How to Add or Create Mailing List for Your Blog

This are easy steps on how to add mailing list to your blog

First make sure you have a Google account and is either you sign up or if you have an account you sign in

Setup your own Google group

Now add people to your group at the side you will see +invite click on it to invite friends by there email address and then explain the purpose of your message to them

Now go to you blog settings and click on Email and then enter your email address for the group and you can also use the manual method for it.

Create a subscription box for your blog and then go to your group below you will find tune settings below just click it an click on the subscription box and get the code and paste it in your blog HTML/JavaScript.

Now you have created a mailing list for your blog.

If you have any questions please comment below thanks.
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  1. Please oo this mailing list is it like newsletters?

    1. yes this will help you distribute newsletter to those in the group

  2. What about mailchimp newsletters?

    1. king choice it your choice to choose your favourite ok!