How to Add Rss Feed to Your Blogger Blog

How to Add Rss Feed to Your Blogger Blog

In must blogs you do find this rss feed, this is to show you how mportant it is to your blog. there are many ways to add this to your blog but tody am going to give one out of them all. so just study it carefully.

Follow this steps below:

Step 1
you need to login to you blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to perform this on after clicking on the blog now click on layout.

Step 2
you will have to add a gadget  by clicking on add gadget afetr cvlicking it now scroll down choose the feed gadget.

Step 3
now click on the the blue +beside that gadget and paste the feed url you want to add to it.

Step 4
Now click on continue and then choose the amount of post you would like to display on your blog and click on save.

Step 5
you can now arrange it place it were ever you would like it to be with your mouse and then  click on review to check it look like

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