Easy Steps to Set Up a Custom Domain on Blogger

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Today must Bloggers have this issue of configuring or hosting their Domain name. our Internet today have now become a knowledge hub were you can get what ever you want. And you know were the best part is? It doesn’t work with power religion or any thing but your knowledge.

Now I know you are here to learn or to increase your knowledge about how to set your custom Domain.
Note This
It is not difficult to set up your domain, if you already own a blog then have that passion for it.
And remember that Blogger does not order or force you to buy Domain name it’s your choice
Most of the popular web hosting sites are
No-ip  e.t.cc
If you have bought your domain name then you must have been given an IP address and a name just like zealmat.com
Now let’s start with adding  our new domain but remember am setting up a Godady Domain here
But all of them are the same I mean the same process
1. Login to www.Blogger.Com
2. Then select your blog and click settings>basic
3. Below publishing select and click on setup a third party url for your blog on Blogger 


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4.below third party url settings before http:// put your domain name that you bought and remember to put www prefix to the domain name


Click on view settings instructions to view the instructions on the page click on top level Domain
Like www.blog.Com


Below those instructions you will find four(4) Ip addresses save them 

Visit www.Blogger.Com again then click save I think it won’t save they would be an error 32 saying that we have not verify the authority to the domain.


Then under the error you will find two files which are Name, Label, or host field and Destination, target or points to field. Copy every thing from there

9.Now go back to Godaddy and click on Your account on the upper right corner then select manage my domain

Click on your domain name

Click on DNS zone file then choose classic DNS Manager.

12. click Edit and edit your DNS zone File

13. Below the CNAME(alias) menu, click Quick Add at the bottom.


14. put www in the first box and ghs.Google.com.


Click Quick Add and add the Ip addresses we copied.


16. Below A (Host) menu again select Quick Add again.


17.  Your host will be @ and point to your Google Ips Put all four (4) Ips and delete the old one

19. Then click on save zone file button

20. Go back to Blogger and try again remember that the registration would take up to 24-48 hours after you have wait try it again there will be no error again.

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21. Click on Edit link next to Domain name on your settings

22. Redirect your site address so that your visitors won’t miss you

23. You are  done enjoy your custom Domain

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


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