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Do you know that the best way to makemoney online is by becoming a fiverrian
This is because any thing you are selling is not below $5. which is a little bit more better in naira.
In fiverr what ever you place for sell is called a gig.

Step 1visit in the Fiverr home page, click Join.

Step 2
Enter your correct and active email
address and then  click  continue

Remember: You can use your Facebook
and Google Connect to sign up with them for free.

Step 3
Select  a username that will always remember and don’t forget your save  it somewhere 

Note: You cannot change your  username
 once you’ve activated your new account.

Step 4Now select a good password 
and save it too and click join

After the whole process above you are now a registered user but not yet  confirm on
fiverr, because you  need to activate your
account. After the signing up an  email will be
sent to the email address, the one you using during the registration.

Remember: The activation link being sent to you in the email will be valid or last  for 30 days.
I you did perform it after 30 days, when signin into Fiverr account,
Just proceed and click on resend and you will receive another activation link in your email also active for 30 days.

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Step 5
Now check your email you find the latest message sent via you by fiverr, just click on ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Now  your account is fully  active, you can make purchases or start selling on Fiverr.

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