How Setup 1and1 Custom Domain for Blogger

How Setup 1and1 Custom Domain for Blogger

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Now follow the steps below

- Now visit your blogger dashboard and click on settings => third party URL

- Insert the domain name you bought from 1and1. Inside the box given to you

- you now see a error in red saying we are not able to enable  your  authority to this domain error 12

You will find something like this link below

yktsoggffgdfh, hv-

The link in red is the same with all Blogger but the link in orange color is for that specific blog only

- Now go back to your 1and1 dashboard and login to your domain management

-  You will have to edit your DNS and Ip addresses insert this in the Ipv4 address

- Now at the top of the page you will see create sub-domain just click on it

- simply type in "Blog " then click on create a sub-domain

Edit the DNS you just registered (Blog. domainname.com)

- Your Ip address select CNAME
- Alias box put www.ghs.google.com  and save

Now go back and create a new sub-domain again insert this as the name
Don't forget use your own

And then put the  value  eg
And save

Go back to Blogger and try again remember that the registration would take up to 24-48 hours after you have wait try it again there will be no error again.

Click on Edit link next to Domain name on your settings

Redirect your site address so that your visitors won't miss you

You are  done enjoy your custom Domain

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