Method 1: Reset Windows 8 password with password reset disk

Password rest disk only works if you have created before losing that account password. Therefore, you had better to create this win 8 password reset disk when you set up an account. Still have difficult in creating windows 8 password reset disk? See more detail from MS website.

Here is how to reset windows 8 password with password reset disk

Step 1: When entering a wrong win 8 password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password as following picture. Click “Reset password” it will show you the Password Reset Wizard.

Step 2: Click NEXT and select your USB password key disk drive to reset the password with a new one.

Step 3: Then you can use the new password enter your win 8 PC.

Method 2: Unlock Windows 8 password from safe mode

Windows 8 system has a built-in administrator account that is created during Windows installation, and disable by default, which has no password in it. You need to enable that account before forgetting your other admin account password. Otherwise your built-in administrator account won’t appear in the screen in this tip.

Step 1. Start your win 8 computer and press “F8″ while the computer boots up. Scroll down to “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press “Enter.” Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Step 2. Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt. Type: net user ****** 123456 and enter (****** is the account name which password you need to reset 123456 is the new password), it will show you a message that” the command completed successfully.

Step 3. Restart your win 8 computer, then you can log in as ****** with the password 123456. You can go to control Panel to change your account password if necessary.

Method 3: Unlock Password Windows 8 with Windows Password Recovery Tool

Have no password reset disk and have tried to reset from safe mode but fail. In this situation you need to find Windows Password Recovery Tool to unlock the lost windows 8 password, it is the best and quick choice.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool from: in another accessible PC which allows you to download.

Step 2: Run and burn Windows Password Recovery Tool to a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 3: Insert the disk to your locked Computer and then boot it from the disk, then you can follow the instruction to crack lost Windows 8 password.

Make it! It’s 100% Windows 8 password unlocker, so I’m sure you’ll enter your Windows 8 system with that account.
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How to Write a Terms and Conditions for Your Blog or Website

The terms and conditions that is being applied on any blog or website is a symbol of a responsible organization and most times the google adsense insist you have it before applying.
So today am going to show you a simple way on How can I write a Terms and Conditions for your blog or website.


The term and conditions can be generated automatically from this listed sites below.

While online generators tend to do the job, ToS are usually re-written.
Find some niche-relevant websites, copy their ToS and compile a text that takes their best practices and describes your particular service well.

I have visited some related website and get idea from there. And then I have written myself. Dont hesitate to let me know if you need any suggestion.
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4 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

SEO is the heart beat of your blog when it stop your blog is dead, the reason is because you don't need to stress yourself sharing your blog post for traffic.
I know most bloggers don't care of checking thier blog analysis which is wrong as a blogger you need to know your blog flows like backlinks, alexa rank, search traffic, link to your site, and your page rank.
We have bring up some wonderful  SEO tools for you, the work 100% with real analysis so just use them wisely.

1.  Google webmaster Tools
This is google best seo tool that gives you every analysis consigning your website or blog.
In this tool page you can find

=> Google index
=> Crawl
=> Search traffic etc.Image

And you can use it to monitor or keep your site from being affected by virus.

2. Google Adword Keyword Tool

Remember we discussed on how to research keyword right? This is the tool that is been used for keyword research and it works perfectly with keyword earnings statistics.
And it comprises of the top keyword ideas group and many more

3. Google Analytical Tool

This is tool is designed for your blog or website traffic analysis, it shows you every thing consigning your website traffic and the target  and the site speed, social media reference and many more.

4. SEMrush


This website is mainly design for checking your blog ranking, backlinks etc. And it also tell you how many errors have occurred in your site and it is basically ment to optimize your siteImage

I hope with this tools you can be able to do some wonderful things for your blog, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.

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How To Check Your Blog Loading Speed

Making your blog to load fast is very important it helps in displaying your blog on google search results and rank. Most times you just put different type of widget without thinking of the disadvantage of it, seo is just like the heart of your blog and without the seo your blog can never be successful in getting traffic.

Most times the reason why your blog is slow might be as a result of too much third party widget.
Performing this does not requites any coding it just simple.

=> First click here to navigate to the site were you can check your blog speed.

=> Now insert your blog url to the box given to you.

=> Then click on the Analyze button.

=> Then just wait for two or three minutes for it to load properly and that's all.

If your score is below below 90 you will need more work on your blog
But if you blog is above 90 then you are good to go.

Thanks I hope this tutorial will help you. If you need any assistance feel free to contact us or drop your comment below thanks.
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