How To Add a Calendar To Your Blog

How To Add a Calendar To Your Blog

Having a calendar in your blog helps your viewers to be able to know the actual date of your Post add a calendar to your blog is a good choice and not bad so why don't you give it a try.

Now we are going to make use of Google calendar so just follow the steps below

Step 1
You just need to type www.Google.com in your browser and go to  to the top of the search engine page and click on more

Step 2
After you have click on more than select calendar from the drop menu.

Step 3
Now make sure you have a Google account and then login

Step 4
You will have to copy HTML code given to you in the that site.

Step 5
Now go to your blog and paste it were ever you want it to be in your HTML gadget then save it.

Step 6
Now preview your blog and check how it look like.

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  1. maybe u shud consider adding that to my blog too. Lotta blank spaces at the sidebar of my blog begging to be filled up. I shud try this

    1. yes you can try it of
      course but i remember
      you told me that you are on
      wordpress but does
      coding like this do work
      for you?

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