10 Quick Tips About How To Delete Facebook Account

10 Quick Tips About How To Delete Facebook Account

Must people never think it is possible to do that but one thing you have to know is that what goes up must surely come down today we are going to have a great topic on:

>Deleting your Facebook account

Backup or download your your information:
It's  never a bad idea to backup your details or information like.. photos

• click on account menu icon in a white triangle at the top right corner of any page on Facebook

• click on your Account setting

• Then click on Download a copy of your Facebook file or data

• then click on start my Archive

• That step will take some time for that  if you have many pictures and active on Facebook.

Wipeout All Your Existing Accounts
When you have finish with the archive is complete now empty all the fields that you don't want and then use fake names

Look for or create a temporary email address

Put new email address to Facebook
Just go to General account settings
Edit the email settings and click on add another email

Create your new account

Transfer admin and ownership rights
Check your left side column of your Facebook timeline click on the group you administer. It will open in the admin panel
Add your new account as the admin

That's all just comment if you have any questions