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Tooxclusive Wordpress Theme Download Free

Carrington Mobile Theme For WordPress is the most common mobile theme used by Nigerian blogs, sometimes last year, I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to manipulate/customize Carrington mobile theme for wordpress here, I believe many found it really useful as I got a lot of feedbacks and comments. Based on the requests I got, I decided to play around the theme, gave it a face lift. A demo is running here or checkout the screenshots below. You can follow the instructions in my previous post to install and customize the template further but if you’re stucked at any point u can always drop a comment here. I’ll be glad to help ๐Ÿ™‚

Why Carrington theme is the best for blogs?

  • It has a simple and clean look.
  • Because it doesn’t show much details, it loads very fast which is good for SEO (I went further to optimize this version to load even faster)
  • It is easy to customize (your PHP & CSS knowledge is the only limit u
  • It’s free to use ๐Ÿ˜€
  • A copy of the template is live on this website(click here), Here are screenshots of what the template looks like after customization.

Unspoken newspaper WordPress theme. Advanced WordPress Premium theme developed proceeding from your wishes.

Unspoken is our first, clean, simple and easy to customize premium WordPress theme specifically designed for your news or magazine website. We carefully analyzed your statements to each of free templates that we have released previously and have tried to realize all your remarks and wishes in Unspoken. Comes with 7 unique color schemes.

Download Here 
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Mp3 Tag Editor Script With Voice Tag Download Free

Mp3 Tag Editor Download it below:

Mp3 Tag Editor With Voice Tag Script Download it below:
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How To Convert A Wordpress Theme Into A Blogger Template?

The word converting Wordpress theme into Blogger is itself a wrong phrase in itself. Wordpress is coded in PHP script while Blogger templates are coded in XHTML. Wordpress theme is not a single file like the Blogger XML template file where almost everything is embeded inside a single editor.

Wordpress uses PHP functions to combine different sections of the blog and load content dynamically. There are different files for plugins, theme styles and for the DOM itself. So there is no such tool which can merge all these files into a single XML file so that phrase really makes no sense.

You can only make a clone of the Wordpress Theme stylesheet and HTML structure and that is what Template designers do. They copy the HTML structure of the wordpress theme from its source file and use the same styelsheets with some customization to make it work in blogger.

Steps To Clone a Wordpress Theme into Blogger Template

1. Choose any minima blogger template to use its structure as the backbone for your new design.

2. Then start from its Header. Give it the same styles and structure as that of the Wordpress theme.
Browser inspect utility can help you with it.

3. Next move to the Post section and then to Sidebar. You need to have some idea of blogger inserts XHTML tags for Blog posts and Widgets in order to produce the dynamic functionality.

4. Finally design your footer

Throughout this process you just need to copy the design or take inspiration from the WP theme by applying the styles to Header, Post Body, Sidebar and Footer.

if you need the second method drop your comments.
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How Google Defines a High-Quality Page With an Example


  • They must have a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).
  • A satisfying amount of high-quality content (More than 2000+ words, unofficial my words)
  • Satisfactory website information and/or information about who is responsible for the website.
  • Positive website reputation (reviews) for a website
  • Takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill.
  • Information pages should be factually accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive.


  • Parenting article about strollers
High-Quality Characteristics:
  • A satisfying amount of high-quality MC
  • Very positive reputation (website)
  • Specifically, high E-A-T and positive reputation for this specific blog and author
PQ Rating:
  • This is a blog post on a newspaper that has won a variety of awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize, George Polk Award, Peabody Award, etc. The author of this blog post has become known as an expert on parenting issues. She is a regular contributor to this and other media websites.
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How To Activate True Unlimited Data Plans

Browsing with capped data is never enjoyable especially when you have a small amount of data remaining. That is why Tizeti is offering true unlimited data bundle.


Tizeti owns to help provide unlimited data plans to heavy internet users residing in Lagos State, Nigeria. Yeah, is currently available in Lagos alone, although they have been available for years now.

Pricing on the network starts from N9,500 and it's valid for 30 Days, without any data cap or limit. You can browse as you like, download and stream as you well wish.

You also have access to over 2000+ channels. In addition, you can also take advantage of the availability of its US IP Address over Wifi service. What this means is that, you can access the internet anonymously via the US IP address.

