10 Powerful Ways to Generate Backlinks to Your Blog

10 Powerful Ways to Generate Backlinks to Your Blog

Do you know that to become a successful Blogger your post needs to be so Good that immediately people mistakely see it the would like to click on it.

We all know the importance of search engine right and how to get good backlinks  and this are good ways to improve your blog .

Also ever you want to create backlinks you must need to keep quality of links and anchor. Start working on your backlinks to internal pages this would help you alot.

Now before we go in the powerful topic, this are some helpful method you should put to practice.

• prevent your site from wide or open links most especially WordPress theme

•don't buy exact anchor text link

• Remember article directory  links are not effective again

Now this are the wonderful and powerful way to Generate Backlinks to your website or blog

Step 1 
Submit your site to RSS feed to RSS directory to begin the move

Step 2
Write powerful and wonderful post with lots of images on them 

Step 3
Make a directory for your blog  make it to have reciprocal link   by you doing this you giving those who link to you free featuring on your homepage.

Step 4 
Write  an article starting with top 10  mistake about something

Step 5
Create a nice podcast and submit it to iTunes link it back to your blog

Step 6
Create an app and submit it to apps directory,  we have many app directory example Go2web20

Step 7
Remember newspaper and magazine that are ready I mean willing to feature expert, try to write your blog niche linking it back to your blog

Step 8
Write for about.Com then link it back to your blog, this will likely be used by many websites and it will increase your backlinks to your blog.

Step 9
Make nice news at any cost or expense

Step 10
Submit your blog to .edu and .gov  forum and website, Google love backlinks from this sites this is because 
The regard them as authority.

You don't need to market to make your blog online this 10 powerful ways to Generate Backlinks to your blog

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