Easy Steps on How to Add Credit  Card to Your PayPal Account

Easy Steps on How to Add Credit Card to Your PayPal Account

PayPal is the best way to send and receive money from and to your bank easily without stress. PayPal also give you debit card that can be use to receive money from your PayPal account.
People who are into small business can also access to credit card transactions.

Step 1
First Login to your PayPal account make you have an account with them already if you don't have you can still create one,  click here to create one.

Step 2
Select add or edit credit card under the financial information heading

Step 3
Then click on add a card and fill out the form that is being given to you with your correct information.

Step 4
After filling out the form just wait while PayPal confirm your billing address automatically  don't forget this might take upto 30 seconds

Step 5
After you have link a credit card to your PayPal account you can now edit or remove your credit link

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  1. Now admin this is a demanding post ooo especially now that cbn have suspend all online and foreign transactions on our cards. Paypal is the way to follow. www.soccerloaded.com

  2. A great post at a period when Nigerians are looking for alternative to ATM card for foreign transaction online.

    But Admin I would like to put a paypal gadget on my blog www.saminuabass.blogspot.com in which it will displays donation button. In case people want to donate for my blog.


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