Today Facebook has gone so wide that most businesses and discussions and many more are being done on Facebook  now let me give you some steps on how to create a Facebook account

Do you have any active or existing Facebook account, then you will need to delete it before opening new account

Go to Facebook portal and if you have logged in with another account make sure that you logout before performing this.
• you click on create an account
• fill out you complete details on that form and make sure you information are correct then proceed to sign up

After step 2 you will have to Find friends, Facebook will search your phone book or email for  friends
Or you can just click on skip bottom, to proceed and continue the sign up process

4 Fill your profile information correctly
You can still choose to or skip this step

Upload your photo or take it with Your web cam
Now you can your friends can know exactly who you are.
You can still choose to skip this as well.

Your new Facebook account is ready
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