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News: Publiseer Gets Accepted Into IdeaGist, the World's Largest Virtual Startup Incubator

Nigeria's digital content distribution company, today, announced that it has been accepted in Stage 1 of the IdeaGist virtual incubation program. Since 2014, IdeaGist is a program looking for early-stage startups that have the power to change the world.
News: Publiseer Gets Accepted Into IdeaGist, the World's Largest Virtual Startup Incubator

Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Bir Ventures CEO Hassan Syed, Azeem Amir, Rahul Ranjan, Shahnawaz Khan and Vikas Gupta, IdeaGist is currently supporting over 2,000 startups from more than 300 communities from all over the world.

The venture capital firm and early-stage startup incubator is for individuals with startups that make a difference, solves a problem, and helps people improve their lives and the lives of others. It doesn't matter if the startup provides social benefits or commercial gains, as long as the startup is making a difference in its society. Publiseer and other accepted startups will get help, guidance, resources, facilities and connections when they get to the final stage of the program.

IdeaGist targets startup companies with innovative ideas, by providing the necessary tools, opportunities and expertise to help make their mission become a reality. "Our idea is simple, we need new tools to work in the knowledge-based economy," says Hassan Syed, IdeaGist CEO. "The team at IdeaGist believes that every idea deserves a chance to become a reality and everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue their dreams, which is why we created IdeaGist." Hassan likens the IdeaGist Global Community Network to Silicon Valley without borders.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Publiseer is one of the largest independent digital content distributors in Africa, helping young and budding African writers and musicians become gainfully-employed and professional authors and recording artists. Publiseer is a member of SensXFellowship,, G-57, and the International Publishing Distribution Association.
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Publiseer And Caketunes Partner To Distribute More African Music To Global Platforms

Publiseer And Caketunes Partner To Distribute More African Music To Global Platforms

Digital content distribution company, Publiseer, and music production and beat distribution company, Caketunes, has today concluded a partnership that will see more African musical contents around the world.

Publiseer will distribute beats and songs uploaded on the Caketunes platform to hundreds of well-established music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Deezer and Amazon Music. Also, artists using Publiseer can buy beats on Caketunes for a 25% discount.

"We completely believe in taking chances. Seeing Publiseer launched last year was the best story ever. We had always known that we'd definitely do business together some day and here after a short while, we are coming together to simplify the process of uploading music across all music streaming platforms and stores," Ability Elijah, Co-founder of Caketunes, said.

"Unlike other platforms, Publiseer does not charge musicians to distribute their songs. They probably must have studied the market and finally decided to take the free route, which was actually what caught our interest. These guys understand their market," Elijah continued.

"Caketunes is a welcome development to African producers and musicians seeking ways to sell their creatives. Our partnership will see hundreds of African musical contents distributed worldwide, if not thousands," Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder of Publiseer, said.

"This partnership comes at a moment when Publiseer is planning on taking a deeper step into music distribution. We are known as a digital music distributor, but we are working towards the distribution of physical CDs worldwide. This service will be rolled out very soonest," Nwaogu continued.

Publiseer is a digital music distribution platform for independent musical artists, while Caketunes is a marketplace for buying and selling beats, songs, and production services.
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Publiseer Becomes The First African Publisher To Join IPDA

Nigeria's Digital Publisher, Publiseer, Becomes The First African Publishing Company To Join The International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA)

Publiseer, a Nigerian digital publisher, becomes the first African publishing company to join the International Publishing Distribution Association, an international umbrella organization for companies in the field of publishing distribution.

Some notable companies part of IPDA are Bookwire (Germany), BookRepublic (Italy), Vearsa (Ireland), DeMarque (Canada), Overdrive (USA), Numilog (France), Cyberlibris (France), Hipertexto (Colombia), Netizen (México), PocketBook (Switzerland),Tolino Media (Germany), Books on Demand (Germany), Trajectory (USA), StreetLib (Italy), Libreka (Germany), ArtaTech (Poland), Ingram (USA), Publit (Sweden), Viz Media (Japan), GiantChair (USA), Nextory (Sweden), CB (The Netherlands), and Izneo (France).

