13 DoForums That Increase Your backlinks

 This forums can help your website to grow faster and increase your backlinks. This can also promote your Google Page rank.

And try this links below the are very good for young Bloggers or webmasters just stay active on the forum because the are also active too.

Search engine forum
Site point forum
Siteowners forum
SEO Australia forum
File sharing forum
• ShoutersLand Bloggers forum
Site owners forum
CNET forum
Affiliate Marketing forum

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  1. I have been using Nairaland but never tough of others until now

  2. Bro you didn't work well via that nairaland for me it really helped me alot in my previous site from wapka, for now I haven't start posting for now, via www.newsgist.heck.in. And bro a great post here, what should I do that? I mean from the forum listed.

    1. Yap just use the following link to do your site but as for nairaland you can post with your link attached

  3. I've checked all these forums and they are great... I love reading this blog. Thanks for sharing sire... Would now have to broaden my tentacles on www.mozentre.com

  4. hmmm.nice one.plz guys help me in seo setting of my blog http://unitedtab.blogspot.com