2 Ways on How to Download YouTube Video

2 Ways on How to Download YouTube Video

Most people always have this problem that the cant download  their favorite from YouTube there are many way that you can download this video we have tools like clipgrab this can help you in downloading it and also by using KIBase.

So now we are having 2 methods so you select one.

• Clipgrab
• KIBase

Follow this tutorial below

• clipgrab

=> Now download  clipgrab app and install it  this is mostly for windows users

=> Now visit youtube and copy the url of that video you would like to download

=> And now paste it in the clipgrab window

=> Remember videos have their format so you will have to choose or select a format for the video you want to download and then click on grab this clip then you favorite will start downloading


 => In this method you will need to copy yhe source code that video in other to perform this you need to
you need to right click on that selection and then click on copy or you press control +C on you computer

=> Now go to their webpage by clicking here  in that page you will find YouTube downloader

=> you will be  be given a box after clicking on that  YouTube Downloader  just paste that source code inside that box

=>Now click on submit and then wait for the downloading process to finish it normally starts automatically all you need to do is to select a folder for it that's all

Hope now you can download any video you need, don't forget to drop a comment below thanks


  1. One other sure way I know of is adding 'ss' to your download link..

    It looks like ssyoutube.com/rkellybounce for instance instead of the original link ├Żoutube.com/rkellybounce

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