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How To Make Money With Your YouTube video

YouTube has been rated as one of the best place to study online and it allows you earn money even while learning from it platform. The key is having videos that people actually watch.

How Make Money With Your YouTube video

That is a hard thing to do and you have to be ready for the long haul if you want to make REAL money from YouTube. Figure out the kind of videos you want to make and consider making a video every day. When it comes to YouTube, I always say that create Weird/Controversial/Hilarious/Informative content. And, it should transcend people's expectations. In this age, normal doesn't work. You've to challenge the views of people or present something which they weren't expecting. Once you do that, you're in - BIG TIME.

First It takes a certain personality to be on camera and it takes another personality to be a good speaker a good example is the guy that makes $5m+/yr and he puts out a lot of videos, visit source market and watch some of his crazy SEO videos Just go look at his videos, and you know why he gets alot of traffic...

All you need to know now is that All the money from YouTube comes from monetization if your in YouTube for the money then smash out quality videos don't worry about subscribers or comments just look at the views. With views they translate every thousand views depending on your location e.g. You have a video from 2015 that has 1 million views and growing and a video from now with 10 thousand views you still make money from the 2015 video as it still has monetization on it you could also get yourself a explainer animation video to tell people what your channel is about.

Just put his in mind that if you have enough knowledge about Adsense and Ad Network so it'll easy for you to making money from YouTube. I think you also have to acquire knowledge about YouTube SEO. It'll more helpful for you. If you already started then now you needed more and more traffic so now you have to search about how you can increase your traffic.

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How to Be a Vlogger

A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog /ˈvlɒɡ/, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata.

Hint 1
Get a YouTube account with an attractive name.

Make your channel interesting. Make sure you think over your username, though, because it's nearly impossible to make it big with a jumbled, unreadable username with a bunch of numbers!

Hint 2
Get a topic to for your vlogs 

Just the same way we select niche in blogging. Aslong as it's not boring, insulting, or illegal. Take other video bloggers as an inspiration, such as Casey Neistat, Katersoneseven, Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon, Frezned, Italktosnakes, or Vlogbrothers. But you have to be unique and true to yourself. Don't be a copycat - don't do what everyone else does.

Hint 3
Make good videos. 

They really have to be good, and interesting. Post one or two daily for a little while, and then go daily or every other day after that. Really try not to skip two days, because what you give your viewers becomes their standard.

Hint 4
Try to be active 

nobody is going be interested if you don't post any videos for years also sometimes put your tittle of your video in CAPITALS to get people more interested. If possible, try to set a specified day that you will upload videos. For a vlogger, at least three or four times a week. If this is too much, try to do one per week.

Hint 5
Always Edit your videos

This means the difference of viewers scrolling past you and clicking on your videos. Look at tutorials on using the software you have. Windows has Windows Movie Maker preinstalled, and all Apple products have iMovie available. Android has Movie Maker preinstalled.

Hint 6
Become a YouTube partner

You will need to have at least a few thousand views to do so. YouTube gives you money for allowing ads to be displayed on your videos, and that's how great vloggers earn money with their videos! Your videos will appear often in search results as well.

Hint 7

Try Communicate with your follower

 Don't shut them out or ignore them. Take time to respond to comments, messages, and video responses you receive. This leaves a good impression and your followers will appreciate it.
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Five Methods to Get More Traffic From Youtube Videos

YouTube is a free video-hosting website that allows members to store and serve video content. Over the years YouTube has being one of the major source for learning, entertaining and making of money.
It's time to explain to you five methods you can make use of these alerts to get more visitors to your videos…and eventually to your site.

1. Make Super-Long Movie Descriptions

Remember that YouTube and Look for engines can’t observe or pay attention to your video (yet).

That signifies that they intensely trim on the writing around it to comprehend your video’s subject. That’s why it discomfort me to see incredibly brief video explanations.

2. Improve Around “Video Keywords”

Ranking in YouTube is great, but position your video in YouTube and Bing is even better. Although Look for engines gives YouTube video clips an natural advantage in the SERPs, that’s only real for certain keywords.

These keywords are known as “Video Keywords” because they seem to have video outcomes on Google’s first web page.

3. Get More Movie Opinions From On the internet Communities

Online areas like Quora and LinkedIn categories are amazing locations to route visitors from. The thing is, most areas don’t take too please to someone losing hyperlinks to their material all over the place. But they’re usually start to individuals discussing beneficial YouTube video clips, like yours!

Because the number and quality of your video views is one of the most essential YouTube position aspects, getting views from focused areas performs amazing things.

4. Motivate Signing up and Linking

Because YouTube’s criteria doesn’t use back-links, it locations A LOT of weight on consumer encounter alerts. If individuals love viewing your video, anticipate it to grind it in YouTube search.

Subscribing and preference are two of the most essential consumer encounter alerts that YouTube uses.

When someone prefers your video enough to register after viewing it, it delivers a powerful concept to YouTube that you have a amazing video on arms.