Any device that is connected to the WiFi router will obtain a US IP Address automatically. Without further sayings, let's go straight to the point. has two ways of using the service. You can install your own home router or use their hotspot service, which allows you connect to nearby routers for a cheap subscription fee for as low as N200 per day.

To set up and install your own Router will cost you a one-time fee of N35,500 which takes at least an hour to set up.

  Data.             Price.          Validity
 Unlimited N9,500          30 Days
 Unlimited N57,000 6 Months
 Unlimited N114,000 1 year

You can sign up for an account to get started >

If you live in Lagos and you love it unlimited, then give a try. Don't forget to leave a comment below if you have tried their service before.
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How To Subscribe To MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack

MTN just advertised their YouTube plan once again on their social media pages. MTN YouTube video streaming bundle will allow you stream YouTube videos of your choice for some couple of hours.

You can now subscribe for MTN YouTube video streaming pack via SMS. This plan is for those who loves watching YouTube videos. You guys will really find this interesting.

MTN YouTube Video streaming pack is a time-based data plan that allows you watch videos on YouTube from your phone.

How To Subscribe To MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack

You can subscribe to any YouTube Video Streaming Pack via SMS by texting the plan specific keyword to 131.

YouTube Video Streaming Plans

1hr YouTube Pack
₦ 150
1 Hr Stream
24 Hrs Validity
Text VP1 to 131

3 hrs YouTube Pack
₦ 400
3 Hrs Stream
24 Hrs Validity
Text VP3 to 131

YouTube Night Pack (12am–5am)
₦ 50
5 Hrs Stream
24 Hrs Validity
Text VP5 to 131

New 7 hours YouTube Pack (11pm - 6am)

₦ 200
7 hours streaming time
7 days validity
Text VP7 to 131 
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MTN Awuf4u, Get 5x Bonus On Every Recharge You Make

MTN Awuf4U bonus is not a new offer any more. It's been available since 2016. MTN Awuf4u gives you a whopping 275% bonus airtime when you recharge your MTN line with less than N100 recharge and 400% bonus airtime when you recharge your MTN line with N100 and above.

This bonus offer has been designed for those who love to spend more time on calls than browsing the internet. Just like Glo Amebo Bonus offer that gives 5 times bonus of your recharge.

Features Of MTN Awuf4u Offer

  • You can call all networks in Nigeria with the bonus airtime
  • You can send SMS to all networks in Nigeria with the bonus airtime
  • International calls to 13 destinations
  • National/Local Call rate is 56K/Sec which is N33.60/Min. While International call rate is 90k/sec (N54/Min)
  • For N1 – N100 recharge, you get 275%  recharge value which is valid for 14 days
  • For N100 and above recharge, you get 400%  recharge value which is valid for 30 days.

How To Activate MTN Awuf4u Offer

To activate MTN Awuf4u offer, you need to recharge in this format *888*PIN#.

This Is How MTN Awuf4u Works

For instance, if you recharge with N100, you’ll get N400 in Awuf4U account. In other words N100 is your recharge value, while N300 is your Awuf4u bonus.

If you recharge with N400, you’ll get N1,600 in Awuf4U account. In other words, N400 is your recharge value, while N1,200 is your Awuf4u bonus.

If you recharge with N750, you’ll get N3,000 in Awuf4U account. In other words, N750 is your recharge value, while N2,250 is your Awuf4u bonus.

If you are the type that spend more time on calls, then this offer is for you.

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How To Activate 9mobile MoreBlaze 650MB For 200 Naira

Now you can get 650MB for just N200 on 9mobile. This is coming after 9mobile introduced 1GB + 3 Hours streaming plan for 200 Naira.

How To Activate 9mobile 650MB For 200 Naira

9mobile 650MB for N200 is a new offer that is available to old and new subscribers. With this plan, you can browse, download and stream as much as you can.

This is not a cheat. No need for VPN or whatsoever. It's a normal data plan that works on all devices like Android, iOS, and even on Pc.

Since alot of subscribers are not eligible for the 9mobile 1GB for N200, 9mobile has made available to everyone a new data offer, which in my opinion is not that enticing.

