How To Add Author Or Admin To Your Blog Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 4 Tips


In our society today most people don't know that you can make another person to be in charge of you blog either as  Author or an Admin.

Back then people do give out there Google account password to others just for their own blog to be designed which is a kind of risk which the don't know, remember that your best friend might be your worst enemy because he might even take over your adsence account if he is that bad but today zealmat how brought a great idea to help most bloggers in the society today.

Before you go through this, just note that that anybody you invite most be informed.

So Let's start

Steps to take

Visit your Blogger account then select the actual blog you want to perform the task on

Step 2
Now click on settings  it is located at the bottom left side of the page now click on basis again.

Step 3
Below the basic settings page you will find add Author link just insert the email of that person you which to invite

Step 4
Click on invite Author  and that is all you need to do


You can still change the Author to an admin after he has accepted the invitation.

So this is how to invite an Author or Admin to your blog

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