As part of its membership, the founders of Publiseer, Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, will be attending the 5th International Digital Distributors Meeting organized by IPDA, that will be held on 6th and 7th June 2018 in Madrid, Spain. The meeting will focus on issues like, "new business models in the publishing distribution sector", "worldwide growth of self-publishing", and "publishing and distribution of hypermedia content".

Publiseer is a digital publishing company in Nigeria, focused on distributing the books and songs of independent Nigerian writers and musicians, at no charge. The mission of the company is to promote the creativity of Nigerians to the rest of the world.

The publishing platform has announced it will commence print-book publishing and distribution of physical music CDs from next month. It has also launched 'Publiseer for Music Videos', a publishing package that will help musical artists get their music videos on Vevo. This month, Publiseer added Pandora to the list of partner stores it distributes songs to.

As of writing, Publiseer has distributed 350+ books and songs of 200+ Nigerian writers and musicians, to 400+ stores in 100 countries, including Amazon, Google Play store, and Apple store.

Photo Caption: The 3rd International Digital Distributors Meeting Held in Madrid, Spain.

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Hiding the ads between posts

By: Mathias Amodu 

If the mysterious space or the ad space is between your post on the homepage and below your posts on your post pages then you must follow the instruction in this section. Step-by-step instruction with pretty images will make the procedure easier.
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Then click on the Layout Tab for your blog
  3. When you are in the Layout tab, click on the 'Edit' below 'Blog Post' gadget
  4. Scroll down and you will see a checkbox that says 'Show Ads Between Posts'
  5. If it's checked, uncheck it and save the gadget. But if it is already unchecked, then move to the next fix.
The above solution will stop ads from appearing between the post, but if you have ads on other areas of your blog then you may need to read some more instructions.
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Features of Google+ Commenting System

Now you all would be curious to know what does this new system brings to you. We would discuss its every aspect so that our users can quickly decide whether it is good enough or they should continue with their current commenting system.

Feature  1
Interactive Interface: Comments appear in a systematic order on the basis of published dates so that users can reply or plus one with ease. While commenting, you would feel as if you are chatting with your friends because it is interactive and instantly updates the comments.

Feature 2
Public or Private Comments: Now your readers would be able to post a comment publicly or privately to the people in their Google+ circles. In addition, when people are browsing the comments they can view all or them, most voted ones, or only from the people in their circles.

Feature 3
All Activity at one Place: Whenever someone would share your content on Google+ or they would pass-out an opinion, it would automatically display them in your Comment Feeds. For example, if there is a discussion going on about your content on Google+ then those comments, replies, and entries would also appear on your Blogger blog.

Feature 4
Also Share to Google+: When someone leaves a comment on your site, he is not only just writing his views, but he is helping you to gain more audience by sharing it to the peoples in his circle. For Example, if you post a comment, it would publicly appear on your Google plus profile too. However, user scan uncheck the “Also share on Google+” option to stop sharing.

Feature 5
Edit or Delete Comments: You can now edit or delete your comments. Through the flexibility options of Google+ you can easily edit or delete them anytime, anywhere and everywhere. You can’t be serious, aren’t you?