How To Activate 9mobile 650MB For 200 Naira

  • Recharge your line with 200 naira
  • Then dial *229*3*2# to subscribe 
  • To check data balance, dial *228#
  • Data is valid for just 24 hours
  • You can subscribe multiple times

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How To Subscribe For GOtv Through eTranzact

The tips and guide we are going to give you here will ensure that never happens. Well, unless you want to go for sightseeing. I know you like that.

Knowing How To Subscribe For GOtv On Android Phone is very important. It saves you a lot of stress and time. And by the way, would you like to remain analogue in a digital world where technology makes everything easy? Well, if you prefer stress, analogue and cumbersome processes, then you have read enough. Stop reading.

You can pay using a USSD code.

Simply dial *389*9*smartcardnumber# then follow the prompts.
Also, you can pay through the GOTV website

  • Select Country, input specific Smart card number and click on VERIFY button.
  • Click VIEW BALANCE AND PAY to proceed to the payment summary page showing date and amount due for payment.
  • Click PAY to proceed to the Payment Subscription page showing Account Holder’s details.
  • Select eTranzact Payment Option and select BankIT.
  • Input Bank account number and select preferred Bank.
  • Generate a 6-digit passcode and submit details
  • Dial *389*00# with phone number registered with the nominated Bank to receive an OTP.
  • Input the OTP in the space provided and click PAY.
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How To Subscribe For GOtv Through Remita

In this tutorial, we will show you How To Subscribe For GOtv On Android Phone. So, if you have been asking how can do that, be rest assured you are at the right place now. You no longer have to visit any GOTV office before you can subscribe. No.

The tips and guide we are going to give you here will ensure that never happens. Well, unless you want to go for sightseeing. I know you like that.

How To Subscribe For GOtv Through Remita

  • Switch your decoder on if your account has already been disconnected.
  • Log on to and elect the GOtv bouquet of your choice (GOtv or GOtvplus).
  • Enter your e-mail address, IUC number, and enter your mobile phone number.
  • Click NEXT.
  • Enter the GOtv subscriber’s name and confirm that your IUC number was filled correctly.
  • Click PAY and click on your debit card type i.e. Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard.
  • Enter your card details i.e. Card Number and Expiry Date as inscribed on your debit card, and then enter your 4 digit PIN.
  • Click PAY once, the transaction has been completed and your GOtv account is credited, your viewing will be restored.
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Make Payment or Subscribe Through GOtv Website

Make Payment or Subscribe Through GOtv Website –


This is another effective way you can make payment. This is referred to as”subscribing GOTv online” or “GOtv Eazy Self Service” – since it has to do with your phone browser, then login to the page use the website address above.

  1. When you get to the page, click on “Pay” Menu ( You should see that at the top menu of the site.
  2. The next box you enter your “IUC Number”
  3. Already by default, it should be your country. But you can as well manually select your Country using the drop-down menu.
  4. Prove you are not a robot by entering the Captcha code/text into the box.
  5. Finally, click on Verify
  6. The next page should take you to the payment page where you provide your card or bank information to complete the payment.
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How to Subscribe GOtv with Android Phone

In the recent year, app has become the most efficient ways to apply or get things done, which would have warranted you going to an office, wasting time and all that. But using the right app for your task makes things 10X faster than ever imagined.


1. Mobile Banking App

Speaking of App, we can use our Mobile Banking App to subscribe for GOtv with Android Phone, or even other payments the Bank supports. Of course, all Bank Apps supports the use of it to pay for your Paid-TV channels, its credibly part of their services as they make money from every Payment.

Before taking a bold step to first used My Banking App “GTBank” to pay for my DStv I was thinking and wondering whether My DStv would receive my payment as fast as possible. And to my greatest surprise when I received a notification that the payment was successful, immediately I got a notification again from QuickTeller that I have subscribed for the Paid-TV “DStv” – this was happening within the space of seconds after making the payment with Android Phone.

Not more than 5mins to see my DStv started showing with no error.

So in case you want to use your Internet Banking App to do this here is a general step to follow. But note that the navigation of your App may differ – this depends on your Phone and Bank you use. For instance, I either use Fingureprintor password to login my “First Bank Mobile App” read the update here.  But once logged in, all other navigation may appear the same with a non-fingerprint enabled phone.

