How To Add Gadgets On Mobile View Blogger

How To Add Gadgets On Mobile View Blogger

There are Good bloggers in Nigeria today who will really want their ads to show on mobile view, if you would like to show mobile template on mobile device this widgets below are the default widgets that normally display:

• Header
• blog post
• page list
Adsence (Google ads/infolink e.t.c)
• Attribution

Now let's move to the main topic, if you want to display different blogger gadgets on your mobile view of blog on blogger, now you need do this below:
1. Go to your template and click on the setting icon at the right hand side below the mobile template

2. after that step select custom instead of using default

3. Click save
So we are done with that, now you would have to insert this


to the <b:widget> tag of the widget,

inside you blog or blog's html correctly.
This process can also be negatively done if you insert mobile= 'no' or can be 'default', 'only'
Ok let's proceed if you have used HTML/JavaScript gadgets to display advert like Google adsence and many more and want to make it show in your mobile view just follow this

Notice: Make sure that you have switched to custom in your mobile template settings

--- first go to the Blogger layout and click on that gadget you want to show in mobile view

--- Then check the URL of that gadget you will find something like This HTML5.  or any number

---  Now Move to your blog template and click on Edit  HTML

---   on the top of the HTML you will see JUMP TO WIDGET now click it

you will see different ID select the one you want to show on your mobile view on your blog. That action will direct you to <b:widget> tag of that widget
For example

<b:widget> I'd=HTML20'locked='false'title="type='HTML'></b:widget>

Click inside the above code and type


Then your edits will look like this

<b:widget> I'd=HTML20'locked='false' mobile='yes' title="type='HTML'></b:widget>

Then you are done with that click on save template

If you want to check it out you can just insert ?m=1 to your blog URL and you will see the changes

Comment if you have questions