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How can I Hide my Name in Blogger Post

To hide author names from your Blogger posts, just follow the below instructions correctly:
  1. First of all, go to Blogger and select your blog
  2. Now click on Template from sidebar and then Click on Edit HTML.
  3. After that, press Ctrl+F and search for <>
  4. Ones you found it, then simply remove it.
  5. You will have this code more than one time in your blogger template so simply remove it from everywhere.
  6. Save your blogger template and now you will never see any author name in your Blogger posts.
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Most Interesting Fact about AirTracks

AirTracks are inflatable gymnastics equipment , combining the benefits of a trampoline, bouncy castle, spring floor and a landing mat in one track. Due to the variations in thickness. Also The inflatable ramp is a great and versitile piece of equipment to practise the basics of gymnastics!

inflatable air track

In a full term An air track is a scientific device used to study motion in low friction environment. Its name comes from its structure: air is pumped through a hollow track with fine holes all along the track that allows specially fitted air track cars to glide relatively friction-free.
Above is a red airtrack pris airtrack pool gymnastics

Makes practicing comfortable: These mats shield one’s body from damage as well as offer extraordinary comfort and security.
There are numerous gymnasts, who in spite of being experts, like to rehearse without wearing any joggers or shoes to achieve astounding parity; in such a case, a comfortable elastic gymnastic mat can enormously help in lessening contact between the hardwood floor and the individual’s foot to make the whole experience more comfortable.

Decreases weariness: If you didn’t know this effectively, at that point you’d be astounded to figure out what amount is a gymnastics mat is useful in lessening exhaustion experienced by competitors.
AirTracks and bring safe and durable training equipment to gyms all around the world. It's our mission to develop equipment that ensures safety and fun, so that sportsmen can bring out the best in themselves.

Other gymnastics equipment and mats include vault, uneven bars, single bar trainer, balance beam, floor, spring floor, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, horizontal bar, rhythmic gymnastics and used equipment.

Check for more at
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How To Insert The Naira Symbol In A Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It was first released on October 25, 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems.

Microsoft account or Skype account. You’ll need a Microsoft account to access many of the Services. Your Microsoft account lets you sign in to products, websites and services provided by Microsoft and some Microsoft partners. To access Skype on certain platforms, you have the option of using a Skype account or a Microsoft account.

Step 1
Launch Microsoft Word and type the amount, Let say N5000


Step 2
Highlight the letter N

Step 3
Press Control D (Ctrl + D) to open the Font Modification Icon and wait for the font dialogue to open in the font dialogue box, you will be able to select more advanced options for your fonts.

Step 4
From the list of options, click on “Double Strikethrough” (You will see a preview of what it will look like in the preview box below the options)

Step 5
Click on “OK

Step 6
In case you continue to type and all your words have the double strikethrough feature, just press Control D to open the Font Modification Icon again and make sure to uncheck the ''Double Strikethrough''. You can then continue with your typing.
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Klixq: Free Online Platform of Classifieds to Buy & Sell Products

KlixQ Is A Classified And Digital Marketplace And An Empowerment Membership Base Program That Utilize The Dynamic Of Multi Level Marketing On A Simple Scale To Transform Lives Through Wealth Creation.

We Have Passion And Desire To Transform Lives And Empower People By Giving You A Definite Touch Through Our Robust And Yet Simple Programs Including Our Referral Program, Pay Per Click Program, Points Reward System And Classified Website.

We Provide The Nation Therefore A Simple Logic In Which One Can Earn Capital To Start-Up Business.

Do you hear about Klixq? is an online shopping site. It is the best and top leading online platform of classifieds in Nigeria.

If you want to buy or sell something then simple go to and post an ad over there of your product at free of cost. It is widely used especially for cell phones in Nigeria. Yes, cell phones are mostly bought and sold over


Mobile Phones
Electronics & Technology Products
Home & Lifestyle Products
Real Estate
Jobs & Services
And much more…

Yes, is categorized with a wide range of variety of products and services.

WHEN Klixq IS STARTED? is started in 2008 and with due respect of time it took its place on top in India and worldwide. It was launched globally and it is the best place to buy or sell products fastly and effectively.

You may also like Klixq YouTube Channel where you can find various reviews and Klixq videos and lot more info about

BEST OF offers its services in more than 40+ languages and is making business in more than 96+ countries. The offices are located worldwide like Nigeria , New York, Beijing, Moscow and many more.


