How to Change the Header of Your WordPress Blog

WordPress offers you a wide variety of customized template. This template duty is to change the your blog appearance. So you see WordPress does not requires much hard work but as a blogger you need to work hard to be successful.
Below as some easy steps on how to insert new header to your WordPress blog

Step 1
Log into your WordPress blog and if you don't have an account you can still create one here

Step 2
At top right hand corner you will find an icon that will direct you to your dashboard

Step 3
You will have to change the appearance of you blog I mean your theme after doing that, then click on the header option.

Step 4
Now you are going to be given two (2) option either to use your own image or you use the image that are available for that theme you are using

Step 5
Now after you have place your new image  you will have to click on your blog name it is located at the top left corner there you will be able to see how your new header look like  then you can go back to your appearance page if you still want to perform any change.

Yes that all you need  don't forget to comment and subscribe thanks 
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  1. I need this in my life. I'll visit your blog more... I use WordPress and I don't know "jack" about some things...

    Thanks for this!

  2. Well I'm not on WordPress now but me and my friend are planning to start the year with one, which I believe will be one of the very best with our efforts together. This will definitely be an added knowledge.

    1. yeah sure incase you still need more assit you can still ask me thanks

  3. OK,nice tutorial,
    Ibwill try it on my new blog

  4. OK,nice tutorial,
    Ibwill try it on my new blog

  5. wordpress offers wonderfull feature with compatible pluggins . i love using it .i employ anyone to try it ou. its fun working on wordpree. mine you you can design almost all the site you want with wordpress. check my football blog design with wordpress.

    1. yes i have checked it out. And it very good and wonderful nice job