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How Breakup Impacts our Self-concept and How to Deal with It

Bad situations are the inherent part of our lives, unfortunately. Since we talk about relationships here, let’s talk about the worst thing that can happen and happens almost to everyone – a breakup. It always sucks, even if there is a situation when two people rather do harm to each other than feel happy together. However, in most cases it is all different.

We all know the term ‘better half’. Indeed, being in relationship with love of our lives makes us feel complete. We open new horizons, learn the niceties of communications, experience new pleasant emotions and senses. New people introduce us new hobbies, cultures, friends, and perspectives. Scientists claimed that couples who complete each other that way and encourage each other’s of self-expansion have more chances to long-lasting relationships.

For some of us, romantic feelings and intimacy are also a big opportunity to increase our self-appraisal. You will definitely agree that feeling of being mutually loved makes us shine from the inside, we feel more confident. We define ourselves a part of pair and our personalities grow, when we fall in love with a significant other. Finally, we just have more fun and life seems meaningful.
Unfortunately, not all of us can put up with the fact we are no longer the whole after a breakup. Moreover, this situation is even more painful after we found a significant other. We start asking ourselves: ‘Who am I without my better half?’ This sort of thoughts is quite common after happy relationships’ end. But in the most tragic cases people refuse living without a person who made them so happy due to the loss of identity. Such stories also remind cases when high-qualified doctors lose their jobs because of unexpected reasons or when athletes can’t devote themselves to their favorite sport.

The way out
Being depressed after a breakup is normal, especially when you lost someone exceptional in your life. However, it never worth diving deep in misery and heart-breaking atmosphere. It may be healing for some time, but mourning a relationship should not last long. The main thing you should do is restoring your self-concept. We all are personalities and we don’t need anyone to make our lives bright and amazing. Sounds selfish? Absolutely no. You are totally free to live as you want, there’s no boundaries between you and your happiness except those thoughts in your head.

Don’t abandon your hobbies. The biggest mistake people make after a breakup is ignoring their lifestyle and hobbies they discovered in relationships. Do you like it? Does it make you forget about everything bad? Does it really broadens your mind-set? So why on earth do you have to forget about things that bring you joy in such tough moment? Carry on; devote yourself to pleasant occupations that distract your mind from everything negative. No one allowed you to be unhappy.

Travel. Discovering new cultures and meeting new people heals every broken heart. The extreme changes of your surroundings will get you out of the comfort zone and will stimulate positive emotions after your journey. And going abroad is by far not the single option. Discover new white spots on your local or national map. Traveling increases your chances to meet singles for dating.

Keep closer to your friends. The most available and easiest way of distraction from breakup is communication. You know that the closest people in your life are not only those with whom you have intimate relationships. Just hang out, share your thoughts and feelings, and gather some useful advice and motivation. Do you remember that song of The Beatles? ‘Are you sad because you're on your own? – No, I get by with a little help of my friends’, is sang there. So, chin up!

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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy While Pregnant?

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Every day the meal replacement products win more popularity among different people. The purposes of use of shakes are also different including weight management and full meal substitution.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy While Pregnant?

The protein shakes are known to contain various types of ingredients not of which are natural. Of course, there are some brands offering natural and quite safe products like 18 Shake or Shakeology. Unfortunately, even purely natural meal replacements can be improper for your health depending on various conditions.

Hence, a question about using MR shakes during pregnancy arises. While a woman is pregnant, the hormones in the body, as well as other processes experience changes and heavy stress. Besides, many women experience a huge craving. For this reason, many of female users wonder whether they can consume protein shakes during pregnancy and whether such consumption causes any health effects. Let’s try to deal with this issue.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy While Pregnant?

First of all, we should understand that every pregnant woman will gain weight. It is the main disadvantage of pregnancy and undesirable outcome. A healthy baby requires gaining weight. However, gaining weight and gaining excessive weight are quite different meanings.