Simply go to and choose your category of your desired product either you want to sell or you want to buy.

KlixQ Invites You To Become A Member With Just A One Time Registration Fee Of 3000 Naira On Her Referral Program. You Could Earn As Much As 20,000 Monthly Or More. Earn 1000 On Your Direct Referrals, 400 On Tier 2 And 100 On Tier 3 Referrals Respectively.

Additional Reward For You.In Addition To Your Commission Per Referrals, We Reward You With Points When Someone Clicks Your Referral URL, You Send An Invitation, You Comment On A Post, Upload And Validate An Ad On Our Marketplace Or Someone Registers With Your Referral Link. One KlixQ Point Is Equivalent To 5 Naira.

Klixq TV CAMPAIGN has widely launched its TV commercials in a great way. You might have seen Klixq TV ads many times in your television with funny acts and stories. I personally like theme very much; the way it begins and the way it ends with a slogan “where buyers meets sellers” and “sab kuch bikta hai”. It is absolutely terrific.
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Add Open Graph Tags To Blogger (With Images)

The Open Graph meta tags were the social media meta tags for Facebook. These tags help you to make your blog post a rich object in the social media world. In short, when someone shares your blog post, the shared item looks better on Facebook. It works as Twitter card for twitter works.
If you share your post on Facebook without setting up open graph tags, it will look like this:

Which is not an impressive piece of content. Most probably a social media user will ignore this, instead of sharing or clicking it, But if you add the Facebook open graph meta tags, your posts will looks like this:
Facebook post with open graph tags blogger
This is more likely to get clicked and shared by users, so if you want to setup Facebook's open graph social media meta tags protocol to your blogger just follow the given step by step instructions with images.
Those users who get a wrong image (or a wrench img) on sharing the post on Facebook should also follow the given steps.

How To Implement Open Graph Meta Tags In Blogger

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger account, then goto Themes > Edit HTML.

Step 2. Click anywhere inside the code, and then search for the following code (Use CTRL+F):

Step 3. Add below code at the end of searched code before close tag '>'.
onhover image zoom iconAdd open graph in blogger

Step 4. Again search for the following code:
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
Step 5. Add this code just below it:
<meta content='article' property='og:type'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='[homepage Image URL]' property='og:image'/>
<meta content='[homepage Image Width]' property='og:image:width' />
<meta content='[homepage Image Height]' property='og:image:height' />
<meta expr:content='data:blog.title' property='og:site_name'/>
<meta content='[Facebook profile Id]' property='fb:admins'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<meta content='' property='article:author'/>
<meta content='en_US' property='og:locale'/> 
Note: Open graph Tags for post "URL", "image", "description" and "title" are already there by default, so no need to add them again.

Step 5. Configuration:
Note: Recommended Image dimensions for better output in Facebook post: 1200 x 630px

  • Replace [homepage Image URL] with the URL of the image for homepage.

  • Replace [homepage Image Width] with the Width of the homepage Image.

  • Replace [homepage Image Height] with the Height of the homepage Image.
    For Height and Width, Use only numeric value like '1200' or '630')
  • Note: This image will be shown when you will share your main blog address or homepage on Facebook.

  • Replace [Facebook profile Id] with your Facebook profile id. To get your profile id Click here.

  • Replace username with your Facebook username.
  • To find your username visit your Facebook profile, Then check your address bar.
    It’ll look 


    If you have not set the username yet it may look like:bk
    You can replace the above URL with this or you can create your username by visiting your Facebook's settings. 

  • (Optional) Here en_US is the language_TERRITORY that is US-English if your blog is in different language replace it. For language code details click here .
Step 6. Click Save theme.