  1. Download your Mobile Banking App – Click here to download your Bank’s latest App.
  2. Install and sign up or login to start using the App. Some banks request that before you start using the App you have to apply through the bank and they will generate a pin and password for your first-time login. Then you can change from there. Also, you MUST have an ATM card to use the app (some banks).
  3. Now you have logged into your account, navigate to the “Menu” that is where you select what task to carry out, whether transfer fund, recharge/top-up, pay bill, etc…
  4. If you don’t see a direct button like “Pay Bill” then you may see “Other Payments”, or “Cable Tv” – just make sure to navigate well you will understand better.
  5. After selecting the services you want, you will be asked to select the Cable Tv company you want to subscribe to. Make sure selecting the right one, because you will be seeing other Cable Tv companies.
  6. Then you have to select the account to debit from (when you have more than one bank account), then you will also be required to input your decoder serial number or Smart Card number or other unique number identifying your account with them (the Cable TV companies).
  7. You will see the amount you can change it in case you want to subscribe for more months or years.
  8. Then enter your Mobile banking App Pin to complete and authorize this transaction.
  9. Click Submit, or Pay, or Subscribe, as the case may be at your end.

2. Download Other Apps For Bill Payments

This is also another wonderful option to use, I also make use of them. I use Zoto app and Quickteller App most especially for my Bill payment. We have provided you with the link below to download any of these apps.

How to Use those Apps:

Once you have downloaded the app, as a first time user you need to sign up using the instructions which prompt up.  Now, After the registration, you have to go to your email address to verify the registration. Also, they do Mobile phone verification – a code is sent to you to authenticate that you are the person registering this account.

Once all that is done, navigate to the “Menu” bar, and select which service you want to carry out. Also, select the Cable Tv and the Plan you want to subscribe, then enter your credit card information, and your decoder serial number or Smart card number (all depends on which your Cable Tv requires for identifying you). Then, you may proceed to make your payment.

At this point there is a redirection to the bank you linked, which further authenticates and send you an OTP (that is One-Time-Pin), to complete your transaction.

Few mins after the completion of the payment, you get debited, and your subscriptions start working. Please note that all this process points to the reason for this page which “to Subscribe GOtv with Android Phone“.
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How To Create A 30 Second Ringtone From A Song On Your iPhone

ven if the iPhone is home to lots of quality and fun sounds that can be used as ringtones, the truth is that they are the same for all iPhone owners, so you will only be following the crowd. To customize your device in a way that will stand out, you can just make a song your ringtone on your iOS device. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a 30-second ringtone from a song on your iPhone.

Unlike buying ringtones in the iTunes Store, they will cost you nothing. However, the process is not so straightforward and uncomplicated because Apple has no built-in method for setting your existing songs as ringtones. You have to use iTunes on your PC to make it happen.

How Can I Use A 30-Second Part Of A Song As My Ringtone?
It all starts on your PC, where you will use iTunes to select a 30-second portion of a song and export that song clip in a file format that your iPhone will recognize as a ringtone. Just:

1. Launch iTunes on your PC. Ensure you are running the most recent version of iTunes, especially if you do not use it all the time, to make sure it syncs correctly with your device.

2. From the iTunes music library, search for a song that you wish to turn into a ringtone and click to choose it.

3. Play the tune and make up your mind on the 30-second snippet of the track that you want to make into a ringtone. It could be any part of the song. Jot down the start and stop time to be sure.

4. Right-click the song and select “Song Info” from the drop-down menu.5. Under “Song Info,” tap “Options.”

6. In the start and stop boxes, enter the time you need the ringtone to start and stop and make sure the boxes are ticked. Tap OK when you are done.

7. Tap “File,” and select “Convert”, then Convert to “AAC Version.” After some time, the new version of the song will be visible in the music library, beneath the presently selected original version of the song.

8. Choose the new AAC version of the track and copy it to a location on your PC. You can just drag it to your desktop or a different folder.

9. In iTunes, the freshly created AAC version is not required, therefore you can get it rid of tapping “Delete.”

10. The original track is still set to play for just 30 seconds, so that can be fixed too. Right-tap the song and select “Song Info.” On the Options tab, clear the checkmarks for start and stop. Tap OK to save your changes.