Meal replacement shakes can be a good way to supply the essential nutrients and minerals to the body of future mom, as well as to suppress craving and reduce consumption of unnecessary products. I.e. that if you do not have excessive weight, after delivery your weight will be normalized. So, let’s mark plus to protein shakes in this point.

Pregnancy and diet must not go together. Some diets eliminate products that are crucial for a woman while she is pregnant. Many meal replacement brands offer great formulas consisting of numerous vitamins and minerals for well-balanced nutrition. And such nutrition is what pregnant women need. Pregnancy increases nutritional needs of a woman, so she requires more protein, calories, calcium, iron and folic acid.

Healthy meal is a crucial requirement for women during pregnancy and post-pregnancy periods. A good MR shake cannot substitute a wholesome meal, but it can be a good supplement to a healthy diet.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy While Pregnant?
The question is which MR shakes can be appropriate for pregnant women and which not. It is crucial to avoid brands offering artificial ingredients, soy, hazardous sugar sources and other doubtful components. The key attention should be paid to the content of fats and sugar. These two elements are the main triggers of gaining excessive weight.

On the contrary, the amount of protein and calories should be higher. However, the excessive amount of these values is also undesirable. The optimum protein content is around 15 grams per serving, while the optimum caloric content ranges from 90 to 160.

In conclusion, we must admit that the usefulness of meal replacement shakes during pregnancy depends on the quality of a MR product. Pregnant women do require more nutrients and calories for proper development of a baby. For this reason, protein shakes can supply cover these needs and provide the essential vitamins to both mother and child.
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Get Rid Of Essay Writing Problems Once And For All

author-pic About Author
I am the author of many articles and essays from different websites. I have been involved in several businesses – helped big companies with speeches, wrote a lot of works for students and pupils, took part in the editing of scientific articles, etc. My goal is to help the young generation to become professionals. I am always open to offers.

The essay is a type of writing, which shows your personality. It means that it consists of your individual thoughts, feelings, experience, and knowledge. And it is not so easy to organize all these aspects in one essay. To avoid all problems connected with essay writing, you can always contact with special services, in this case you can get acquainted with MyEssayWriting. And, anyway, you should know what should be in your essay and what should not. So, this article will help you not only evaluate essays by different authors but also to write your own.

Get Rid Of Essay Writing Problems Once And For All

What do you need to know before writing?
Before you start to write your essay, you should revise necessary information. Use the internet to find more examples, stories, and thoughts of other people. It will help you to remember more information and enrich your work.

Do not start to write an essay if you are tired. Inattention and fatigue are not friends with a good writer. Work with a fresh mind.  In another way, your essay can be incoherent or boring.

Avoid a noisy atmosphere. Find a calm place, use headphones – do everything to be calm. Hard noise, peoples’ conversations, and even the music can distract you from your essay. Turn off all things that attract your attention and pay your attention to your work.

What must you know while you are writing an essay?
A good essay always consists of the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. It is the main rule connected with the structure your work. You can always add more information in the main body, but never do the introduction and conclusion too long. Cross out all extra information to make them shorter.

Use more examples in your work. If you insist on something – prove that you are right, give examples from your life, literature, or even films. But never use the same example that you have found in another essay (except quotations from a literature).

Make your essay understandable. Do not use long or ambiguous phrases. It can bore the reader of confused him. Also, it is better to avoid terminology. Try to change it into well-known words and phrases. It will expand your audience. But if your essay should be specialized – you can use terminology, just be sure in its meaning.

Check your text two or more times. It is normal to make mistakes or misprints. But you cannot show to a reader your essay with all these mistakes. So, read your work as many times as you need. Look through the text and fix all of them. There is a help for inattentive authors – special websites that can show you all your mistakes. Also, you can ask special companies, as MyEssayWriting, to read your work and fix it. It is a quick and cheap way to get a good work.

Do not be afraid of writing!
The rules above will help you to write an essay, but the results always depend on you. So, do not be afraid of making mistakes. One day you will definitely write the best essay, just do not stop writing. Keep working and you will feel like a real writer.

Get Rid Of Essay Writing Problems Once And For All

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