Now, your shared post on Facebook will become a rich object with beautiful appearance. You can also setup Twitter card in the same way. If you have any issue use Facebook open graph, Use this Facebook Debugging tool or comment below. Stay Updated.
Copy to clipboardxmlns:og=''
onhover image zoom iconAdd open graph in blogger
Step 4. Again search for the following code:
Copy to clipboard
Step 5. Add this code just below it:
Copy to clipboard

Note: Open graph Tags for post "URL", "image", "description" and "title" are already there by default, so no need to add them again.
Step 5. Configuration:
Note: Recommended Image dimensions for better output in Facebook post: 1200 x 630px
Replace [homepage Image URL] with the URL of the image for homepage.
Replace [homepage Image Width] with the Width of the homepage Image.
Replace [homepage Image Height] with the Height of the homepage Image.
For Height and Width, Use only numeric value like '1200' or '630')
Note: This image will be shown when you will share your main blog address or homepage on Facebook.
Read: How to Upload and Get Image URL
Replace [Facebook profile Id] with your Facebook profile id. To get your profile id Click here.
Replace username with your Facebook username.
To find your username visit your Facebook profile, Then check your address bar.
It’ll look like
If you have not set the username yet it may look like:
You can replace the above URL with this or you can create your username by visiting your Facebook's settings.
(Optional) Here en_US is the language_TERRITORY that is US-English if your blog is in different language replace it. For language code details click here .
Step 6. Click Save theme.
That's it !
Now, your shared post on Facebook will become a rich object with beautiful appearance. You can also setup Twitter card in the same way. If you have any issue use Facebook open graph, Use this Facebook Debugging tool or comment below. Stay Updated, Browse Howbloggerz! :)
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Whogohost: How do I change the Nameservers on my Domain

The Domain Name System is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network.

DNS does not stand for Domain Name Server or Domain Name Software. DNS is an abbreviation for the aforementioned system that catalogs every domain and IP address on the internet, including registration information, as well as their relation to other domains and web hosts. The DNS is the central database of the internet, and without it, the internet would cease to exist as we know it.

  1. Login to your Clientarea
  2. Click on Domains->My Domains menu item
  3. Click on Manage Domain beside the domain you would like to work on
  4. Click on the Nameservers tab
  5. Enter your nameservers and choose "Use custom nameservers (enter below)" option
  6. Click on the Change Nameservers button

If your domain name is .ng domain name, you would have to remove the registrar lock before you can change the nameservers of the domain. To do this, click on Registrar Lock on the domain management page and disable the registrar lock.
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Whogohost: How to Transfer WordPress From Site to Self Hosted Site is a blogging platform that is owned and hosted online by Automattic. It is run on WordPress, an open source piece of software used by bloggers..


You will need to follow the steps below to transfer a hosted site to your own self-hosted WordPress site.

Install WordPress on your hosting account

You can automatically install wordpress on your hosting account using Softaculous in your hosting account. Otherwise, you will need to download it and manually install it on your hosting account.

Export the files of your WordPress site

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Tools > Export.
  3. Download the XML (WXR) file to your local computer.

Import the files of your WordPress site into your hosting account

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard installed on your hosting account via (replace domain name with the domain you have on WhoGoHost)
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Tools> Import>WordPress.
  3. In the browse box, navigate to the export file that was downloaded to your local computer.
  4. Click the Upload & Import File button.

Once all the files have been imported, refresh your wordpress site to view the newly imported contents.

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Friday Review 2018 | Best Free Web Hosting Service Provider

Have you been looking for a free web hosting company that can be reliable for your business? Then you need to read review.

Gone are those days where guys will blog on free platforms like blogger, wapka and the rest. Now with the technology of change in the aspect of seriousness and business purpose blogging, it’s required to distinguish between serious and business conscious blogs/website from the other way round.

Because of this, we all got to make use of premium CMS in our blogging career. The fact is that while many people intend to move to a paid CMS, the amount or rate involve in purchasing web hosting package like shared hosting is drastically too much beyond our reach or maybe too expensive to pay for.

