My name is Mathias Amodu, I am a Nigerian technology blogger and with a full interest in making the world a better place for every upcoming webmasters here in nigeria and even abroad.

Most time I wonder if technology will make your dreams come true in life and also so many times my plans for every webmaster is to create a platform where solution will act as a bread towards every online activities and even the physical once too.

My blog which is www.zealmat.com was been created not for money but because of the passion in me towards blogging, Nigeria is still growing and learning some aspect of technology and I believe in the next 20year's we shall be part of the world fastest growing technology country.

Once again my My name is Mathias Amodu the Nigeria best technology blogger and the founder of Zealmatblog.

If you have any questions or complain feel free to forward it to me @  mathiasamodu123@gmail.com

Mathias Amodu

About Author 2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A web Specialist, Blogger, Student and a Business Man https://www.zealmat.com/..
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