You should not be in a dull mood thinking how to send your C.V for job
or Thinking how to send a message to your loved ones abroad.

Today i just thought about writers who want send articles to website
owners but don't really know how to use GMAIL to send it

Here are some useful tips make sure that you don't get confuse

step 1.
Login to if you have and account there

step 2.
On mobile you will find compose at the top right side or
Desktop i mean laptops or ipads etc. You will find that at your left top.
then click on it. (compose icon)

step 4.
Then you will see a compose page like this

-To (Add contact)
here you would insert the recieves Email

here you would insert the Headline or Topic mostly for official letters

here you would write everything you want to write.

Step 5.
Then click the send Button at the end then you will see message sent

yes thank you for your view i hope it really help you
incase you have any question you can call
08170131671 for more or comment below
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