Most times you have a very informative video but to publish it is the problem but have you ever thing of YouTube? wow if you haven`t hear about YouTube before i think this is an opportunity for you. YouTube gives users the privilege to browse and search for any kind movie or video.

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1
Now you need to  visit the YouTube webpage for you to get started by clicking here
remember that google also have other sister website and you should not be thinking what ever you do on YouTube is going to reflect on google plus with your permission no impossible

Step 2
Now after clicking on that you need to sign in and make sure you have a google account or if you don`t have you need to create first by clicking here

Step 3
Now click on the create account button below and fill the required details correctly make sure you don`t make any mistake

Step 4
You will need to provide you mobile number to be able to verify that you are not a robot which you are not lol

Step 5
Now a code will be sent to you copy it and place it in the box given to you and then you will be confirm

Step 6
After opening you new account you will have to arrange you background and many other things

Step 7
Now you can now do what ever you want to do with you new baby account try to watch other videos and comment this will bring good patterining with others

I hope this will favor you don't forget to drop you comment below thanks

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  1. I'm done with this phase. I look forward to reading an article to focuses on YouTube channel creation and operation here someday. If there's an existing post on that, tu might just wanna drop me a link to that pls