Likes are much less essential, but they still depend.

5. Make Keyword-Rich Playlists

Don’t keep your YouTube route an disorganized blunder.

One of the simplest methods to get more YouTube search visitors to your video clips is to arrange your video clips into playlists.

A keyword-rich playlist gives YouTube further information about your video’s subject. And like we saw with your information, more text-based content=more views.
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How to Get First Page Of YouTube

YouTube ignores the number of views as a ranking stat, they do this because too many people are buying views so it is no longer relevant. Just do any keyword search on YouTube, you will find some videos near the top with few views and subscribers and lots of videos down several pages with tons of views and subscribers. Getting top placement is all about video optimization. I have managed to get videos in position 1 on the first page for a keyword search with no views at all. just good optimization. Of course a good video that is optimized well and lands on the first page will naturally get a lot of views and subscribers, but that is not how it got to the top page.

Getting first page on youtube is not hard as goolge but going through right criteria is the most important thing. Number of views help people click on your video, and the more clicks/views you have the higher your ranking. The higher your rankings the more views you get. Together with increasing number of social bookmarks it is sort of a snowball effect.


In 2017, YouTube depends on various factors for ranking

  1. No of Visitors Subscribe , Like and Comment are still consider.
  2. Channel Authority is sometimes eliminated and we can see even the latest two months old video rank 1st in days.
  3. Title SEO oriented keywords which are in demand on Google Keyword Planner.
  4. Make Use of this Keyword in Description and Tags as Well.
  5. Description should have keywords researched in such a way that those are the most frequently searched on YouTube search bar.
  6. Make sure you "Say those Keywords" used in your SEO as primary keyword twice thrice in your video as well.
  7. Tags related to your videos at the same time related to latest happening issues as well.
  8. Make your YouTube Video more then 10 mins or more. Longer the video longer it will be its watch time and it will dominate as a whole.
  9. Make Your YouTube descriptions around 200 - 300 words.
  10. Its Social Media Precence on Twitter, FB, Reddit,etc.
  11. Backlinks do play a role for ranking on Google and YouTube Search.

YouTube ranking depends on the following criteria, in this order:

1) Views
2) Subscribers
3) Favorites
4) Likes
5) Comments

Additional Criteria:

- Video title
- Description
- Tags
- Number of incoming links
- Number of shares
- Age of video
- Number of playlist additions
- Flagging
- Number of embeds
- Channel views
- Number and quality of sites that host or point to your video

However, it is a combination of all of the above as well as your keyword research, backlinks and page optimization. Also, there is a lag on YouTube and sometime it takes more than a week to get to the first page.
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How to Change your YouTube Country

In your business you need to use your real country because it make's your friends,families and also customers to have trust on your services like YouTube tutorials and many more

YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. Originally created in 2005, YouTube is now one of the most popular sites on the Web, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month.

Just Follow 4 steps and Change your YouTube Channel Country :


Step 1
Sign in to your YouTube Channel.

Step 2
Go to your "My Channel" option.

Step 3
There you seen some option to your Channel. Click the "About" tab at the top of the page.


Step 4
Here you seen some new option, like Country. Then Change the country.

I hope this tutorial really help, why not drop your comment before leaving thanks.
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How To Setup Your Youtube Channel And Earn Money

The YouTube adsense approval is the fastest means of earning online with only three unique video.
Today am doing to explain how you can setup your own personal YouTube channel and earn from it and you can also check out on how to create your own YouTube channel.

Step 1
First you need to visit YouTube on your computer or any smart phone. 

Step 2
Then you will have to enable monetization of your YouTube
account this will indicate that you want to earn money from your videos.


Step 3
Now click on the sign in button at the top right hand side of the YouTube homepage.

Step 4
Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page. This should open a small menu. Click on the gear button to access your YouTube account settings.

Step 5
Then move to the Account Monetization page under the overview menu of the settings page, click the “View additional features” link to display all the available features for your YouTube account.


Step 6
Now Scroll tour mouse through the features and look for “Monetization.”
Click on the “Enable monetizationImage

Step 7
clicking the “Enable My Account” button which is blue in color to enable your account to earn money.


Step 8
Then click the “I accept” button at the bottom of the page. You will
have to wait for your request to be approved beforeyou can be allowed to monetize anything.


You can also read:

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How to Link AdSense to Your YouTube Account

The linking of adsense to your YouTube videos is one of the very fast way to earn more money and it has been a great idea for every online webmasters to perform this without any risk or being banned, so today am going to teach how to link adsense to your youtube account without stress just follow the steps below.

Step 1
First you need to confirm if your application have been approved or not but if it has been approved you will see something like the screenshot below.


Step 2
Then scroll down to Associate an AdSense account you will be given some “Guidelines and Information


Step 3
Now click on how do I get paid from the listed guidelines click the “Associate an AdSense account link then click the “Next” button at the bottom of the next page.

