7 Ways to Generate Low Cost Website Traffic

7 Ways to Generate Low Cost Website Traffic

Traffic as I earlier said is one of the major aspect of having a website so what I really want to tell you about this topic is that this topic is one of the hardest part of generating traffic to your website. Most people that have Google AdSense on the site or other alternative ads it is very bear for them to generate income without traffic and always remember that that you must spend before you get. And it doesn't have to do with millions of naira to generate traffic to your blog it only requires little effort and money.
Website traffic

So let me give you some hint on how to Generate low cost website traffic.

=> Don't do what will make you loss most of your important things like your adsense  most people don't know that when you use a bot software for your website you may be banned from adsense so you have to be careful to avoid much stories.

=> It doesn't matter even if your traffic is low as long as the traffic is organic that will be much better than the bot stuff and always check or monitor your traffic just put it in mind that your website is your ship and you are the shepherd.

=> Share your links with other website owners or if you will use the other way by commenting I think that will be much better in time of traffic because when other would like to comment too there the might be interested in your website too.

=> Always share your link with those websites that have the same niche with your's. This will help in your target traffic

=> Try using a traffic exchange service this is just like viewing other site and you will benefit from that it is normally vice versa

=>Write guest post on other website this will also increase you traffic with no cost you  might be charged sometimes just little money so I think that is an opportunity for you. And always write for niche that is related to your site niche.

=> Join forums and other chats forum were you can post and do other things and when posting be brief and include your link so as to redirect people to your website.

I think that is may be my end of the year advice for zealmatblog  officials just follow this and 2016 will be a great year for you happy new year don't forget to drop a comment below thanks.


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