11. Now, find the ringtone file you copied out of iTunes.

12. On a computer, tap “View,” and then check “File name extensions” in the ribbon. For Mac owners, tap “Finder” and then select “Preferences.” In Preferences, tick “Show all filename extensions.”

13. Tap the song and then, after some time, tap it again for you to edit the filename. Tap the filename extension and change it from M4A to M4R and click Enter. If asked, confirm your changes.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a 30 second ringtone from a song on your iPhone. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.
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The 40 best things to watch on Netflix UK

Video-streaming service Netflix gives you a vast number of films, TV shows and documentaries to choose from – and that can be a problem.

More often than not, you find yourself spending your entire evening shuffling through the selection trying to pick something suitable – before realising that you no longer have time to actually watch a film.

Never fear. We've rifled through the Netflix catalogue to bring you our top picks, from chucklesome comedies to action-packed adventures. Let Stuff be your guide on your cinematic odyssey.

If you're after the best new stuff on Netflix we've also got you covered with our New on Netflix UK feature, and if you want to get a bit more specific, try these:

The 25 best TV box-sets on Netflix UK

The 19 best Netflix Originals on Netflix

The 16 best sci-fi movies and TV shows on Netflix UK

The 12 best documentaries on Netflix UK

The 15 best horror movies on Netflix UK

The 20 best comedy movies and TV shows on Netflix UK

The 20 best kids movies and TV shows on Netflix UK

The 8 best anime on Netflix UK

The 12 best sports movies and documentaries on Netflix UK

If you're landing on this page and you're based in the United States, then you might want to check out out separate list of the Best movies and TV shows on Netflix USA.

And of course we shouldn't forget the almost-as-brilliant Amazon Prime Instant Video - you'll find our Best Of list for that here.

Prefer Sky's offerings? We've also got lists of The 19 best TV shows on Now TV and The 20 best movies on Now TV.

Our Promise

We continually monitor 1,000s of prices from a range of retailers to show you the lowest prices we can find. We may get a commission from these offers. Our reviewers and buyer's guides are always kept separate from this process. Read more about our approach here. © Squirrel 2019

A riotous comedy-drama-thriller loosely based on Hitch-Hikers' Guide... author Douglas Adams' novels, Dirk Gently's... is like nothing else on TV. In fact it's like nothing else in the world - and is all the better for it.

The plot is way too convoluted to go into here, but that's actually the point: as a 'holistic' detective, Dirk Gently simply investigates crimes he happens across randomly and follows the most obscure and seemingly unconnected of leads as he does so. What transpires is a gloriously muddled mess of offbeat diversions, Technicolor characters and bizarre events taking in psychic powers, cats, dogs, homicidal angels, torture, some really lovely leather jackets and Elijah Wood.

Best mainlined in a few lengthy sittings - it's too confusing, and too good, to watch piecemeal.

Watch Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk neo noir journey 300-odd years into the future, where the planet is an overpopulated, dirty, decadent, neon-lit Bladerunner-esque mess – but outright death is a rarity.

That’s because everybody has their consciousness digitally backed up in a “stack”, a tiny disc-shaped computer stored where the skull meets the spine. Flattened by a lorry? No biggie: the paramedics can prise out your stack and – provided it hasn’t been smashed – put it in safe storage until a new body (or “sleeve” in the show’s vernacular) is available. If this sounds like a utopia, be warned: rampant capitalism has ensured that only the wealthy can afford good quality sleeves, with others being kept in storage for decades or transferred into the first available body, regardless of its suitability.

Into this grave new world comes Takeshi Kovacs, released from prison and dropped into a new sleeve after a couple of centuries on ice. Why has Kovacs been brought back from the dead after so long? In order to solve a murder, of course – a mystery that the insanely wealthy victim (who’s now reincarnated in a new cloned sleeve, natch) believes only Kovacs’ unique skills can get to the bottom of.

Watch Altered Carbon on Netflix

This seven-part Netflix miniseries is a dark, character-driven Western set in La Belle, a small New Mexico town inhabited almost entirely by women – the majority of the male population having perished in a mining disaster.