It’s important to start seeing results; I mean huge results that can pay your bills before opting in for paid stuffs in some cases like web hosting. This I’m not trying to be bias to people who are still managing in BlogSpot blog or WordPress.

The plan to start a blog could be good but it cannot be easy to start with premium platform when you have no solid background. Therefore, a lot of people always opt in for to make their blogging career a reality since they cannot afford web hosting bills.

Now that common excuse is no longer a limitation for people who know already. They are a now lots of web hosting service providers who makes hosting completely free for life. The big problem is most of these free web hosting companies aren’t reliable as we expected. This is the reason we research, test and recommend what works best for us and point out reasons why it will be good for you too to use it.

Now introducing; Review 2018 | Benefits and Features
image is a leading, old and remain the first ever standard free webhosting service providers on the internet for over the years. Their service has ever been the best for a period of time now and they haven had any serious competitor who could attest to defeating their service since establishment. They don’t just offer free webhosting but also offer premium webhosting which is even cheaper and affordable comparing its benefits, features and comparisons to other webhosting providers who are even known as master in the business. What makes it more benefiting is the fact that the free account offer premium services including customer support, cPanel with PHP, MySQL etc.

Services offered by

This company has both paid and free service. The big question is what makes them to focus more on the free service a? A lot of people think there’s a scam about this company. But in hidden, a lot of people forget to understand that the only thing to do in order to capture a client is to first of all offer value before introducing paid stuffs.
000 Web host understands that lot of clients are also seeing the premium hosting service but will like opt in for the free one in order to test and see if it’s cool enough to really pay for.

000webhost free webhosting for life vs Premium Hosting

Just as we have said in the previous section, a lot of people will likely opt in for free than premium in order to test and see how the free works. But notwithstanding, lots of differences are stated here to differentiate the two tier of services offered.
You will agree with me that after carefully reading this, you will likely opt in for the premium hosting whereas the free webhosting service is still recommendable.

Pros of Free Hosting with

  • 1GB Diskspace Free
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Up – to 2 Website
  • Free Admin cPanel

Cons of Free web hosting with 000Webhost

  • Custom Ads not allowed
  • No free domain Hosting
  • No WordPress hosting
  • Your site will go to sleep at least 1hr/day
  • Now WordPress Auto installer
  • No MySQL Databases
  • No Backups
  • No Web files Manager etc.
  • Pros of 000Webhost Premium Web Hosting

  1. Flexible pricing discount ($3.49/Mo)
  2. Unlimited Diskspace Free
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited Website
  5. Free Admin cPanel
  6. Free SSL Certificate
  7. Weekly Data Backups
  8. 99% Uptime guarantee
  9. Live chat support
  10.  30 Days money back guarantee
  11.  Free .com domain
  12.  No donwtime  etc

Cons of Premium web hosting

  1. Too expensive when if without discount ($8.84/Mo)
  2. Backups should have been daily

Why is recommended?

This company has been a leading webhosting company to offer free webhosting since 11 years ago. Lots of free reviews have been made about this company and its services. You can host your small business domains and files with them till you finally raise the money that can pay your bills before you opt in for the paid plan.

Many peoples especially free dudes believes that 000Web Host is a scam by asking some few question like how do they make their own money since the service is free, how long is the free plan going to last and so on.
This isn’t our business. In as far as we are enjoying a premium service from them that should have been paid for all for free, why then border about how they make their money when we aren’t paying? This could cause you to personally be misled by their service mandate.

Mind you, asking of their source of earnings, take not that they also offer premium hosting which has even more advantages than the free plan which can be accessed here.

It’s absolutely free for life if you choose to go with free plan until you are tired.

Do you want to go advance way in blogging; I encourage you to stick to the premium plan instead.

