How To Remove Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a  popular social media platform which help people to tweet their opinions there and many more.

Today we going to be talking on how to remove followers from your twitter account and I think this problem mostly happens to 80% of Twitter user.

Just follow this steps below.

Step 1
Firstly login to your Twitter account and make sure you insert your username and password correctly.

Step 2
Now click on profile >>click followers it is located at the top left side of your homepage.

Step 3
Then some list of followers will be outline.

Step 4
Now just take you mouse down to select that actual follower
Click on the profile button and then select block username.

Step 5
Now verify it and then confirm it  and then the follow button will change to block.

Step 6
After blocking you can still unblock that user so take note.

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