How to Add a Virtual Pet to a Blogger Blog

 Step 1

Step 2
Then on the homepage click cyber-pets

Step 3
Now choose the pet you prefer and customize it by changing the colour adding your nick name after doing that click done.

Step 4
Select other sites and click on copy

Step 5
Now visit and visit your blog and click layout

Step 6
Now click add a gadget on the side bar and select HTML/java script

Step 7
Now paste it in the box and click save

Step 8 you can now place it anywhere you want it to be by dragging it.

Now we are through you can now click more if you want to other things.

Don't forget to leave a comment below thanks.

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  1. There was no preamble as to the essence of adding the virtual page . So i will like to know pls admin kindly reply.

  2. And what does this have to do with blogging?

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