Why should you buy from them?
A lot of webhosting in the world don’t offer kind of services offered by

This service may include;

  • Free .com domain registration
  • Website builder
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Addon domains
  • Domain Privacy
  • Cloudflare DDOS Protection
  • Antivirus Scanner
  • RvSiteBuilder Pro
  • Unlimited Emails

Wrapping Up
If you are ever looking for a free web hosting service provider, I will recommend you go for since they have more authority in the business and better known from all other free web hosting service provider. Else you may want to purchase a premium hosting for your business, in comparisons to best web hosting companies in the world including Bluehost who have been old in the business, Namecheap, Siteground, Hostgator or A2Webhost, 000Webhost seems to have better features than them. So why not opt in to their premium plan right here?
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How to Create a Music Dowload Website on Wordpress

There Is a big secrete having a music site here in Nigeria but am not really saying you should focus on Nigerians alone but in Nigeria people love music, our tradition is blessed with music and if am not mistaken not less than 50 tracks are being released in the gospel niche daily.


Blogging is not easy but if you have the passion and the finance you can overcome it stress and frustration, if you ask me why did I create a new music site? Then my answer is should be a question too which is “why do you blog” but let me just go straight to the point…. My main reason why I open this new Gospel music download site is because…

The music niche has much funding but the end is very great let’s say for example Solomon Lange or wizkid contact you for a music promotion on your site, do you know that even if they give you 100,000 naira to promote their music you will still make x2 of that with your AdSense on the site??
Secondly my friends who know, me as a blogger will say zealmat I want you to promote my song for me but the issue is no one understand that blogging has different niche which am not supposed to be posting music on a technology niche.

Thirdly I always believe in niche blogging because I fetch me more money than a multi niche blog. The reason why I love niche blogging is that your readers will keep coming because they believe they are coming to meet same tech or music related topic on the site which is important as a responsible blogger

Having a music site is nice but how do you manage it? First you need to devote at least 20% of your time daily to work on your site and make sure your visitors keep coming. Try to start with free promotion then make sure when replying customers messages try to do it in a professional way e.g.

“Hello thank you for contacting Nigeria best online music portal for instant download and live streaming we are here to serve you better please tell us what you will like us to do for you and if you want to know services we render then checked them below
Music promotion
Video Promotion
Advert placement on our site
Youtube video promotion and many more
Please select and give us a reply and if the service you want is not listed please tell us for our team to review thanks.”

A music blog is a unique niche first I started my music niche on blogger but it was not good idea because I wanted to make things look professional so I swapped to WordPress now let me show you how to get a started getting your hosting plan and domain name.

How to Buy Domain Name and Hosting
Now you need to choose a good web hosting company either Godaddy, siteground, Whogohost, Garanntor,  Namecheap, or many more….. But my tutorial is going to be on namecheap and please don’t use any type of web hosting company to host your music site please to avoid story that touch I have tested and seen but if you want to buy domain you I will advise you buy from a different web hosting company and your host from a different one too.

Step 1
First visit Namecheap website then you need to search for your domain name then if available you will see a green text saying...

“Congratulations! is available!”

Step 2
Just choose the domain year you want to pay for a start and then click on “Order Now”

Step 3
Now on the Domains Configuration page click on [No Hosting! Click to Add] then select what type of plan you want to purchase. For me I will advise you buy

Ultimate plan … remember
This plan is under the shared hosting section


A music site requires a large storage space and also bandwidth because whenever you are promoting, your promoters are also sharing and that will require unlimited bandwidth so select the unlimited plan on namecheap.

Unlimited SSD-Accelerated Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Upto 50 website

It cost $29.88 for the first year only click that small button labelled Add to Cart.


Step 4
Now click on the button which you believe is suitable for you”

·        I want to get a FREE .website domain
·        Purchase a new domain
·        Use a domain I own with Namecheap
·        Use a domain I own from another registrar

To cut it short this is how it goes
Step 1
Choose Product
Step 2
Domain Options
Step 3
Step 4
Confirm Order
Step 5
Checkout or payment

Now after payment you will receive a confirmation massage, your hosting details then proceed to you cpanel or for less stress just submit a ticket to namecheap for assistance in installing your WordPress and the rest.

