How Much House Can i Afford as a Blogger

How Much House Can i Afford as a Blogger

You can get any type of house depending on how you are doing in blogging activities

You can be more better than most of those popular Nigeria bloggers ask me how 

• By having passion for what you are doing  as a Blogger (niche)

• Never depend on others be your self you don't need too much assistant In blogging

Money is everything but money died not come first in blogging hope you know?
Now you want to start blogging and you expect to start earning that same no that is not possible.

First you need to  put it in mind that every Blogger is just like a business man or woman.
  The must publish their post to people, inform people, and help even offers right?  Just like giving of free ebook e.t.c Your shouldn't put money first when starting a business and blogging too.

How many page views do you get a day that will determine the quality of your work and that will help you out of suffering bondage.

As a Blogger you can buy any type of house base on the popularity of your blog even any business .

Be who you are don't believe in copy and paste then you can buy your mansion lol yap it's true

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  1. Additionally, patient is all it takes, like you rightfully said above. Blog with passion, not because you head that people make money from it. You will make money when the time is right.