5 Creative Ways You Can Improve  Your Skills As A Blogger

5 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Skills As A Blogger

This are five helpful tips for you as a blogger

1) Always update your blog

See today you can see people who would just like to give. The name ProBlogger, don't even update your blog. If you cannot offer at least 2 hours for your blog indeed. Miss you can't be a blogger so you just how to be active in person updating your blog and this will make visitor to always this is your blog  at a regular base.

2) Avoid Unnavigatable  sites

To be frank blogging is so good and interesting when you're studying because thank you when you log onto blogger.com you can create more than 20 blog so why don't you just make each for different purposes and stop confusing yourself cause usability is a big factor on the web today.

3) Don't abandon your reader

I do visit most blog to see the latest post.  most times the Author choose to write about themselves and forget about the readers and what they want to read don't you forget they people reading are not there  to read about you but are in your blog for a purpose.

4) Help People with your knowledge

Don't forget knowledge is power so show the world that  you have that knowledge and through the medium you can be hired to do a job and get paid.

5) Don't expect Good result overnight

Most new bloggers today fail because of the wrong idea the had about blogging.  You have to take time and learn what blogging is all about and stop thinking money, money, money .

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