3 Importance of Commenting on Other Blogs

I always advice most bloggers to look into getting more subscribers to your blog.

You have to spend time in commenting on other blog post and make sure you add move value to the comment. example of wrong comments are: Nice, thank you e.t.c

=> It create and increase your blog backlink
remember that Backlinks make you blog to be visible to search engines and also you need to improve your domain authority

=> lncrease your traffic
Any time you want to comment on any blog just drop down your blog link together with your comment this will improve your blog Traffic

=> Increase your popularity
This can make you to become friends with the owner of the the blog you are commenting and other commenters.

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  1. Very informative post Amodu. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Most of us are selfish but forget that a sigle broom is useless . Keep it up Mathias

  3. That's why I'm addicted to this blog. Omaye olaneoo


  4. Same thing I'm doing. Thanks.


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