How to purchase Domain name from Domainking.ng

How to purchase Domain name from Domainking.ng

Steps on how to purchase a Domain name from www.Domainking.ng

Step 1
 Visit www.Domainking.ng

Step 2
Sign up or if you have an account with them you login click here Domainking

Step 3
At the top you will see Register a Domain name click it Register

Step 4
Search for a Good and reasonable Domain name that would attract visitors

Step 5
When you find the right Domain name click on it it would show you this

Step 6
After that click on order then you will be given this

 Management to setup A, CNAME, MX, TXT Records
+ Email Forwarding & 2 Free Email Accounts
+ ID Protection/Whois Privacy Protection

Make sure you click on it  


Step 7 

Then click continue you will be given an option to choose your payment methods you will be given an invoice 

After payment you will be sent a confirmation email

Do you want to know how to do  configuration click here. Domain name configuration

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  1. Simple and well formatted post on how to register a domain name with Domainking. But my own question is are they reliable when it comes to hosting?

    1. Yes the are very Good nd reliable and the have good customer care service

  2. how to pay for it
    which payment should I use

    1. Yeah use bank transfer it will be more easier for you and after doing the payment through the bank transfer scan the slip and send it to them

  3. Scan the slip?after scanning what next?

    1. You have to wait for 24 hours for payment confirmation then you now do the configuration for your blog

  4. Scan the slip?after scanning what next?

  5. Hello, this is a good way to purchase domain name, good tutorial about it helpful even but I am sure if you could provide information related to hosting it would have been much better for newbies for having good hosting provider.