The real pull of this story comes from the sense of impending doom as a merciless outlaw band (led by a magnificent, malignant and, this being a modern day TV show, complicated and conflicted, Jeff Daniels) homes in on a defector seeking shelter in La Belle.

Can the town’s ailing sheriff and its other odd assortment of characters do anything to stop the incoming carnage? Godless is a fantastic tension builder, and its colourful cast, snappy script and impeccable production values will please fans of similar series like Westworld, Deadwood and Lonesome Dove.

Watch Godless on Netflix

Only 80s kids will understand this. Actually that’s not true at all, but Stranger Things is a love letter to many of the movies, TV shows and books that children who grew up in that decade will cherish: it’s replete with references to E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goonies, Stephen King, Dungeons & Dragons and Poltergeist, and the mood and feel is sure to dredge up nostalgia aplenty.

Take away the retro vibes though, and the show can still stand on its own as a decent sci-fi drama-thriller. And it doesn’t mess about too much – unlike a lot of Netflix Original Series, its episodes are reasonably tight (around 40 minutes each), and there are only eight of them in the entire fantastic first season, and nine in the (almost as enjoyable) second.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

If you prefer your quirky comedy-drama to remain firmly planted on the bleak, dark and murderous side of the fence, this one-season Brit series made by Netflix and Channel 4 deserves to sit high up on your shortlist.

When two disaffected teenagers embark on an impromptu road trip, things quickly take a chaotic Bonnie and Clyde-style turn – and little wonder, given that one of them, believing himself to be a psychopath, plans on killing the other as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

With episodes running just 20 minutes in length, it’s stupidly easy to find yourself drawn into the pair’s little adventure and binge on this show – but just make sure you don’t miss out on the superior direction, camerawork and production design when your blitz through it in a weekend – because this is as well-made as it is engrossing.

Watch The End of the F***ing World on Netflix

Netflix pulls ahead of the pack as it wins streaming service of 2016

This slick, stylish six-part documentary series will gleefully draw in anyone with more than a passing interest in cults, utopian visionaries, counterculture and power struggles. It tells the story – by turns comedic and disquieting – of Indian religious leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who brought his band of crimson-robed followers to a Manhattan-sized tract of land in the Oregon wilderness. His intention? The founding of a self-sustaining city based on “love and sharing” rather than ownership and individualism.

Unsurprisingly, this band of free love-advocating New Age nudists immediately came into conflict with the handful of local townspeople – God-fearing, conservative and mostly old – and the amazing true story of this rapidly escalating culture clash is told masterfully through new talking heads interviews and hours of archive footage. With the tale taking jaw-droppingly unlikely twists and turns (Germ warfare! Arson! Attempted murder! The FBI! The co-founder of Nike!), Wild Wild Country is arguably the most compelling original documentary series in Netflix’s library.

Watch Wild Wild Country on Netflix

The most critically acclaimed Netflix original series of 2015 (now three seasons strong) tells the bloody story of Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and the man tasked with taking him down. Sounds like a laugh riot, right?

While Narcos lacks much in the way of light-relief, watching American DEA agent Steve Murphy submerge himself in a viciously amoral cesspit is a constant thrill. What could well be a high-minded exercise in true crime melodrama is elevated to nerve-shredding nirvana via some classy performances and the disturbing use of archive footage. Escobar’s brutal legacy lives on through your telebox, and the horror of it all will make you wince in anguish.

Watch Narcos on Netflix

Black Mirror has made the move from Channel 4 to Netflix in sumptuous, unsettling style.

Not only has the platform given Charlie Brooker and his team the freedom to tell more stories (the two Netflix-made series have six episodes rather than the usual three) and let each one run without ad breaks for as long as it needs to, it's also given them a budget big enough to expand the scale, scope and special effects.

The feature-length final episode, Hated in the Nation, is a perfect case in point. What hasn't changed is the overall theme. Each episode may tell a standalone story, but they're all connected by the threads of modern humanity's relationship with technology, the internet and social media.

Make no mistake, this is unnerving stuff, enhanced by the fact that the stories are generally set in a very near future that's all too recognisable. But fear not, the trademark blacker-than-black humour has also been retained, so you'll guffaw almost as much as you'll squirm. This is must-see television for anyone who's obsessed with tech.

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