Step 6
Now after that you will be given a username and password to login to you site.

Music Site Design/Theme
When getting a theme for your site you need to get a light theme because your site is going to be filled with different plugin so to main the speed of your site then try to get a good theme either paid or free.

Top list based on performance in 2017:
·        MyThemeShop
·        Genesis Theme
·        ThriveThemes
·        ElegantThemes
·        GeneratePress

Importance of Installing an Mp3 and Mp4 tag
The main purpose for the Mp3 tag for wordpress and Mp4 tag is to help reduce expenses when you get audios and videos for your blog this can be done through copying the download link from any site then you will fill a form on the Mp3 and Mp4 tag page then click upload.

After clicking on upload you will be giving a refined link not the one you copied. Also during this process you can change the name of the author, producer, song title and also the album image.

After this process that music will automatically be moved to your own file manager and also it will be there forever.

Note: Installation process should be exhibited by someone who is a professional or contact me for that for a little token (08170131671)

List of plugins you need for you Music site

·        CUE Audio player
·        Easy Media DownloadEasy - Media Download is a free download manager for WordPress. It gives your users the ability to download digital media files from your website. The plugin is lightweight and makes downloading easier.

·        WP Favorite Posts
Wp-favorite-posts, reading list, post list, post lists, lists Requires at least: 3.5 Tested up to: 4.4.2 Stable tag: 1.6.6 Allows visitors to add fav …

·        Theme My Login
Themes the WordPress login pages according to your theme.

·        WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More
The ultimate infinite scroll and lazy load solution for your WordPress powered website.

·        Facebook like box
Facebook like box (Facebook page plugin) is WordPress plugin that allows you to include Facebook page plugin anywhere on website.

·        Favorites
Favorites for any post type. Easily add favoriting/liking, wishlists, or any other similar functionality using…

·        Plyr HTML5 video player.

·        User Submitted Posts
Easily submit posts and images from the front-end of your site.

·        WP-Polls
Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can also easily add a poll into your WordPress's blog post/page.

·        WP-PageNavi
Adds a more advanced paging navigation interface.

·        WP-PostViews
Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed.

·        Lazy Load
Lazy load images to improve page load times and server bandwidth. Images are loaded only when visible to the user.

·        W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance, reducing download times via features like content …

How to Promote this Music Blog
First let’s discuss the meaning of Promotion
Promotions refer to the entire set of activities, which communicate the product, brand or service to the user. The idea is to make people aware, attract and induce to buy the product, in preference over others...

The music niche needs more promotion than another niche because most artists love seeing their album online. Your promotion should first start with boosting your page know your audience and also giving free space for free promotion for the first time on your site then the next promotion you can start charging then per music promotion. For you to promote you need to sit down and search for good social network that will give you good result like never before

ü Facebook Page for businesses and brands
ü Google+
ü LinkedIn
ü Pinterest
ü Yelp
ü Twitter

But I use Facebook most because that id the world largest social network recently I promoted a post for just $3 and it result was very cool and if you understand your visitors then get set to enjoy them better.

Knowing your competitor
If your competitor is having 20K likes on Facebook then your aim should be 50K and I don’t mean you should buy a page, set a budget and then make sure you run it well target good geo graphical locations were you know music is their hobby.

Not only Facebook we have other social networks that can also boost up your social signal most especially twitter because most times when you write about any celebrity on twitter and his or her name is been included in that link shared then get ready for a retweet which will increase your traffic and earnings.

Lastly before I will love to say you need to sit down and write down the limit you want to see your website grow up to. You should not just create it and abandon it tomorrow. Also try to get a good domain name for your site that can be easy to pronounce or visit by your visitors.

Reasons why you need Unlimited hosting for your music blog is because the Unlimited hosting for power users it has speed, reliability and no storage limits for the neediest of websites such as music or data websites.


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