Step 4
Now you will be given an option

If you wish to use another Google account, click the “Use a different or new Google Account” button beside it and sign in with the account.

Step 5
Now you will be asked for  your YouTube channel link and then make sure your content language are correct on the page, and click the “Continue” button.

Step 6
The next page will provide you with the application form for AdSense. Fill in the information required in the
appropriate fields, like Country, Time zone, Account type, Payee name, Street address, City, Phone, and
Email preferences. Your personal information, such as your payee name and contact details, should be
accurate and matching the data in your bank account that will receive all payments.

Step 7

Click the “Submit my application” button when you’re done.

You will be given a notification just like this one below.

Your AdSense application will be reviewed, and you will receive an email once it’s confirmed. As long as your account is in good standing, you should have this approved. It should take less than 24 hours. Once it’s been approved, your AdSense account is now linked to your YouTube account, and you can now start earning money from your videos.

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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

What are the main ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results?
Ok let's move straight to the point


=> First you can start off by improving your profile, and make sure you have a nice and relevant channel art design.

=> Keep posting to your Facebook page that you have posted videos and start to advertise that. Also you want to start a twitter account and advertise both your Facebook page and your Twitter account on your youtube account

=> Also keep it personal. People like it when a Youtuber is personal (Like pewdiepie personal jokes to his community.) People will start to subscribe to your channel and you will later grow because Youtube will start to feature you like (LeafyIsHere) Also what is your youtube channel name? You might want to start posting your youtube/facebook page/twitter account everywhere.

=> You can promote your youtube channel through facebook the best way to promote your product, create a page in facebook at is similar to youtube channel name and also you can create a blogger blog to promote your channels

=> Then also I would recommend researching and reading at least 20 articles on "youtube seo" so you have an unfair advantage on the competition in your niche.

=> You can start by learning more about proper length for video descriptions, video keywords, relevant online communities to share videos, use call to action at the end of videos, and creating keyword rich playlists.

One thing for sure is once you finish studying that many articles on this topic and implementing what you learn and seeing what works, you will be capable of creating an ebook  for the thousands of other people looking for a solution to this problem also every week.

Besides for security you NEED 2 step verification on your account for your youtube channel and use different passwords for your twitter and youtube account. Facebook shouldn't matter.

 If you have any questions or concerns please drop them below thanks.

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How To Change Your YouTube Language

Language has made many things more easier even in online businesses. YouTube has over 2 million users everyday most people visit YouTube for business, offers, advert, and sharing knowledge. I must say watching tutorials from YouTube make things more easier for you as a webmaster true or false?

Below is a short guide on how to setup your YouTube language.

Step 1
First go to your YouTube account and move your mouse down to the buttom of that page.

Step 2
Now you will find something like this
Language (English) just click on it.

Step 4
Now you will be given different options with different languages all you need to do is to click on your preferred language and that's all.

YouTube language option

Now you can now communicate the way you want with different people around the world.

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How To Create a Youtube account

Most times you have a very informative video but to publish it is the problem but have you ever thing of YouTube? wow if you haven`t hear about YouTube before i think this is an opportunity for you. YouTube gives users the privilege to browse and search for any kind movie or video.

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1
Now you need to  visit the YouTube webpage for you to get started by clicking here
remember that google also have other sister website and you should not be thinking what ever you do on YouTube is going to reflect on google plus with your permission no impossible

Step 2
Now after clicking on that you need to sign in and make sure you have a google account or if you don`t have you need to create first by clicking here

Step 3
Now click on the create account button below and fill the required details correctly make sure you don`t make any mistake

Step 4
You will need to provide you mobile number to be able to verify that you are not a robot which you are not lol

Step 5
Now a code will be sent to you copy it and place it in the box given to you and then you will be confirm

Step 6
After opening you new account you will have to arrange you background and many other things

Step 7
Now you can now do what ever you want to do with you new baby account try to watch other videos and comment this will bring good patterining with others

I hope this will favor you don't forget to drop you comment below thanks
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How to Delete Your Youtube Channel

This tutorial is been compose for those that want to delete their YouTube channels and in the world today most news are been broadcast through this platform if you don`t have this account then you are missing alot so below is the tutorial on how to delete your YouTube channels

Step 1
Login to your YouTube account and then navigate to the channel you want to delete this is normally available if you have more than one YouTube account.

Step 2
Now click on the gear image at the top corner of your youtube home page and then click on advance this is located below your your channel name in your overview section.

Step 3
Then click on delete channel button to perform this you will need to login again to your google account don`t be afraid your google account will not delete.

After this you can still login to your YouTube with this same with the google plus account that associated with it if you choose to delete it too then open your google plus account and do this.

Step 4
Now login to you google plus account and then click on settings.

Step 5
At the bottom you will find delete page just click on it , and confirm that you want to delete it.

Step 6
Now you will have to check the box if you have missed or loss any service access and you can delete you google plus page.

Yeah i hope this tutorial really helped you, don`t forget to leave a comment below thanks.
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