How to Change Your PayPal Password

How to Change Your PayPal Password

Password is very important in your business to avoid story that tough you can't imagine after working hard someone else would just come and take everything wow 😂 sad  but today am going to tell you how to change your password.

Follow the steps below

Step 1
Visit your PayPal account through the PayPal homepage

Step 2
Then click on profile in the menu bar at the top of the screen

Step 3
Below my personal info heading then you will find password on the list just click on change

Step 4
Now enter your current password

Step 5
Now insert your new password and re-write the new password and confirm it
Remember the password must be at least 8 character including lower and upper case.

Step 6
Now click on save. now  you will receive a message to confirm that you have change your password