Five (5) Important Steps to Note Before Creating a Blog

Most people don't know what blogging is really all about.All Bloggers just want to be successful which must require hard work, everyday more than 50 blogs are being created in the whole world.

1.   Avoid Copying other blog post
2.   Design your blog before you publish it
3.   Don't rush to buy custom Domain
4.   When posting create links to  other sites
5.    Help other Bloggers

1.   Avoid Copying other blog post:
yes most bloggers thinks blogging is all about copying and pasting which is why most bloggers hardly get their adsence approved. Google has crawler that checks what ever you have copied, and just imagine if you are Google would you approve a copy and paste blog been summited to you? Just imagine that you are Google would you approve it?

2.Design your blog before you publish it
Most at times many new things come up and you just want to add it to your blog yes but not always. You just need to settle down and design your blog first before you publish it 

3.   Don't rush to buy custom Domain
Most at times people who have the zeal for blogging later forget or stop having that zeal  or passion for it so you must get ready to be a full or real Blogger

4.   When posting create links to other sites
 This will enhance your blog to be friendly with other blog and it brings about traffic and backlinks

5.    Help other Bloggers Explanations
Help people and get helped by others that is the best way to go with blogging
About Author 2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A web Specialist, Blogger, Student and a Business Man
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  1. Copying other peoples idea is one mistake newbie bloggers make.

  2. Okolie Anthony yes u are reali saying the real fact there thank 4 ur comment

  3. Replies
    1. thanks i wish new bloggers would be able to read this

  4. Everything a new blogger needs to know summarized. Nice one