How to Add Google Adsence to your Blogger blog

How to Add Google Adsence to your Blogger blog

If you have received an approval message or not you can still use this method to place ads on your site or blog for review or if you have been approved.

Step on how to place your Google adsence

Log into your Blogger account.

2 proceed and click on layout

After clicking on layout then you will have to choose or find a suitable place to put your ads 

•  Then click on add gadget, a new window will pop up then 

•  click on Adsense you will be brought to another page 

•  sign in click it then enter your logging details

Once you have sign in, there you can then choose your desired size and color for your advertisement

When you are done click on save changes button.
That's is it just visit your blog and see the advert


  1. thanks i wish new bloggers would be able to read this to knw more about adsence

  2. I was actually having issues with this. Let me go and try it out. Thank you sire

  3. Tanks. With this i can be able to get my adsense account.

  4. That's the best method to add AdSense in the footer section of blogger blog, I used it to add AdSense in my sidebar, below posts on the home page and footer.

    Nice post.